Day 1 of Dhul Hijjah – What Have You Achieved So Far?

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim humbly leghold been Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are Allah Allah He or Saudi as my my brothers and sisters in Islam A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa again, and we praise Allah and we thank him we save humbly leghold been Alameen that Allah azza wa jal has allowed us to live and witness the first day of these great beautiful blessed days of Asia. The question is, What have you achieved today with your relationship with Allah subhanahu Medina, how have your prayers been today? How has your relationship with the bull and being today? How was your relationship with a vicar today? Did you fast or you didn't believe in Allah Allah, so many

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Muslims were fasting today and I do not. I do not doubt that there are Muslims that have already finished a lot more. Once they have already completed the Quran walls, and others have already recited three inches up for his son I've recited how football and already some are working now engaged in the Likud now our prime it's just off the solid and and also some are preparing to break their fast. What have you achieved my brothers and sisters in Islam? You need to make decisions. You need to make a plan for yourself. Yeah, now this is the first day there's only a few more days and the first 10 days of Malaysia are finished and they go and Allah Allah if we're going to live to

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witness Annex II of these beautiful days, my brothers and sisters in Islam. I want to share with you something from the end of salted hash. Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the believers and he calls us all out he says yeah, a Johann Lavina middle ground was Judo abou a backroom of our high Allah Allah come to Pharaoh Allahu Akbar. This is an a la so he's addressing all the believers. Yeah, if you're living in a mineral, or you who believe everyone who has said I'm a Muslim, I'm a believer. Listen, this is what Allah is saying. He said, Yeah, you hold the deen and go was judo, me, Coco and meatsuit. In other words, pray. Allah azza wa jal is connecting the believers at the end of sort of

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an homage. Pre commit to your prayers adhere to your select, especially the obligatory prayers and if you're praying your obligatory prayers on time, then start working on your sooner neuroleptic start praying the extra voluntary suelen allottee the prayers that are before and after the obligatory prayers these are sunnah Marathi and if you're praying this operative the prayers that the Sunnah prayers after and before the obligatory prayers, if you're doing this in start working on your Salah to lay there is always a chance for the believer to upgrade his Salah and to upgrade that relationship with Allah ha So I shouldn't see where you are with a slap he Allah is saying yeah, you

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have Medina mo it'll go was to do if you're not praying stop praying. If you're delaying your prayer start praying on time. If you're praying on time start praying soon allotted the Sunnah prayers if you're praying them then stop praying at night do something there's always room to improve your Salah. Yeah, you have Lavina Amano girl was to do that Allah azza wa jal, he says, Why boo a baboon, and worship your Lord, commit yourself to Allah subhana wa Dianas laws and commands do leave a single command out anything that Allah told you do, do it. Anything No, Allah said keep away from keep away from it. Don't come near it. It's not good for you. It is harmful for you. It will destroy

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you. It'll wreck you in here in this life, in your grief and in the afterlife. Then Allah has social he said what I would like him to flee home and do the good of our higher any good that you know that do it fast. And ticket I think it is from the goodness of Siyam is from the goodness, the charity and giving so the heart and feeding the poor and the orphan. This is all mental High, Low. This is all from the goodness, Allah is saying we're far from higher, do the good move you need to move if value is a verb action move higher. Doing the goodness requires movement. It requires the movement of the limbs of the tongue when reading a thicker movement of the legs of the hands start moving in

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the worship of Allah azza wa jal, you'll notice there's no more time there's only nine days 10 days and that's it the base of the 10 DS operation we finished off our Hale Allah social system. And it's a comprehensive word goodness, it means goodness Allah we sing Do the goodness and heed to the goodness stick to it and do it. Every day any opportunity, especially in these 10 days of Malaysia do the goodness of our higher and we said fasting with thicker Austria and all of this is goodness do I have I will hire and you see what's beautiful here is that unhide means goodness. And so this is very natural, very logic. Anyone who does

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Goodness, He Himself because He Himself becomes good. Anyone who does a hire anyone who does good, he himself becomes good. He becomes his soul becomes good. His heart will become in a good state and in good shape and good position. And he's good to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala he's ready. This is why all the good deeds are called our high yield, because they better our state. They make us higher, they make us middle. Allah associate says we're farming height a lot less than two freehold. So Allah azza wa jal he said, Pray, worship your Lord, and do the good. And so that perhaps you may attain and fill are now looking to fill the hole that indeed you will become from among the

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successful you will succeed. He Allah azza wa jal is giving us the recipe, the ingredients, what do you require in order to be successful in this life in the afterlife, this is a you want success. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam Allah He there is no one on earth except that he is running after success. Everyone wants success, whereas the cloud, he's the road for success. At the end of the soul that has Allah is saying to us, your goal was to do Wi Fi will hire now looking to flip on that is the road to success coming to a select committee or press. And then he said worship your Lord in everything that he told you to do and keep away from everything. He said, keep going from afar and

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hide and do the goodness. And that's it. That is success. Success is not about how much money you have. Success is not about how famous you are in this world. Success is not about what car you're driving, and what whom you're living in, and what clothes you're wearing. This has nothing to do with success. Allah azza wa jal gives this lovely life to whoever he wants, and he gave his whole life to fit our own, and he gave our own and he gave the most rebellious and the most arrogant people they were given this lovely life. And until this day, who will see the most wretched of gopher and the most evil of disbelievers, they have a love of his life. That is not success. That is

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not success. Success is the one who is on a path of worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is what success is. This is who the successful people are. Then Allah on social he said he said to how beautiful these ads are at the end of fourth and how he said them. What should he do feeling learn how

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Allahu Akbar which and Hindu filet have put you heard it, strive and struggle for Allah the way he deserves to be scribed and struggle for Allah azza wa jal is Timmy telling us he's telling us given your maximum, give all your effort for Allah subhanho wa taala. This is not my word. This is Allah's word. He said, We shall he do, he let he have a headed stripe and struggle for Allah the way he deserves. He did the way he deserves. Then he prayed prefer a love we he deserves faster love we he deserves it. Especially in these beloved this team, especially in these great these of this world. The things of Asia. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam it requires and we

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put effort, strife and struggle, fight to lazy laughs fight the sniffs of yours say Allah gives me the ability and the strength and the aim and I continue in your worship and get up Bismillah Who was your face make war Leonard who? It lessens the evil impact of a chef on upon you. It lessons was special was supposed to shave on upon you. This is what Bobo does, cannot make walk when you feel lazy. And start by reading some grant making some thicker. Start your day with is still for say a stop for Allah stop from Allah. Because Allah it is the sins that are weighing us down that are pulling us down. It is the sins that we carry upon us, then we do not realize that we can get up and

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worship Allah so you can start your day begin. Start your day baby. Step four. Start your day with October say stop for Allah stop for Allah a stone for Allah to say it said until we feel that your heart has become light again, that you're able to stand to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala this is what we need when he knew he had Allah azza wa jal you seem to Australian, put your maximum effort for Allah saw him, especially in these beloved, these teams subhanho wa taala. There are no days that are better than these days that we are living in now. Allah who is being honored by Allah social, that we even live one of these days, let alone we're living with good health as well. This

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is an extra blessing. Allahu Akbar Questia. He didn't feel like he had Allah azza wa jal, he says, who wish to back home. He's the one who selected us, Allah he's the one who chose us to be Muslims. So that's it.

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Cobra social deserves to be thanked. Imagine is the one who's listening to me that was born a Muslim, and the one who reverted to Islam that you're listening to me. I think you're a Muslim Now, whoever you are around the world that you're listening, and you're a Muslim, who wish to back home, he's the one who chose you. He's the one who selected you among millions and millions to say,

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Allah, so doesn't he deserve deserve to be thankfulness? Shouldn't you praise Him and you thank Him and glorify Him that He chose you and I to be Muslims. So now, uh, but on top of the fact that he's chosen us to be Muslims. He's also choosing for you and I, to experience these 10 days Allahu Akbar, and we need to be ever grateful and thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we thank Allah social with your worship. Yes, my brothers and sisters in Islam a solid is a means in where you show Allah gratitude. And your first thing is a means in which you show Allah gratitude and every Subhan Allah hamdulillah is a way to thank Allah and every solar power you give for Allah is a way to thank

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Allah. Every worship we do is a thank to Allah social. Now, who was the back when Allah saw him then he said, one man sha Allah Allah confit demon harsh Allah azza wa jal never placed a burden upon you in this religion, Allah He there is no burden upon us. There is no burden upon us and Islam is simple and Islam is easy. Being a Muslim anytime in history is easy. What Masha Allah Allah confit Deen mean harsh, Allah azza wa jal did not place any burden in this religion. Look how beautiful Islam is. If you want to travel, there is a concession. You can combine your prayers you can shorten them, if it is raining heavily. And people feed that if they go out, they they will be affected by

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the mud and so on. You can join the prayers in your local masjid and a woman that is upon her periods and experiencing this pain and fatigue. She doesn't have to pray what knows you're allowed to do dealing with harsh, the one who is traveling doesn't have to fast even if it wasn't horrible, and you can show him his prayers. What are the janela Alikum, demon Holige and Islam there is no burden. There is no difficulty Allah there is no difficulty. It is simple, it is easy. If you cannot stand and pray, sit down and pray. If you cannot sit down then lay down. If you cannot make we will make the elbow and for every case in every situation and every matter out there there is something

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for it in Islam. Allah muck about what matters John Dean even how much can you think of this? Allah azza wa jal creeps us and then he gives us Islam. He chooses us chooses us to be Muslims.

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And then he makes the perfect team simple and easy lover or manager Allah Allah could be dealing with Howard. When there is some Allah Allah he will send them he says, All of you will enter the paradise Allahu Akbar, look at is all of you will enter the paradise Islam and other except who refuses Lubbock will also have they said Dallas will Allah woman yet bet who's this crazy minded person that would refuse and reject, look to enter paradise and abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says whoever abused me, indeed enters the paradise woman outside each other. And Whoever disobeys me, then he refuses to enter the paradise. And Islam is simple, and Islam is easy. Naturally, we're

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going to enter the paradise it is us who would refuse to enter the paradise if we were to reject the commands and the commands of Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one genre Allah Ali confit demon harsh and Islam is simple at Islam is easy, very easy.

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Prayer. So yeah, I know and all of it is good for the soul. All of it is good for the soul. It's healthy, it cleans us from our sins from our problems and it brings us closer to Allah. So a lot like a lot. So then he sent me a vehicle Ibrahim Allah La Sorgente same Yeah, it will it who will letter Alico Avila he can beat yourself and he to the way of Ebola humanity he set up what was the weight of Ebola he What is this bill that the Ebola him? What is the religion and the path of Ibrahim that we are being taught to adhere and commit to each athlete? It is a three mil letter Ibrahim is to say, a slim to a little bit higher than he is to say, Oh Allah, I submit to you

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anytime you can ask me to do something I will submit to it. And the greatest command that Ibrahim alayhis salam followed was there in Allah. Therefore, following the path of Ibrahim, which is to say let Ilaha illa Allah and commit to the debate when you

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have this in your heart. It will make following Islam very simple and easy. Why? Because now you know that you're going to follow Islam because you're worshipping Allah. And Allah assertion deserves to be worshipped. And the other day, he's the one who created us. He's the one who provides for us. He's the one who sustains us, is any worth being worshipped alone? This is where you're going to source your inspiration. How do you source your inspiration to continue to worship Allah, especially during these 10 days, to know that you are worshiping Him? To know that you are worshipping Him and what an honor it is to worship him? subhanho wa Taala you know Allah, there are

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people today. For example, do you know Gordon Ramsay, you know, Gordon Ramsay is the one who he's a famous chef. He wants to cook for the queen. He wants cooked for the queen, queen, the queen that lives in wherever she is. So they interviewed him after this. And he said, I was privileged. I was honored to cook for her that one time in my life was like, well, look at this, Gordon Ramsay. He was so honored and privileged to cook for a famous person, once in his life. But I know what I'm trying to tell me Is that us as believers, we are not serving Allah. We're not serving a famous person. We are worshiping the Lord of this world. And how privileged and honored should we feel? who wish to

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welcome he's the one who selected us, military to be comfortable him. That's it. Follow this path of Ibrahim, understand that every time you worship Allah, you're worshiping the law of the world. What an incredible honor. This is such a great privilege for law, so I should choose you among millions to make suit for him and to fast and to read and to read the most beloved word to him. subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal, he said who was a black woman Muslimeen and incongruity Heather, it is a law who Nene do Mussolini and before in the books before, it is Allah who called the nation's Muslims, from the time of Adam to do what to whom Allah Islam to solid for sure. I will also Zakaria

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when he said all of these prophets, Allah called the Muslims in the books that he delivered to them. Well he have an in this book in the Quran as well. We are referred to as Muslims, who is a metal Muslim in and in public. You see, you need to realize who you are, we are mostly mean what does mostly mean me Muslim comes from the word as leather, use limo estas lemma. That's what Muslim means a person who submits, opposed to who submits. So every time Allah would say do something, and Muslim submits to Allah says pray, then the Muslim would pray. Allah says Keep away from pork and alcohol and gambling, a Xena, a river people from all this the Muslim he submits to this command of Allah he

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keeps away. This is what a Muslim is, who is a black woman who see me and then come off he had he had who normal solutia heathen alikhan otaku shahada, Allah nets, in other words, Allah so when they say that he selected us, and He chose us, and he named us Muslims, so that we can bear witness on the Day of Judgment, that indeed the messengers of the nations, indeed the preach to them the truth, because you know, the Day of Judgment, the disbelievers they would reject that any prophet came to them and preach to them. Hey can confer they would say measure and the machine will enter the measuring machine will ever give no profit, no warning, no messenger came to us, so that Allah azza

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wa jal will make this ematic amount of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be a witness, that indeed Allah did send prophets, Allah sent prophets to nations, and this is will be an honor for us. So this is what LaRussa means by seeing the call who had their island nests, and then the messenger SallAllahu Ali, because how do we know Allah has informed us in the Quran? That he sent prophets to people? So we bear witness on the day of judgment that this indeed habit and will support the messengers. And then Allah azza wa jal says, We are Punarvasu Ronnie Khushi that and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be a witness upon us, meaning he will be a witness to the truth

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that we will speak when we say, Oh Allah, indeed you informed us in the Quran, that the knishes before us was sent a prophet and they were warned of your punishment. Now, so then it was almost assembled with with a witness for what we speak. Then Allah azza wa jal concludes the air and he says, For appeal, select the

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Go ahead and establish the bread since you are Muslims Cintia people who Allah chose, since you are people who are going to commit to the path of Ibrahim, the path of the three, then as a result, the signs of all this, the sign of you appreciating that Allah azza wa jal chose you to be a Muslim and a believer is for our people solid, establish the prayer will ever to occur. And giving charity give you a second word, those who will be led and hold on to Allah subhanho wa Taala hold on to the commands have a lot of social, who am I with aircon For indeed, he is your protector. You when you establish your celeb, you give us a cap and you commit to your religion. No matter which time you

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live. And however the situation in the law is the result and the reward you will earn in this life before the afterlife, whoever

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Allah would be your God and your protector and your support. And your friend. Whoever welcome Allahu Akbar, Haryana Lola, How excellent is Allah as a friend and an ally of the believers who am Oleg unfunny? I'm Al Mohler. Whenever I'm an affiliate, and how excellent is Allah assertion as a source of strength for the believers and a helper for the believers, when mostly logical, that's how long so ahead and salted hash and you know, what's beautiful?

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Is that the solar street after a solid moon, and that he begins a flat Moon law.

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You know, the believers have succeeded. But you see where the success comes from? And why he's now seeing the sloth and you don't have to fly you know, that's the first air cut a flower look we all get. In other words, is it sort of harsh about and harsh, those who go to and harsh, and then they come back from the house, the next slide, I saw them, because by now you should be a believer. Now, you should reach the ranks of the believer, middle, and those who are sitting at home, and don't have the chance to do unhealth. Don't fool yourself. And don't think of yourself any less. Because the matter of the fact is that Allah azza wa jal gave us these 10 dates. And these 10 These of

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Patricia are for everyone, every Muslim around the world. And the day of our fun is not only for the herscherik, the people that have the day of alpha is for everyone around the world, right? anywhere around the world you are you receive the volcat the blessings and the rewards of that day of alpha. So don't fool yourself and don't allow the chef or the tricky. If you're not at home, and you're at home, and you're witnessing the 10 days of Patricia was good enough. That's perfect. It gives you that pedestal, it gives you that opportunity that when these 10 days finished, it depends how you use them, you perhaps can use them and take advantage of them to the point where by the end of these

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days, the end of these days, which is the end of slaughterhouse The next slide is animals we don't know you can use these these to your advantage to becoming the ranks of

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those who attain success and reach success lockable. A flat movement on Allah so hidden, he tells us the sign of a believer and Lavina who feels solid, the impartial those who have sure in their prayer, you see the believer now, it's not about whether he prays or not. It's about him having her sure and he's pray. Because the idea of him praying on our pets, that's for Muslim, and Muslim is the one who lets come and we assess the situation. Some Muslims pray, some Muslims don't pray. But as for a movement, a believer, a movement who is higher rank than a Muslim, there's another rap hip is different. Also, when it comes to the prayer, the nowadays and the venum feel slightly harsher on

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those who have who sharing their prayer. It's not about whether he prays or not. And what I mean of course, he prays it's about now the short that has been developed in a slow low icon. You see the rewards that Allah soldier gives. Now, you my brothers and sisters in Islam and I don't want to take too much of your time. We don't want to come in here on the live give like a really quick and a short reminder but if you're late to Allah basketball, so we think that he allows to benefit from this. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, take the D serious Hurry. Get up and do the good follow higher as Allah says, read the Quran, make a thicket. If you're lazy and pious, take a break. But

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when you're taking a break, do a thicket and if you're taking a break with the intention with the intention of energizing and refreshing yourself for another round of worship, then that relaxation would be rewarding. Be Smart, Be Smart, activate your mind. See how you're going to develop that really

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She should before long and make maximum use of every second you have in these templates, these of Patricia now, more work will require a ticket still fall October

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especially as tomorrow is Friday. And what a beautiful start to the attendees of Asia when you have Friday and it is the best day of the week. So you know I am, it is the most of the week the best day of the week. Coming in the best days of the Allahu Akbar Buddhists upon Buddhists would die is accepted in the last hour on a Friday so increasing your diet increasing your recitation of the saliva of the Quran. Pray your prayers and recycle have gathered in the morning that afternoon before you sleep. Any goodness you can think of do ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us oilskin Subhanahu wa Taala to bestow his mercy upon us in the Holy vehicle Togliatti also Allahu wa Salam o

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bellick Allah and Amina Mohammed while Le he was soft beers mining was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh