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Along with the Baraka tada

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Hamid altavilla umina shape Anya Ragini Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wamena Yachty and Hanako. forsaken as well as the latest coup Elena, what's your alibi?

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Man? In the feeder Nicola it Likoni

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WOC Allah tala FEMA calm in Napa Valley

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we're calling Allah tala FEMA calm in yc ruhuna Bill maroof we're calling Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. lanterra Mata Hari benei Mifflin Nika aka moto Latina. Salatu was Salam

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ala the Masada Rasulullah. Beagle, Karim.

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Allah kameena shahidi Noah Shakira, Dino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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honorable order microm respected brothers and elders, amongst the many signs that reflect the existence of a large being of a law, proof and evidence about Allah oneness. Allah makes mention of one particular sign, which is common and we witness daily, which is a sufficient reflection of the existence and the great the greatness of a law. What is this? Allah says wamena Yachty Abdullah karate, amongst those evidence which indicate and reflect the ease and Allah above us, who is the sole controller

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and holla cocoon and fusi calm as Raja Reddy is created for you from amongst yourself, spouse, partner, wife, latest cuando la ha, so that you can derive pleasure out of her happiness, joy, bliss, solace, comfort, support with Jana Bina Kumar

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and via the bond of marriage and Nika and through the intercession of the oneness of Allah through the word Allah, when this marriage is solemnizing performed in the masjid, through the bucket in the blessings of the name of Allah wa Jalla

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wa, Allah says he binds this to and he puts such love such affection that the Hadith of the regional Ali Salaam substantiates this verse in the following manner Lum Tara Mata has been in Islam nikka nebulae Sam says, you will find many people in this world, many, many couples many friends, many neighbors, many relatives to amongst one day's love. This concern is affection, this feeling but you will never find a stronger bond. Stronger love and affection existing between any two as is in the case of marriage, when strictly adhered by the divine commandments of a lion is the vessel alaria.

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Many times speaking out of my personal experience and many other brothers will also Danny out on this point. That prior to Nika prior to taking this woman in your marriage, few months prior to you processing this proposal, perhaps many of us were ignorant of the existence of a person by this name in this town.

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That so and so with this name lives in this world, whom Allah has selected as my eternal partner.

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I never knew that she lived in this world, and many of us will agree with this. Two to three months prior to the sneaker taking place. And what was the sneaker it was the intercession of the word overlying nothing else. Prior to the name of a law being mentioned, looking at that woman, then a viola said Eliana and eternian was in a coma another. The eyes also come at Xena and what is the center of dyes is the nasty the lustful gaze that is the center of dyes. So prior to Allah's Name, looking at that woman made me guilty of Xena with dye

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to go one step further prior to the name of Allah been mentioned to touch that woman. Does anybody have a law says under 30 of mcelhinney

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law you see it can be messy to me I didn't hire a lovely woman

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who are my Sahaba it is better for you that a steel nails be driven in the center of your head and the pain be unbearable. Then you touch the palm of a strange woman

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and alphabet Allah protect us our use and anti oma if prior to the name of Allah fornication took place Xena to place it then the warning is so strong and so severe that the Navy of Allah says law is nice and easy in the morning when that adulterer is committing adultery and fornication. Then Mr. depaz, both from the adulterer and the adulterous So prior to the name of Allah, any form of contact with this opposite gender, this girl this strange gun was totally forbidden and Haram. Now there is just weight in the light of the verse of the Quran and when the name of

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Let two plays which is a basic simple procedure in the house of Allah. Immediately after the name of Allah taking place understand the grant it is what the law says. It is a sign that reflects Allah greatness with a typical situation of Kobani before us, the situation of Kobani that is a week ahead of us.

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In that animal is has all the requisites that are required in Syria, the tail is of X amount of length, the horns die is the ears whatever is in depth, the knife is sharp, a person sloth is according to the Sheree manner, all the veins are cut, the blood is oozing, flowing properly, as is indicated in Sharia, but intentionally and deliberately Allah's name was omitted. Then the Quran says well ah Takumi Muslim use charisma Allahu Allah, you were in the hula Fisk, every muscle from that sheep or goat or cow, whatever it is, will make the VOA Salam says that piece of flesh which is nourished with one muscle of Haram is most deserving for Jana. And if only unless meaning was taken,

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and that animal was slaughtered, then Allah says yeah, you are rasuluh Amina, abattoir Medusa ha, now you go close to that sheep eat from the cheap and feed, it is my name that will dictate and decide and differentiate. When my name comes, it decides and it dictates and when my name is not there, after the name of Allah has been taken place, which is sufficient proof of the oneness of Allah. And now this woman comes home. Now Allah promises that the born in the marriage that will come the link that will come by our marriage, brothers, many of our youngsters, etc. Certainly, many people today with the false notion have that now I'm trying to get to know that girl. And in the

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name of Valentine's Day, I am sending a gift. How sad how tragic How unfortunate that we have substituted Kobani, which is a week ahead of us has left our homes from the house, it went to the farm and from the farm, it went overseas. So on the day of Kobani, my child gets up in my house, knowing nothing of Kobani yet that very same child grows up in that very same Muslim home, knowing the reality and the significance of Valentine and birthday parties. And it has gone to such extent and such length that people are phoning older mother mom and I'm having an engagement, I want you to grace the presence. I want you to grace, the engagement by your presence in a drop are we mocking

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with the Dean of a law

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something which has no basis which is inviting?

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From the very word go, many of our children are frequent in these schools. And I say this brothers with concern.

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So what happens on this occasion of Valentine's Day receiving gifts from non Muslim girls, it is very positively interpreted as just the classmate, a friend a colleague. And then from that it goes on a closer friend or relative. And then naturally that relation that started from primary goes on to why it is more than obvious. today. This boy needs a partner in his life. That girl who brought interest and became important in his life for the last 10 or 12 years. No amount of advice is going to change the mind of this child. The Quran says when I met Amina, higher on me musharaka.

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From that Muslim girl is more better for your son, even if the disbeliever be mistaken in her appearance. It's happening brothers we turn a blind eye tomorrow when the child selects that coffee that's his partner. Let us not cry. It happened the day we were there we witness it but we were too naive about it, but rather we initiated it. How immoral a society have we become that the husband comes home boasting about the gifts he has received from strange woman and the wife comes home boasting about the gifts she has received from strange men. Where is the loyalty? Where is the bar and raise the affiliation? Raise the feelings were what is this marriage created? Where you Sukkot

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Lita schooner Elena.

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Indeed, one cannot deny exchanging of gifts is a wonderful action, the hado the hobbiton female

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or my Sahaba make the giving of gifts a common symbol amongst you for burial is the giving of a gift that removes the melody of the heart. But as normal as the action might be, did the giving of a gift which was one of the unique qualities in the life of nebulae, salaam, or beat any other noble act. When it comes in resemblance with the enemies of Allah, Allah, the effect the significance, the burqa at the mercy of that action is necessary immediately. In fact, that very same action as noble as it might be, but because it has been carried out in the spirit of imitating and resembling the disbelievers of Allah it invites the Wrath of Allah.

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Yeah, you are loving Amanullah tacos.

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Laura Rocco lucerna was smell when he got de nada de la Salam is sitting, his his discourses were frequented by his noble companions, and likewise many hypocrites many Jews as well. So the Mana 15 and the yahood were noted for the evil conduct and for the coming habits, and they used to use very ambiguous terms when addressing the novela. So many times when they wanted to attract the attention of newbies and a lot he would send them they used to say around na, na na na na in Arabic means Oh Mohamad consider us when you're addressing the audience. But of course this could only be known or revealed via revelation.

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They used to stretch it by saying arena, which meant knows Avila according to their language it meant Oh insane man. And in Arabic, it meant you know, our Shepherd Sahaba ECAM leaves realizing the nasty motive of these Jews and when I fit in, occasionally, when they needed to attract the attention of nebulae Salaam, they also happen to use the same word by saying oh Mohamed Salah is in the marina consider as being, you know, unmindful of the of the evil intentions that the Mona 15 had. So they resembled the Mona ficklin. In one word, in one word, it was enough for gibreel to dissent. It was enough for law to give a place in the Quran Latina man oh you believe if you want to

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come close to my Navy, and you talk to my Navy don't talk to my Navy in the words of any one Africa

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you know, don't imitate him. that language is vast. Rocco on Verna? Raja say Oh, Mohammed says him look towards us don't resemble them in the words they use. When Allah by his kindness cannot tolerate resemblance in one word, but is what has happened to the methadone that is going around begging for Western values. You want to give your wife and children that he says on the 10th of Muharram open up your doors man was Salah

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ma Sure. Let's I love it. You saw

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that man who has opened up his wallet on the 10th of Muharram and spend on his wife and spend on his children. Allah says you spend on them and the entire year I will spend on you.

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What has happened to the stone method they have become desperate, unless Christian in whose control is my life. And he meant going through problems in his marriage if he bought a Valentine's gift for his wife, that problem apart from the Guna, the Guna you know, being extravagant, inviting the Wrath of Allah imitating the Kufa but on a material on the immediate effect, it will only exist, the uneasiness and the politics that are taking place in your marriage, by that gift by that bouquet of flowers. By that teddy bear chip. I don't even understand how does this explain love, but by that teddy bear or that bouquet of flowers, it will only aggravate and it will intensify. And likewise

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that youngster who is delaying the marriage in the false notion of trying to identify this girl strengthen my bond and my love Alaska, it will only aggravate it and I am not giving this theory on the grounds of theory. I can substantiate it with the cases in which I personally have been involved in no one else.

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What happens when it takes place? A lot promises mohabbat Allah promises affection. Allah promises love. Allah promises K, which I love being in a coma with Rama. Now what happens after Nick is taken place. Allahu Akbar, to look at that woman with love and mercy attracts the mercy of Allah. Hi eurocom eurocom li li Mei Sahaba. The best among you is He Who is the best to his wife to get it after Nika has taken place. Libyan a salat wa salam told his Sahaba DNR on ansata houfy Sabina la one is that one read listen to it as hard as it is narrated in Muslim series. One is that one rain you spent in the path of Allah in our own Dr. Bini Allah miskeen one is that when or dinner you

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spend on a poor person, Deen our own and * them Allah Raka one is the dinner you spend on the need or setting a slave free the narrow un* the wala Andy and one is that when or the dollar or whatever it is, you spend on the need of your wife that since I've taken in my marriage, I am responsible for her needs. And this is what Islam our responsibility. today. Unfortunately the old system is to shy away from responsibility. So that one rent that you spend on the need of your wife understanding Kappa Bill Maher aseman, in the right of Abu Qatada bill in America If man ain't your baby, I mean you could, it is sufficient to render a man a criminal in the eyes of Allah, a

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transgressing the eyes of Allah, a sinner in the eyes of Allah if you neglect the duties of those that he's in charge of. It is sufficient for that man to be to earn the grace of Allah nebulae Salam says from these five theorems that you spend one on your own.

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If one on your child one on your you know on the poor person

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then that brought you closest to Allah was the one you spend on the need of

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in the writer Muslim Sharif and Alaska some the one you spend on your fiance and your girlfriend and on the strange woman is that very same one that will distance you from Allah protests. This is the direct result of the hadith of nabire salat wa salam mermin Augustine while I'm 18 years and will be number 13 Oh Ha FEMA yo De La La La Sagrada faema your script will love whenever any male or female will hoard and Mize NPS, TJ in spending way allow one scene to spread. The Vla Salaam says the direct effect of debt will be that man won't stay in it that money won't stay in his possession, it will end up that he will spend double that wealth in the places that will under oath of Allah.

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How many of us have become compulsory we are delaying it. The effect of that is just as this heart this heart Allah has made it set it has to be attached. This is the human nature of this heart. This heart cannot live alone alive in the human nature of men. He wants a partner if gentlemen could not be enjoyed without a partner How can this world be enjoyed without a partner there's what more can I tell you? If gentlemen, the pinnacle of bliss the pinnacle of joy, the height of happiness could not be appreciated until it was coupled with our mother Hawaii masala terminology with this lemma. How can this world be enjoyed without a couple so by virtue of this nigga when they will be strict

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adherence to this nigga what Berkut welcome, Rahim Allah hombre and karma minute and really brothers, to be honest, just to slightly digress apart from the prohibition. Really, if you really want to bring a gift home for your wife, not on these occasions that the kuffaar have introduced to us. Yesterday when sister brought it to my note and these are common things. One other when are you going to speak about the husband being more tolerant at all? These are common things if you ever want to bring something home to the wife of a Buddha with his de

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Sade napoca cannot be alone who comes home to visit maybe on a solemn and he heard Ayesha in the BLS and I'm here to dispute. So you got angry. And he walks in the house. And he's about to step out of the olana did you raise your voice before

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we saw some quarter worker and he says you don't touch my Ayesha you don't touch my Ayesha to get the life of nearly solemn the social life. But if you give up reading your papers don't have time to read the knife.

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If you keep up listening to all your nonsense, then you will forgive me brother but really the whole life guidance everything is covered in Quran and Hadith. But it will mean you giving up some other literature that you can touch on last part Kalam how said there are Muslims that are coming and die and not learning how to read the words of Allah. Never mind understanding the injunctions. But they haven't understood to read the Quran is Allah wanted them to read it. These examples attain Hadith but who is there to read it? When we read it? It's not there in ways they were not reading

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nebulae, salaam Cordova and it says no, no, no, you will not touch my Ayesha and then nobody's analyzed until obachan. Okay.

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And then after that nobody Salah Laurie Sanchez Ayesha. So what do you feel about me? I saved you luckier if I was in there to intervene you see what would have happened to you? So I started the Alanna smile. Anyway, the discussion is special tolerance tolerance. Brothers that like I told you it will never if you gave it brothers make tobacco take that gift and throw it away.

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You are going against the grain you're going against the system you're married we'll all see only see more problems. And those of us that is happening to our children today, let us put a stop with it. Tomorrow when the child is going to look for their partner. Either one of the two has to compromise on religion. Either she will compromise or he will compromise. On the contrary, both will stick rigid to the religion, that the harm is of the generation to come. your grandchildren will be born as atheists and agnostics whether you like it or not brothers. Why? Because the option that Charlie has for the last 15 years that girl meant something he brought the gifts of the girl The

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money is keeping relation in Milan when Lady arogya home.

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What has happened to our values what is happening to Southern Nevada says only be over life, I must walk home when the verses were revealed regarding Xena and if you see someone involved and you must bring four witnesses, she's gonna be overnight if I walk home, and I see a man interfering with my wife, I to be honest with you with utmost respect, I will not look for four witnesses. I will strike that men with the sharp edge of my sword data and then I will kill him there will be a celebrity the Sahaba and he said, Are you astonished at the sense of honor that sod has, indeed by ally of a greater sense of honor than him and ally has a greater sense of honor than I when anyone says

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trespass is the limits of a law that just as this one individual is so possessive and protective over his wife in the very same way allies very possessive over his D

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what will happen to this marriage, nebulae Salatu was Salam says to bring Muhammad to bring love to bring unity then Few days later

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Yolanda comes back. He knocks on the door and now he has a shy Nervous System having a casual informal discussion. So you're not seeing any essays, either filani feastival me Kumar come to mind he hadn't be Kumar, can you people now make me part of your happiness as I had to become part of your arguments. So let's have some said come up with okay you are always part of us, you are always part of us. Tolerance that will mean that marries, that will bring love that will bring Mohawk, but in the

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long run Camila lane, or my ally you shower your choices, blessings and favors on that man who stands up in the night. That was the performance that was used as the miswak. And then before communicating with his Allah, He comes to his wife, and he taps his wife, that he might have a Buddha would you want join my brother, you want the happiness you want it to be when you go home, all your problems and that the smile of your wife puts an end to the tension of your day, you are received by a wife that is dressed, prepared, anticipating anxiously awaiting your arrival, who is there to express gratitude and not demand and accused and criticized my inhibitions and the Buddha

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would stand up in the dead of night, perform Moodle. But unfortunately today, that very eye that was to tear before my alarm is now looking at obscene scenes throughout the night, that I did have the tents that are that had the potential of quenching the fire of Dunham that I has now invited the Wrath of Allah that it is increased and intensifying the flames of jahannam. That ends that what you beg before Allah, those very hands are touching, strange and haram woman.

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That man who stands up in the dead of night. And then he performs buzu he uses the miswak. And then he comes to his wife, the words of a Buddha would love work. And then he tells his wife come he taps her. And she looks at him and she says oh my beloved, it's two o'clock. What are you waking me up for? And she turns that aside, and nobody says him says this man is standing there caught up in two situations. He loves his wife. But he loves a lot more than his wife. He loves the sleep of his wife. But he wants a man for his wife more than you want sleep for his wife, not bahala wedgie. He helped him Ah, he then takes water happily and reluctantly, happily, to make his wife understand

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that these are the moments to speak with the law that

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my budget on their own.

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Their own out of bamboo.

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Those who separate from the bids, and communicate with us in the early part of the morning. Nearly Sam says Nevada which he has an MA he sprinkles the water, the water trickles down her cheeks. She gets up and she looks at him and she says what's it. So he says come my beloved Let us stand up and speak with Allah. This husband in the dead of night, lifts his wife and then both would mohabbat and affection, sacrificing the sleep when the entire creation is fast in sleep. When someone is some as in Xena, some are consuming wine, some are enjoying strange woman, this couple stand up in the dead of night and then they perform buzu in the prescribed manner, apply the use the miswak and then the

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husband performs salah and the wife says amin the wife makes draw and the husband says amin my Navy has made draw for this husband this wife when my Navy has made draw for a couple brothers there's nothing that can demoralize or effect that marriage. There's nothing that will bring you more happiness, more joy, more love, more bliss, more cooperation, more understanding than these guidances which is given to us by our spiritual guide and our master. We make dua to the Almighty Allah he instilled within us these noble characters, these noble qualities, and May Allah give us the trophy. Indeed these 10 days were the days when the Quran takes an oath about it. Speaking about

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resemblance brothers, just as buying the gift to resemble under oath of Allah. We have been taught in these 10 days not to clip our nails, not to throw our hair in resemblance of those pilgrims that will be congregating under Madonna of arafah in the millions in resembling them nothing else. I am not there. I'm not in Iran. I'm not a Muslim, but my Allah has told me when the moon of Elijah has been cited when the crescent of zil hija has been cited, then create a resemblance with those programs that will congregate who knows when my mercy will come down which knows no bounds anyone and everyone having the least form of resemblance with those pilgrims will also be uncovered in the

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forgiveness and pardon at that moment we make dua to the Almighty Allah He gives us the ability to imitate and emulate the chosen servants of Allah, the guidance servants of Allah and May Allah protect us, our spouse, our partners our children from following Western values and systems while threw down on you