Abu Hurairah (R) and the Goblet of Milk

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The speakers discuss the importance of learning from the Prophet's teachings and avoiding giving priority to others. They share stories about extreme hunger and alcoholism, as well as experiences with harvesting animals and learning from messenger's teachings. They emphasize the need to learn from the experience and avoid giving priority to others.

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also have to say Mr. Tsuda, Allahu Allah. And he also he has made

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sometimes in. It's very common in life as you move past a stage, particularly a difficult stage of your life, you reminisce about your old days, right? You think back to the times when they were hard, whether it be in school, whether it be coming to a new country, whether it be trying to survive, or you lost a job, whatever it is, you lost a loved one. And sometimes you sit with close friends or family and you kind of think back to old times.

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And the Sahaba weren't any different. This is a human phenomena. So I wanted to share with you one story from life of Abu Huraira, the Allahu Anhu.

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Abu Hurayrah, he was, he was wearing two garments from linen.

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And it was dyed with a red color.

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And so he he took one of the garments and he wiped his nose with it.

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And when he did that, the memories hit him.

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And he said back in back in

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Abu Hurayrah Issei he's talking to himself when he says, he says, like, back in back in is like kind of like whoa, like, man you made it kind of was like like that kind of phrase. He's saying like, Abu Hurayrah is wiping his nose with linen.

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And then he mentions what his situation was like before. And he says that

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he ever Herrera used to be from a philosopher

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of software word of the poor and Medina who, who didn't have any family didn't have a, you know, a business or a job or land to, to great to, you know, raise crops and whatnot.

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He was he lived in the masjid. And so far they lived in the back of the masjid. And so he says that there would be periods in my life when I would walk between the member of the prophesy Salam and the room of eyeshot of the Allahu anha. And I would be so hungry that I would literally fall down and pass out. And people would walk by me see me on the floor lying down and they would put their foot on my neck, thinking that I was crazy. He says, Why am I beaming Junoon maybe in La Jolla. He says I wasn't hungry. I wasn't crazy. All that led me to that point was extreme hunger. Misses now I'm wearing two cloth garments. And so, in another narration also in Behati. Abba Herrera tells us a

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And it's powerful because of a horror era. As we know, he's the most prolific narrator of Hadith. And so some of the Hadith that he narrates, fall in line with the experience that he had with this on this date. He says that, He says, He swears by Allah subhanho wa taala. He says that, I used to lie down and put my stomach against something on the ground to apply pressure to my stomach. He says, and he says, and he says, I used to tie a rock to my stomach tightly to push pressure on my, my empty stomach to relieve the pain, of, of hunger.

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And he says in one time, I was so hungry that I just sat in the road.

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And I waited for people to pass by and he says for Mara aboubaker LON Oh bucket pass by. So he says to whom and I had to monkey tabula. So I asked him about the Tafseer of an iron the book of Allah. And he says Best sell to who in hell you should be honey. He says, I didn't really have a question about the i My hope was, when I asked him a bucket of this question, he would say hey, let's come over, let's have some chai, some crackers, some dates, whatever. And we'll talk about the idea. So he's hoping he will get an invitation to the house of Abubaker. But he says tomorrow what me a foreign worker didn't get the hints. And so he he didn't say if he answered the question or not, but

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he says he just kept going and he didn't invite me over. And so he said so I waited, and then you see some Amara, Amara Lila Milan who sweet says for sale to an item in keytab Allah Marcel to Allah leash biani and again, I asked him about an ayah in the book of Allah. I only asked him that, so that he could invite me to his house and feed me.

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And he says Mr. Olympia fan. He also passed by and he didn't.

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He didn't invite me over.

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And then he says, For my model, I will pass him some Allahu Allah He was alone. And then I will call him the prophet of allah sallallahu Sallam

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He, he passed by. And when he saw a hoorah He says, For terbesar Mahina Ronnie Right when he saw Abu Hurayrah, the president smiled. And he says, Abu Hurayrah says that we're out of a mafia nfcu a mafia YG. And right away he knew what was going on what I was thinking about and what you can see in my face of hunger. So he says, Yabba hidden.

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Abu Hurayrah

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he says the BayCare rasool Allah here I am a messenger of Allah. He says, he'll have come with me. He says, So I followed him and we went home, we went to his house. So the messenger of Allah sai Salam goes home and he realizes that Oh, Herrera is hungry. There, he knows that. And so he asks, you know, do we have anything at home and he is told that there is a cup of milk,

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a cup of milk? And he says, Where is this from? Now? The practice of harvest animals, what if you receive sadaqa, he would give it out and he would,

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he will not take part in it. And if it was the gift, he would also give it out, but he would also take part in it right? One of the signs of the prophet that sent manifest he was looking for, right, this is the practice of prophesy. Salam and so he asked his wives and they told him that it was gifted to you. So Abu Hurayrah was like, Okay, I'm gonna let him know what was going on. I'm gonna get my meal for the day. But then the Messenger of Allah sent him he tells him, he says it'll help Isla Lucifer federal homely, he tells about Ira obrera go to Allah sofa and call all of them over. We're gonna have a big party inshallah. Now about IRAs nearing the Hadith himself, and he's being

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completely honest here. Right? He says, fasani that Nick. Like that had disappointed me. He's, and he goes on to say that. And he's saying to himself, well, Matt has a level up and a sofa. He says, What will this one cup of milk do amongst all of the other sofa? How can one cup of milk be sufficient for all of the AnnaSophia? Right? And he says, I have a more more rights to have this milk. I'm here. I'm with the province that I send to. And so he says,

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um, and then he says, he realizes he says that. And he knows because they're messengers of Allah as a teacher. So I sent him right. So he knows he hasn't been Muslim for long, but he already knows some some rules. The one who is inviting is going to be the one who is serving, not eating first. So he says, so this small amount of milk, not only do I have to invite them, I'm going to be the one who will be serving them. So what will be remained for myself, but he says, one, and this is very, very important. And this is kind of the crux of the matter. One and I wanted to live one of the lessons I want to share is, he's he's the one that may come into it, lie about it. Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam avoided, he says, Never will I

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contradicts the Command of Allah or the commands of the Messenger of Allah, even if it appears to be at my own loss. If the Messenger of Allah told me to call them, I will call them. So he goes, and he calls on a sofa, and then he calls them and then the message was, I send them as expected. The messages I sent them told him, you know, to provide the milk to each person. So it goes to the first man and he gives them the milk. And the narration I get it's very interesting how well he does. Recalling the story. He says, he says, The man would drink Hatha Yoga, fashionable Hatha Yoga, he would drink and drink and drink until he would be completely filled.

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And then he would

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give back the cup to Abu Hurayrah Anna Maria would then go to the next person, and the next person would drink and drink and drink until he was filled, until finally everybody from AnnaSophia drank. And then comes, he says and the last person in line now is who?

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The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, right? And he says Hatton's, I hate to eat and maybe sunrise, Salem, Waka Royale, Tomoko loom, or everybody else they drink. So the only people left to drink are to the Messenger of Allah, and the and Abu Hurayrah. And so the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah says, for another Aelia, he looks at me that I have so many against smiles in my face. And he says about hidden and he says love BK Rasulillah. He says Bucky to an hour, and there's only two people left

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thinking who's the vote for right? So the messenger bosses and I'm telling them over a drink, and so he drink. And then he says, he finished drinking and he gave it to the person in the house and I said, drink again. And he drank again. And then he says, the person kept telling me to drink, and drink and drink until he says, well let the bath I can help him as you do that, who must take a messenger of Allah I swear by the one who has sent me with the truth. I have no space left to drink the milk. And then and then he gave the cup to the Prophets when I send them and then the Messenger of Allah

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sigh Salam, he praised Allah. And he said Bismillah and then he also drank what remained

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the story, there's a lot of lessons you can learn from the story and maybe on your way home, if you're here, if you came with your family, you can talk about some lessons that you can try and derive. What I was hoping to draw from from the hadith is not only an understanding of the need of the Sahaba, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, sallam, and the level of of their, of their, of their poverty. But also the Messenger of Allah is teaching us something here, this whole thing about it to himself seize the moment he saw me in the street, he knew in my face and what is in my my heart that I am here because I'm hungry, he knew he would pass out in front of his home themselves,

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and I said them, right. But the promise of them took them through this whole exercise, calling others being generous to others, to give teaching avoid Alon who to give preference to others over yourself, even if you are the one who is in need.

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And this is one of the defining qualities of the unsalted

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that and it's a quality that Allah preserved in the Quran when he says with your own Allah and Fujimoto can have him Kasasa. The Ansara are people who give preference to others over themselves, even if they themselves are in desperate need. And this idea was actually revealed after an incident that Abu Hodeidah himself narrated. He says, When a man came to the message of Ojai, Salem, and he, he was hungry, and the Messenger of Allah went to his house and his wife told them we only have water. So he said, Who will feed this man and famous story you guys have heard this before? And the one on Saudi man said, I will. So he goes home, and he tells his wife, do we have food, she says,

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all we have is something that's very a small amount to feed our children to feed my children. So he says, Well, you know, cook the food, turn on the lights, the lantern is it was shot at time was dinnertime, turn on the light, and then make your kids go to sleep without feeding them. Just keep them busy until they fall asleep. And so she did that. And then what their plan was they took out the food and they presented it to the guest. And then the wife intentionally though she made it look accidentally knocks out the lantern, and light turns out, so they're sitting now in the dark. And so the wife and the husband both are pretending to eat. And the guest feels he senses that they're

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eating but in reality they were pretending to eat because they only had enough food that would feed one adults.

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And they didn't say this to Him. They didn't see this as a messenger of Allah. They didn't say this to anybody else. But after the next day, when the man goes to the Messenger of Allah, I sent him the Messenger of Allah so I sent him he tells the man, that Allah smiled and was impressed and laughed at what you did last night. He didn't say anything to messenger, but this was a secret deed he did between him and Allah. And this is what I wanted to drive home. The spirit of a believer is not just giving preference to others over themselves, but doing so in a way that the person doesn't doesn't sense that you're doing it. The person doesn't sense that you're doing them a favor, that the deed

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is so hidden the Allah revealed an act to expose what the man did when he said, Allah was happy what you didn't even reveal the verse with your own I had an unforeseen one Oh, can I become Kasasa they give preference to others, others over themselves even when they are in need.

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So it's a glimpse into

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the life of one man who in his early days and how he dedicated himself to the preservation of Hadith generate over 5000 Hadith, the most of any of the Sahaba, as you all know, and this was part of the reason why he dedicated himself to be with the prophesy son, and we ask Allah to give us Sophia, to make us among those who have the qualities of the Sahaba including being generous to others and those who that we have the ability and the and the and the insights to provide those who are in need those who are in need without them asking of us. And the ability to give preference to others over ourselves on the home. I mean, BarakAllahu li Subhana Allah whom we have the connection to Nyla and

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that in itself