Sulaiman Moola – Direct Your Achievements To Allah And Not Your Failures

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the history of Islam and the use of the word Islam in reference to the culture of the previous century. They mention the use of the word Islam in reference to past events and the reference to the wa wa taq wa taq wa taq wa taq wa taq wa taq wa. The speaker also talks about the history of the wa wa taq wa taq wa taq wa taq wa taq wa taq wa.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in just 17 chapter 22 verse 32, Allah subhanho wa Taala says the one who honors respects and reveals the signs and the symbols of Allah for inner harmony taqwa and kulu. Surely this is a reflection of the piety of his heart. In order to Allah Hill Valley law, it is written that four things are the supreme signs of the Almighty. Number one, the Quran, the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Kaaba and salah and prayer itself. Now today I want to speak about the language of a believer when speaking about Allah or speaking to Allah bathed in prayer and DHA or referencing something in his life, what's the necessary protocol and respect we

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ought to adhere? And like always, we get our cute direction and inspiration from the Quran. So I take you to a verse in the 19th jos in chapter 26 Shara on the poet's verse a did the backdrop and the context of this idea is say that Ibrahim alayhis salam is speaking about the favours of Allah upon me upon him. I let the Hala Tawny for Hawaii, my Allah created me He guides me what led me Who are you to rimoni while you're asleep, he feeds me he gives me water to drink. And then in verse 80, he says when I become sick, then my luck he owes me. He does not direct illness to Allah, but he directs cure to Allah in order to someone said gearvita may Hodo somebody Altamira Allah, I always

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tend to fall and stumble literally or figuratively. And it's always my Allah that rescues me. That's the language and the demeanor of a believer and not the other way around. That my Allah causes me to fall and drop. And because I'm resilient, I bounce back when say either now alayhis salam defected the boat, the Quran references it by saying Ferrara toe and Reba. He said I intend the defect in it, though subsequently he says one to him and Embry, I did so by the inspiration of a lot, but because defecting the boat had an apparent unpleasant flavor, he directed it to himself, when you shall be known for God to mention to masala is Salatu was Salam that the fish hopped out of the basket, he

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said for any nnessee to the road. I forgot about the fish warmer answer neihu illa shavon and the devil made me forget in by Andrew Quran it is Retton. misperton. Nice Yon one Napoli him in Moodle mcru her forgetfulness and it's related things is something which is unpleasant, it's unpleasant, so you shall be known did not directed to Allah. Allah made me forget No, no. He said the devil made me forget why the duben and Miss Betty ha Illallah because it is disrespect to direct it to Allah. So what's the message my brother and what's the request my sister, direct your accomplishments to the Almighty and not your failures?

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