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sal Allahu Allah he will humbly letter a bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala Ali he was have you set them to sleep in the theater for my brothers and sisters, we touched briefly towards the end of last of our last class on the

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the the political situation

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in Medina and how our soldiers and Salem

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rewrote the rules

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by which the

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rules by which people affiliated with each other. And he changed the rules from tribal affiliation or family affiliation or affiliation by blood

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to affiliation by Islam alone, as the sole rule of affiliation.

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That as soon as, as Allah made Islam, the only means by which

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Muslims were joined together, and He abolished all

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boundaries of race and try. We didn't have an issue of nationality in those days, we didn't have nation states. But race and tribe were the normal ways of affiliation and the solar system change that.

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As I mentioned, in the last lesson, the political situation in Medina was very complex with several communities with different political ties.

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As soon as I Salam was building a new nation based on faith,

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which was a new bond, and this went against the grain of the traditional bonds, Allah subhanaw taala

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also was revealing I had to declare the need to break old relationships and to form new ones based on Islam. And he said

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would we learn him as a foreigner regime is when Lai Raha and Rahim yah un Latina Amanullah que vous

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como como only an East hub bull CO for Island EMA and one way yet while home Mia confer hola Erica homos Wally moon, Colin cada

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was why'd you go Marashi to come?

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While I'm Wallonia Qatar off to our didja doc shown because

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Keno total don't

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Hudbay labelmate Allah you are also the word jihad in visa vie leave Uttara Besu Batara bustle Adil will be every while long hula De Luca home well First up in a loss rather than as it are you will believe.

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Do not take as Alia as supporters and helpers as you mentioned before the word the word wali

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means friend, but it means friend and friendship of a

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very high order much more than what is implied in the, in the many other words of friendship, implying friendship in the Arabic language like zoveel and Rafi console.

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The Ali is somebody who is a close confidant from whom there are no secrets. There are somebody who is who you are very close to. Allah said do not take as that level of rhetoric. Allah did not say don't be friendly to people.

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Of course you can be friendly to people Islam does not prevent us from from having friends who are not Muslim. We are encouraged to have friends who are non Muslim. Let it be good to your neighbors and help your neighbors so I didn't say only Muslim neighbors. But as far as the closest of friendships is concerned, Allah said this is only for people have you met.

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So let's say Do you believe do not take for odia your father's and your brothers meaning your parents and your siblings, if they prefer disbelief over belief that they have not accepted Islam, then do not take them as such close friends. And whoever of you does that. Then he is of the wrongdoers he's observable

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and there are clarified his father and that's it say if your father's in yours

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And then your brothers and your wives in your kindred and of course the other gender is also is always included in this. So Father means father and mother brothers means brother and sister and so on. So I'm not sure if your father's your sons, your brothers, your wives, your Kindred, the wealth that you have gained. The commerce in which you fear a decline in the dwellings in which you delight are dearer to you then Allah subhanaw taala and His messenger and striving hard and fighting in his cause, meaning the cause of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Then go looking for the Rasul Allah says, wait until Allah brings about your decision or punishment, so Allah Allah, Allah will punish you, Allah doesn't want to get out, Allah will punish you. And Allah does not guide people who are alpha zuccon People who are rebellious and disobedient are smarter

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than us rather sad. Yeah, you are Lena Amen. Amanullah that if you do I do we do work on hourly

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to go to LA him Bill my word that you are called will be my communal happy for the owner was all our

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way he

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told me no will Europe become in

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visa vie wobble wobble at all tomorrow at 200 Am will my word being in my word diva Anna I love when we have a tomb

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tomb when I arrived who

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called ballers

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have who call me a Googler Come

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on Why way up also to relay calm idea will

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be so what what do you load up for on

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VarioCam Aerohive

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I will add Omeo myopia sailaway in on law Hobbema dark maroon MLC in southern Montana last word that I said oh you believe do not take my enemies and your enemies as friends showing affection to them and friends. Again the word Alia means that kind of close friendship showing affection towards them while they have disbelieved in what has come to you of the truth which is love and and and they have driven out the Messenger Muhammad Salah Salem and yourself from your homeland, because you believe in Allah in as your prop. Now again, remember here, there is a specific reference, don't take those people as these believers who drove or soldiers are sort of and the Muslims out of their homeland.

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So there is a specific reference. Firstly, to the specific people that is the people of Mikado, the the idolaters, the financial Makkah and the others of Macau drove the Muslims away is not a general reference to every person who's not a Muslim. And secondly, this reference will remain to all those people who fit that, that framework meaning even in the future, those who persecute Muslims, those who drive Muslims out of their homes and so on. Those are people that that other Muslims are being warned and said, do not take them as you are out here. Do not take them as your close friends, the liver fits into that framework. And then Allah said, if you have come forth to strive in My Cause,

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and to seek My Good Pleasure,

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then do not take such people as your friends, usual friendship with them in secret, while I'm all aware of what you conceal and what you reveal. Now the second refers to

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the behavior of some of the mafia, and others who will be one way with the Muslims and then they would also be friend, the enemies of the Muslims of the time and allies wanting them and saying that this kind of behavior is not going to help you with Allah subhanaw taala knows and there's nothing that you can hide from him. And then Allah Sarah Musa, whosoever of your Muslims does that and indeed he has gone far astray from the away from the street, but should they gain the upper hand over you, they would behave to you as enemies and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you with evil. And they desire that you should disbelieve Neither your relatives nor your

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children will benefit you on the Day of Resurrection against Allah. And he will judge between you between

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the two of you in between the menu

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and Allah is the old CEO of what you do. So again, the same thing here to understand as I mentioned to us that these either specific to

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one specific to the origin of maca will behave in

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As we're with Rasul, Allah has element them and the Muslims were the persecutor them, they killed them, they tortured them, they confiscated their wealth. They misbehaved with them, they drove them out of their homes exiled, and so on, so forth. And this will refer to anyone who fits that framework in the future. This does not refer to people who are the friends of Muslims, even though they may not be they may not be believers, but they are friends of Muslims, they help Muslims and so on and so forth. Obviously, this does not mean that Allah is telling us to be the enemy of every non Muslim in the world, that does not fit the whole framework of Islam itself. Unless around Allah

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ordered the Muslims to break relationships with the those disbelievers who are the enemies of Muslims, and to form relationships with other Muslims on the basis of faith based on faith.

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Now, there is having said all of this, this is also important to understand that the

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the emphasis here is also on the importance of company because company is extremely important in the in the in the context of building of faith and the Brotherhood. And Allah subhanho wa Jalla was underlining this critical element. And that's why they're saying that this is very important that you are and you see the company of good people, it is only when we change our company, and we start to prefer the company of people who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala,

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in preference to the company of those who are disobedient, that it is only then that our life can change, if you are going to go and go the opposite way, which is, if we continue to have friendship with an association with, you know, go to go to the parties of people, invite them to your parties, or where Allah subhanaw taala is being openly disobeyed. And the in the rules and laws of Islam are being openly transgressed against that obviously, you are going to be and you are, you will be influenced by those things are deliberately influenced by those things. And why on the on the other hand, if you are in the company of good people, the sahaja good people, if you are in the company of

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people who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala, then the opposite will happen, which is that you will be influenced to be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala we have to understand and redefine this word fun because this is today's today's big problem people, people teach Islam or think of Islam as something which is not fun.

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For example, we one of the universities where I am the Chaplet

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they wanted to have a halacha. So first they had this debate, somebody leaked it, leaked it out to me. So they had this debate to say should we have it every week. And then they said, we'll have it every two weeks. And we'll have it every once in a month.

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And the whole debate was that, you know, this Muslim students organization should, we should also have fun. So the implication was that the learning of Islam can cannot possibly be fun. So therefore, we restrict that, and then we have fun in the other days. Now I know for a fact that by fun, they don't mean it. They're not doing anything around me. These are lovely people there. They're good. They're good. I don't think kids because they are in university, but they're good people hamdulillah they pray and so on and so forth. And you know, but the thing is that the whole idea

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of fun is something which is not Islam. This is the that we don't we don't actually say it in so many words. hamdulillah but we imply this fun is not Islam. This is something which Masjid fund must be slapped. And then tell me so I did a Holika they run. And we we did a hell of a basically on.

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On on Aqeedah fundamental, very, very simple line of Aqeedah. And I want to be lucky or melodica T we're going to be also the William Rafi Kadri. He

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was Elijah that Haley has said even later obasa by the mouth. This is the one with Jose. We just did a an even though we didn't have enough time so we did about half of it. But the point is at the end of that I said tell me did you enjoy this? Was it boring? It's a no no we had we loved it. We enjoyed it. It was not boring at all. So was it fun? This is fun. This isn't what why do you imagine that Islam and learning about Islam cannot be fun.

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Fun is not simply joking and you know, laughing and you know, it's not learning something new is love. For me. The greatest joy I get is from learning something new. Absolutely. Without a doubt the greatest joy the greatest fun I get is from learning something new.

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Photography is one of my is what is a great thing which I'm passionate about wildlife photography, this great, great, great fun for me, but I'm not rolling on the floor laughing I mean, what's the issue of fun. So Islam is fun we get this into your, into your, into your vocabulary and get this into your beliefs. So, this is the, the the whole issue of company of having people for whom, you know, obedience to Allah subhanaw taala obedience to source for Salam is fun, they enjoy it, think about this the Sahaba becomes a habit because of the salt bath of Rasulullah salah they did not become Saba very by university degrees or by writing books and giving long lectures. They became

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Sahaba because they had Allah gave them the opportunity to be in the company of our sources. They became Sahaba because they chose the company on the western seller or everything else to be in the company on a visa Salam was more fun to them than doing anything else.

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They the jaws, his company or the company of others and Allah subhanaw taala elevated the ranks and he made them so when you give them a rock which is which Allah did not give to anybody or anybody thereafter.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is

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showing here, that the kind of

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you know, the relationship that the

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the Muslims had and should have relationships with people who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala and who are people who are people of faith people who for whom Allah subhanaw taala is the most important and that there is no one more important than Allah subhanaw taala

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a lot of our delegates and said this rule with declaration that is true for all time, which is called the framework of

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Allah Walla, walla Bara, the which is a very important part of Aqeedah which is friendship and

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friendship and enmity, not for personal reasons. Not because you just like somebody or dislike somebody with because you want to please Allah Subhana Allah so Allah, Allah, Allah will Bara. So we love Allah, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we love Allah subhanaw taala and we

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therefore love those who love Allah, and we

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do not love and we have enmity towards those who are the enemies of Allah subhanaw taala the enemies

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and the enemies of the people who believe. So, Allah della, after cutting off, and the I mentioned to you some of the if there are other is of course, the Quran, all mentioning this and all talking about the importance of,

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of obeying the,

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the laws of Allah subhanaw taala alone, over and above and the and not over and above but obeying the laws of Allah and rejecting the

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demands of people who are not obedient to ALLAH SubhanA hotel, after cutting the old bonds, and old ties and those around us that are now set another basis of basis for relating to each other and those that are told the Muslims who the real who their real friends were and on what basis friendships should be farmed. Now this is very important to remember because friends

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no corrupt or guide, Allah said in ama Willie you will love who are solo who will levena Amanullah up Munna salata we

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are home anarchy on, on May 7, Allah Azza wa Sula who will Adina on over in Hezbollah he are more valuable yeah are you alleging that

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without a bat I mean Allah Xena who told Kitab in the COVID Newcomb Farah Alia what the cola in a minute.

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We then added to it a Salah taka whoo ha who's wah wah iba Lika Vienna Hong Kong Allah. Allah Subhana Allah said very Lee.

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You are and the honor that Allah subhanaw taala gave to those who choose him geladeira who over and above anybody and anything else

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Allah said Verily, your wali and this is Allah is using the same term now there is no friendship with Allah because friendship is the result of equity and there is no equity with Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah we are my flock, he is the phallic we are the macklow He is our owner and VR is Mom Look,

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he is allergic and he does not eat he, he feeds us and He does not need food, and so on. So we're but he is saying I am your Wali. I'm your closest

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friend and I'm your closest

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confidant to listen very really your wali is Allah, His messenger and the believer. So I said, Let's just keep this as your inner circle.

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Do not do not allow anyone else it is in a circle. And then it's in the other switch that is Allah, his name is Elijah and believers, those who establish a salah

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and gives NT gives aka and they bow down, they are there they are in RUCO which means they submit to Allah subhanaw taala and whosoever takes Allah His messenger and those who are believed as protectors, then the party of Allah subhanaw taala will be victorious with such people will be victorious Allah will be pleased with them, or you will believe do not take for Alia. Again, that word Ali which is don't take so close confidence. Those who take your religion for a mockery and funds people who make mockery of Islam, people who make fun of Islam and may Allah protect us today there are Muslims. There are people who call themselves Muslims, who make fun of Islam, who are

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apologetic about and who, who mock and make fun of Muslims who practice Islam. So Allah says don't do not take the oil believe do not take for all the up those who take your religion for a mockery and fun from among those who received the Scripture before you and I said this is today it applies also to Muslims, because Muslims also behave in this way, nor from among the disbelievers, and fear Allah subhanho data if you indeed are true believers and when you proclaim the call for Salah, when you make other

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they take it but as a mockery. So, they

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the treat your other as something to laugh at, treated with with disdain and as a as something to mock. So, Allah says that these are the people that do that.

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That is because their people laugh along they have no they have no sense, they do not understand.

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unless around that,

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then also mentioned the

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the believers and it was right that I mentioned the

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the qualities of the believers. And you mentioned how these qualities have been

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mentioned in the in the in the previous books as well.

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And that is what an aspirant had also said about those who received the Revere scriptures but who still refuse to accept sola Sena unless it Muhammad Rasul Allah will lead the Navarro who I should there will be failure Hi, Mel Bina home, Tara home Rosecrans who doesn't have the guna for them in Allah He worries wanna see my own view eg fee will do him in sad sujood Valley Kamisato home and FITARA to masala home villingili Khazaria in Raja shatta who for us Zara overstock Lhasa first Hola, hola Suki. You're eligible Zorba the reason why behemoth Kufa or the Lola Manu army to slightly hide the man whom Macbeth Otomo Zima Allah says Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the messenger of

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Allah and those who are with him. They are tough and strong when they are opposed by these believers and merciful among themselves. You see them bowing and falling down prostrate in prayer, seeking the bounty of Allah seeking bounty from Allah and His good pleasure, the mark of them of their faith is on their faces.

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Which means it could be the

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the traces of frustration like some people have a mark here because of frustration. It also means a node in the face of the believer in sha Allah. This is the description in the Torah art in the Torah, but the description in the Injeel

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is like

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is sown seed, which sends forth it's short,

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then makes it strong, it then becomes thick and it stands straight on its stem delighting the source.

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So that he, della develop almost around that a man raised his believers, with them, Allah has promised doors among the among them who believe that is the people who

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follow the religion of, of a source of Salah.

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The believers are Muslims and not say that Allah has filed has promised them

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and do and who believe and who do righteous deeds, forgiveness and mighty reward

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in jannah inshallah, so this is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala. This is the quality of the believers, that they are, Ruhama obey in the home, they are

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between each other, they have mercy for each other, they love each other. And so there's something for us to keep in mind. And remember that it's not just talking, it has to be more than talking, and lots of other data sources. And I've also mentioned the,

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the virtues of the unsolved. So these are the people who give succor and support to resources Allah and his companions, when they migrated from Makkah and elsewhere to Medina. As soon as our Salam said in one Hadees nobody loves them except a movement, and nobody hates them except Him when

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He said, moving in, the believers loved them and the disbelievers and especially among African, the hypocrites, they hate themselves, and nobody loves them except to me, and nobody hates them except the mafia. Whoever loves them, Allah will love them. And whoever hates them, Allah would hate them. This is the virtue one of the virtues of the unsa. And also, as salam said, if if the answer take one path, and the rest of the people take another path that I will take the path of the answer. If I had not made hijra, I would have considered myself to be from the answer. As soon as a wrestler made dua for the answer, and he said, Oh, ALLAH forgive the unza. And the children have the answer. And

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the children of the children have the answer. And the women have the answer, he gave me the specific god for the answer.

00:27:35--> 00:27:46

It's very, very important to understand is that like the word muhajir, and like the word sahabi, like the word Moravec these words have

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their root

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in the in history, so these words refer to specific people of that time. But the words also have an implication of the qualities of those people if they are reflected in people coming later, for example, in the fall when AFIC is the hypocrite of the time of rasa salah, but the quality of the fact the quality of believing something and saying something else, this dichotomy, the quality of trying to deceive the Muslims, this quality remains so even to this day, if there are people like that now, you don't call them when after you clean because that is a specific term reserved for the people of have, in this case, Medina, but people who are in the terminal is a seller, but the

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quality of the fact is the same. So therefore, if Allah subhanaw taala promised a punishment for the moon after clean the same punishment would apply here. Similarly, if you say the Momineen in the Quran, all the references the Momineen refers to the Sahaba fossilized salah but then the believers are those who reflect those qualities of the Sahaba Salah in their own life. So these are important thing to understand.

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And then and then those SLM said, people will increase and the answer will decrease because the answer is a specific group of people who are Medina obviously as they are dying, they will decrease but other people groups are increasing. So he said people will increase and the answer will decrease accept from them the good and overload their mistakes, he said treat them especially

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different from the other people of the OMA and then he said in the name of Allah he said to the unsalted it said in the Name of Allah, I love you the answer have done what they had to do. Now it is your turn to do it. So he's talking about the OMA and he said that in the name of Allah. I love you. The Ansel had done their work. Now it's for you to to for you to do your work. Again, here we are seeing the same thing, which is that the word unser which is De Anza the particularization of it.

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refers to the people of Medina who helped us realize our Salah Venice and its people the migrants, but the the quality of giving Nusrah to the new Muslim, the quality of evenness

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to of supporting and and protecting a Muslim, this quality remains so the quality of

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anybody can be around sorry to another Muslim

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in any time and on to the Day of Judgment, then this is what we ask Allah subhanaw taala to put in us the quality of the qualities of the Ansel so inshallah we asked him to resurrect us with the answer when Allah directs everybody on the day of masala Harada we very rarely he was I will bring that up