Sulaiman Moola – Do not despair!

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing when to give victory and how to show one's faith. They also mention the use of "medicals and "has " in the situation of being testified. The speaker describes their experience of facing challenges and trying to overcome them to achieve victory.
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So through his in finite wisdom, He knows when what will kill a Yamo no doubt we do have been a nurse. We rotated we alternated for Cadorna for near America the rune we calculate and we estimate our calculations are perfect. We know when to give victory in which context but a believer as long as he is obeying Allah, he is a winner.

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It doesn't end when he love Allah Who Lavina Amanu The third reason why Allah tests you, and you see drones, you see footage, you see carnage, you see brutality, you see difficulty coming upon the Muslims. Allah says because I didn't tell him the Han eukroma Rajo Johan, it is only at the crunch time that the true believers manifested and their faith is displayed. And the world is a place of tests. So to make known to the world who are the true believers, from time to time, I subjected you to intense moments in the battlefields

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while he or Allah Allahu levena amanu Third reason. Fourth, what does even mean Come? Sure ha. And I also allow the things in the battle to change. Because as much as you are optimistic of victory, we're too high Boehner Nostrum mean Allah, he was from Corrib what was she remote meaning and you are hoping for that victory and triumph and honor. But occasionally I turn the sequence of events because I want to privilege some in your ranks with ultimate martyrdom.

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