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There was a man known as your age in English George, I bid high elite level of worshiper. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says one day while he was praying in his Soma, he had a special designated place he built out of mud when he prays to Allah in a high area. While he was praying the nephila voluntary prayers. His mom came mother she came yeah July yeah July so George while he was praying he says are being

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Omi masala tea? Yeah, Allah, my prayers and my mother. So he's asking, Do I let go of my Salah do I end my salah and respond to my mom? Or do I continue in my Salah for acmella salata, he continued to Salah then his mother was waiting from South Africa then she left so my jammies ready the next day

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she came says yeah, George, where can you suddenly drage was also praying high level of worship or Mashallah prays very frequently that now after the voluntary prayer especially, yeah, July July says, Yara de Omi masala tea. My mom is calling me Do I end my salah and respond or do I continue my Salah.

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So he continued in his Salah, then his mother from sort of a denture left

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to Madame Lagarde the third day? Yeah, July the mother is calling Yeah, July Ah, what was he doing? Also praying? Then he says Yara be Omi masala tea my mom or the Salah.

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But this time

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mom did not leave.

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Mom got upset. Mom was angry. She said Allahumma in the de la la Rajon. She said Oh Allah.

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there to meet to hide. Yara Whoo. homies at yo Allah. Don't make him die until he sees the face of prostitutes first.

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He did not see her face. So she wants to punish him in the opposite then may you see the face of a prostitute with a lock set.

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The guy is not doing something wrong. It's not he suddenly realized I know what Allah will accept.

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After some time

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when we saw him during that era, during that time of jurij, Allah He said Mr. Ravi Allahu And may Allah bless him and protect him. He's a great man. He had people around they used to praise him so much is that Karuna, a bad data? he worships a lot a lot. He is so amazing. You know, people they wish their children were like him. People look up to him. Right. So then, at

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Naropa ninja Mallya, then a prostitute came to that gathering. She was known to be very attractive. She said in * term, la ft. Nana, you see this guy all the way up there. All of the whole community is looking up to him. I know how to take him down.

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I know how to take him down. For so long. He starts telling me explains he was attractive. And she does that for a living May Allah forgive us and protect us yada blah, Lehman Brothers wake up your brothers. This Hadith does not just live that you see in front of your face. This comes online. When people do this on websites. This is not just real Xena. But the prophet towards the end of the line will lie. It's being done to destroy every believer. So wake up, wake up. May Allah keep me and you strong. Yup.

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So then George was praying in the soma. And that lady, she comes that day in Atlanta, who she prepared herself look very good. Everything on the book she did to make sure he falls for her.

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Then she went to him. And she did what she did. And she said what she said, Follow me and

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he gave her no attention.

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He saw her obviously, they gave her no attention. She got angry. How could he? How could he? What kind of worship is this? What can I imagine is that she got so angry. She does not want to be defeated. So she went to another man or even a shepherd who used to visit the farm. I used to also worship a lot but not at that level as God.

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She came to him. He fell for the plot. The committed designer for hammer lead she got pregnant.

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Then she hit that Allah knows for how long had tell whether that until she delivered the baby. When she delivered the baby. She said Who else

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A new job or age This is the son of George Khattab Elijah Judah is that even give you attention accusation

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that people believe right away. So why is they these men? They went all the way to the soma enzyme come down, probably call them names when I feel double faced giving data to people and this is what you do in Zen. What's going on for them Osama you're breaking that place of worship made out of mud. Then he came down by jealousy. Buddha who beat him up physically This is a Muslim had this had in your

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face says Masha Newcomb, what's wrong with you guys? What did I do? They said, You act all holy and all religious, while you committed Zina, and now you have a baby out of marriage. I know sabi. Where's that boy? Where's that baby? Here's that baby. So he looked

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over odds against him. How can he prove himself? So he went to Allah He says, Can I suddenly you know, why Salah? Can I just give me just a couple of minutes, pray to Allah subhanaw taala. Please. They said okay, go and he prayed to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah knows his emotions. Allah knows that pain is going through. So he went to Allah and he believed in Allah and he was truthful in Allah and to Allah. And he had his no vanilla, good thoughts of Allah. And once he was done with the Salah, he said anus sobbing where's that baby? He said, Here he is.

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There's one thing that will save him which is a miracle from Allah. No DNA testing. no witnesses nuts. It is done. So he poked the buck needle wallet. So he poked the stomach of the baby. And he says, Man, a book. Who's your father? People thought he was nuts. Who's your father? They be. He says, Abby Fulani.

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My father is so and so the shepherd.

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People were shocked This is impossible. Allah who made him speak and then the people came to gerade Fidelis who you know kissing him We were so sorry. We're

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gonna lie there wiping over here I'm so sorry for doing that. And they offered the Lebanese somatic menza hub, we will rebuild your place of worship out of gold. Please forgive us. He said law for the new hire cannot cannot clean. Just rebuild it with mud just like it used to be.

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And had it stops here brothers and sisters. There's a lot a lot to talk about. But you know what Muslim, the one who did that he did not did the one who places heading this book, that chapter in what it's titled along the lines of pre failing parents. Over voluntary a bad. You see that? prefiguring parents over voluntary a bad because if you were to be little, your parents know that you will be belittled one law. No one belittles his parents except that he will be belittled and humiliated. Proven historically and proven religiously. textbook and history. May Allah protect us and greatest wisdom. So this is what happened to George when he was praying the nephila

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then what will happen to someone who prefers his friends over his mom and dad, be honest, be honest with him What will happen to someone who prepares video games and watching games and matches over his parents? What will happen? May Allah allow this horrible as means for me and for all of us to go back to Allah and repentance and allow us to go back to our parents and seek their forgiveness. And may Allah strengthen our ties with them yada amin and May Allah make our mothers and fathers make dua for us and not against us. May Allah bless you all.