Your Life is Short

Kamil Ahmad


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Our existence here in this world is nothing but the passing of a few moments in the grand scheme of things.

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From the time Allah created Adam until the last man to walk the face of this earth, ask yourself what is your existence in that time period, except for the passing of a few more licks 10s of hundreds of generations have gone, and 10s of hundreds of generations will come after us, but that won't change anything about us, because we will be in our graves 100 years from now, in the darkness and the loneliness of our grave, we will come to realize how worthless this dunya was, how worthless this dunya that we are constantly chasing after how worthless it was, we will come to realize that it would have been more worthwhile had he spent our time and our lives planting the seeds for that

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day, especially in those deeds that will benefit us when we are in our graves such as soda cartridges, perpetual continuous charity that doesn't end with our death, but it continues after us. We will see its effect when we are lying in our graves