The good word and the bad word

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Ar Rahman

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AR Medi many more, he saw me as your marine.

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We spent a lot of lives that you will develop for having given us here today once again and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to surround us

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and to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us, and to lose

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sight and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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when it comes to words,

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you know, the words that we attack

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these are extremely powerful tools at our disposal, we need to understand that what we say, affects the hearts and feelings of the people that we are addressing. So, if I were to stand here today and insult all of you, you would feel bad, that what is this man doing and you will walk out of the message

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in outrage at what I was doing to you. So those of

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our words actually affect the manner in which we deliver health is absolutely important many people and understand the language of the notification language, do you know the Arabic language they know the auto language, but they don't know how to deliver the message. And when we say deliver the message, they don't mean specifically from the Pope, but when you are speaking to others, so, there is a manner in which to speak there are times when which in which you must use a standard This is times in which you must be calm and relaxed. And the only time you must really express your anger at something you see also

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is all the above one one that tells us about these mechanisms. And she says that woman can

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solve a lot more I don't know sell them any shamefully but in

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order for you to do that. I was

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never ever took revenge for something except that if the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala was about to be broken

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meaning then we got angry that is when he stood up consider hate right and wrong is wrong. Let's draw a clear line in tonight's verses I'm also kind of want to address his elemental john canes Oh my god. Can you imagine

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kashia Joe

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Do you not see the example of the IT world is like that of a good tree whose roots are deeply rooted into the ground such that it is

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We have been wildly

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Hello, this basically season three has gone just explain why. And it is beautiful, amazing, tasty fruit that people will benefit from that thought that people benefit from is nothing. But

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all the three within the division. What is

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your words, your words, bad foods, when you encourage someone to give them a good word you explain to them in a good manner. They make these words actually painful. And from a possible loss ourselves. We know that a B word is a form of you don't have $1 or a pound to give the data. What do you say a good word. And that is enough.

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brightens his day you get to the traffic light is here begging me to tell you hey, get out. You know, tell him brother, how are you? Well, good to see you. You know today. I don't have anything to eat. Maybe perhaps another day. That leaves in the good news. Or maybe laugh I joke with him. Tell him Hey, what happened to you? Okay, what do you do? Make a joke out of anything, leave him with a heart full of joy. And that is a sudden.

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On the other hand, unless we're kind of worked out that tells us well, I'm not getting it for me. He

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told me he said to me, do you

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an example of an evil

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inquiry is like that of one which has been uprooted. It's been uprooted from its roots. And you can see it on the ground.

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It has absolutely no stability is lying, they have never seen a tree that's been uprooted. It looks dead to you. So when you speak to someone, when you say the word when you discourage them, when you make them feel bad about themselves, what does that do? That actually destroys any goodness, it's useless.

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no food, no benefit, no release of oxygen is resulting from that. The only thing that you can get perhaps, is to chop it up and use it for firewood once you use that resource. So this is really no benefit from that. So the lesson to myself and yourself today is that let us use good words beautiful words, we see yasumasa

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he had a servant, and this is all the above. And this Sahabi served him for 10 years, 10 years. And he says well, not

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Even once in 10 years,

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and he never even said

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and he never says

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that Why did you do this? Why did you not do that? Imagine? He says I was working for you? 10 years.

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But once you pay me Why didn't you do that? Why don't you look at the character

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of law schools what

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we can do to perfect our character. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us those mean or samancor send them a lot of data and being uncomfortable while also having as many

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articles around