Forgotten Etiquettes – 08 Compassion For The Weak

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a etiquette when interacting with someone junior to one of them, which is greeting them and being recognized. They also share a etiquette when traveling with someone a minor, which is not recognized as a etiquette. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the etiquette and being mindful of the timing of events.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim a person's character is truly measured by his interaction with his juniors, dependents and subordinates. It is very easy to greet, respect, salute, honor and Revere, the wealthy the affluent, the ruler, the monarch. But how many of us take time to greet our worker, our helper, our gardener. In fact, on the reverse, Allah forbid, when many of them would greet us we would not even respond to the greetings and that is the furthest away from the teachings of Islam. Today I share with you a another etiquette when interacting with someone junior to you, or a dependent on you. So Jews 15 Chapter 18 Verse 16, when say that I Musa alayhis salam was tasked by

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the Almighty to travel to the confluence of the two oceans, he was accompanied by a helper, a servant and a heart him li Fatah who who we learned through the narrations was, You shall be noon SubhanAllah. The scholars make a deduction here as they commence the journey. Say either now Musa informs his Hardin and his servant of the intended journey of travel. And remember the time when Moses said to his youngster, la Braff, I will continue traveling had a beluga menjamin Baja rain till I reached the confluence of the two oceans, unbelievable bow, or I will travel beyond until finally I meet a hovel. Now, many of us don't even consider this to be an etiquette. You just scream

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and yell at your helper. Jumping to the car. Boss, where are we going? Don't ask me questions. This man is clueless what time he'll be coming back. Is it a three hour journey? Is it a four hour journey? Sometimes even scholars would do this with a disciple? This is not the etiquettes of Deen inform those that are traveling with you, as the leader of the group and the caravan, let them know so they can plan and arrange accordingly. Subhan Allah this is the dignity that Islam affords to every human. May Allah imbibe within us these beautiful and rich teachings. I mean your blood I mean