Darkness & loneliness can be good at times.

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that loneliness is better than brightness and discusses the use of hairlines to create a glow. They also mention a novel method to prevent heat from affecting one's perception and encourage people to take action. The transcript ends with a statement about finding a corner in one's house and startups to change the world.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. If you were to ask any human to choose between brightness and darkness, commonly speaking, everyone would opt for brightness. Likewise, if you ask any person to make a decision between loneliness and company, the average individual would prefer company over loneliness. But today I want to tell you something different. And that is, at times loneliness is better than company. And darkness is better than brightness. I know you might look at me puzzled like what am I saying? But hang on, allow me to expound on the theory and put flesh to the theory. In chapter 18, verse 17, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the youth who had taken refuge in a

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cave, fleeing from the violence of that community, and they slept for three centuries. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says that miraculously he diverted the rising sun and the set in Sun so that it does not disturb their sleep in any way. Well, whom feed fidgety men while they rested in a spacious area of this cave. Yeah, Nando Humberto de haven se Maha to allow for a good breeze etc. to keep them cool and relaxed. And bionano Quran I came across an amazing wisdom of the diversion of the sun. In addition to the fact that this was divine intervention to protect them from heat and the rays of the sun. Lay Allah yet through low fill cafe for your thin little food, that when a place

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becomes light and bright, it can often disturb your thought process. And furthermore, hairlines *a desert guru the scholars have written a novel method to Reno Allah Jamil, how was he when of God? darkness and solitude can be very helpful? When you want to process yourself? You want to apply your mind wamena hamana and from this you can understand and get the cue and the hint. And well hello at yocto Runa Li holla at him mckernon kalila via woman Adela, can you hear me Luna, Luna whomever in the merkabah, you will find many of the pioneers, finding a place of isolation, keeping it dark, keep it in solitude, and others would even go to the extent of closing their eyes and then

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pondering and reflecting, you would find in many of them, massage it in Ramadan, when the taraweeh prayer would come and someone would dim the lights to allow the half with in that flow of the Quran to process himself. So the point I'm saying from this verse, my brother, my sister, perhaps it's time you take out some moments in your day, find a corner in your house in seclusion and isolation, reflect, introspect and ponder over the temporary nature of this world and the darkness of the grave.