Omar Suleiman – Jannah #10 The Four Rivers of Jannah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The concept of river flow is discussed in a series of disconnected lectures, including a brief advertisement for a water company. The focus is on the natural flow of water across mountains, which is not just a reflection of the natural. The segment also touches on the various categories of rivers and spas in Jana, including water, milk, wine, and honey, and the influence of media on people's experiences and taste of water. The use of water in various foods and its importance in people's lives is also emphasized.
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So now under the trees, you have the rivers and flowing water has a calming effect, like no other. And in fact, some scientists call this the blue mind effect that it's both psychological and biological that we become more relaxed when we see or hear running water. And the beauty of how Allah subhanaw taala speaks about Jana in the Quran is that Allah's parents are rarely mentions the gardens if he ever does at all without saying something to the effect of tragedy men Tatiana and her gardens beneath which rivers flow

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firstly, where did they flow from? The Prophet SAW Allah Hardy was salam said, from the roots of Sidra till winter high flow to visible rivers and to hidden rivers Nihalani belting out when Ronnie logging on, so two of them, we can see two of them we can't see. And he asked you beat on Instagram, what are these rivers and he said the hidden rivers, which are the ones that are exclusive to paradise are se han and J. Han. And the visible rivers are the Nile and the Euphrates, then the prophets, I said, um, continues to walk in Paradise, and he says I saw another stream. The banks of that stream were the domes of hollow pearls. And I put my hand in the flowing water. And it was good

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smelling musk. And I asked you but here it is Salah, who is this for? And he said this is your Kofa but Allah subhanaw taala has given to you. So that's to the profit slice. Now for us, what do we experience of these general rivers now? And what does it even mean when we say rivers from Jana? Well, in the same way that we say that we originated in paradise as human beings that are in different form now, the origin of the Nile and the Euphrates isn't Jana. But that doesn't mean that they're physically connected now, just like we're not physically connected now. And it's like when the prophets lie. Some says that agile dates are from Jana, that doesn't mean that we literally

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pluck them from Jana, but there's a resemblance and an origin and gender. And some said that there is another benefit and that these rivers are heavenly because they serve prophets. And if you think about how many prophets were held and supported in the Nile and the Euphrates, so the Nile is the river that held moose it set up and the Euphrates is situated between all of the prophets of Bani Israel. It runs between Africa, a sham and airlock. So how many prophets drank from this river how many bathe in this river, and how many even probably traveled upon this river and as for Elko, thumb, with the Prophet slice on put his hand in, this is the special fountain that Allah subhanaw

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taala has guaranteed to the Prophet slice alum as comfort and glad tidings when his enemies claimed that he was cut off. And subhanAllah there's something very beautiful here that many of the ayat were lost. pantile talks about rivers and springs for the believers. They come after ayat the talk about our hardship, as if to say that just like how Allah subhanaw taala gave the Prophets lie, some co thought when his enemies claimed he was cut off. If your enemies cut you off here, you're flowing rivers of Jannah, unbelievers are just extended by that. So before we enter into Jana, on the Day of Judgment in sha Allah, we're already surrounding what we're already surrounding the * outside of

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Paradise, and the * flows from inside of paradise to the believers that are waiting outside its gates, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to arrive and find the Prophet slice alum waiting for us at that held with that drink Allahumma anime. But now in Jana, you get to actually drink from COFA at the source and the profit slice and I've said kill thought is a stream and Paradise, the banks of which are gold, and it flows upon Perl and Ruby. He said its base is musk, and its water is sweeter than honey and whiter than snow. So Subhanallah what you experience of the COFA on the outside of the gates is even better when you get inside the gates. This too is true for the show head that

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they're drinking from some of the river banks right now outside of the gates of agenda. But once they fully enter inside, it's even more beautiful. Now you'll notice there's this common theme of rivers that start in Paradise, and then they flow outside of paradise. And then in Jannah, as well. You have rivers that flow throughout, and every time they're described in the Quran and the Sunnah. The closer you get to the source, the better it becomes. So essentially, as I've been playing Mahima Allah he says that all rivers in paradise start with a large body of water, and then a waterfall. And the prophets lie Selim said when you ask Allah asked him for alpha dose, because it is the best

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of paradise, the highest of it. And he said above it is the throne of the Most Merciful and from the hours from

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The Throne all of the rivers of paradise flow. So just like the light comes from there, the water comes from there as well. And also last night some said specifically that in Jana, there is a sea of water. And then there is a sea of honey like a large body of honey. And then there is a large body of milk and then a large body of wine. And then from those large bodies of water, honey milk and wine, the rivers split off afterwards. And then they go into many streams so that everyone in Jannah can enjoy their portion and how do they reach you? They flow under dunes of musk so you see them coming out under dunes of musk through your gardens and into your home and you can drink from it and

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enjoy it in any way. And then Allah subhanaw taala breaks them down into two more categories you have those that flow which are the unharmed the rivers and then you have the Yun which are the springs and the springs continue to burst in one place. So let's break them down shots I let's start with the unhappy Allah subhanaw taala says methyl Jannetty Lottie worried and what's your own fear her and her own in mountain lady acid when haram in Lebanon lumea Tara yo Tarmo one hold on man humbling lead that in the shower even while and held on Manasa and Mustapha Allah says that the description of the garden that he has promised to the believers is that in it are rivers of

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freshwater, rivers of milk that never expire. rivers of wine that are delicious to drink, and rivers have pure honey. So these rivers in Jana, you don't just admire them, but you can drink from all of them as you please. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions four categories of rivers, water, milk, wine, and honey. And then Allah's parents how to mentions how he removed from them anything that would make them unpleasant in this world. So if you think about water, the detriment of water is that water can change his taste if it mixes in with other things. Or if it sits in one place for a long time. If you think about milk, milk, of course can spoil and become sour and undrinkable. And then

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if you think about wine while I've been ambassador, the law on whom I said, What does wine give you in this world, it gives you drunkenness. It gives you a headache. It makes you vomit and it makes you urinate. But when Allah subhanaw taala mentions the wine of paradise, he's purified it of all of those things. And then the corruption of honey is impurity in this world. But here in Jana, everything stays fully pure in those rivers and SubhanAllah. You might want you know something else from those rivers, maybe you want a chocolate river, maybe you want a Kool Aid River, whatever it is. The point is, is that in Jannah the rivers are for drinking and admiring and they flow without

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any type of limit and they are removed from anything that would spoil their perfect taste or give them any type of negative effect. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions the springs feed lead on Where are you on that in shade and springs and ALLAH SubhanA wa says and sorts of lemon, there are springs that are gushing endlessly, and then there are springs with which the water remains in place. So the types of bodies of water are different throughout paradise all for your joy. And Allah subhanaw taala name some of the springs in the Quran. So ALLAH SubhanA wa says in Aurora yes Rabona I'm in Casin can Amis Juha care for that Verily, the pious shall drink a cup mixed with water from a spring

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in paradise called kathua. Camphor Aina Yes, Rob will be heard about the law you fed your own Uh huh. Tefera This is a spring where from the servants of Allah subhanaw taala will drink causing it to gush forth abundantly. So that's one California which is a spring in paradise that the scholars say flavors the drinks, then Allah mentions selasa V. Where you stone a fee her son can Amis Agile has Angela ain and fee her to some service the biller and then they're given to drink a cup of wine that is mixed with Zen dubby ginger, and he said that spring is called Setosa B. So this spring again is a spring of wine but this spring is wine mixed with ginger. Then Allah subhanaw taala

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mentions the spring of tests Nene and this is the one that is for the closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala he says subhanho to Allah when he's Audra hoomin Tasneem and aina Yes, Rob will be held more cuttlebone that in there, there will be wine mixed with tests neem a spring that is for those who are the MO cuttlebone that are nearest to Allah subhanaw taala to drink from. So many of the scholars they said that everyone in Jana has flavoring from the spring of tesni. But the macabre Boone who are the closest to Allah subhanaw taala they get to drink at pure and the Abrar being the pious of the next degree. They haven't mixed in with their drinks, but no one feels deprived at any

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point, just those that are closer to Allah subhanaw taala recognize that they have an added gift. And one of the things that the scholars mentioned

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is that every home doesn't just have a faucet with clean water, you don't have sinks in your homes in general. But every home in Jana has rivers that flow through it as Pamela and your home and your gardens and wherever it may be. And so every person in Jana has access to its water and its bodies of whatever it is in terms of rivers and springs. And you think about water inequality in this dunya despite its abundance, and all that it does to cause harm to people. And in Jannah it's everywhere, every home every garden. Now SubhanAllah. If you could see the pictures of that gentleman right now, like I want you to imagine if you can go to a booking site, and you can see the pictures of that

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Jana, and then you could taste its water right now. How much would you crave Jana? And there's one incredible narration. That Anasazi Allahu Anhu says that this woman came to the Prophet slice on him and she said the Eldest Allah I had this really strange dream. She said the auto Silla. Well, he took me a while to Jana, I saw myself in a dream entering into Jana. And then I heard this noise and Jana like some sort of commotion. And it was that the gate of Jana had opened. So she says, I went and I saw these people coming in, and it was this person and this person and this person, and she named 12 of the top of the prophets lie Selim. And she said they were brought forth and they had

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clothes of the finest silk. But their wounds were open, and they were running forth with blood. And an angel comes and says take them to the river of Al Bayda, or albedo. And they're dipped in the special river. And they come out with their faces shining like full moons, and then they sit and they're served with a plate of gold. And in those plates of gold, you have dates, and they ate from those dates as much as they want it. And then I went and I joined them and I started to eat with them. And she said I woke up Subhan Allah the Prophet slice them as listening to her. And little did she know that the 12 people she saw in her dream dipped into the special River and Paradise and

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eating from its fruits were 12 companions that the prophets lie some sent on an expedition that very same day. And so she finishes narrating her dream, and she leaves and right when she leaves a messenger arrives and says to the prophets lie Selim so and so has been killed so and so has been killed so and so has been killed until he named the exact same 12 people that the woman saw in her dream and also lost my son, um, sat back for the woman and told her to relate her dream to everyone else, and said everything happens exactly as she said. So Hala, Allah's promise is true. And it's precise for those who strive for it. Yeah.

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I don't know one F Suning. mcomber in

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your one G. BK audibly at

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Mowgli. Fairdale for Leafy is the wonderful Legion Letty

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