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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has been" in the Prophet system and the infamous "has been" title. The transcript describes a crowd gather in Basra and a speech given against a judge's actions, as well as a woman named obtain a custom against the ruler of Jerusalem and give a custom to the ruler. The culture includes military rule and rising taxes, leading to accusations of bribery and fraud. The transcript also touches on political and military events, including a woman named housings and a woman named Missy, and discusses the pros and cons of a certain person, including their love for their partner and knowledge of their needs.

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In an authentic authentic hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever enters upon the Solon has exposed himself to fitna. This hadith isn't a Buddha would. In another Hadith the Prophet system said, Man at a Barber Salon whoever enters the doors of the Sultan of tootin he is causing fitna for himself was that Abdo Minnesota Ania Corbyn the closer a person gets to the assault on the father he gets from Allah subhanho wa taala. In Hadith an Imam was Muslim. Our Prophet saw some said Jaco was Salatin. I warn you from free crit frequenting the palaces of the rulers. There are a number of traditions in our Hadith literature, that caution us especially the

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scholars from associating with the ruling class. And because of this, throughout our Islamic history, checks and balances must exist throughout our Islamic history, who will put the rulers under checks and balances. It has been the scholars, the one category of people throughout Islamic history, who have had the courage and the audacity really, to stand up to tyrannical rulers, and to put rulers in place has always been the righteous scholars. Sometimes those scholars ended up in jail. Sometimes they were killed. Many times they were persecuted, sent into exile. But Allah subhanho wa Taala sunnah is that the names of those scholars and the legacies of those scholars, and

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the respect of those scholars remains until the Day of Judgment, even if their bloods are shut in this world. But when you speak the truth, and that's what our Prophet system said, a photo of jihad is what the highest level of jihad is, what the highest level, it is to speak the truth in front of a tyrant, that level of fear because when you speak the truth in front of a tyrant, generally this is your tyrant, your flesh and blood, your land, it is your people. That's why you're there. And for you to speak in front of that tyrant, there is no one to protect you after Allah subhanho wa taala. And our history is full of the legacies of these great ruler Ma. And today we're going to go over

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some of them and then conclude with some thoughts and shadow for the current crisis that we are facing in our times and SubhanAllah. As I was preparing my lecture today, well Allah I thought, Where do I even begin? There's so many examples, so many examples, but I thought that these are some examples that we should all be aware of, of course, we begin with the infamous hijab and use of and how many Adama stood up even under symptomatic stood up in front of her judge how many great scholars rebuked her judge sorry, you have no more say you he was executed because of a high judge. And Hassan Al Basri, publicly gathered a crowd in Basra and he gave a hotbar and he gave a speech in

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which he made dua against her judge if and use of for all the volume and the bloodshed he had caused. And they even said, Are you not worried about being killed? And he said, My Damn my blood is too cheap in my eyes that I'm worried about this not something I'm worried about what head judge is going to do. The scholars were the ones to point out the volume of her judge. And when the omegas were overthrown and the Abbas came to power, one of the ibises rulers was Abu Jaffa mon Sol and Abuja Fellerman sewer was well known for his volume and he had done a lot of evil things. And his timeframe coincided with that of Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Abu Hanifa, the famous scholar it coincided

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with Dr. Herman Sol and Abu Hanifa did not like Abu Jaffa monsoon in fact about any of his heart was with another you know, group of people that had rebelled and whatnot but had it didn't happen and Abuja for one over so Abu Jaffa wanted to test Abu Hanifa is your heart still with that group? Because in the NFL job for one, so he called Abu Hanifa his his palace, and he said, I want to appoint you to be the chief move to the called the Alcoa of my regime. Can you imagine he didn't like Abu Hanifa. But he realized if he's in my payroll, he's going to be my person. And I'm under his control. He is going to be under my control. And Abu Hanifa refused. And Abuja federal Monsoor

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made an oath with Allah said wala he I'm giving a custom you're going to be the called the al Qaeda. Now I am the Khalifa I have given a custom in the name of Allah. Right. So Imam Abu Hanifa said and I swear by Allah, I will never take this position to person back and forth. Right? So the guy the vizier said, Oh, Abu Hanifa How could you make a custom against his custom? He said Allah's name. How could you invoke Allah's Name custom, Abu Hanifa said, the khalifa to make a Farah, he has a lot more money than I do. So if he makes Grafana it's easier for him. But for me, I don't have the money for that. Cafaro so Abuja for said

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Look at the the brutality if you don't become the chief Aldi I shall imprison you, a boy honey for Carlos imprison me. And he was imprisoned and tortured, and he died in jail, the great Abu Hanifa he died 150 Hijra. Do you know why? Because Abu Jaffa almanzora wanted to make sure that there was no opposition of Rouhani for the people loved him, Abu Hanifa everybody knew who he was his heart was not with the regime, and the regime wanted him. They wanted to bribe him whatever salary you want, whatever he said, No, it's not going to happen. And because of this, what happened happen? Another great scholar, his name should be known to everybody. He is in fact called the soul THON of the

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scholars in Abdus. Salaam, his lockup his title, soltana, rouda Ma. That's what our scholars call him. And his story and his life is full of standing up against evil and tyranny. He lived at a time when Jerusalem was under occupation. He lived at a time when there was so much civil war between Muslim lands and multiple times he stood up, and he took a stand against the tyranny against the regime, perhaps the most famous and the most dangerous time when the Crusaders were in Jerusalem. So as you're aware, some of the regimes sided with the Crusader or maybe you're not aware, I'll tell you, right, even now, some regimes side with, you know, people that shouldn't side with right, some

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regime sided with the Crusaders, and they allow the crusading army to come into Damascus, when I say crusaders understand, there were Crusader States, there were multiple kingdoms that within Jerusalem area within what we call Philistine. And so there was civil war between two Muslims. So one of the rulers allied with one of the Christians against the Muslim, as we have it now as well. So the ruler of Damascus word is was

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allied with the Christian king to fight war against a Muslim. So he allowed the Christians who are occupying Baytril mock this, to come into Damascus, to buy and sell in Damascus, to have trade with Damascus, right to have trade with Muslims. He allowed this we have these days people anyway, I don't want to get too explicit, but Allah who was saying we have this reality, right, so Allah is even Abdus Salam when the Quran when the decision came that we're going to have cordial relations with this regime, right? And the Crusaders can come into our land and enjoy Damascus, buy and sell even weapons you can buy and sell Abdus Salam you know what his position was, he was the Imam of the

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OMA yet masjid, to understand what that means, the biggest masjid and the largest audience and the most respected Imam and chef and he gave the Juma Mahoba, all about this issue. And at the end of that holtzberg, he gave a very severe dua against the ruler. And he said, Oh Allah, I asked you to remove tyrannical people and to bring back people who bring Easter to Islam. And he continued making this dua until the people thought he will be executed on the member on the Mahara. And as soon as he got down, he was imprisoned, thrown in jail and then sent it to exile. But that was just the beginning of his long journey, because then he had a clash with the Mamelukes. And then Subhanallah

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the entire, you know, life of this soul Bond. He was exiled and torrent jail and multiple times, but he stood up for the truth. And that's why nobody remembers the names of the cell phones. Everybody knows the name of an exhibit Abdus Salam imam in no way the great Scalia mama no way. He lived under the famous of VA herbalists and a VA had a badass, he had some good he defeated the Mongols and Angel route. But as with most rulers, I gave the talk, you know, for you to talk about Salahuddin, as with most politicians, even those that have good their politicians in the end of the day, and avoided by Boris had a long list of things as well. Once under the head, they bought us some of the

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remnants in the Mongols were going to come back the invasion was going to be brown too. So he gave a Carrara that all of the people of the town the city had to pay extra taxes so that he can finance an army. So he said go to all of the scholars make them sign this. I'm going to increase the taxes. All of them signed except your mama no way. When he was asked a mama no, he didn't sign he said Bring him to me. I shall make an example of him. And if he refuses to sign I will execute him. How dare he not sign this karar? Mm hmm. No, we came to the palace of Avahi but us and Avaya Habiba said How dare you do not sign this? Don't you see this as jihad against the Mongols? And the mama? No, we

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said, oh Sovann he was mum Luca soltana. Was mum Luqman he was born a slave. He rebelled he became the Sultana Khalifa long story. Oh, so fun. I know that you were born a slave and ALLAH blessed you to become king.

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And you now have 1000 slaves of your own. Every slave has gold necklace and armor and chain. And you have so many hundreds or 1000s of slave girls, milky Amin, and every one of them wearing Silk Embroidery and what not. First, get rid of all your own possessions. First live like everybody else, and get rid of your own billionaire status. Then when you have nothing left, and you must raise funds, I will come and sign the fatwa go tax the people Subhanallah who's gonna say this in our times? Who's gonna say this in our times? Once you stop being a multi billionaire in your personal wealth, then I will come and say yes, tax the people let us all come together and fight. But while

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you live in your palaces, with 1000 servants, each servant has 1000s of dollars, you know, or whatever you want to call it on them. How can I give the fatwa to the peasants that they must fight for your war? I refuse to do so. And a VA had been bought us literally was thinking of killing him. But he said, Hollis let him go. You were in exile. You're never going to be in this land again. When he left the vizier sudden turn and said to him also turn you promised you would execute him. You said you're gonna kill him. Why did you just exiled him? And he said when I saw him, a fear of him entered my heart that prevented me from giving the verdict to kill that fear. It comes from up

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there. When he mama no, we've feared no one except Allah. The king feared him Simple as that. The same philosophy the same example is with shahada, some even Tamia and even Taymiyah is again famous. He went into jail so many times he also died in jail had been Tamia because the salon just was you know, whatever many. But most famously, when the Mongols invaded this is the actual Mongol Hassan King invading this is again, I'm mixing era so don't get confused. Nobody's 150 years before even Taymiyah the actual Mongols now are invading Lausanne, the great great grandson of Genghis Khan, the actual the great, great grandson is now invading Damascus, right and they've been Tamia is in

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Damascus. Now, Lausanne had politically embraced Islam. He said he's a Muslim, but he did in practice and what not long story what not. And he called for a delegation of the aroma of the city to visit him. Even Tamia was a part of that delegation. And when the scholars came in Lausanne laid out the best feast imaginable, you know, delectable delights, beautiful meats and different things. All the people eating. Ibn Taymiyyah has his hand there. One of his friends said fusses, good food eat. Ibn Taymiyyah says, How do you expect me to eat when all of this meat has been stolen from the peasants? And the cops were using has been confiscated from the people and and he kept on going, how

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can I eat of this haram food, and he refused to eat a single morsel on that table. And then the scholars were called, and Ibn Taymiyyah stood in front of everybody, all of you get quiet. I want to be talking here. There's why I came here. And he raised his voice and his hand in front of Hassan. And he gave him such a harsh lecture that Amazon had to lower his face. Even Taymiyah said you claim to be a Muslim. Yet the volume we have seen from you we haven't even seen from a coffee. And you claim this and that and you have done this and and he kept on going on and on. Until one of the people who was narrating this the story, he said, I was so worried they would cut his head off right

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then and there. I put my throat and moved it away from the body of Ibn Taymiyyah in case the blood does not splatter on me literally moving away that level. And Hassan had never in his life been spoken to like this. And in the end he lowered his head and didn't do anything to contain me. Once. Then when they walked out his he said to him even TV, he was his friend said to Ben tamer when the colleague said that were you not scared? Where's there not any worry and even Tamia responded, this is the covenant I have with Allah I have to speak the truth. This is if I'm not speaking the truth, I'm not doing my job. What he is saying as Allah says in the Quran, with a heart Allahu Mytho Latina

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Otto Kitab led to be your noona who hola Nasi Willa. Dr. Mona, Allah took a covenant with the people who have the book the knowledge, you must clarify it to mankind and you shall not hide it from mankind. Anybody who has the book, anybody who has the knowledge has to live up to this responsibility. And we go on and on so many other examples. Now. This is the default. That having been said. You always find throughout Islamic history certain

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People Allahumma Stan, they have sold themselves to the highest bidder. In every one of these courts you had, we call them Coronavirus Salatin, you know it aroma of the soul fun. And every one of these courts, even in the cousins, court, you had moved these and all these and wild dens and show you in Amazon, the Mongol invasion. And you had Muslim judges over there on that site, you don't know their names, because history does not record them. Even though in that era, those are the ones that are famous. Those are the ones that have power and wealth and fame and prestige. But here's the point. When history goes on, those who are famous in their lives become unknown in their deaths, and those

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who are persecuted or jailed or tortured, those who spoke the truth. They're the ones whose legacies and whose love and whose respect remains, never ever judge an item will law he never judge an item by his popularity, never judge an item by how eloquent it is, never judge an item by the sweetness of his speech. How is an item known when the item speaks the truth when it is politically incorrect, when he stands up to the tyranny of those that are tyrannical, or even to the tyranny of popular culture, or the tyranny of the masses with the tyranny of opinion, that's how you know an Adam and Adam is shown by the truth that he speaks when people don't want to hear the truth, that is the

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strength of an item, even if he's not that eloquent, even if he cannot quote all the Scripture instantaneously. But when he takes, you know, like our scholars have done now there is an exception. And we find it in the likes of a few Lama, Yanni, for example,

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Zhu Li was close to the OMA years, we have as well, I'll call the use of the student, Abu Hanifa. Eventually, he took a position of a judge very rarely we find some of the odema take positions with some of the Salatin and they take on a position of leadership and whatnot. And generally speaking, we find that such people they thought that the pros outweigh the cons. And you see from their love, and you see from their knowledge that for that era, they were right. The problem comes. And this is what our scholars said one of the scholars of the past was was told why don't you go and advise the salon. He said, I am worried when I enter upon the assault on my knee here will be pure. But by the

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time this hold on is done with me, my Nia will flip. I am worried right now I know my Nia is pure, but by the time I enter, then he's gonna dangle all the bait gonna give me this and death And subhanAllah in the end of the day, we're all human beings, right? So he said, I'm worried right now my near is pure. But by the time he's done with me, I don't know what my needs will be. I'd rather not go. My point is sometimes we find some exceptions. We ask Allah to reward and whatnot. But the general default brothers and sisters, as per the Hadith, the aroma do not mix with the Salatin. That's the general default. And we learned from history, those that do generally speaking, and the

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corrupting themselves. One final point here we see so much happening in the world right now. Well, Lawhon was done so many things that are politically bad, theologically about so many, you know, problems in the dunya SubhanAllah. Please understand, scholars in that region and area, don't judge them all to be the same.

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Silence is not the same as supporting

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this is an excuse for them. You do not know nor do I, what we would have done if the regime is gonna kill. If we speak out. There are countries now, you dare give the slightest holdover. And you will go to jail never to be seen again. You can be the Imam of the most sacred place on earth. And you give a whole tuba that is unliked. And you will be taken and never seen again.

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So cut some slack to those that are silent, they have an excuse. Not everybody can be a mama for them to humble. Not every can be Abu Hanifa not everybody can be Ibn Taymiyyah most odema They can't reach that level. Don't expect them to cut them some slack. If they are silent and they go about their day teaching basic stuff and what not.

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No problem between them and Allah you don't know what you would do. I don't know what I would do. There are also those that are

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somewhat generically supportive. And that's in a very awkward position but you kind of sense it they you can tell they've been forced. That's what I'm trying to say. You can tell by their wording they've been forced. Even those I cut some slack to to be honest. But those that I don't forgive those you can sense they have sold themselves. Those you can sense the rubber stamp, any fatwa that is needed rubber stamp and approval. And to me that that has lost all the integrity and you can tell by the way it is the Sunnah of Allah that though

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Who's who are insincere?

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People get to know of this. And you get a sense, even though you're not going to pass a shot or a verdict on this. But my point is, as I give this lecture and conclude, don't judge all of the rouda ma to V. Imam, Muhammad Muhammad Ibn Taymiyyah is those that are Hamdulillah. Love them, make dua for them, support them, but understand the majority. And maybe we would be of that as well, they can't reach that level, no problem. But those who cannot excuse those who justify those who allow persecution, those who stamp killing of other people imprisoning other people normalizing relations with regimes you should not that's the type of people No, you have no excuse for that. Because you

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have betrayed, it's one thing to be forced and just give the bare minimum and everybody knows by the language, and it's another thing to sell yourselves and be given a resume and be given the position and whatnot and you become the rubber stamp such people are with a biller, we seek Allah's refuge. They have sold their Deen for a little bit of the dunya we never want to be like that. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us all Clawson Taqwa May Allah grant us the courage to recognize the truth and the courage to speak the truth. May Allah subhana wa Tada you didn't have Converse Dhokla diva we didn't know about it about was openers. The knob was Xochimilco Clara Santa Monica

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rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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