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brothers and my sisters in Islam

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you all have beautiful hearts Mashallah

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believers in Islam have beautiful hearts, Allah subhana wa tada promises that all our hearts are really beautiful, even if the exterior has been blemished by all the sins that we have accrued over time,

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even if the exterior has been blemished by trials and tribulations, even if the exterior has been blemished by all the sins that we have earned, even if the exterior has been blemished, and is now ready to pass away, but Allah every one of us has beautiful hearts, whether we like it or not. Allah subhana wa tada has created every single one of us with beautiful hearts.

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There is an authentic hadith, which is an amazing Hadith in Bukhari, where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once sitting in his Masjid. And a companion walked in a companion Rasulullah sallallahu walked in and he smelled of alcohol.

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He had just drunk alcohol.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ordered that he be lashed.

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So when they were lashing him, and he was a repeat offender, by the way, so when they were lashing him

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at that point, it is narrated in the authentic hadith in Bukhari that a little bit of the blood from the man's back from the Saudis back, splashed on the throat of holiday nobody

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and when the blood flashed on Harlequin, Walid Stoke harlot when he cursed the man, Lana to LA and they made the curse of Allah be upon you. So at that point, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam stopped Hadith and said,

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Do not curse him in who you have below Also, Verily, He loves Allah and His Messenger do not curse Allahu Akbar.

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My friends, it is possible that you spend your life doing since it is possible that you're engrossed in since it is possible that day to day, you're only earning sins, it is possible, that by Allah up until now, you have far more sins, that you have good deeds, it is possible that you're not actively doing something for the cause of Allah, and that every single day, you're engrossed in doing things for this dunya only and only earning a excuse in front of Allah to punish you. It may be the case but but Allah you truly love Allah and the messenger. You must love Allah and the messenger. If you don't, why is a lot Why is Allah giving you the chance to come here? If you didn't love Allah and

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the messenger? Why have you taken your time to be here today? Believe me, the food is not worth it. Believe me, the time away from your families aren't worth it. Unless Unless you truly want this knowledge. Unless you truly want something better and greater. There is far more attractions out there. As I walked into this school, and I saw all the attractions out there. There is a cinema out there. There's food out here, there's shopping centers out there, far more distractions, yet you have chosen to spend time remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala, trying to learn about how to protect your Eman in the 21st century. You must have a good heart. You must have a good heart. Even if

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you are like that's a hobby. Who is drinking still you must love a learn the messenger This is why you're here. And of course, of course Allah subhanho wa Taala must one good for you. Allah must one good for you. Otherwise, why is Allah providing for you whilst you're sinning? Allah must want good for you otherwise, why would Allah give you his diet and guidance after you have chosen to sin against him and take misguidance Allah must one good for you. So be positive, my friends, irrespective of what has happened in the past, Be positive, be positive. There is good there is good inside you find that good inside you and let it come forth.

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My brothers and my sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, a very beautiful verse about the heart of a believer. He actually describes the heart of a believer and he has and there is a beautiful versus surah note where he describes the light in the heart of a believer and he tells us that our hearts are so pure, so pristine, so clean, so clear. It is so amazing. That all we need to do is just like a glass that we polish and the and the blemish runs over that in the same way we simply need to polish the heart and the blemish will run over. I'm going to recite to you from Surah Lu and I want you to listen to this verse or Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the

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Live in the heart of a believer, and Allah says shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah subhana wa

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masanori kamisha to see

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you follow me

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is a to

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a to z

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I wish you would understand Arabic but Allah it is because of this I used to stand as a young boy 18 years old with all of these Arabic books in the University of Melbourne where I used to go and pray my fudger prayer what I used to go and pray my Juma prayer, I would stand all these Arabic books and I would say Oh Allah, teach me Arabic so I can read these books. Allah and Allah answered the door.

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Beautiful verse.

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Allah says, Allah is the light of the heavens of the earth.

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allow you to somehow it will Earth allies in light of the heavens in the earth. That's right.

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Allah is known alized light and from him is light. In the same way Rasulullah Swaziland said in authentic hadith in Bukhari, he said, Allah Houma, anta Salama, minca salam,

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O Allah you are you are a sinner and from you is a seller is peace and tranquility.

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Glory be to You, and far are you away from what people associate from you? So it's possible that Allah is the light and of course from him is the light as well. So Allah says Allah who somehow what the will of Allah is the light of the heavens of the earth, meaning from allies a guidance for the heavens of the earth, from Allah as inspiration for Allah is the motivation for Allah is the sustenance of the heavens of the earth. Allah who muru sumati will have muscle UI and he gives the example he says the example of his light Missouri, even a best love your man who mentioned here Allah subhana wa tada talks about the heart of a believer, a meaning the light in the heart of a

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believer which is from Allah azza wa jal.

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So he says Missouri heat the example of his light mirtha lewrie commish cut in fee harmless, but it's like a lanten within which is the essence of which is a small candle. So imagine in the heart in your heart, at the essence of the core of your heart is a candle. And the candle has a single week of flame, and it's burning inside you with a very simple light

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on this battlefield Sujata. And that single candle is in cloud is enclosed in glass. And that is within a lantern. Have you seen those lanterns where people carry inside it is a week with a little bit of a little bit of flame? And that is enclosed in glass. And we know for example, when I used to go to my villages back in Bangladesh, we used to carry this with us all the time those lanterns, those lanterns a little bit of kerosene used to put inside it. Yeah, it's like that. There's a wick inside it's enclosed in a glass. So I'll miss Buffy Sujata and that lantern is enclosed in a glass. Then he says as Sujata took her under her cold cup. The glass is so bright, it's so amazing, so

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sharp, it's it's as if it's a star and Coco bamboo.

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It is a star that is so debris meaning so bright, that you can't even look at it so intensely bright, so much light from it. The New Yorker dohmen shutaura timu Baraka team. It is fed from a tree meaning the oil that feeds this slide that from which from which it burns is Fred from a blessing tree. Misha charity mubaraka from a blessing tree. They do nothing from a blessing olive tree.

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La sharqiya will ever be neither from the east nor from the west.

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You have to say to her You be

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the oil is so pure. It's so pure that even before the fire, touch

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Is it it's about to burst forth in light.

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And when it does no No, no. light upon light. Yeah, the law renewed he Manisha Allah guides with his life whoever he wills and for he who there is no light, who Allah does not give light and there is no guidance for him. Let me explain this verse, our most amazing verse, a most amazing verse, Allah gives his parables but if you think about it, it unlocks amazing, passionate wisdom in your heart. Allah says Allah is the light of the heavens of the earth, we understood that motherlode he they example of the light of Allah that guidance along the heart of a believer is like a single candle. And that is the fitrah that is within your hearts. Imagine you all have this ability to recognize

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Allah. And you all do. Whenever you sin. You feel bad. Whenever you're seen, don't you feel bad? Whenever you're in distress, don't you raise your hands up to Allah. Whenever you're you're in a shape and about to be shipwreck for example, doesn't your hands go up to Allah? It does. So that is the essence of the fitrah in your heart, the ability to recognize God, the ability to recognize that you are a slave, and that ultimately you are slave to someone far more precious, far more knowledgeable, far more greater than you far more excellent than you. You are You are ultimately totally dependent upon Allah. You Are you a nurse and tool for Cora illallah wa sallahu, wa, Hamid,

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all mankind, you are all beggars to Allah and Allah is free of all once the king.

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Absolutely. And this is the fifth and the hearts just like that candle that is burning within us. That simple candle

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that that's enclosed in a glass of losses.

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It's enclosed in glass. So Allah has described our heart to be fragile.

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Because what is the glass except fragile?

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What is the glass except fragile? And also it explains the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala has explained our heart to be like less is because it gives the idea of fragility. it cracks very easily. Isn't that the case? Can you hold yourself back when you when you

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when you talk about allows diligence? Can you truly hold yourself back when a verse of the Quran is read out to you that truly touches your heart? Does your heart tremble when when talking about Allah? Doesn't your heart tremble when talking about assuming less SLM? It does, indeed.

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Truly, my friends, our hearts are like fragile vessels like glass. Thank you I need I need some water.

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So it is like glass.

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Also another amazing reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala has said that our hearts are like glass is because glass is transparent. It's transparent. So whatever is inside, it will shine forth. If you imagine in your heart, it will show on your limbs, it will burst forth.

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If you have this belief in your heart, you can't hide it, it will eventually come out. If you truly have sincerity that will show if you truly are a monastic that will eventually come out it's not possible for a person to say that he loves a lion His Messenger doesn't struggle in his in his cause for the whole life. It is not possible for someone to say that I love Allah and the messenger and not to raise a finger when Allah and His Messenger have been cursed. It's not possible for you to say I love a lead the messenger please never pray in your life for you to never go for Hajj never gives a cut to never help anybody at all. It's not possible at all. So if the actions are bad, it

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must indicate the heart is bad. And if the heart is good, it must make the actions good. In the field Jessa de la moda is a son who had Salah from Jessa de colo, while the faster that faster they'll just Sudoku Allah he'll calm. And that's authentic hadith in Bukhari, Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He said, Indeed, in the heart of the believer is a morsel of flesh. If it is good, then the whole body is good. And if it's bad, and the whole body is bad, what is it except the heart? It is the heart, the heart of the believer. So that is why it's it's glass. It's fragile, it cracks, but it's easy to mend. Haven't you seen O'Brien ads on TV, where it says if you have a crack on your

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glasses called O'Brian, and they'll come and mend it for you, it'll be good as good as gold. That's exactly it. It's easy to mend. And also, it's easy to gray. It's easy to break, and it's transparent. What is in your heart will shine forth. So you can't hide it. The best thing you can do is to ensure that you truly have a pure heart and it's also appropriate to this

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Grab the heart as a glass because have interesting glasses that have blemish on it. When they have blemish on it and dirt on it, nothing can shine, shine forth from inside it. Have you not seen those lanterns that are dirty? no light comes out unless you clean the glass. And that's precisely how our hearts are. The prophets are seldom said, Indeed when a person sins, then there are dots that are put onto the heart, and they are not removed until he does a good deed. And we know of course, the authentic hadith in Bukhari Muslim, where he said, if someone misses Juma three times in a row, then obviously a black dot gets put onto the heart. It's like the black.on the glass that prevents the

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new from coming out. Why else do you feel do you do you see, when people become older and older, when they haven't lived their life upon imagine they have this dark gloominess on their face. But Allah they have this dark gloom on their face. Yet some other people when they walk into the room is this panel so much light. That's like, they used to say when Rasulullah sallallahu

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used to come out on the full moon night we used to compare the light or a solar system to the light of the full moon. And that's an authentic narration.

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Authentic narration. Amazing, isn't it? Because truly when your heart so pleased, so pure, and you clean the glass, so so much that ultimately what's in the heart will shine forth.

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That Allah says that the light in the heart of this fitrah that is within you is fed from a tree. And Allah gives a parable of a tree. Why? Because the trees bless it. It grows, it takes root. It forms its root in a in a way where it's actually very strong. He says it's a blessing tree and it says it says a tune tree. an olive tree. That's quite interesting wine olive tree. Have you ever thought of it? Well, because first of all, olives are the most expensive of fruits in history. In fact, olives they used to use olives as trading material. They used to use olives. Early Greeks used to use olives instead of money because always wear currency. Also always a very versatile as you

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know, as we know, medically as well, olives are very good for you. Olive oil is the best oil it will reduce your cholesterol. On top of that the olive tree is an amazing tree. If you read about it, just Google it, you will find amazing things about olives. Well, what is it that I can tell you about our lives, I've googled it, I found a few things. I found that the farmers of olives when they want to, when they want to have better olives, and new olives, all they do is cut the whole tree.

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It's amazing, isn't it to make the all is better, they actually just cut the whole tree. And when they cut it, it grows again.

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What I also read was the olives, tree, olive trees, take root and stay in one place. So obviously can't move, but they stay and they survive throughout centuries and centuries. Whereas other things like for example, tomato plantations and all that they will die after a few few few few times. Right But the olive tree is something that will stay there for centuries and centuries. So he Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the example of the olive tree for a hot Why is expensive. It's pure, it's clean. It's valuable to mankind. And when the man is cut down, it only shines forth it only comes up against stronger, better with even better fruit. Having to see when the West puts all of these

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problems upon upon Muslims, curbing our civil liberties, causing us to be asked to feel collectively guilty about anyone out there any foolish man doing something silly out there. They expect Muslims to feel collectively guilty. They curb our civil liberties. They mock us in airports. They do all of these these things. Has it ever decreased our demand? Really? No, it hasn't. Actually the mustards are far more Philip fuller than it has ever been. Well let you go for a week now. And I am amazed at the quality of people these days compared to 1520 years ago. And I know I go to UK for example, I go to the largest mosque there. Why chapel mosque 16,000 to 20,000 people praying by Allah the level of

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assured that you feel is far more than I've ever felt ever.

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The average person is learning more about the DEA, the average Muslim is coming back to is the Yes. All of these problems 911 etc. has been a full con. What's the forecast for cancer division? The good people sorted the bad people sorted as horrible your name was hi Mishima helaas. This is Allah sorting. These are the trials and tribulations that have sorted people. So the people that have grown in the Eman, the learning the deen they're becoming more religious and they become

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getting better at it. And the people of disbelief they're becoming worse and worse and worse. And the people who claim to be Muslims but they still harbor this belief in the hearts they're only getting worse in their in the disbelief. It's been like a full con Have you noticed? So but Allah, these trials and tribulations have not caused us to have any problems except good. I remember when I was invited to the House of Lords in UK to give a talk to them. They asked me to say a few words. The first thing I said is Thank you.

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Why are you thanking us? Well, I'm saying thank you, because your policies because House of Lords are the Lords that actually decide the laws in UK and that has a huge impact on the rest of the Western world as you know. So the House of Lords I told them Thank you Why? Because your policies about you trying to curb our civil liberties and kind of trying to put the Muslim in, and our own revival towards our religion has only brought us closer to our religion. If anything, our mustards are far more Fuller. If anything, our hoods are far more clearer, if anything, we are far more determined, if anything, you have now hit us where we really hurts in the heart, in the heart here,

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right here.

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And this is why my survival instincts have taken take take and start Muslims, their survival instincts have taken shape and that is why that is why today we see far more than we have seen yesterday, compare what our last generation would have done about about religion, compared to what it is what is being done. Now. How many more mustards how much more classes far more than the last generation. Do you know are our teachers in Medina University May Allah preserve them they used to say that only about 30 years ago, 30 years ago, this was in 1970 or 1960s. No one used to wear hijab in Medina.

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This is a women used to walk around without wearing any job in Medina and in the city of Rasul, Allah says Allah, and only 20 years later, you can hardly find a woman except that they are covered

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only 20 years ago, is them only only 30 or 40 years ago, this is what they used to tell me when I was there in around about, you know, 2000 in the year 2000, about 40 years ago,

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people would hardly come to machines and the profits loss would not be full. Now it's not just fall they have to break down things to expand.

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So whether you like it or not, yes, there's a lot of people leaving the DEA. Yes, there's a lot of things happening but be positive. You have a beautiful heart and but Allah that is shining forth and but Allah Allah is going to allow you to menorah he will carry healthcare for your own. Allah is of a surety going to establish is like, even if the disbelievers cannot, cannot tolerate it, because this is a last world, we are the pawns of Allah, which we are only enacting what Allah has written for us. So ultimately, my friends, Allah will have a surety establishes like, just like when they cut that tree down, it only burst forward with far better, far more beautiful fruit. Then Allah

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continues, and he says that the tree grows, neither in the East nor in the West direction Mubarak is a to nothing larger to will ever be. Have you heard that? He said, not in the East, North and the West, meaning what? Neither from the extremes on one side nor for the extremes of left or the right, neither from the extremes of this side.

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People who have knowledge but no action, or from the extremes the left people of action without knowledge.

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Right, very big Mona Bonnie, Guide us to the straight path Europe, not the path of those who have those who have earned your anger, or those who are stray

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those who earned you anger and those who are straight. And this is precisely what Allah says the tree is in the middle, neither in the East nor in the West. We are a blessed nation, of people that are in the middle path. And this is why Islam isn't the middle path. This is why Allah says our tree that is in the heart is neither the extremes of the East nor in the West. Then he says What

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do you say to her you'll be one of them terms as soon as the oil is so pure, it's about to burst forth in light even if the fire has yet touched it. Meaning what? Meaning By Allah, if Rasulullah Salam had never come for example, if Rasulullah had never come, Islam was never there. Still, our hearts would know there was one God because

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Because of the purity of the man that Allah has placed in the purity of the ability to recognize one god, yes, we would not know about Salah, Zakat and all of that. Yes, we would not know about Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu. But yet

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the purity of the heart of the believer is so strong, that if we gave it time just like Sandman Farsi as our chef was saying, but Allah he would find it if we were truthful to it. If we polished that heart, if we truly gave that heart a chance, but Allah His heart would guide us, Allah says

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Rasulullah saw similar said and authentic hadith. And if Mahal if enough sequel, curry Tonya palala Hannah's sins is what you really dislike in your soul.

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And you hate that people would hear about it. This is what a sin is. A sin is not x y Zed 12345. I can give you a book of sins. No sin is that plus other things as well. It's what you really have a difficulty in your heart from accepting about yourself and you know, that you would hate other people to find out about and that's why the heart of a believer is like a compass. The heart of believers like a compass, follow your heart. Follow your heart, follow the purity of your heart.

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Don't follow the desires of it, but follow the purity of it.

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And this is my advice to all my brothers and sisters Islam. Follow your heart for indeed you all have beautiful hearts, be positive for indeed Islam is on the rise. And they cannot stop it. Nothing can can stop when a people are being attacked. When people are being forced against the deen, then by Allah, it's only natural for people to defend themselves. It's only natural for people to have that instinct within them that says that defiance within them in order to say no, I will exist. No, we Muslims will not remain silent. No and Muslims will not go into the dark and become an unfocused and forgetting nation. We will not be resigned to the pages of history. Rather we will be resigned

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to the pages of today. We will write our own history. And this is precisely what believers are doing worldwide. Follow your heart My friends, follow your passion. Follow your goals. Follow your dreams. Do that which is right for your deen do that which is right for you for Islam. And indeed but Allah you all have beautiful hearts. My brothers, my sisters in Islam, I asked you all to recognize whether the heart within yourself is a class that is clean and pure or have you blemished it with sins. If you are blemished with sins, there are certain signs that you can see by which you can recognize that. And if you find that that is the type of heart that you have the rectify it now.

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There are signs of good hearts and the signs of bad hearts of failing hearts. As we say heart failure.

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I think I'll use that term heart failure, CCF.

00:28:13--> 00:28:26

And the doctors are laughing and smiling. That's congestive cardiac failure. It's a term we use in medicine all the time. Who's someone whose heart is failing? So let's use congestive cardiac failure for whose hearts are failing.

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All right, no problem. All right. So if you have a very strong heart, there are certain signs What are the signs of having a really good heart. The signs of having a really good heart is that you love the time of prayer and the love the times of a bed, you love that you spend your time in a bed. And you hate it when you simply are not doing some a better or the other.

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You must love it.

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And that must be there within your heart. Yes, it turns sometimes takes difficulty. Yes, that's right. It's difficult. But But Allah, there must be this happiness within your heart. I can tell you now myself. I'm a young man.

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And I have difficulty with tahajjud prayer.

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I have difficulty with tahajjud prayer.

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I don't think I love it yet. But I tolerate it.

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And one day I will love it. And that's precisely precisely precisely what soufiane authority said. He said but Allah for 10 years I disliked it but I still pray like tahajjud praise. Then for the next 10 years. I tolerated it.

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But I still pray. And then for the next 10 years I loved it.

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And that's exactly what you have to do. You have to make yourself love it and that's exactly what Mahatma Gandhi used to say. Amazing statement. He's to say life is about making your heart love what you do what you need to do. Not the other way around. Just doing what you love.

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You feel that you love.

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It's about doing what that which is right. And even if your heart doesn't like it, then you still train your heart to like it. Because you know, your mind says that's the right thing to do.

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So the sign of a good heart, my friends is that it loves good deeds, loves coming to talks, loves giving lectures, loves listening to Islam, loves preaching, Islam, loves helping, alas, path loves helping telling people to give money for the cause of law, whatever it is, some good deed or other. Because if each one of you, my friends, don't have a good deed that is secret between you and Allah, then you are in peril.

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You see, my friends, let me tell you this clearly, any deed that you have done any deeds that you have done, from your day, from your deeds of worship, that you've done in front of mankind, do not expect a law to reward you for it.

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Do not expect that Allah will reward you for a deed that you have done in front of mankind. Why? Because it's very, very important to remember that Allah only rewards the pure deeds, that which has 100% class, Allah is pure and only accepts the pure. So the pious predecessors may lend mercy upon them, never used to expect the law would be accepting their deeds. So they lived in this fear, and this hope, Oh Allah, I'm praying and fasting, but I know you're too You're so pure, or that my deeds which are not as pure or comparable at all, or Allah, I would be amazingly satisfied if you would accept even one frustration.

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So my friends, anything that we do in front of mankind, it is difficult to have purity of intention in the heart.

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And this is why shaken celebrity me or him Allah used to say, he said it is obligatory upon every believer to have one deed every single day, that is only between him and Allah azza wa jal.

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It is obligatory upon every believer to have a deed, every single day that is between him and Allah and no one from creation, knows about it. Ask yourself, do you have that deed, the deed of purity of a class, the deed by which you can then call upon Allah.

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On the day when you are in severe trial and say, Oh Allah, that deed, no one knows what between me and you or Allah. For that sake, oh, Rob helped me and you know that, you know that you need that, because but Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala if you worship Him in your time of need, Allah will look out for you in time of difficulty.

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My brothers, my sisters, Islam, recognize the signs of a good heart. It loves to do good deeds, it hates to waste time. It loves that it spends time in prayer and fasting and Zakat, and in doing a bad it hates the times when it sins. It follows up the good heart is a good is a heart that follows a bad deeds with good deeds. It's a heart that cannot tolerate a day, thinking that Allah is angry with it. And so it says a stuck for a lot of stuff from us. These are the signs for good heart, the signs for bad heart. The signs for bad heart is a heart that is happy with materialistic possessions and is displeased when Allah takes away some materialistic possession. You have a car, you're happy,

00:33:22--> 00:33:27

Allah gave you a fantastic car, and you're sad the day that Allah takes the car away from you.

00:33:28--> 00:33:34

It's okay for Muslims or human beings to like good things. That's fine. I like good cars too.

00:33:35--> 00:34:18

But it's bad to be materialistic and so attached to it. Don't shun the world shun worldliness. Do you know what that means? Don't shun the world meaning live in this world by the good cause and by your good houses, but do not become attached to it. Don't shun the world shun worldliness. And this is exactly what it really means that you not shun the world that you shun worldliness, the attachment to it, that you're indifferent what Allah has given it to you or Allah has taken it away from you. The signs for bad heart, my friends, is that you don't feel any problem in your heart that you missed. You missed a solder. You don't find it difficult in your heart that you missed,

00:34:18--> 00:34:37

something occurred. You don't find it difficult that people have gone for Hajj and you did not you're not able to go for Hajj this year. You don't find it difficult, that Allah has not chosen you to be someone who prays every single night in the rites of Ramadan. You don't find that too much of a difficulty on your heart. These are signs of a

00:34:39--> 00:34:42

bad heart, chronic congestive failure, cardiac,

00:34:44--> 00:34:44


00:34:45--> 00:34:48

right heart failure. These are the signs of heart failure.

00:34:49--> 00:34:52

Also other signs of heart failure, my friends,

00:34:53--> 00:34:54

other signs

00:34:55--> 00:34:56

is that a person

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

is far more happy.

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

is far more happy with day to day activities than he is with worshiping Allah azza wa jal.

00:35:09--> 00:35:14

He's actually angry. Like, for example, kids when they say, Mom, why are you taking me there?

00:35:15--> 00:35:16

Why are you taking me to that lecture?

00:35:18--> 00:35:38

rather a heart that is pure and hard that is clean is a heart that says, You know what? Yes, I may not be wearing Hijab today, but I love the hijab. I might not be praying today, but really, I love prayer. I might not be fasting today, but I love fasting. I love a London messenger and I am going to do tomorrow what I'm going to do today, I'm going to do it now.

00:35:40--> 00:35:45

A heart that is pure is someone that loves a lot. The messenger loves everything about Islam, everything about it.

00:35:47--> 00:35:48

And but Allah doesn't hate anything about Islam.

00:35:50--> 00:36:03

My sincere advice to you all is to cultivate pure and beautiful hearts. You all have beautiful hearts, Be positive, be positive, and just give your hearts a chance and give the light a chance to shine.