Stories Of the Prophets – Salih (AS) Part 4

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surreal. karimabad

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yesterday, we had completed the story of salahaddin salatu salam.

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We explained that after half his people had killed that camel which they had requested from Allah. He told them tomato feeders

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that remain in your homes three days. And he explained to them that their faces would turn color each day from yellow to red to black, and then they would be destroyed by Allah. And we explained yesterday how they were destroyed as well for the Messiah and father, Toma Raja, a scream from the top and an earthquake from the bottom. And all of them, meaning all those who rejected the message of solid today salatu salam, they were destroyed. Salahuddin salatu salam and those who accepted his message. They were saved by laughter Baraka autonomy. And then they either relocated according to one narration to his remote, and according to another narration, they relocated to Makkah to Corona.

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Now, I explained yesterday that we're going to talk a little bit about that area in Saudi Arabia, which is known as muda. In Salah that's the place where the punishment of Allah descended upon the the mood the Nation of Islam. Now muda insomnia is part of a bigger area known as Ola, Ola is about 350 400 K's from Medina munawwara initially it used to be called worth you will Cora and even in the time of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam it was known as what you will pull off and later on, they started calling it they started referring to it as Ola after the conquest of fiber. Now, if you go from Medina at about 150 case, you will find favor and then you travel and you find what you will

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call odometer in Salah, and then you carry on further and you find the book. So the occasion of the conquest of favor. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. After conquering Sabre, he continued until Allah because there was another Jewish tribe there that were hostile to the Muslims. And the result of that honey was Selim laid siege on the tribe. And after a while, they were also conquered. There is a famous incident that took place at that time, where there was one silvan in the ranks of the Muslims. He was putting the canopy on top of the camel. You know, in those days, they used to put their heavy canopy on the back of the hump of the camel, when they used to travel for purposes of

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shade, and also to conceal the women folk. And whilst putting the canopy onto the camel, the canopy fell onto him and he died. So somebody remarked today How fortunate he is he there is a shade out on an expedition in the in the path of Allah. And then the result of lohani was that him said, No, you know what happened? He actually stole one cloth, one charter from the spoils of war, this one cloth he stole, and that now has become a means of his punishment. And whenever he said, when he was sitting sit that there was another person amongst the ranks of the Muslims who came with one shoelace, one shoelace, and he said he had a sorella. I took this without permission and putting it

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back now that they heard the warning. And the result of lohani was that him said, Even something as insignificant as a shoelace. If it doesn't belong to you, and you take it, it can become a means of your punishment. So that is where the result of that incident came to what is known today as una in those days, it was known as what you will call, and then there'll be a fella pass by again later on. On the occasion of the book, the book took place, close to the time of the demise of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and then a fella stood, he stopped in order, and there's a place where he performed salah and that place they made in the masjid actually on the journey of the book, wherever

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it is that a lot of it was sort of stopped specifically to perform Salah that place has been marked off and a mustard has been built. Now as as to come into Odom it's a very picturesque place. Very beautiful, very scenic. It used to be a stopover for the people who are coming from Hajj from Jordan from Lebanon from Palestine, Egypt, Syria. Those in the old days were coming by road for Hajj to Saudi Arabia when they used to travel. They used to stop in order. It was one of the places where they used to stop and it is very beautiful. And you get those mountains and I explained the other day, then the rocks on those mountains have a very kind of unique shape. And some say it's because

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of the winds that blew at the time of the destroying of the nation of odd and others say that at the time of the screech in the earthquake of the nation of the moon. It also had an impact on the shape of the rocks. Now from Runa. Normally when you go to Medina sorry, you're not allowed to stay in Medina and Sala itself. You stay in order. And they after you travel it's about 20 Ks into medallion

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Solid. Now medine solid The reason that you are not allowed to stay there on the occasion of the book, Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, when he came now he was passing medine solid on his way to the book, he started hastening the pace of the animal that they were writing. And he covered his face explicit faced with a cloth. And he told the Sahaba, no one must go into the homes, as I told you, those homes are still existing, carved out in the mountains, no one must drink the water. No one was used the water not even food do not even for cooking purposes. If anybody had taken any of the water, and they had already mixed it with a flower, they should dispose of the flower, they

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should give it to the animals. So the number for LA hastened, why, because this is the place where the punishment of Allah descended. That's why, a couple of decades ago, the authorities in Saudi Arabia, they went, and they studied the whole geographical location. And those parts which are definitely in the parameter of muda, and sorry, without any doubt that this is part of Medina, by law in Saudi Arabia not allowed to reside there, you're not allowed to stay there. And you're not allowed to do any farming there. Because there is the place where the other and the punishment for Latin America came. However, what Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did do is he didn't stop to show

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Sahaba certain things. He showed them the place where the shikamaru used to come through, you know the alleyway. And he pointed out and he said, this is where the chicken man needs to come to drink water. And this is how it used to go back. So from there the scholars deduce that to visit mother in sorry to visit mother inside with the intention of taking lessons

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with the intention of studying what happened to these people, how mighty how strong they were, and how Allah destroyed them when they broke the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. To go there to visit the area with the intention of taking lesson that's permissible, because Larissa and Alison did stop at one or two places, and he did show Sahaba that this is where the camel is to drink water. This is where the camel used to walk through a spectrum. But then I didn't waste too much of time there. He hastin through no drinking of water, don't go into the homes, the sector and go past as quickly as possible, out of fear that the alarm and the punishment of Allah must not descend

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again. And even if it doesn't descend, that's an area with the punishment of Allah has descended. It's not an area where there's any blessings. It cannot be an area where there is any goodness that in those days, it was not known as muda inside it, it was known as hidden. Remember the other day I said that a lot of articles Allah refers to the nature of the mood in the Quran is this horrible agent, when a cat a cat, a terrible hadeel mousseline so if ever you get the chance, normally, when people go to Saudi Arabia, they go to visit primarily McCotter, makara, Medina to munawwara I got an opportunity to go there twice, in the days when they used to give those tourist visas You know, when

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when December was just after hatch. And if you wanted to go there, you couldn't get an omen of visa because it was too close to the,

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to the to the HUD season. So they would give you a tourist visa. And part of the requirements of the tourist visa was you can only go to Makkah and Medina you must to other parts of the country. So that's how we got to see the book. And that's how we got to the SEMA installer. But you can check it up on the internet if you do a Google search of medallion salad, or hula or what you will Cora. And you'll see all the pictures and you will see those homes which are carved in the mountains. So with that we come to the conclusion of the story of Salahuddin salatu salam. And we come to the conclusion of this particular discourse, even after Baraka with Allah has willed, perhaps sometime

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in the future will commence because the next story is that of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And it's a lengthy story. And we have very few days left. But whatever we have discussed, we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala that He grants us the ability to take Listen, we have to scrape the surface just for a few minutes every day, we have been just talking about some of the main points. But as Muslims, we should have enthusiasm in our homes, we should have authentic books of the sea. And we should read up on the the first year of these verses and you'll find a lot of detail there. We should have copies of books such as stories from the Quran, stories from the ahaadeeth we should be

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reading this, we should be getting our children to read this it should be part of our library in our homes. We need to know about our history. We need to know about the history of humanity and we need to heat the lessons. Allah is talking to us repeatedly in the Quran about these incidents about these stories are as I said right in the beginning, it's not about the minute details