Re Establishing Our Relationship With Allah

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah, Almighty Allah Kitab abajo kitabi well actually at Avada Shariati mavado folden Villa umina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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yeah you Allah Dena. Allah the Quran kathira

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Alcala tala Mati min Allah tala home what oconto Fasano Elisa Colville and for whom in a Holic Sara Kala will Azzam respected elders and brothers. We are all aware that this coming week we'll see the beginning of the Mubarak and blessed month of Ramadan. And in today's talk I would just like to indicate towards two aspects and two priorities that we are supposed to try and achieve in the month of Ramadan. One is to re establish

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and to reconnect

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our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we have had a year in which there have been many issues and debates and now in this coming month, let us prioritize. Let us look at how we are going to build how we are going to reestablish how we are going to reconnect with Allah subhanho wa Taala we hear this phrase a lot that how are we going to reestablish and how much we build our relationship with Allah? What does it mean? Allah tala in the Holy Quran says in Surah Daria Omar haluk tool Gina will INSA Illa de Abu and I have not created Jinnah and humankind except Leah boon to worship me. The word Leah Boone we translate as worship alumna gymnasts are in sanko he slept better for Morocco hamari

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that is the reason why Allah tala has created human beings and Jenna. Now the word is translated as divided. Although the word Leah comes from the root word, up, up to mean slave. So Allah Allah says I have created you to be my slave. The way the slave does what the master dictates. In a similar way we are supposed to do what our master Allah subhanho wa Taala dictates and what he tells us in this way our entire life isn't divided

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our entire life is inhibited, to do the right thing at the right time is remembering Allah and he but if you are walking on the street and your gaze falls down upon a strange men or viceversa women, then at that time if you cast your gaze down that is remembrance of Allah, that is Ibadan you are doing it because of Allah's command you are about to sign a business deal and at that particular time just about to sign a business deal. When you realize that this deal consists of haram aspects it consists of Riba it consists of interest and allied said Whoever takes interest he declares war against Allah you pull your pen down and said I'm not going to sign the city's against unless

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command will lie he that is regarded that is remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala harm okay per se he come Karna

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yet he bothered to record him. But however, when we talk about he bothered many times, the word he bothered also conveys together with that aspect conveys the aspect of the traditional understanding of ibaadat making tilawat making salad making Zika these are important considerations in the definition of Ibadan. Therefore, in the Arabic dictionary It is made mentioned that what is the definition of a divided Ybarra tone and

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it is an aspect of showing humiliation and submission before Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that is rabada Allah tala k somni appname bundick equals Karna. Yeah.

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That is one of the greatest aspects of Ibadan that in front of Allah we show your humanity you show your submission. And these are aspects with regard to performing sadad our seeker our tilawat Brothers, this is an aspect of our life that you and I have lost the essence and the joy of it. It is so important that I can I can explain how much important it is. It is in a bother take the correct relationship between creation and creative find its most appropriate manifestation. What is our relationship with Allah

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Allah is not a friend in a sense that you are going to be informal with another way there is going to be like an informality with a friend. What is your relationship with Allah, He bothered salad going down in ruku going down in sister, that is the appropriate relationship between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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through the means of ibaadat it confer conforms and revitalizes and makes our entire life one of one of reformation. Why does Allah tala in the Holy Quran says in salata, Tana ha Anil fascia he will Moncure Salah prevents you from evil and from immorality. When you perform Salah correctly the salad will have an effect upon you that you will find that it will prevent you from fascia and for Moncure from immorality and evil

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therefore no meah Crimson Lotus cinema said in one both beautiful Hadith he bought that he is yet hum do say come or do a check on

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all those today.

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But Jessie Allah tala kurama for Maya in the Salah. tannehill foshay Well, Mancha or Hadees me What a beautiful HUD is

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up to you.

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The first thing Allah will ask you on the day of Yama will be with regard to Salah is our son who has son was a Marine, if that is correct, all your

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all your other deeds will be also inshallah correct way the first hurdle for several family and if that is found to be one thing, which is the most important Command of Allah, if you can fulfill the most important command for love, how are you going to fulfill the other commands of Allah? If that is found to be wanting, then other armar will also be found to be most likely one thing. So it actually it reforms our entire life. And you know what, the importance of Ibadan in Salah which you and I sometimes we take for granted.

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We don't take the importance of it. Salah ibadah

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mosquito, Amir tamari edema who's Pohamba janila look at this ayat in Surah madatha Allah well as the people of Johanna masala comfy suffer or people of Johanna Why are you in Johanna

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Johanna moto car who love Nakamura mousseline first answer. hums harmless, alotta Danny,

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we are in Jan Nam because we did not perform salad. The first answer we are in Jana, because we did not perform Salah. And another important aspect with regard to he bought at my dear respected brothers is that through the means of ibaadat it fulfills a vacuum in our life. Allah has kept Satan neat in us. One is a physical needs, the physical need is going to be fulfilled by the means of eating and drinking. Our material needs are going to be filled with material aspects. But there is also another need of ours the need our spiritual need.

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Rouhani visa or Rouhani visa, Walmart yard sale.

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It cannot be fulfilled by materialism, it's only going to be fulfilled through the means of spirituality, our spiritual needs, how is it going to be fulfilled? It's not going to be fulfilled by eat and drink and having a luxury hope not to say that it is haram but our spiritual needs are going to be fulfilled by zeker ibadah tilawat salad and we need it. We need it so much that Allah Allah says Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah O in the remembrance of Allah will hearts find contentment self or series seeker or Allah tala

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dinoco. It mean I'm also called Mr. Ty, I got a subordinate subtitle silicosis are under 30 we can only gain tranquility and comfort in the remembrance of Allah. Brothers. That is one of the reason there is no tranquility in today's life. Many times we hear people talking about the aspect of people going on to drugs, etc. It's a it's a problem in our society, we need to tackle it. But one of the solutions with regard to it is this. That there is a vacuum in people's life. And people are trying to fill that vacuum with more material things. Allah hasn't kept cram quality, comfort in material things. You can use no material things to fulfill your needs. But tranquility and comfort

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Allah has kept in his remembrance. And if you don't remember No, there will be a vacuum in your life that will never ever be fulfilled. No matter how much material things you have a lab you think Rila heated mind will follow. Therefore natella reminds us in the remembrance of Allah will hearts find contentment

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and through the means of Nevada we will find that Allah will

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Give sukoon Allah will give tranquillity, Allah will give comfort to our agitated minds to our restless souls and to our hearts that have become rusted through the means of the challenges of this world.

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That is why shahapur Carthage Jelani Rahmatullah used to say

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that if the leaders of this world and if the rulers of this world know that comfort and tranquility that we get because of remembering Allah, they will try and send the armies to come and fetch it, but they won't be able to fetch it from us. Elias kept it in Zica.

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Brothers, they used to be a time when our elders and our pious people used to take a special delight and joy in remembering Allah.

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We have not been saved if we

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read one of his statements, one of the great tabbies he saved for 20 years, I did not see the back of another person in salado Jamaat.

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That means for 20 years he was in the first serve. He said I never for 20 years, saw the back of another person in in insolate. I always was in the first thing

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I said was

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one of our great scholars one of our greatest thinkers in the last past decades, he said that I have seen our elders and our seen our mom making be bothered. And remembering Allah making sicker making tilawat in Nevada, had it not been for the fact that I had seen it with my own eyes, I would not have been able to believe in it.

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They hardly spent much time outside. Outside he bothered in anything else in Ramadan. They spend most of the time I had the opportunity. I'll give you my own personal experience. I had an opportunity of spending Ramadan with Shah Abdul Aziz and I put him to lolly once in Pakistan 100 a day I've seen it with my own eyes. From the time of his rock he used to be in xikar tilawat and mostly in the field Salah till the time just prior to him to Tucson

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and before he used to sleep before the half by noon and the sooner he used to get someone to read Quran for him while reading Quran. He used to fall asleep for 30 minutes or 45 minutes. cutoff was war after war again a few salata Lhasa.

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I'm not saying we can do that. But Allah tala in the Holy Quran says for either for the fun sub with Isla Rebecca for a hub When you have completed your task. When you have completed your work, tie yourself in turning towards Almighty Allah. tie yourself in remembering Allah, tie yourself in turning towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear respected elders, I can make mentioned with regard to the importance that we have not been able to enjoy this aspect of our life, this aspect of deal and there are many aspects through the means of this. You see weak Allah doesn't need our evident and when we make it but it is not that if we are making a lotta gray. In reality, we need a

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budget for our own self for our own needs. Maybe a cream sauce I'm headed if each and every one of you go into SR from now till Tiamat it won't make one iota of difference to the greatness of

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Allah Allah Buddha.

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Allah mas Judea sisters Can I tie up Sita Korean Allah is with you of worship, whether you worship Allah is worth your making sister to whether you wish, whether you make sister to him or not. We need a budget for our own sake, for our own tranquility for our own comfort. My dad hasn't moved to LA when we finished Bukhari Sharif, he gave us one small advice. He said, Listen, you take refuge in different things in this world. But those things that you take refuge thing in this world, it is not guaranteed. Many times a small son growing up feels my father will look after me. Sometimes that law takes the father away. Sometimes an elderly person things my young son is going to look after me.

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Sometimes it's so happened that I'm not allowed

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to protect us.

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Sometimes that wife or husband is going to look after me a letter that takes away the husband, he told us take refuge in that relationship which is guaranteed and foolproof.

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And that relationship is your relationship with Allah. May Allah Allah for whom he relies upon Almighty Allah, Allah becomes sufficient for you. Elisa, Allah will be coughing. is Allah not sufficient for you? Oh my bondsman. Allah Allah tells us in the Quran kill me up Killa caffine so we need to turn towards Almighty Allah is such a beautiful one of our great orators in the indo Pak region used to give this example

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that through the means of provided we turn towards Almighty Allah, we need Allah we tend to Almighty Allah in submission, we tend to allow for our needs, is no one greater to fulfill our needs, and Allah we

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If Allah takes away, if Allah takes away our senses or if Allah takes away the aspects of us what we take for granted what's going to happen to us, what's going to happen to us, if Allah tala takes away the ability for us to pass water, what what will happen to us you have to go to the doctor to go and put a catheter. That is why Allah tala maybe a cream sauce will tell us when you count out come out of the relief yourself. Make dua for Anak Al Hamdulillah Hindi.

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Allah has made it possible for you. If Allah tala takes away those things, what will happen to us we are in need. So we need to turn towards Almighty Allah in submission and to fulfill our needs in asking Allah for forgiveness, and turning towards Almighty Allah in humility in asking Allah tala for our need.

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To make mention of this so beautifully, he said many acres in Dhaka has enormous awesomeness has higher jameelah management and azariah carry more me.

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I saw a person he was so beautiful, so great, so great in status, referring to our beloved Nivea cream sauce now, he said I saw a person, he was so great. He was the most handsome, the most elegant, the most beautiful, the most greatest, the most virtuous of another's creation. He said he was such a person that Allah tala took an oath on the various parts of his body. And laterra took an oath on his statement what he took an oath in the city in which he resided because he resided in that city, Allah tala took an oath on his life. He was such a person

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who, when he said yes to something, it became hallel when he said no to something, it became Haram. He said, I one day thought I one day thought, if I have a difficulty, I will go to this great human being and ask him to assist me in my difficulty. So he said, When through the means of his biography, went through the means of his history. I went to knock at his door, that perhaps he will assist me. What did I see? I saw the entire creation sleeping, and I saw this great human being asking in front of someone else, and he was making to our into

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our law, if you punish my roommate, you have the right to punish them. They are your bondsman, they are Your servants were in Tukwila home, but if you forgive them, you will have the right to forgive them because you have the power and authority to

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say that my mind made a decision. Don't go to such great people for assistance.

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Go to them.

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With such great people with assistance from others this does turn

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into one of establishing our relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. So that is one aspect of our

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Ramadan turning towards Almighty Allah let us make this Ramadan where we reconnect with Allah subhanho wa Taala our Creator because we need it when we need it more than any time before. Look at the challenges human beings have gone through throughout the year. We need to turn towards Almighty Allah. And then lastly, few more minutes I will say let us also use this Ramadan to establish our relationship with our fellow human beings.

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novia Kareem saw some in a hadith when he spoke about Ramadan he said who was Shah who removed

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it is a month of kindness and compassion and sympathy. Brothers. If anything in this last year we were supposed to show kindness and compassion and sympathy to one another. But we got involved in disputes and arguments unnecessarily. arguments and disputes on social media, calling one another names labeling one another calling one another person and having unnecessary arguments when the time was for us to show compassion, kindness and mercy to one another. Those who had difficulty we were supposed to give them reassuring words, give them comfort, give them some sympathy. Allah He through the means of kindness and compassion. You bring people together. You bring people together through

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the means of kindness and compassion. I read the ayat at the time of the footbaww for bemaraha min Allah He lynnderella whom it is Allah's grace, that the prophet of Almighty Allah was kind and compassion to you. Well, no conifers and valleys I'll tell them for whom and only if he was vulgar. If he was harsh, people would not have surrounded him who would not have surrounded him who would not have surrounded him. Abubakar Omar Osman Ali Sahaba. Allah says they would not have surrounded him the way they surrounded him. Because of his kindness and compassion. harshness will break families. harshness will break communities. harshness will break societies, kindness and compassion

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will bring communities together. kindness and compassion will bring families together, brothers through the means of Ramadan, which is awesome said it's a month of kindness and compassion and why through the means of Ramadan.

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When you are eating three square meals a day sometimes my dear respected brothers, it's very difficult to inculcate kindness and compassion to the poor, to the needy to the oppressed. But when you are going to face some pangs of hunger, you start thinking you start having some kindness and compassion, and through the means of kindness and compassion. Well, why don't we conclude with one Hadith that we are cream sauce, and I'm said, we ever show kindness we ever gives relief to a person who is in difficulty. Whoever gives relief and kindness to a person who is in difficulty. Allah will make him wear clothes of honor on the day of kiama Allah will bring him in front of people who will

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make him wear clothes on on the day of gamma. This is what we should have been doing in the last whole few months and year where people have had difficulties near and dear ones a past one. People have seen people becoming sick in their own families. That is what we should have been doing. So in this Ramadan, let us make two priorities, reestablishing our relationship with Allah. And I've made mentioned with regard to it, and reestablishing our relationship with human beings. Well, that was a toughy walk through that one.