Last 10 Days of Ramadan

Alaa Elsayed


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Last 10 Days of Ramadan – Alaa Elsayed


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The speaker discusses the upcoming weekend and the importance of quenching one's thirst and drinking water. They share their feeling of being hungry and thirsty and encourage people to share their experiences. They also mention a test of faith to determine if people love one more time.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear, but this is the slab, it's the stretch is the homestretch last chance, last 10 days, I understand the first 10 days, you go up, and you want to do everything last second 10 days, you're going to die last night. I'm gonna back up again. So let's capitalize on the opportunity with that curve comes back up again. The last 10 days, what are we going to do with it, you already filled the hunger, the pain of thirst. And you know what it feels like when you break your fast when allows the panel to Allah has the food for heaven for you. And you quench your thirst from how the COVID for

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you. And everything, even though it's old and stale, but it tastes like ice cream. Just when you're hungry. Everything dislike ice cream man is so beautiful. Now when you felt like it. Now you understand that wisdom behind fasting? Because if I tell you about a girl that is in Africa,

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that has no food and water. But I don't draw you I just tell you, he will say, yeah.

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But next time, I'll tell you what, here's a picture.

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Or here's a video of this girl that was poor that didn't have food and water. And now you understand why the first time I told you that means you use the hearing sense, you were somewhat moved. The second time I added a visual. So your hearing and your visual, your vision was involved in decision making, because you've seen and heard you were moved even more. But if you don't eat and you don't drink, that means all your senses are involved in that decision. No one will ever tell you what it feels like to be hungry. what it feels like to be thirsty. As long as you go through. Now you know what it feels like to be hungry? You know what it feels like to be thirsty? Could you imagine

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somebody giving you food at that time? How grateful you be? Isn't that amazing? Where olanzapine Altadis is fully absorbed by that date. And love the moment you are Who am I in Hong Kong. So they may worship the Lord of this house, the one that hid them from hunger and security and from fear. That's the basis that we're doing here. fcn ot, let us put the smile back on the people's face. Let us give them their dignity back. Let us share what we have for the simple fact that we know now what it feels like. So we share what we have. We don't take it for granted. We are gratefulness to Allah subhanaw taala for the blessings He's given us, let us share I'll remind you we don't have

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you know the existence of a woman or a man that will be going to heaven. You know, why did they memorize the Quran? They do claim that they have every year give their money away and all of that stuff. The quench the thirst of a dog. Isn't that amazing? By quenching the thirst of a dog Allah subhanaw taala will protect them from the Hellfire and grant engine in NaNoWriMo gumla Gene

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nodame comb jezza schuco will feed you to seek the pleasure of Allah. We don't want the gratefulness from you or the gratitude. In the half hour verbena yo mana Busan, Kampala. We fear that day 50,000 years where the sun leaves its orbit comes close to your head people be drenched in sweat. What will come in your shade? You said the coal coming in shade accordingly. Isn't that amazing? What does the last Montana answer in that fella car Humala, we shall brotherly kaleo Wanaka whom

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Allah will protect you from that they will give you eternal pleasure. Allahu Akbar. What are you waiting for my brothers and sisters. This is comes with the month of Ramadan, to be able to help selflessness school ethos. You want to help others more than yourself? Why would you give something that you love too much? It's only because you love Allah more than yourself. So please understand, it's a test of faith allows the panel data says when open Jama you love wealth more too much. So what did you say? lengthen out Oh,

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boy, do not leech is high level of benevolence to the gift from what you love. Let us get from what we love because we love Allah subhana wa Jalla Villa more that has finished this month of Ramadan with the silica to learn to share the food that we actually understand what it feels like to quench the thirst of those allows upon Allah to Allah made us a reason to be for and make us use to be able to help ourselves by helping others inshallah so we can meet our brothers and sisters in gender mean for that 100 meaning Allah subhanaw taala feed you from the food agenda, quench your thirst from the Gulf. We will see you after long healthy righteous love. I mean with the pleasure of Allah Subhana

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Allah to Allah with Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, and to be able to see the magnificent face of Allah in Arabic His Majesty zachman heydo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa