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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. Amongst the rich, pure and pristine teachings of Islam is that we should remove an obstacle from the path. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in the narrations that there was a person who was walking and there was a branch of tree that was protruding and that obstructed the passage of people. And a person came and moved it and clear the pathway for Shankara Allahu Allahu Allah accepted this action and he was pardoned. So moving an obstacle a Manta to other any theory as is mentioned in the narration clear in an obstacle, or a hurdle or a blockage or an impediment is an

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act of virtue. And if removing an obstacle is an act of virtue, then in the same breath, and in the same vein, becoming an obstacle and a hurdle is a sin a vise and is disliked by the Almighty. I often say in my humble dogs become an ambassador of the truth. And if you cannot become an ambassador of the truth do not become an obstacle of the truth. Sadly, unfortunately, many people at our functions that are massage it will obstruct the traffic will block the pathway of another person. And more than often our discourses are interrupted by these announcements, asking somebody with a particular registration to move his car out. So in essence, Islam teaches us to remove an

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obstacle from the path. And if that's not possible, at least, do not become an obstacle in the path of others. In a like manner, to the best of your ability try and defuse a situation. You can see there's a discussion it's becoming heated, it's becoming unpleasant, it's going to break out into a feud and an altercation and it could even spiral them out. So wines indeed are those who have the vision to nip it in the bud rise above and they defuse it and if you cannot defuse it then do not be amongst those that infuse hostility. So a quick reflection from the lives of our bindings predecessors Rizwan Allahu Allah Allah Himeji Marine, Hassan radi Allahu anhu, the grandson of the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Ebony ha de sade the son of mines is the leader will Allah usili hubby he been a Dania we maintaining minimum muslimeen and allow we'll use him to facilitate reconciliation between two factions of the oma. We do know that there was a difference of opinion regarding who was the more deserving candidate for the philosopher between say Ethan aha Sandra the Allahu anhu. And so you know why we love the love more and woman. So after serving a period of time in the Philippines, a short period of time, few months, six or eight months, eight and a half, Sandra Viola ran, who stepped down and he said Salaam to hooli Mariah we are here by hand over the

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hill have to say Ethan amaravati Allahu anhu. And then he said a very, very profound thing. And that's the message of today's address. He said, it could well be that more are We are the Allahu anhu is the more deserving person of this position in the eyes of Allah. And if that is the case, then I have done him no favor. I have only returned to him something which he was more deserving of. And in the eyes of the Almighty if I am the more deserving person, then I have done so to rescue this ummah from bloodshed. I have done so to rescue this Omar from bloodshed. So some people who have the opinion that say there hasn't been the olana was the more deserving candidate. They said to

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him, No, you have launched us and you are not displaying the qualities of ameerul momineen, the leader of the believers, but in actual fact it is a form of insult and humiliation.

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Meaning, meaning well you have to believe that that's an insult to us. You've betrayed us when the real to be loved. And Satan has somebody Alonso said Allah Amina na hour. Rather rather you will heard the word insult towards me than contending with the blazing flames on the day of Yama. Subhana Allah the pouring the message the reflection from Satan 100 Ilan, whose impeccable legacy and profound action is that he had the courage to rise above he handed it over to Satan, Amalia, radi Allahu anhu and Mario de Alon who was a great companion. A lot of

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MADI muawiya Db here, Allah guide while we are on the olana and guide people through Mahalia, he was amongst the kathina, the scribes of Revelation. He was the brother in law of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yet again, there is another incident regarding also the household of the messenger sallallahu Sallam regarding Zeno labin so they do the Hobbit and Rahim Allah his actual name was Ali bin Hussein Bin Ali, Ali bin Hussain Ali. His name was her saying his name was Ali. And he was known as they you know, lie between the adornment of the worship is the beauty of the worship is the inner lobby Dean, and he was the son of a Hussein by the Allahu anhu, who was the

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son of Satan earlier of the Allahu anhu. So one day he was walking and a person stood up and heard the most nasty things nasty things. What Biola love is sub B was shut me and he left no stone he said nasty, wicked unpleasant things towards him. So obviously this was now he did an intense Subhana Allah say that Zeno navidi Rahim Allah, Allah The Allahu anhu. He responded by saying, ma su tierra la kameen Marina axon. You've told me you know what a mouthful, but honestly, there are many other aspects of my life which is unknown to you. There are many other aspects of my life, which is unknown to you. And then he said, Allah Haji

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Ali, do you have any need? Are you disturbed in any way can I be of any assistance? And then he Amar Allahu Beata. He said, Give him a handsome gift and give him a handsome amount of money. When this man heard this, who had heard and nasty words towards him and IBD and Rahim Allah, and how calm and collected and how methodical and how kind and generous, generously zainul avidin Rahim Allah responded, he said he had an upcoming Ola deal, Mustafa sallallahu wasallam I have no doubt that you are a true descendant of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam the message is simple. My brother the message is simple. My sister defuse defuse a situation. There is this great legendary woman by the

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name of asthma domains or the alarm and her the former spouse spouse of jack Farben, Abby liberati Allahu anhu. And she had migrated with Jaffa the Alanna to me Sr. and in the Union Allah had endowed them with three children, our own Mohammed Abdullah and then they came to Medina at the time with a butter was conquered. And the messenger sallallahu wasallam said I don't know if I am happier at the reunion of my cousin Jennifer. Or the conquest of haber Bosch haber Ambika dumi, Jennifer, haber me to do my job for meaning. It was to happy moments that go inside it subsequent to the demise of Jaffa, the olana in Moodle, in Moodle, she then where did Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. And from this

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union, there was one child that was born and he was Mohammed bin Abbey Becker. And after the demise of Abu Bakar vilano, she married and he wrote the Allahu anhu, the only woman who enjoys the privilege of wedding to Halifax, Abu Bakar, and Elisa de la mano, and these are basic things we ought to know. So while she was in the wedlock of algebra, the Allahu anhu her two sons from her two late husband's her son Mohammed bin Jennifer from Jennifer Delano and her son Mohammed from Abu Bakar Mohammed bin Jaffa and Mohammed bin Abbey Becker. They had a bit sibling rivalry but sibling rivalry and each one said you know some words to the other and part of the discussion and the

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rivalry amongst the kids and the siblings. The one said to the other Anna, Hiram Minka will be a Roman a big, I am better than you and my father, my late father is better than your late father. So understand the sensitivity as Mara Viola and how is the mom to both of these children? Mohammed bin Jaffer was born to her from her first husband Jaffa who's late who was martyred in Mota and the second son is was born to her from Abubakar vilano. And he was also laying she was now in the wedlock of Allah the olana. Now this is quite sensitive. Both the fathers are laid, and each one saying I'm greater my late father was greater, say Daniella vilano respectfully stood aside and he

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said, You know what, this is something that only my wife your mom can resolve. So when as Mara Viola and she was very skilled in the interpretation of dreams, etc. There are many accolades to this woman. When as Mara the Alanna heard this, she pacified them, she comforted them. And she said, both of you were great. And I was married to your father Jaffer and I was married to your father Abu Bakr radi Allahu wa. And the truth be told Mara a two gallon Hydra min Abby bachlin voila a to Shaban Hydra min geographer. I never seen a more prominent

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men from the elderly people of the Sahaba den Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah senior folks on the upper end Abubakar delana was the greatest of them all. And amongst the youth of Sahaba your father Jaffa radi Allahu anhu was the best of the youth. So she diffused a very, very sensitive and volatiles comfort in both of them that they were unique and both their fathers played a unique role in all aspects and in regards and that's my basic message. If you cannot defuse it, don't infuse it. May Allah make us a key to good and a lock to evil army in your domain.