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The use of "verbal letters" in Arabic writing is common to express pride or satisfaction, while "verbal words" are used to describe a feeling or attitude. Poems and writing have become popular in Arabic, with a new group of people using "verbal words" to create new forms of writing. The importance of faith in writing is essential to achieving their beliefs, and individuals should show their faith in their own success and not try to achieve something. The success of Islam is essential to shaping society, and individuals should show their faith in their children and teach them mathematics to political systems.

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Allah azza wa jal begins this chapter also discussing science.

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He begins by saying,

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for see me

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to look at as we Kitabi we've

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all seen mean these are the verses of the Cleator book.

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A lot uses the word Tilka, which inherent I think is actually plural when used for non human nouns, saying that these are the signs.

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It's as if Allah subhanaw taala is starting a conversation, mid sentence, the reader is left to wonder, what signs What are you talking about?

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But the first sign has already passed us by the very first verse. almost unnoticeable policy.

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Three disjointed letters

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seen mean? What could they possibly mean?

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Over the years many theories have been offered as to the meaning of the disjointed letters that began several chapters of the Quran have been lifted me off.

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We can't be certain what they need since Allah subhanho wa Taala us and the prophets of Allah

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tell us but one of the most convincing interpretations put forth by various scholars is that Allah is complimenting his listeners, the Auto's, who had prided themselves on their mastery of the Arabic language.

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This interpretation is supported by the observation that every community that was sent prophets, they were given miracles that corresponded to what that community was best at. Dinner almonds, people were the best at magic. And so the miracles that Musa was given resembled magic. Remember how he threw down his staff and it didn't just seem to become a snake it actually became a snake

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consuming, eating up all the rest of the tricks of the magician's.

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Remember how he put his hand at me he said, that was dark skin. Mousavian so I put his hand into his jig into his shirt as it pulled it out and it was shiny white

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resemble magic.

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But it was not magic.

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It was a miracle. And it showed the people that are out there all their skills and all their tricks and magic. They were nothing compared to the power of awesome fundamentals.

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is people are the best doctors and medics and healers of their time. They were well known for being able to cure even the most difficult diseases. And so Eliza gel gave Teresa Pierrot calls to heal people from diseases that no one else could cure.

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was even able to raise the dead by last month, something that even the most talented doctors in our second age, wish they could do on the last cannot this show them that all of their skill in medicine and healing was nothing compared to the power of a loss.

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The profit will happen. So the worldwide income

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was sent to a people whose main skill and main talent was poetry.

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Crafting letters and words and it's a rhyme and meter was something so culturally significant that poets would have competitions, and receive large amounts of money for their homes. Even until today. There's a poetry competition that happens every year and fall in the Arabian Peninsula, and the receivers the winners receive cash prizes.

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Poetry in Arabic is very, very stylized. There are different types of poems. Each type of poem has different rules and they're used to express different emotions. We're talking about different subjects. So we'll also have what's called a set up for banner,

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which by itself was a linguistic miracle. The war was completely on

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unprecedented in terms of its style, it did not fit into any of the previously existing styles, or patterns.

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Sometimes the format rhymes. Sometimes it follows a rhythm, but it never does at the expense of the message that contains.

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And this completely new style was so powerful and so hypnotizing. Now the enemies of his mouth, trying to prevent other people from even hearing.

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They hired musicians to follow around the prophets of Allah

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and drown out the sound of the forehand being recited.

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They told people to stop their beers with cotton, or else they will come under a terrible spell.

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And then on top of that,

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some of these chapters in this poor man begin with letters, just letters, whose meaning is impossible to decipher.

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Notice that the title of this chapter is

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the poet's

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it is as if to say, and a lot of Toronto knows best Hey, poets, you who take such pride in your linguistic skills, these are the same letters that you use to compose your poetry.

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If I want, I can use the same letters in a way that even you can understand.

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See me

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and if I want to, I can use them to make something more beautiful and more powerful than you can.

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This show them that their skill in poetry was nothing compared to the power of the last kind of

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these are the clear signs, the signs are clear, the language of the format is clear, unlike poetry, which is meant to confound the reader with rare words, and rare phrases that are difficult to understand the signs of the poor man are clear as day accessible to everyone

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will also prompt that says, the basket of

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mood and hope meaning

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perhaps, oh prophets, what will happen?

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You will grieve yourself to death

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over their disbelief.

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Allah subhanaw taala is consoling the Prophet

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because nonprofits often

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care so much about the guidance of His people,

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and the spiritual success of his people.

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It wasn't as if their rejection of the truth would kill him for grief.

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The ultimate test of sincerity

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is actually what's good for other people.

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And there is no greater good

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and the good of paradise.

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Sometimes we might find

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that we don't celebrate the success of others.

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Even our brothers and sisters of faith,

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they get a new job. They get a new car, a new house, a promotion, anything.

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And we find that our hearts are constricted, we find that we are not pleased. We wish it was us instead. We might even find something to criticize. We'd like to slide into talking behind their back.

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Check yourself. This is not blood sincerity.

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Sincerity is gladness and joy at the success of others. As a Muslim community.

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The success of one of us is the success of all of us.

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And sometimes we try to stop a person from getting closer to a lot so

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you want to pray? Oh, five prayers.

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You want to start wearing the hijab?

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Don't you think that's a little extreme?

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Yes, we hear this. We hear this from our relatives sometimes. Maybe we to do it with other things. This is not sincerity looks like

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you are getting closer to Allah to your Creator is something I shouldn't be cheering for.

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If not,

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most of the time.

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It's for sale.

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selfish reasons

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to make myself feel better about something I'm not doing.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam was the most sincere man to ever walk the face of the earth.

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He cheered up on the success of others.

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And he agreed.

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He agreed when people chose failure for themselves

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the promise of a loved one

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in another well that's a good

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thing. It's still snowing now. But then

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what happened to the one that he took our feet now? You're following my feet?

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we have

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we have traffic feel

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the future Zico didn't have a home yet definitely

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reported that the prophets have said certainly, the parable of myself and the people is like a man who can really fire

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when it was lighted,

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and illuminates and everything around the loss, the insects they started to fly towards and falling into the fire.

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Then there was a man who tried to pull them out. But they didn't want to be pulled out they they rushed him, they overcame him and rushed into it anyway

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proximately so upset by that man,

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I take hold up your belts to keep you from falling into the fire. And despite that, you rush into it anyway.

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The Prophet Mohammed

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was trying to save every last soul he could.

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And his task was so impossible that it was like trying to stop moths from throwing themselves into a fire

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our entire civilization

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is built upon that level of sincerity that level of goodwill towards each other. And any goodness that Muslims will achieve will similarly be built on that level of sincerity and that level of goodwill between us a call for me how that was

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What shall I

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running to sleep.

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In the next few hours, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to console the prophets of Allah while he was

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in the Shadow

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for local health.

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If we want to,

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we could sit down to them from the sky or sign for which their next would remain bets and humility.

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A lot of us have Magellan is reassuring the prophets of Allah all of a sudden that everything happens for a reason.

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Allah Tala gave people the freedom to decide between right and wrong. And he did it for a reason.

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But Allah subhanahu also wants to the prophets of Allah wa make use of them to understand that their denial is not a failure on his part.

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It's not that the laws of science are not convincing enough, or the provenance of the seller is not giving them in the correct way. This is not an issue of technique.

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If Allah wants to, he says he could produce a signer so convincing. Everyone would have to believe no one would have a choice anymore.

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What would that accomplish?

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It is what's the point?

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It's about faith that it is chosen freely.

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If it is not chosen freely, can we even call it faith?

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For the parents among us, this is one of the hardest lessons to learn.

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When our children are young, we have expectations. And those expectations are a type of force.

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We expect them to pray. At a certain age, we expect them to fast at a certain age, we expect them to cover themselves in an appropriate way.

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At first, our children do these things out of obedience to us, because we are the parents.

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But as they mature, obedience to parents is not enough.

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Especially being raised in a society like ours, that score parents, a society that encourages rebelling against your parents, a society where healthy, loving and respectful relationships between parents and children are rarely rarely found on television or movies.

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If you are relying on your child's obedience to you,

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to keep trying

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to keep away refugia, et cetera,

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it is likely by the numbers, that you will end up being disappointed.

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And so in our tasks, in a society like this is to prepare and to inform our children about this choice. They have to choose the faith for themselves. If it's going to end up being something meaningful, meaningful enough, that once you're gonna, it will continue. They have to choose to pray them themselves, they have to choose obedience to Allah subhanho wa taala. First and foremost,

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our duty as parents is to show them,

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not just tell them

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that this is the right choice to make. This is the choice that leads to peace. This is the choice that leads to honor this is the choice that leads to salvation.

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And it goes without saying

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that we cannot preach the superiority of this choice, if we have not first chosen and for ourselves

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and also kind of ourselves what

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we don't want to add

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in that

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whatever new reminder comes to them from the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, they always turn away from it. Allah azza wa jal says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look, it's not your fault. And every time a reminder comes to them, every time they're showing a sign that they turned away.

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Why is that?

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The father kind of

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fussing at him and

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he has

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a lot of answers for they have already denied

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what they're looking for come to them the news of that which they used to ridicule and make fun of a lot of time that explains that the reason that they reject the science is not because they're not convinced it's not because the scientists are not convincing enough. No, it's because they haven't already made up their minds.

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They have already denied the obvious, denied faith denied obedience denied and accountability.

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And in order to make themselves feel better about the choice that they have made, Samos those things they make fun of them

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all the time on our promises that they will eventually meet up with everything that they used to live

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next to one other recounts some of the science he created placed before human beings. Oh, that we're gonna

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come about. That's not V.

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Kennedy, did they not look at the Earth? How much have we produced there in from every COBOL time?

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Those who decided to deny faith Haven't they never looked at the Earth. A lot of times I use as an example here that is very close to home. As human beings we literally came from

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The earth, Allah Tada created us from Adam. And the materials we use to create our was the earth. The earth is one of the lowest, most powerful signs for many, many reasons. Here a lot of points to its productivity, what it produces. If you go out and take a walk in the forest, there are more types of plants. And you can even count.

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We recently had a census that collected data for the population of Utica, on Vita County, United States, if plants are counted as part of the census, human beings will be a tiny, tiny minority on the face of the earth.

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For those of you more inclined towards science, if we were take, if we were to take a census according to biomass, which is the way that carbon that's bound to living things, human beings make up only point zero 1% of the total biomass on Earth. Plants make up over 82% of it.

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And in many places, such as New York, a large part of that night, Representative biomass dies, in the wintertime, it dies off in the winter, only to be brought back miraculously, next spring, aside from our Creator, as the scholars autopsy this cathedral, will be say, Allah, Allah mentions the earth here. Partly because this dying off and coming back in the spring is one of the most convincing proofs for the possibility of our own resurrection. After we die.

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We are not so different and separate from the planets. So if you haven't already said at NASA, I mean the basketball

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team or Korean or console.

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But who are the

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people who are part of the Earth's produce just one of many.

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So for weather among them, that's not been paradise key is getting he gets go. And whoever

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is that he is blameworthy.

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This section of the chapter with a refrain that you will repeat many, many times in the feedback

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we need surely get this as a sign. Most of them will not please. I'll also problem was our other has placed signs everywhere all around us. They are abundant. They are reasonable. They are compelling.

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But he's surprised that the US still gives us the choice.

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He won't force us.

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Most people sorry to say will choose to reject the signs

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not due to any shortcoming

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in the site, nor any shortcoming in the one who made the site but simply because

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they rejected the consequences

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of recognizing the signs, the consequences like obedience, like restraints, like accountability.

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But in

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order to certainly the Almighty and the Most Merciful, also Panama is almighty able to make whatever he wants able to hold anyone accountable. But he is also around

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he is also the most merciful ready to accept the repentance of anyone who turns towards him no matter what they've done before what was the purpose other than to you know come and

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fall into law

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Yeah, you continue

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to follow

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in if you're having

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a lot of ISIS now obviously being one of the leadership you're speaking with them at once at once

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although one of them was

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also filling up that as well there must be must be math.

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I love

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in the Lafayette

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