He makes $1,000,000! I will make double…

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The problem today in this materialistic world, everyone looks at those above them and says, I'm going to get there. Don't worry, this guy made a million, I'll show him I'll make 2 million.

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It's okay to make it No problem. But don't have that aim such that I'm in competition with someone, I will do my best.

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I will do my best. And I definitely will try to earn with the intention of spending in the cost of Allah. That's him. That's very important. How much are you going to spend in your life? Ask yourself a million, a billion. How much are you going to spend? We sit today and we look at the League of a few people who've crossed the net worth of 100 billion and you start thinking to yourself, is it really worth it? The other day, they added the name one day they subtract the name, because they they count the cents and the dollars you crossed by $1. They quickly put your name

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Subhanallah did it really earn you gentlemen?

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Was it really a matter of how much you're going to spend of that? You won't even spend one full billion

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you won't even spend one full billion. How much do you want 100 million 50 million? What are you going to do with it? Bill you're gonna spend it spend it in a good cause. Have people where you are helping good causes where you are helping assist here assist they give you a gift they look after your relatives and your family to begin with? That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, charity begins at home you start off with your relatives then the next then the next check who's poor who needs Who's this? Who's that? Give them give them and you know what? I mentioned it last week I mentioning it this week. The professor Salaam tells us that Allah subhanho wa Taala says anfitriona

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Adama onfi colic spend or son of Adam I'll spend on you Allah.

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If you want to increase you got to give, it will increase. But if you want to increase and you keep it and you're counting it, it's not going to increase. inflation will eat it something else will eat it loss will eat it whatever else. You can't just counting. You have to take a few risks in life that are halaal