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Today Shall I want to talk about something that I'm sure we've heard before. But nonetheless, it's always a good reminder for all of us because of a, the world that we live in, we need to be reminded of these things over and over again. We live in a world where there is immense amount of information nowadays being spread everywhere. And a lot of that information is being spread through social media. And often what happens is that when we when we receive information, there are two things that we will do either we will share it with each other, we share and pass it off to someone else. Or a lot of times we won't even retain that information. A lot of times we don't realize that this

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information also requires its own thorough research. A lot of times we spread things without even realizing that it might be something wrong, and we are contributing to someone's learning something that is wrong. Although we may have the right intention. The NIA is there. It's a very good Nia. But a lot of times we might be spreading something that may not be the right information. Or there could be a situation where someone comes in and forms you about something, something about our deen or something about someone else and we have no idea about it. So today Inshallah, I want to share with you a few things from our deen from the Prophet sal Allahu Allah, he was sending him some stories

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from the seed of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam on how to handle these kinds of sexual situations. The very first thing is that when someone comes and informs us about anything, in this day and age, often people I've heard people say, we often go online and we check about such and such person. And I must tell you, that even when it comes to the online world today, it is not enough and is not sufficient, that we create a judgement about someone without doing our investigation. Even online, going online is not doing your full thorough investigation, or is not doing your due diligence, in terms of inquiry, first of all, is that we find out from the Quran, that when someone

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informs us about something, how would russula Salam deal with that situation? How does the Prophet Allah your son because the Quran teaches us about a story that shows us the humaneness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, it shows us that the Prophet it isn't just like you and I, he in he took in information. He thought this was the truth. It was only through Allah subhanho wa Taala has his divine wisdom through his divine wisdom and His revelation that the Prophet SAW son was informed that this is not the way as Muslims we are supposed to handle a situation like this. So the story is that there was a man by the name of Hadees evident there are and Hadith even in the raw was

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the father in law to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because his daughter Marius wa sallahu wa sallam, anyone know who was his daughter who made the prophets of Salaam.

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His his daughter was Joe aidea. Okay, Joe aidea, who was one of the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when God became the wife, the long story, the story is long about the battle that took place, but everyone became a Muslim Hadees there are also became a Muslim. He said, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will become a Muslim. The Prophet Allah has some say you become a Muslim. At the same time you must pay your zakat. And he said to the Prophet alayhi salam, that when the time of giving zakat comes, send us someone, and we will give our zakat very gladly. In fact, he even said to the Prophet Allah, you Sam, I take it upon myself my responsibility that I

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will collect the Zakat from everyone in my community. And when you send your person or your representative, I will hand over I will give them the money. Now, the time the time came of the year to send someone, and the problem is awesome. He said, Well, he's even naukova. Now what even Baba he remembered that there was some animosity that took place between him in this tribe that he is going to, and there are two different durations that are mentioned. The first narration says that he did not even go to the tribe. Before he even got to the tribe. He built an assumption he created an assumption in his mind that I may go to these people but what if they harm me? He never even got

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there. And he turned around and he went to us Hello Sal, Allahu Allah. He was sending me he said he had a so a lot. These people have not paid their zakat. They have refused to pay there's a cut. Now once again, the province has set up just like you and I as a human. He took in information what did he do? He got upset and he dispatched and he sent Khalid bin Walid or the Allah Well, I'm that go and find out exactly what's going on with them. And it is mentioned in this new idea that Khalid bin Walid or the Allahu Allah and now on the other hand, when it comes to Hadith in the raw, since he's seeing that no one has been sent by the Prophet SAW Allah while he was sending him in his mind. He

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thinks that the Prophet Allah you some is perhaps upset with him. So now he and his entire community his entire tribe, that

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You have left their city they're heading they're heading towards Mecca, Medina and from Medina the province as someone has sent have been what do you know the Allah one that go and find out what's going on. So hugging Walid and Hadith I mean, they're all they met somewhere in the middle. And they began to say he saw how you believe. He asked him, Where are you going? He says, I'm actually heading towards your community. He goes, Why would you head towards my community? We are coming to Medina. And he said that well the Prophet alayhi salam was informed that you have refused to pay your zakat. And he says, I did not refuse to pay my zakat. In fact, we were waiting for the

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messenger of the prophets of salaam to come and collect our zakat, but he never even showed up. They went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he informed the Prophet alayhi salam and that is when this idea came. Yeah, a Johan Nadine Manu. Oh you people who believe in Jana. Confess your own Vinoba in Fatima ya know, when someone comes to you with news? The Quran says Fattah Beja. Know the word for Tobago in the Arabic language comes to the word beginner means that clarify something when someone brings you information doesn't matter how how truthful they are, how close they are to you may be a family member may not be a family member. They may be they may be your best friend, or

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someone you've known for a very long time. But still, whenever this happens when someone brings you information, you must inquire and you must seek clarification on the matter before you make any judgment. The second narration is very similar that this man he came. What do you even talk about? He came to the province Oh, he went to the city. He went to this tribe. He saw how did him get on? And what happened was the hardest Amiens there are he and his entire community they came out to welcome the messenger who was sent by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But this man assumed in his mind that these people are coming out to him. They're coming out to attack him and harm him.

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And in their mind, they're coming out to do instead well, okay, well, they're just coming out to welcome Him. So there was a misunderstanding. He went back to the province so long while he was sending them and he says he got us to LA, I went there, but they were coming out to me as if you know, they were coming out, and they were about to attack me. That's why he came back to Medina. And I think they don't want to pay there's a cut. Again, this they came to Medina, they informed us Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, that this is not the truth. And once again, this is why this idea was revealed. So that is why going forward and Wallahi I tell you honestly, there are many times even in

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my own personal life, where people have come to me these are people who I've known for such a long time, and they will come and give me some information, but Wallahi till you have not done your research till you have not sought out clarification, if you make any judgment call on that matter, you may regret it in many cases, you may regret it. So that is why always seek out clarification. Whenever something like this happens, this is why the Prophet sallallahu it was some also says in a hadith that you know, imagine if you came in from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet alayhi salam called you a liar. Think about that for a moment.

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Imagine seeing Ross was a Salam or the Prophet Allah you some he labels you as a liar. What would be our status in the community? What would be our status if we communicated with anyone? Because if I'm called a liar, that means that anything I say, will be considered as a lie. But the prophet Sam is telling us he's almost putting a label on a person. He's saying that Kapha Bill Murray Caliban, that it is enough to call a person a liar mean that is enough. You have enough proof to call a person a liar. If they do what you had DISA be Colima, Samia, if they just convey, and they speak everything that they hear mean that there are some people they hear something and data spread on to the next

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person. They hear something and they spread it to the next person and they share it with the next person. And that's why I said earlier, even when it comes to WhatsApp when it comes to social media, even when it comes to something online, you read something about someone till you don't know the entire picture. We can't make a judgment about anyone in any situation. So this brings us to the next thing that when it comes to there's there's a saying of photography Allah one. He says that in a time of fitna, and many automat they will say that we are today living in times of fitna a One wrong word in a time of fitna and a time of tribulation. One wrong word, or one wrong statement, or

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one misspeak or one piece of misinformation is more deadlier than a sword. This is what the quote is of I'm going to talk about the Allahu ion, meaning that just like a sword

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One swipe of a sworn sword can perhaps kill somebody or severely injure somebody. Likewise, one piece of misinformation can misguide so many people. So, that is why it is very important that we always are very, very careful about what we spread onto others. And this is why, by the way Subhanallah think about it, in the grand scheme of things in the grand scheme of things. Why do you think why do you think there are books of Hadith that are a Sahil? The are considered as the Sahara sitter, you have Sahil Bahati, who has I mean the book of sale Buhari has the most authenticity it has the highest level of authenticity amongst all the books of Hadith. Why? Because the information

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that is being shared the quote of Roswaal salaam, the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam in Sahil Bukhari, there is a very rigorous process that Imam Bukhari he went through to verify every single Hadith. This is information that's coming to us about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but you see even in our deen, there is a concept of verifying information. Imam Bukhari he hears something he goes and he verifies that information. And not only that, but even in our many of the scholars, many Allah ma, you if you go back to them and you ask them, What is your SONNET? What is your sunnah, they will tell you that I study from this teacher, I study from this teacher, and they

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will give you their entire chain all the way to Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, because this is a sign. This is proof and verification that this knowledge is authentic knowledge. And this knowledge has come from the proper source. The next thing that we have to also do when it comes to if we do spread misinformation, let's just say someone say someone says, I've already spread something wrong in the community. I've said something about someone and I did not I did not verify it. And I've I've spread this what do I do now going forward, you have to always backtrack and make it clear to someone if you have spread misinformation, that is your job and that is your

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responsibility. If a person says well if the damage is done, I won't do any more damage but you have to realize you've already caused damage and you have to you have to control that damage. So if you have told to three people, you go to those two three people and you let them know if you put something on WhatsApp for example, it's your job to remove that and do mention that I mistakenly did is put something over there. I did not look into it. I found out that it's not authentic, you know, does that come along or something similar, something similar to that so that people know that that was misinformation and you have cleared your conscious. The next thing that is also required to do

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is that we always have a good assumption in the story of our mother Aisha the Allah Allah. Allah says Lola is a mirror to me who love me No, no well Mina to be unfussy him hyaluron ALLAH SubhanA saying that when these people did heard about our mother, I should have the hola Juana. We know that the mafia con were behind this. But there were few Muslims also who got caught up into the scandal. And at that time, the Quran says, when it comes to believing men and believing women, their job is to have a good assumption. When you hear something, you have a good assumption, look, even in this country, what do you say? You're innocent until proven what? Guilty right? We all believe in this.

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You're innocent until you're proven guilty. Meaning that if I don't have enough proof and evidence, I cannot call a person guilty. And this happens this by the way has happened on Muslim communities with many people, people get arrested people suddenly something happens with someone someone comes to the news and everyone without even knowing the entire story that everyone starts pointing fingers at each other once again till we don't know all the information, just like in the story of our mother, Aisha the Allah Anna, till we don't know the entire story, we are to remain quiet. And that is why Rasulullah sallallahu it was sent down right before the war he came from Allah, the Prophet

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it is on when to our mother Aisha, and he's saying that I don't know who's right and it was wrong. I don't know if something has been done by yourself or not. And that's why he's telling I Isha Radi Allahu anha that if you are guilty, then make a sincere Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you're not guilty, then we will wait for some more aid from Allah subhanho wa taala. But even Ross was Saddam after all this. He still cannot make a decision and this teaches us a very powerful lesson that till we have not done our thorough inquiry. We have not heard both sides to make a judgement about anyone is absolutely wrong. And finally I will say this regarding information or

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spreading misinformation. This happens a lot by the way in families too. Okay. There's a lot of this that goes into families. He said this she said this and it just goes around like wildfire in in a in a

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Family, and this is how communities are destroyed. This is how families are destroyed walleye there are times when I have, you know, people have come to me that things have been said about each other in a family. When you go a little deeper into the family, you find out that there was simply a misunderstanding. So that is why even within our families, if I hear that my uncle says something about me, or my aunt says something about me, my sibling says something about me my brother in law, my sister in law, my parents anyone said anything about me, or any one of us, we first find out what is the truth behind it? Is this the actual truth or not? And especially especially, you see this

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happening in families, even post divorces, even if there's a divorce that takes place? I say this to all the people who get divorced eventually, I tell them, no one has a right to badmouth anyone else. Even if you have children. And there's a husband and wife who had been divorced, okay, fine, they got divorced. But the father does not have a right to bad mouth, the mother of the children, and the mother does not have a right to bad mouth, hurt the father of the children in front of the children. They shouldn't be doing this, but will lie you know how many times and families children are a piece they become a pawn in this in this chess match. And this battle, this raid dirty battle between the

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mother and the father, and the mother is spilled speaking ill about the Father, and the Father is speaking ill about the mother and Wallahi the children, they have to unfortunately, they have to suffer the consequences of the actions of their parents. I mean, children don't deserve this. And this is why I've said this before. If there's one thing we should never talk about, and talk about in front of our children, we should never talk about each other because children in any marriage, if they if they see the parents are spreading misinformation about each other, and they can take aside they will take a site, trust me, this is what children are, they will take aside. So that is why

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even if there's an unfortunate situation of a divorce, even in that situation, people need to respect each other, do not poison the mind of your children do whether if you're the mother, whether you are the father, you do not have a right to poison and just put misinformation about your significant other or the mother of your children or the father of children in their mind. So inshallah we keep these things in mind Inshallah, when it comes to Miss Information, and once again, the profiling is some he teaches us how to handle misinformation or any kind of information that's President community. I ask Allah subhana wa to give us the fee to apply the Sunnah as in the

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teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in our life. I mean no blood. I mean, what is that from Allah? Hey, salam, are they going to live with our cattle?