Being Dutiful to the Most Merciful

Mufti Menk


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Mufti Menk, leading Jumu’ah Sermon & Prayers. National Mosque of Uganda in Kampala. Capacity of 30,000 worshipers.


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The speakers stress the importance of being reminded of the relationship with Allah and embracing the message of Islam. They stress the qualities of Islam, including the worship of the Most Mercder, the true worship of the worship leader, and the importance of forgiveness and balancing mercy with the true values of loved ones. The speakers also emphasize the importance of finding one's peace, respecting oneself, and not wasting one's time. They stress the need to prioritize healthy behavior, finding one's peace, respecting others, and building relationships with family members.

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Come to Linda Hillary Havana de la colina da da da da da da da da

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wash Haryana Mohammed

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Saleh wakatobi wa sallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Kiran

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WhatsApp uhlmann to Jamuna de la

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luna Fatima cassava,

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my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The first reminder that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has instructed us

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is to be able

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to develop a relationship with Allah to remind each other about the relationship with Allah,

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to be dutiful unto Allah subhanho wa Taala to fulfill your duty unto the maker who made you and who made the entire creation.

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So I remind you by saying a Tacoma wa barakaatuh be conscious of Allah develop your relationship with Allah.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant you success.

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My brothers and sisters, the reminders of the Quran

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have repeated themselves in more than one place. Because the Almighty says while that keep

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me remind and continue reminding for the remaining benefits those who truly believe.

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Don't ever be upset

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when someone continues to repeat the same thing and the same reminder because that is the plan of Allah. When Allah speaks of prayer in the Quran, he does not say it only once, but he mentions it many times. What are key masala

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establish your prayer and give charity or alms to the poor. Allah repeats that so many times in the Quran. The same applies to the reminder of being conscious of Allah, Allah, it is repeated many times

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in this beautiful place, this lovely Masjid, in this wonderful city of Kampala, in this blessing country of Uganda. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us all forgiveness.

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I asked Allah to bless you and your loved ones and to grant you goodness, calmness, contentment and happiness. May Allah alleviate the suffering of those who are struggling not only here, but across the globe.

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I mean,

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remember we are those who worship Allah. And one of the greatest qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he is most forgiving, Most Merciful. Remember that? This is why the mercy of Allah is the first of the qualities and Names of Allah that He has chosen to commence the Koran women in such a way that even before reciting the poem, you and I need to say Bismillah

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful or the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. We ask Allah to grant us from his mercy.

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Don't ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

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We are also aiming to be the best of the worshipers of he who is the Most Merciful.

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One is to say Abdullah, meaning the worship of Allah Amma to love the worship of Allah.

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But 100 and that would be a quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala where he says, the Bible was man.

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A bad man. If you take a look at the names that we give our children, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says

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Have a smile Ilaha Abdullah he was

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the most loved of the names that you could give your children. Unto Allah, the most loved unto Allah are the names of Allah and Abdul Rahman, the worship of Allah and the worship leader of the Most Merciful. As for the worship of Allah, we have understood.

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But when we say the worship of the Most Merciful, why did Allah not have

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another name besides that, that he sees is the most love unto him? Why is it Abdul Rahman, the worshipper of the Most Merciful in order to highlight to you and to I and to everyone else, that the quality of mercy is a quality you should focus on. Focus on the mercy of Allah homina homina homina Allah does not have mercy upon he or she who does not have mercy on the rest of the people.

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You have a woman will

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have mercy upon those on earth and the one in the sky is wandering the heavens will have mercy on you.

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So if you look at

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towards the end, Allah describes those who are the worshipers of the Most Merciful in the true sense what is meant by the true sense.

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Those who are focused on the mercy of Allah and their actions and statements

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would be such that they will receive the mercy of Allah. One is to say, I want the mercy of Allah. But two is to do that which will help you to achieve the mercy of Allah. I want to know what are those qualities? How can I get

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the true worship is of the Most Merciful? Are those whom?

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What do you think the first quality Allah mentions is those whom when they tread the earth when they walk on the earth, they walk with humility, Subhana Allah, be humble, you will achieve the mercy of Allah. Don't be arrogant. Don't be proud. Don't think that you are better than everyone else around you know, you are a slave of Allah. You want his mercy, walk with humbleness, humility. Be humble.

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treat people with respect and Allah will grant you His mercy. That's the first quality Allah makes mention of Yamuna, Alby honan. The true slaves of Allah are those who are humble, they are not arrogant, they are not working, they are not proud, the pride

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that destroys the good deeds.

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Immediately after that, he says, The next quality of those who are trying to achieve the mercy of Allah by worshiping the Most Merciful in the correct way, the next quality is, when they are addressed by the ignorant, they say peace, and they walk away.

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That statement is so powerful, it teaches us many things. Number one,

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don't be from among the ignorant so that others have to treat you that way that they stay away from you.

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When our statements are bad, when we utter abusive words, when we say that which is hurtful and ignorant when we swear others when we lie when we cheat, when we use our tongues to harm people who will stay away from us. Definitely. As believers, we should not do that. Because we are taught that when someone else does it to us, we should say peace and walk away.

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What does it mean? When Allah says

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they say peace. Don't let the abuse of others make you begin a war. Don't let the harm of others make you harm them back. Don't let the bad habits of others make you lose focus from your good habits. Don't ever give up your good qualities because of the bad qualities of others. In fact, you should smile Salaam peace, my brother peace, my sister and walk away.

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Don't ever let the negativity of another make you lose your positivity because you are a slave of the Most Merciful. You will achieve the mercy of Allah the contentment and the happiness as you walk away.

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One levena be tuna lima beans

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Only after those two qualities Allah then says the true believers of the Most Merciful are those who spend their nights worshiping the Almighty. They are conscious of their relationship with Allah. Allah started off with the relationship with other human beings. And then he says, watch out. If you are truly seeking the mercy of Allah spending the portion of the night worshiping Allah, what about us, my brothers and sisters, we don't even spend the portion of the day we're shipping along with our five daily prayers. Surely, if you want the mercy of Allah, you need to have your duties unto Allah in tact.

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And volunteer, to get up at night, sometimes

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volunteer to get up at night sometimes to worship Allah to cry to him to call out to Him to seek from him and Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy will definitely come in your direction. Those of us who get up very early

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and we carry out to Allah and worship Him. In the early hours of the morning, pre dawn, we immediately feel the contentment because Allah blesses us try it out. I encourage myself and yourselves

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to make an effort to get up early in the morning to pray, because that will bring about contentment and happiness, a calmness that you have never tasted before.

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So Allah says the true worshipers are those who spend their nights standing in prayer and in frustration.

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One levena

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in a nutshell, those who call out to Allah asking him to protect them from Hellfire and the punishment of the hereafter. It means those who believe in the day of judgment and they are conscious of the fact that they need the help of Allah, my brothers and sisters, when you are conscious of what is going to happen to you after you die, you become a better person. If you're worried about your hereafter, and you're meeting with Allah and the Day of Judgment, you will have your act in order in order to have that in the proper place. You definitely need to seek the forgiveness of Allah, you need to ask Allah Oh Allah, save us from hellfire. constantly ask Allah.

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If I were to ask you, my brothers and sisters, what is the most important supplication you could call out to Allah with? The answer is a dinner.

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Study dummy Guide us to the straight path. That is by far the most important prayer that you could ever supplicate by

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asking Allah for guidance. constantly ask Allah for guidance, if you look at it. We repeated so many times during the day, so many times during the night, every day and every night in every prayer your prayer is not complete, unless you have fulfilled that surah known as Surah Fatiha What is it all about? It has in it one to one supplication, one prayer, only one prayer in a certain Study

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Guide us to the straight path. Why do we need to keep repeating Oh Allah guide me to the straight path because guidance is in the hands of Allah keep asking your maker Oh my maker, guide me to the straight path or my makeup, opened my doors of guidance. You are the owner of guidance and you become conscious thereafter. Continue to call out to Allah Allah make it easy for me in my grave make it easy for me on the Day of Judgment save me from Hellfire, Grant me is the day I need you let it be the best of my days Subhan Allah May Allah grant us the sweetness

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of the hereafter.

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Thereafter, Allah says and look at the beautiful order 134 Yamato can have a netta Anika

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those whom when they spend, they are neither miserly nor are they

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extravagance, but they budget, they are moderate in their spending.

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They are conscious that wealth is actually a trust entrusted to you by the Almighty. Don't abuse it. Don't be extravagant. Use your wealth in a good cause. If Allah has given you learn to earn your paradise through spending from what Allah has given you, how much are you going to amass, those who have the millions will not be happy, until they have 10s of millions, those who have 10s of millions will not be happy until they have hundreds of millions, those who have hundreds of millions will not be happy until they have billions and those who have billions you will not be happy and so on until they will die being unhappy. So Panama,

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if I were to tell you will you be happy if Allah gave you 1 million,

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many people will say yes, but when you have 1 million you are now aiming for two. And when you have two you are aiming for three. And when you have three, you will aim for four. And before you get the fall, you have already died and you meet with Allah in an unhappy state. You are busy running behind the dollar and the pound, not realizing as much as that is important to a certain degree. Don't let it make you lose focus that you are actually going to leave this world and meet your maker. So prepare for it and seek the help of Allah when you are spending. Don't be miserly and hold back because you will die not having spent even on your own family members. And don't be so extravagant.

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Because you may lose focus of the hereafter. When your life becomes too comfortable. You don't even want to worship a lot of times. Some people when Allah gives them a lot they forget Allah.

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So that is why a lot takes away things. When you are too healthy and you've never had a health problem. Sometimes you might forget Allah. So Allah takes away the health. Allah test you with some challenge, something happens that's not according to what you want. That's a plan of Allah, He wants you to come back to him. He wants you to bear patients to pray to Him. If we all had no needs at all, why would we then be praying to the maker? He has kept it such in his divine plan, that we will need things and we have to call out to Him. It's part of the plan of Allah, Allah to Allah, my brothers and sisters, may Allah protect us from hellfire. May Allah grant us good health. May Allah

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give us wealth, may Allah make us wealthy May Allah grant us alleviation of our struggles. May Allah help those who are in financial difficulty by alleviating their difficulties, those who are in debt May Allah help you to pay back those debts with ease. I mean,

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every time we talk about wealth, the amin is very loud. So Panama.

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And when we talk about other matters, the onion is by the way, two things that bring allowed amin one is about marriage, and the other is about wealth. But in actual fact, when we say May Allah forgive us, they should be allowed to forgive us.

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My brothers, my sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues with us reminding us how to lead our lives we earn it should be pure, we spend it should be good and wise, don't spend in an unwise manner, otherwise you will regret. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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one levena Isla

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de feu, mala Miyamoto waka and Hinata and he can power.

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And I've explained that already. Let's move further 199 I

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want to know

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how long a loan

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for one is.

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Three things that he has mentioned one after the other, the true worshipers of the Most Merciful who will achieve the mercy of the Almighty or those who do not associate partners in worship with the Almighty. They worship Him alone, whoever made me I owe all acts of worship to him and him alone, no one else. As a Muslim, I am not allowed to render any act of worship to anyone besides he who made me he whom I'm going to return to he alone, I will put my head on the ground for and declare of you who made me You are the greatest or you whom I'm going to return to you are the greatest and I will worship none other than the maker the nourisher, the cherisher, the Sustainer the provider, the

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cure, the one in whose hands lies, absolute control of every aspect of existence, he is the only one worthy of worship. That is why we say da da da there is none worthy of

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worship besides me who made me Allah?

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So Allah says, the worship none besides Allah, none besides their medical none besides he whom they are going to return to and they do not commit murder. They do not commit murder. A true believer never commits murder. We don't harm others. If you're a true believer, you realize the giver of the life is Allah Who are you to take that life that Allah gave away Subhana Allah gave life, Allah gave all those who are seated here life, all those on Earth, Allah gave them life, who gave me the right to take away the life, that the giver of life who gave me my life has given some kind of love.

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If it was your right to take away the lives of others, it would be their right to take your life away. And that would mean Allah created us for chaos, which is not true.

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Common logic my brothers and sisters, and Allah says it in the Quran. Like to do the knifes unless you have Ramallah in Nottingham. They do not commit murder in a nutshell.

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And after you have respected Allah and respected the creatures of Allah, Allah says respect yourself. When is new, they don't engage in immorality. They don't fully Kate, they don't commit adultery. Amazing. Look at the order how beautiful Allah has placed these pieces of advice. You want the mercy of Allah respect Allah, you want the mercy of Allah, respect other people. You want the mercy of Allah, respect yourself. Amazing. How do I respect others? by acknowledging that their life is sacred?

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To begin with, and it's a long topic, but I'm only mentioned in the brief.

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How do I respect myself?

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by carrying yourself with the highest of morals and values?

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You don't swear you don't abuse? We spoke about that already. But on top of that, maintain the protection of your private parts. My yup Malema veillonella. He was he of Malibu gentlemen, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Salalah alayhi wa sallam he has said, Whoever guarantees me the correct use of his tongue and the correct use of his private paths. I guarantee him paradise. Amazing. Which means all problems difficulties, hardships on Earth, are connected to your tongues and your private paths. May Allah help us to protect ourselves, those who have fallen in abuse, those who have fallen into adultery and fornication, it's not too late to seek the forgiveness of

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Allah. And remember, you can fulfill your sexual desires in a permissible way. But you need to regularize it according to what the Almighty has taught. Amazing.

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So Allah teaches you when you have developed these sexual feelings out of your nature, Allah says, You know what, we will give you a permissible channel to actually

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fulfill those desires in a respectful way you have respected yourself, may Allah grant us honor. May Allah grant us dignity Mallanna expose our sins, May He grant us the ability to seek forgiveness, and may He forgive us, and may He strengthen us such that we respect ourselves in the highest possible way. My beloved brothers and sisters, your maker loves you. He loves you so much. Look at how beautifully he's advising you. You want the mercy? Well, this is how you get mercy. respect others respect the almighty by worshiping Him alone. Respect yourself by carrying yourself with the highest level of morals and values. And this is why those who have fallen into adultery, those who

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have succumb to the pressures of their own desires, Allah says in

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cha de

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una de la who's me.

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He speaks about how those who commit evil acts deserve the punishment. Then he says except those who seek forgiveness, they turn back to their maker. They do good deeds thereafter. They change their lives in a good way. Allah says for them we will convert the bad deeds into good deeds. And Allah is most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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Imagine Allah says I won't only forgive you, on top of the forgiveness, the bad deeds that you did in the past life. I will grant you such expiation that I will convert the value into good deeds because you put it

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solely for my sake, for my pleasure, why did you quit adultery and fornication, immorality and evil? Why did you quit? You quit it for your makeup. Allah says I love you so much your reward is quadrupled with me and even more. That's Allah, the mercy of Allah. Nobody can compete with the mercy of Allah. So don't let anyone con you that Allah is not merciful.

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He is most

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One lady in

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Allah says you must be warned of something. Don't bear false witness. And don't waste your time. be productive. My beloved youth in this beautiful country of Uganda and across the globe. Use your energies in the right direction. Go out and volunteer for a good cause. Spend your time your effort, your energies and your resources to serve humanity to serve Allah by serving humanity. Go out and help the widows and the orphans solely for the pleasure of Allah. Go out and assist in the causes of those who are struggling solely for the pleasure of Allah. Use your time productively, do something constructive benefit yourself, increase yourself in education, serve your nation and develop it in a

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positive way. Don't be a liability, rather be an assets. May Allah grant us the ability to be assets to our communities, societies and our nations. We have it we have the energies, we have the resources we have the brains, we have the opportunities. And if you don't have an opportunity, don't sit back and say I don't have an opportunity, create the opportunity by the help of Allah, it will work. Allah says Don't waste your time with futile discussion. When you pass by that which is irrelevant, unnecessary, that which is a waste of time, you should pass it with honor, let it pass, I am not going to be a part of people who are creating disunity, people who are creating hate people

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who are wasting time because I am a worshipper of the Most Merciful to get his mercy. I will reach out to others those who are sick, Have you visited them, have you prayed for them, those who are in need Have you helped them when you help them you will find a law.

00:27:24--> 00:27:27

When you assist them you will find the mercy of Allah.

00:27:28--> 00:27:29

That is the plan of Allah.

00:27:32--> 00:27:38

When Medina una bana habarana me as well Gina

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Those who concentrate on their families to begin with many people, they love to reach out to others, but they have not yet reached out to their own family members. Their children are struggling because they don't participate in the lives of their own children, their wives or husbands are struggling because there is no meaningful relationship. How many of us have gone home and said I love you to your own children or your spouse?

00:28:14--> 00:28:24

Allah says those who are concerned about their family members, those who say, Oh our Lord, bless us,

00:28:25--> 00:28:29

with family members with spouses with offspring.

00:28:30--> 00:28:40

Who will be the coolness of our eyes and make us leaders of the righteous. How can you be a leader of the righteous when you haven't even lead your own family in righteousness?

00:28:41--> 00:29:04

I plead with you My beloved brothers and sisters, to spend time with your family members. To make sure that you have made amends resolve your petty disputes amongst one another, it will help you really, we have a lot to do. We want to end the misery of Allah. And at the end of losses, those who have these qualities, the qualities I mentioned today

00:29:06--> 00:29:07

at the end of losses,

00:29:22--> 00:29:57

those are the ones who will have a reserved special place in paradise known as they have the mercy of Allah in this world. And in the hereafter they will have a greater Mercy of Allah. They are the ones who will have the Buddha because of their dedication, their forbearance, their patience, and Allah says they will be greeted with peace, peace, peace, just like they greeted the ignorant with peace. On this occasion, it will be a blessing greeting of peace. May Allah Subhana Allah bless every one of us. barakallahu li walakum

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MFI Mama, Mama, a punto de la la la la la la muslimeen first Oh