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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of the Salatu and its significance in the Bible. There is a difference of opinion among the different speakers on the story, but eventually, the Bible confirms that the Salatu was the first to teach medicine and biology. The transcript also mentions that no one has been killed in the story.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim Salam ala rasulillah karimabad.

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We concluded the story of Nohara his Salatu was Salam in our last discussion. And we mentioned

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that after the floods of nahi salatu salam, it is as if humanity started the second time. And that's why no Haile salatu salam is often referred to as the second Adam. We also mentioned

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that there is a difference of opinion amongst the automa and the scholars as to what was the story with regard to the wife of no Halley's Salatu was salam,

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whether she had accepted Islam or not. And she was on the ship amongst those who got saved, whether she had passed on before the incident of the floods, or whether she was amongst those who got drowned, because she refused to accept the message of her own husband know how to his Salatu was Salam. And we elaborated on the lesson behind it, that sometimes it's the father of a nippy, sometimes the son of an OB, sometimes it's an anchor for newbie, sometimes it's the wife of an OB that does not believe in them. So sometimes we may feel, why is it I'm not getting support from my wife, or from my brother or from my father or from my son. That's the nature of life. It happened

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even to the MBR mo Salatu was Salam. Then we concluded by saying that a Filipina personality Allahumma was of the opinion that no Halle Salatu was Salam lived for another 350 years after the floods, and he's buried in mystical harem. And we also explained the narration that on the day of the AMA, No, honey salatu salam will be asked that did you convey the message to your people? And he will say yes, and then those who belied him those who did not believe in Him, they will be asked that did he convey the message and they will say no, and it was the it will be this oma who will stand as witness to know how a Salatu was salam, even though we were not there, we will not born we

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will not alive We will not present. But Allah has informed us in the Quran and is informed us via Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that no hurry salatu salam did convey the message. Today we commence with the story of Idris and an epi Navara his Serato serum. Now there is a difference of opinion amongst the historians as to whether Idris Addy Serato ceram came before no Elise ram or afternoon Islam.

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There are two different views. There are those who say no, he came much later, after no Halle Sam. And there are those who say no, he came before no Halle Strom Actually, he was a contemporary of administra that he was alive in the time of automatic Serato from the lives overlapped by about 350 years Allah knows best.

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As I explained the other night, the Quran doesn't always go into all of the details because the Quran wants to highlight the key lessons. They are sometimes more details to be found in the Hadith. At times in authentic historic narrations. And at times there are many stories that float around but Allah Allah knows with regards to the authenticity of those narrations.

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It recently Serato serum is mentioned twice in the Quran. One in the 16th of June, Allah says, what could fill kitabi Idris that remember in this book, it reads in who can sit Ethan nebia he was a truthful person, he was a prophet of Allah or a foreigner who McKennon Aliya, Allah says we uplifted him to a very high position. Some scholars have said it meant the position of Nepal, the position of prophethood. Others say it's an

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authenticated story, that it recently salatu salam once asked him angel to take him to the heavens. And as he was being uplifted to the heavens, it was now the decreed time for his life to be taken. So his life was taken in the heavens. And hence, Allah says he was uplifted to a high position. There is that narration amongst what is termed the Salah Eliot, meaning in the narrations of the Jews, the people of the book, who are ill, whether it's true or not, we don't have the ability to authenticate it because we don't have evidence of our own that can support it. But it doesn't contradict anything which is mentioned in our narrations. And so we say, Let's reset the code and

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look at the we don't say it's true. We don't say it's not Rolando space, then it reads sorry Serato surround is also mentioned in the 17th juice. wellness is what is SMA Isla de Sala del kiff Allah talks about three ambia is my Idris and they'll give cool Lomonosov saponin that all of them are from the patient akula Minnesota hain that each one of them was from the the pious.

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Some say that Idris was just his title his name was not Idris it was hollow. And hence maybe that's where you get the English word for Idris when they say Enoch, and he was the first human

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Write with the pen. The first human to write with a pen was rissani Salatu was Salam. When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went for Mirage, he met Idris la salatu salam on the fourth heaven. This is mentioned in the narrations of marriage, the delivery of Allah met him on that particular night. And also the scholars right that's Idris Allah is Salatu was Salam was the first to teach the sciences of medicine and astronomy. And there's a lot of Israeli adds a lot of Israeli narrations with regards to what he taught when it came to medicine and what he taught when it came to astronomy. Allah knows best, how accurate it is or how accurate it is not. But this much is

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established that he was the first to write with the pen. He was the first to teach medicine, and he was the first to teach astronomy. That is basically it when it comes to the story of Erie Sani Salatu was Salam mentioned twice in the Quran. We know he's a newbie because Allah says in the city nebia Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam affirmed that he was a newbie, because it'd be a fun lesson I met nibi eateries on the fourth heaven on the night of Mirage, the Quran talks about him in a very brief way. There is no particular story. There's no particular incident mentioned in the Quran. Nor is there any incident mentioned in the authentic narration from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam we a lot of Baraka with Allah grant us the understanding, so had a lot here behind the here so hello

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