Heart Matters #09 The Habitual Repentance The State of Inbah

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who either Ali he will be here woman by the Hammerberg. Yesterday we talked about the station of Toba repentance, there is another station that is linked to this one and higher than it, you will not attain it until you have mastered and perfected that of Toba. What is this station? This is the station of in Arabic Inaba, Inaba, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions it only when he talks about the highest of the high, he talks about the highest level of Jannah and Allah azza wa jal says that level who is it going to get be given to what was the fertile gender children with Turkey in the Moroccan gender will be brought close to them? Who are they?

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Those that come to Allah azza wa jal bill will be Muneeb they come to Allah with a heart of Inaba bill will be money. Also ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada praises his highest servants, for example, Ibrahim alayhis salam, Ibrahima, the halimun A WA who Muneeb Ibrahim is Haleem softhearted A WA Hoon. Muneeb he would repent to Allah and he would have Inaba. Muneeb Dawood Ali his Salam, Allah describes him in the Quran for one nada wudu Annamma Fattah na forestall Ferrara bahawa Hauraki, Dawood understood we were testing him, so he fell down in such and he did it Inaba, he repented, but Allah didn't use the word Toba. He uses the word Inaba. Sulayman it his setup the same verb is used what are called

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the Fontana Sula, Amana while Cana Allah kursi. He just hadn't thumb up we tested Sulaiman and we, there's a long story how Allah tested him by substituting one of the jinn that Allah azza wa jal says he turned back to me and he did Inaba. When Allah is describing the highest of the high. He doesn't use the word Toba. He uses the word Inaba. What's the difference? Ibaka yam said listen to this. When a person constantly does Toba. When a person habitually repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala until it becomes his habit. Then Allah will open all of the doors of cleansing the heart and Allah will grant him the station of Inaba. So Inaba is the habitual Toba Inaba is the repentance that is

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done so that it becomes a lifestyle. And if you look at the three verses I quoted you for Ibrahim and wood and Surah, Eman, each one of them look them up. They're occurring after these three have done something that is against perfection. They've done a little bit of a slip up or they've been tested. Then Allah says, ah, but it was a test and then they returned back to me. So Inaba is done by the righteous Inaba is done for the one who knows that he must go back to Allah subhanho wa taala. As a lifestyle and a habit, one of the great scholars of the Arabic language had been fired is he said, in our means, to habitually come back to the same place for comfort. This is what Inaba

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means linguistically. You are going to come back to the same place and you're going to be comforted. This is where I belong. This is my muscle. This is my default. Toba, you do it once Inaba, you do it habitually, to the point of it is where your default position is. And the goal is to keep on doing Toba until it becomes Inaba until it becomes a habit and a lifestyle and that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala praises the concept of Inaba in the Quran, Mooney, Vina la he were to who have Inaba of Allah and be conscious of him. And Allah says, When is that cuttle 11 unique and none shall attain that level except those who have done Inaba. There is a beautiful message message here as well in

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the sort of Inaba and that is Inaba means to go back and find comfort at a position which means your default is to be in this position. When you slip up, you have gone away from your comfort zone. When you are sinning, you are not acting the way Allah intended you to act your default is to be connected with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada your default is to find comfort in your safe zone, that safe zone your to Allah is with Allah your comfort is with Allah your repentance is with Allah when you remove yourself from that comfort zone, you are not comfortable. So you have to come back to the comfort zone and that

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It is what Inaba is now. The Quran mentions another type of Inaba as well. And our scholars mentioned that in our book can be a generic and a special one, that generic Inaba that even the non pious have the generic Inaba. It is the Inaba, of turning to Allah when you desperately need him. So for example, Allah says in the Quran, listen to this way the Messiah NASA go run the Arab the WHO Mooney been IE, when a difficulty touches man, he starts making dua to Allah, His heart is fully attached to Allah. Allah uses the term Muneeb. This status of Inaba, we have all felt it a times of need, when our child is sick, when we're in difficult circumstances, all of a sudden, our hearts are

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attached to Allah, we return back to Allah, this Inaba is good, but this is the default of everybody who needs Allah, there is a higher level of Inaba. What is that higher level, you turn back to Allah not because of desperation, but because of a sin. You see the difference right? When you are in difficulty, you all turn we all turn to Allah You know, when we're in tough, difficult circumstances. This is the Inaba of the mahalo even the kafir my turn to Allah in this time, there is nothing wrong with that it's a sign of iman at some level. But the praiseworthy Inaba the higher level of Inaba, the level of Inaba of the prophets. It occurs when they recognize they have fallen

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short of their book of Allah, they understand that they have done something they should not have done. So they returned back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So, to summarize, Inaba is the status of the one who has taken Toba as a habit, the one who has mastered the art of Toba and the one who has a default place of worship. Now, how can we attain an Abba? One simple point and inshallah with that we conclude Inaba is obtained by recognizing one's shortcomings. And understanding that only Allah can get us out of these shortcomings. It's very simple. How do we memorize this concept? The DUA of our father Ibrahim, when he came down to this earth, Rob Bunnell alumna and fusina were in them

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total Finland now what are Hamlet and Hakuna in the middle ha city in Europe? I have wrong myself. I did boom to myself. Adam Oh, did I say, the mighty Salam. When Adam and Islam came down to this earth? We made the DUA Rob Bunnell alumna and fusina Right. Oh, my Lord, I have wronged myself. We have wronged ourselves. And if you don't forgive me, and if you don't overlook my sins, I shall be of those who are destroyed. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught this to our to obika so do that. Oh, Allah. Yara, I confess that I have done sins to you. Yeah, Rob. I have fallen short in you. And none can forgive other than you. And he would go to sleep at night the Profit

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System he would make this die every single night. Hola, hola. Hola, myalgia wala Mangia. Minca in the lake. Oh Allah. None can save me from you. And none can provide a secure spot against you, except you. Oh Allah, none can save me from you except you. None can secure me from you except you. If you understand this reality, you will be on the path of Inaba. When you understand that you have fallen short. You understand? Only Allah can protect me from my own sins. Only Allah can protect me from the consequences of my bad deeds, then you're on going to be on the journey to Inaba. Therefore, brothers and sisters reminder to myself and all of you tilba Keep on doing it and you

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attain the level of Inaba May Allah subhana wa Tada make us have the money been and will continue tomorrow in sha Allah Azza.

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