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AI: Summary © The importance of practicing sun quality for wedding celebrations is discussed, along with the use of the god's name for certain events and the importance of praying before sitting down. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the focus on the
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The topic of our discussion we had

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So, a question from with a sister she said, I find it so hard to pick up my son after my period. I'll build up the momentum with the Sunnah in the normal days, but I find it so hard to continue after my period can you please give some advice now Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for your bride. I mean, I don't want you to take the sunnah to be a burden, it's really it's a blessing. If you think this to be a task that you have to do or a duty that you have to do definitely is going to be hard really. But if you look at it, if you look at it as a gift, if you look at it as a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala like we mentioned about the virtue of the NFL salah. This is brings you

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closer to the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala bringing you closer to the station of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the akhirah it is a door for forgiveness, it helped you inshallah to make your first Salah complete when Allah azza wa jal if you think of the virtue of if you Neville and your sunnah, you won't see it difficult to start with. Also, remember that when you start a Salah It starts like entering a spiritual portal that takes you out of this world and we all need to get take a break from this dunya will lie. That's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we used to call Bilal to call for the karma what he said, Cara habia Billa Billa please bring us some comfort with Salah

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Brignac bring us comfort with the salah. Not a phenomena. Let's get over with it. Now just bring us some comfort with the Riverdance Allah so if you think about the virtue but inshallah I hope you will do that the other thing is that success is actually by doing successful things. So even if you're not in the mood for that sunnah I want you to practice to do it no matter what just do it because it's all about doing it you might say well I don't have a show for it. That's fine. You need to build the habit that good habit of establishing a bed on top properly. Even our best way to safeguard our hydro either crier doing good is matter of habit like it establishes and handler

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memory regularly. You never actually could do get a shallow Donna

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is the head of Majid wajib The answer is no. The hated measure is what is your ma

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is one of the Sunnah nothing, right. So but I don't know what the question means. Anyway, it doesn't mean that if you come you don't have to pray it. I don't say that either. I would say if you come to the masjid pray, pray the hatred. Majid pray to rock up before you sit down. The Prophet says I made it very clear he says called Ada Dakka Dakka and Mehsud Farah called Hatter's hotel Cara Catherine. If one of you enters the message should not sit down until they pray to raka another another another story the Prophet SAW Allah said was on the member giving hope but to Juma how important that will Gemma Gemma, very important, and as afford was given the hook by he saw a man coming from the back

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and he kind of like getting in between the people and then he said he sat down. So the Prophet says he passed his football and he said to him quite isolated Rakata Did you pray to rock out before you sat down? He goes no jasola got a home for Karrakatta and we'll just see him get up pray to rock and make them brief. Like it's so that that this is the importance of it so it's not that it's fun again, but definitely has a great virtue

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How do you pray that 12 sunnah on the day of Joomla Joomla any unlike what common maybe understanding it has had the same the same number of NFL just like a SATA door? No it doesn't. Because Joomla is not solid adore. So what is the NFL for certain sorts of Joomla Have you ever heard of the Prophet SAW Allah mentioned that if some if someone makes will do at home or take shower actually at home, and then they walk to the masjid, Khartoum, masala Masha Allah hula and Makoto Bella like this person prays, whatever Allah has written for them to pray before Juma. So there is no limited number of regard before Juma but just keep praying to Raka and then you keep

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rockin to work until the Imam says Remember, when the man gets in the member you can stop. You can stop but do you have to pay that manual card? No, but pray as many as you can. I didn't sit down after Joomla the same thing there is no specific number of regard after Joomla Joomla doesn't have any specific method for it. However, some of them are the source of a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he prays his nephew in the masjid after Gemma he prays to raka when he goes home he prays for so if you'd like to maintain that, at least at hamdullah you should be fine.

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Is the highest and although sunnah was not called the highest rule, though. It's called Senator odo. So not that although it is sooner because the prophets of Allah some approved the practice of biller like Bilal did it was on his own or the Alon Bilal at the beginning. He did it on his own

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So you might say, Well, wait a minute, isn't that concern of Buddha? While he did that at the time of the Sharia, which means the time when the legislature was still active, so when the Prophet heard about his practice, he approved it. He goes, You know what, that's the one that gets you into Jana. It's because the Prophet approved the practice of Billa it became sunnah that if you'd like to deal with inshallah you get the reward for the chalazia

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we're not going to go into the details of the different types of salasar to shuru. So rattle abou ha and what is the reward for each and so on this makes mentioned books of folk, but not least of Allah Salah mentioned my salah Gaddafi Gemma whoever prays or the Fajr and Gemma and then Qaddafi masala at Kula hookless Shams he said in the masala until sunrises to masala ricotta and any Petrarca Kylo hijo Amrutha Mata Mata and you get the reward for Hajj and Umrah complete the Hadith itself is to disputable in terms of authenticity. I believe it's hasn't it's mean it is not born acceptable in terms of the authenticity of it. So therefore it's good that if you stay in your place after

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sacrificing until the sunrise that you pray to raka it will come outside the shadow. You had the reward inshallah Tabata cotana, can I combine Doha and shamrock together if you delay the sunrise like if you stay longer, an hour after sunrise for example, and then you pray to raka for Doha, that's fine.

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The best time for Bucha is to pray somewhere between the sunrise and overtime that's the best time for some other Doha but you can be praying it anytime from after Satoshi after the sunrise all the way until before though

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Can you combine them in one intention? Well if you like I said if you wait maybe 20 minutes 30 minutes after sunrise while you're still doing your ticket and then you pray to raka it counts for you as the as a sort of shadow as well.

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How do you get yourself excited about salah not to go lazy or delaying it? May Allah subhana make it easy for you. When Allah subhana spoke about the Manasa T What did he say Gemma by the camera somebody from Casella when they come to Salah they drag their feet like they feel that they've been pulled Yanni. So so forcefully to come to the salon. If this is how you feel about your salon, you need to check your heart, not your Rhodiola you check your heart see what it is. What is the was burden on your heart what is your occupying your mind and your heart you need to when it comes to the subject of Salah is not just the five minutes before the dawn or once you hear the other and

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that's not how you pay for Salah Gemma. Preparing for Salah is your lifetime.

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Every moment of your day and night is part of you preparing for Salah because your life is about what is your man worshipping Allah subhana wa Adana and it's always on your mind that when you finish Salah you think about okay what is the next step is going to be so you always manage your time and your life and your activities around the salah time Alhamdulillah Salah is always the focal point of your day and night so you're always focusing around salah but if Salah in fear as a burden interrupting your dunya activities of course it's going to be actually difficult for you to practice

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think about it the other way around make Salah your focal point of your life and all other activities go around it

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is praying for in the magic affirm as opposed to praying it at home?

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What does that understanding it exactly is praying for and measured.

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Oh I see what you're saying is praying for on the magic considered for that's according to the humblest school whether honor the humble school that says that praying in Gemma praying for Gemma is considered obligatory and if you don't have an excuse, then you're considered sinful if you don't pray and Gemma that's gone to the humblest school. But the majority of the drama they say it's actually Sumitomo aka like it's a it's a highly recommended practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even invited to have actually a higher level even they say it's actually rochlin Like if you can come to the masjid if you can come to the masjid and you don't pray in JAMA and you

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pray at home you Salas bottom accountable via the school that's a little bit tentative from level

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what are these relative to before Fajr if you would like to do the 12 then you do for for the for door to after door, two after maghrib and two after Aisha

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is there a hadith that says in Allah was an inhibitor now that Allah has water and he loves what is water standing water water means actually the single as needed something singular that's what it means

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are we allowed to pray sunnah for some Salah and not others

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why Anna and the whole deserves a certain amount of doesn't deserve this and then I hope that you don't really mean by that being coming selective unless you say well it's hard on me because of my work my circle

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stances I don't have time so I have to skip some of this to get the foot. Yeah, sometimes we get into circumstance that I have to focus on the foot and skip the Sunnah for example that's okay. But it's not like you know honestly I feel too too much to pray for before door until after the so I'm gonna just pray the fourth Salah Maghreb is okay because I'm home I can pray my Muslim afterwards don't make this your intention but yes, it's because it's not fun if you skip it there is no sin but if you miss it, you're not gonna get the reward for it

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so there are many many questions about Salah in general I'm mainly trying to focus on the spirit of Salah itself and what we discussed in the class

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Can we repeat the times that is prohibited the Sava the Salah is prohibited

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we say that there are five of them can you guys can count them with me the first one is what

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after Fajr Salah after you pray Fajr Salah the second one

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was the sun is rising. The third one

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the zenith which is right before dawn time number three and number four

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right after us Allah And number five, when the sun is setting just to let you know, we said that there is a severe prohibition is when the sun is rising when the sun of the zenith and the sun is setting as the severe the severe actually prohibition what does that mean? That means it's prohibited even for you to pray for Salah during this time

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is prohibited able to do the fourth Salah like if someone

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did not pray answer and now they look at the horizon and they see the sun halfway down the horizon. You shouldn't be starting Salah right now but if the sun the desk of the sun above the horizon still and then you start your acid Salah and then while you're praying the desk is going below the horizon you'll find you'll find like you started to surround the right timing but if the sun is already setting you should wait until it's completed because how has your time is up until so you had the sun the sun goes down and you pray same thing with the sunrise

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but if you wake up after us or for example an hour after awesome and you you didn't pray us or didn't even pray over probably should I pray right now or don't need to wait until after you know Maghrib so I can pray my my makeup Salah No You pray right away because of course Allah doesn't count you can pray for you should pray for Salah right in that time as well as the Professor Sam says whoever overslept or Salah Mahna Mahna Surat amnezia or you forget you pray once you remember lack of father Allah Delic there is no expiation for that similar mistake except for that so you pray right on time shallow time when you remember

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so that's that answer the question how can you pray for the Salah in a forbidden time? The answer is yes. Except like I said Sunrise Sunset

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can you make the Terokkar of Fajr after the solid sorted Fajr? The answer is yes. And so the line did that and the province has approved it

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can you pay the Terokkar after all do during the forbidden times to pray like for example after answer let's say you went an hour after you pray the answer. You may do Can I pray to raka for that for Senator although right now, the answer is actually is yes. Because according to the Shafi that will be what salah they wanted us but there's a reason for what is the reason we made a fresh rule and it's also taken from Hadith Buddha himself who was the reason to establish the Sunnah by the permission of the prophets that Allah Selim who said call Matt of God to I've never met will do feel V Leyland on a hot day or night but I pray to raka So the dilemma they said they are not that

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includes everything, including the time of the prohibition. Aloha.

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Serato Gemma before the horse Sudan so malaco Majid has a Salah to Joomla before the dawn of the war, is that okay? What if you pray at the walltime Joomla is exempt from the from the evolve the permission of this one because in the Hadith the Prophet SAW Allah Sam used to pray Juma so early sometimes that the Sahaba they said we finished salata Juma with the Prophet said Allah Solomon as we leave with tracing the shade,

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the wall basically the walls for the shade, they will go by the walls just to get a little bit of shade. What does that mean? Mean the sun is barely actually barely came off maybe the zenith in that moment, which means you are allowed to establish a lot of Joomla before that time now that's that's not necessarily the most popular opinion on the FDA, but in the humblest school as you can if it earlier than that as well to Walla Walla.

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Can you give us advice to

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how we can leave What does not concern us when we are hearing it from our parents?

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or older relatives a very very serious question you and your parents are talking about someone else's business that is not their business to talk about to begin with. So you would like to protect them from getting into gossip for example, at the same time you would like to protect yourself from listen to that gossip. So what do I do in this case? I mean in a polite way if you can tell them as your mama Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for them. We don't want to be in the same position for somebody who kind of like Titus slowly and gradually change the subject and make it making it in a better context. If not strive to say different topics Hey, who wants chat who wants Chai for

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example? Or something like that whatever that is? And if not, then you need to be completely firm with them. Says my dear friend mom that please means hola hola is listening to us we are not supposed to be talking about this. You still need to put a bit be firm in that regard. And your job is not to force them to stop your job is to remind them and if they insist on that kind of gossip then you live tell them look Rita is going to talk about these people I'm going to leave does not concern me I don't want to be part of this conversation. I'd rather live so you should actually make that position shallow in them Aloha

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there are so many questions about you know, my spouse, my kids, how can I encourage them to mix in and start praying I hope that you are doing a journey in the house for them to see you praying Salah and encouraging them in shallow data and as again the most important thing is to accept about the Rebbe mean don't make it as a burden. Make it as something that they love to participate in and if they do just what they do the DUA from your part reminder as well as shallow to Allah if they're young. Of course there is always the encouragement and positive reinforcement activities as well to that helps with that inshAllah zoldan

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If you know something negative about someone and it may hurt someone else is warning that person considered not my concern. It's a very vague question. It's really case by case scenario like for example someone if that is related for example to business transaction and you know, that person takes people's money never get them back again to them. So in this case, yeah, we're gonna go hey, listen, and just to let you know, I hear that you're going to be going into business with his brother. I dealt with him before I know brother that wasn't before he is not very good with handling money. Not that he's a cheater not that he's actually a thief now but he's just not good with

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handling money just so that you know, that's a good advice to give them understand Aloha.

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If I've seen people pray Fudger soon after fall if they are late, is that okay? The answer is yes. Now we should have the answers

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someone says that I was told that you should only pray to Raqqa on Joomla if the Imam hasn't started the hotbar if the Imam has started does does the Joomla football take priority over the two NFL? Well if before the Joomla know the Prophet Salah Sam says masala Makuta Bella who Unusally then this person prays whatever was written for them to do so which means it's open. There's no limit for that.

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But once the Imam stands up on the member has finished and sit down, that's it. It's over right now. And if you come late and the Imam is older and the member praises to treat the hated masjid and make it brief and sit down because the prophets Allah Salah mentioned that to the man who came in and he sat down he says Get up, pray to Raka and make them brief. Some of you might say what Wait a second, what about harriton Avista Allah Salah Mani so a man coming through on Juma and the Prophet interrupted his hotbar and he said to him called ageless date. Sit down you're hurting people. So how can we throw that one to pray this one actually told him to sit down? First of all, this one was

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hurting the people like he's jumping over their shoulders and probably tripping over them. That's number one. Number two, we don't know maybe this man prays in the back and they start coming forward because he wants to take advantage of being in the front for example. So we don't know. But the other one we know for sure that Prophet asked him Did you pray before you sit down? He said no. He said okay, get up and pray to Allah

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Okay, that's a weird question right now. Can you pray for a divorce from your wife?

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Allah may Allah make it easy for your Bananaman I prefer you say yeah, Allah bring me that which is best. That's better for you because I don't have divorce is better for you than actually being married to them Allah. You always ask Allah for that which is best

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if you sit down and then remember you did not pray the hated Majid. Do you get up to pray the hated Masjid? It was right away then yeah, but it was after half an hour.

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as that becomes an affiliation different thing

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if you come to the masjid and join for Salah right away can you pray the hater? Majid after the answer is no because your first Salah was the headmaster itself because the idea is to pray before you sit down. So if what you started with was the fourth 100 Danta hated Muslim

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how do we get the whole family to pray at the house? Russia consistently every single night bring them with you to the masjid in Charlottetown drive them to them as if not obviously, it has to be like a family activity depends on the age obviously when they're young it's easier to bring them together. But if not, I would not say how would the advice call them and invite them and remind them what the rewards inshallah

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if you have a domestic argument can you still pray after or is it hypocritical? You need to pray for surely you pray and your Salah, ask Allah to soften your heart and bring the best for you in this relationship

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Kurdish Zach Malankara demand vocal Aviva Messina next week in sha Allah, Allah Hill