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then him that in the middle who want to stay in or who want to still fiddle. When I was a biller, Himanshu Rudy and fusina women say Dr. Molina Mejia de la HuFa la mobila What are y'all doing who follow her do watch her do Allah in LA LA who had their Honda Sharika wash her do Anna Mohamed and Abdullah do humara sudo yeah you hola Tina. I'm an otaku, Allah HELCO to call to Walter Mutanda Illa one to Muslim goon yeah Johanna SUTA Cora como la de Hidalgo calm enough Sinha, Ada wahala comin Huzzah. Jaha Weber Theremin Hammadi, Jalan Kathy Iran one is what Allah Hala did Tessa Luna be here Well, or ham in Allah her Karna la kama la Kiva, Amma Bharat, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

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today, as we all know, begins a new era of not just our lives, but of this country, and really of the rest of the world given that this country occupies the status that it does. And there is no doubt that we Muslims living in this land, American Muslims and yes, other groups as well are feeling concerned rightfully so, we feel worried, there is an element of fear of suspicion, we do not know what the future bodes for us. So in today's hutzpah, insha Allah Who to Allah, we will look at incidents in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we will look at the Syrah and we will try to extract some of the wisdom some of the benefits through the life and times of our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when it comes to difficult incidents when it comes to traumatic times, and to lay the foundation for our attitude, and what our attitude should be. Let us look at an incident that occurred in the life of the prophet saw some perhaps the most traumatic personal incident that ever affected him. And that was the slander against our mother, Isha, one of the most traumatic, emotionally charged incidents in the entire Sierra, when a vicious lie, and the slander was said against one of the most innocent women history has ever seen. It affected the family of a prophet Sallallahu it said it affected him in his private household, it affected his heart, the

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whole community was shaken. And when Allah revealed the Quran to clear up the entire affair, What did Allah say, in the lead manager, if gross, but to mean comme la, tassa, boo hoo, Shah walakum. Bell, who are hired.

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Don't ever think that those people who brought for the slander and all that happened from it, don't think that the incident was evil for you. Rather, the whole incident is going to be positive for you, Bell who are Jairo. Lakhan, even in this vicious lie, even in this traumatic incident that shook the household of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, Allah tells the believers, there will be more benefit than harm, there will be more good that comes out then evil Bell who are hired who lakum This is the underlying philosophy of our religion. It is the paradigm through which we view the world whatever happens happens for the best there is always more good than evil. Allah has a

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wisdom and a plan, and it will be for our benefit lat as a boy who shall Rolla Khan Bell who are hired

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as well in the incident of offered in the Battle of OIT, which was the greatest military setback amongst the time of the sahaba. And the Prophet says that there was no military setback that was worse than if you like, there was nothing that was as painful for the Muslims in terms of military said back then. It was and what does Allah subhana wa Tada say, after the Battle of Orford, after all of the dead have been buried more than 70 Shaheed, the uncle of the Prophet system amongst them, the Muslims are demoralized. Yes, they are traumatized. What does Allah say? Walter? He knew what Allah has an untold Ilona in contempt, meaning don't be sad. Don't grieve, don't worry. This is

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right after they've buried the dead and the walking back to the city. They're feeling the lowest of the low and

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Allah says Walter he No, no, don't feel weak. Don't give up. And don't feel worried what unto me all alone, you shall end up victorious but with one condition in going to move meaning if you have real Eman and Allah goes on and tells them in the MCS como cartoon for the mast cell coma, Metro, if you have suffered a setback if you have been wounded, so have others so have a day. It's not the first note to be the last time you're not the only community under pressure. It's not the first time a calamity has happened to you. And calamities happen to every society every people. What till kill a Yamanaka widow, her been a nurse, these are the days we distributed amongst the people. One era will

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be for this another era for that what till kill a Yamanaka we don't have a nurse. This is the color of Allah. One era will be for this party another for that party, one victory will for them another for them. This is of this world, what telecoil will have been in us and there is wisdom. What do ya allah Mala hula Deena amen, amen Kuma attack.

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And so that Allah may test the faith of those who believe and so that Allah may take shahada from amongst you, and Verily Allah does not love the body mean, while you might have Salah Dena Armineh, William alcohol, caffeine, and so that Allah may cleanse and raise up the believers and show disgrace and ignore money to those who reject. So brothers and sisters in light of the zero, what are some of the positives of difficult times? Why are we going through these, these eras that seem to have so much gloomy negatives of the wisdoms that are throughout the zero? We see them in each and every incident. And in fact, this is of the wisdoms of every calamity, not just political every

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calamity, but especially political and military, as the Quran tells us of the primary wisdoms, is that at times of trauma, at times of difficulty, that is when we most easily discover Allah subhanho wa taala. When are we the most religious? When do our hands shoot up to the heavens? When is our dua the most powerful when we need Allah the most? And you know, the Quran does not criticize this the Quran says this is a fact. way the mustard in Santa Barbara and Ghana. When any calamity befalls mankind, that's when he discovers us makes dua.

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Allah says in the Quran when they're about to drown in the oceans for Iraqi Bluefin vulc when their ships are shaking, Tao Allahu Allah Selena who did? The whole religion goes to Allah. Allah doesn't criticize that What does Allah criticize? Allah criticizes once they are saved, they neglect Allah. You see, discovering Allah at a time of crisis is normal. It's natural. There's nothing wrong with that. turning to Allah when I'm sick when my loved one is sick when I'm suffering a calamity. This is not just acceptable. It is of the wisdoms of why calamities befall us. That's not the problem. The problem comes when we forget about Allah afterwards. That's the problem. So in these times of

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calamities, we are expected to rediscover Allah, our dua must be stronger. Our Tilak cool, our affirmation of Allah Qudra our belief that everything happens with other nothing happens by chance. This is Allah's Kadar, it is destiny, and we have to face that destiny. The one who put us in this destiny will give us the strength and the power and the resolve to overcome that destiny. Our telecoil in Allah to recognize law, how Allah Quwata illa biLlah nothing changes and no one has power, except Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a times like this, when that Iman when that Tawakkol when that Yaqeen must come out and be demonstrated. It is a times like this, that we are reminded

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you see, sometimes we get too comfortable. When life is good. Religion goes down. When everything is politically safe, correct. When our health is good, money is good, family is good. Politics is good. Unfortunately, the heart becomes hard. We start living the life. These types of calamities there is a divine wisdom to jolt us up. You know the expression Wake up and smell the coffee. This is what it's about. So Allah azza wa jal tests people and in that test is our iman, it is our rediscovering of faith it is turning to Allah subhana wa Taala another wisdom of why these political eras and tragedies and climates take place. We learn it from the Quran surah tell the Battle of budget and

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the Battle of word and the battle

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Other, Allah praise the Muslims for finding unity amongst themselves. While our XR zero for tough, shallow water, who most people don't differ, be united and be firm, and you will be the victorious ones in the Battle of Buddle in the Battle of button, the unsought and the MaHA Judoon. face their first crisis as a united community with the both of them fight together or not. And there was tension, because the onslaught and that will hide you don't really they had not grown up together. They were not. They were not that well acquainted. And the unsought had not signed on to wage wars against the Quraysh. That wasn't a part of the deal. And they had the legal right to say, Yeah,

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rasool Allah, we didn't agree to this. You go, they could have said it, and the contract that they had with the process of would have been valid. But now is the test. Are you going to unite with the ummah? Are you going to stand behind the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, are you going to discard the differences of pre Islam and stand together as one community? united with La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, and we know what happened at better. They stood up and they said, Yeah, rasool Allah do as you will, if you're charging into the ocean, we will be right behind you charging behind you. The Muslim Ummah, demonstrated its strength through unity. But what happened at Oxford

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had to either for shield to water Naza Tom, Phil,

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when you lost your spirit and resolve, and you disunited amongst yourselves in the Battle of the Sahaba, from the beginning, were wondering, should we fight here should we fight they're when they're marching towards 300 of the hypocrites break away and they walk away and they said, We're not going to fight up with a we're not going to fight this battle because we want it to fight in the city and you're going outside the city, this unity, breaking the ranks? Well, it's at times of political strife, that the Muslim ummah must be united and external threats. external threats are of the most important ways to make us wake up and realize doesn't matter what the color of my skin is,

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doesn't matter if I'm from Pakistan, and you're from philosophy and and he's from Timbuktu. And they're from Morocco. Doesn't matter that I'm this and I'm that we all are united under La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, we have the banner of tau Eid, we have the unity of the OMA

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after 911.

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This was the first wake up call. For the first time in the 50 year history of the immigrant community, the Muslims realized we need to reach out to our African American brothers. The fact of the matter, which is politically incorrect to say, is the immigrants and their children and our African American brothers, there was a divide amongst them in the Muslim community. Post 911, we realized we need each other. Each one has talents. Each one has positives that the other lacks and put together we can strengthen the OMA Alhamdulillah much happened and hamdulillah in the last 15 years, but we have a long way to go. We still have a long way to go. It is in these calamities, that

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race, ethnicity, cultural divides, and yes, even some theological divides, we need to be mature enough and brave enough to put theological differences aside for greater good at times and places. And I've spoken about this in more detail in other lectures.

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We see this that in this country in this land, there is strength in unity,

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quantity speaker, this is a democracy. And in the end of the day, if enough people want to change and want to bring a change, that change will take place. So it is at times of crisis like these, that as well we rediscover the positives of Muslim unity of the benefits and wisdoms as well brothers and sisters is that it is at times of difficulty and crisis that bonds of who are cemented and fortified. Look at Donald Arkham. In early America, the Muslims who embraced Islam and us to come to Donald outcome, there's always a special bond between them. There was always that that sense of Yes, we were persecuted together, those who suffered in the boycott together, those who lived in

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the valleys of Mecca together for a year or two. The bonds of brotherhood that were established, where it necessary for the Ummah to flourish in the next generation, at times of difficulty at times of strife, or who is rediscovered. of the benefits of these political times of strife as well is that this increased scrutiny and injustice that is done to us actually leads fair minded people to look deeper into Islam and then eventually embrace it in the volume

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that is done to us. People that are righteous and good. Their curiosity is sparked. And they look into what is going on. Why are these people being persecuted? Look at the conversion of a hot tub of Hamza. Why did it occur when did occur? In both of these instances, something happened traumatic. In one case, Abuja had insulted the Prophet SAW Selim, and Hamza said, This is not right. How could you do this? He is my nephew and upon his religion. In another case, Omar was the one who hid his own sister until blood ran from her face. And then he realized, what am I doing in my anger? How could I be so blind? What is this religion? Let me think about it. At times, a little bit of gloom actually

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leads to a great good and a great victory. We in our Masjid invited one of the guards from Guantanamo Bay, who accepted Islam. Do you remember his story a few months ago, we invited him and he said, that I just could not understand no matter what we did to these Muslim prisoners. They were positive. They were cheery, they had a good attitude. And I as their captor was more miserable than they trapped in their cages. Remember, he said this right here in this Masjid? So I wanted to find out where is their happiness coming from? How can they be so positive about really about life about everything. And he studied the Quran and he embraced Islam and we invited him to our mosque here in

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this room as well. People have fair minded of open mindedness, they will discover the truth of Islam. And sometimes we have to sacrifice for the Hamza's and the unbearable hubbub to embrace Islam. And we want that their equivalents and our time nothing, nobody liked them, but their equivalents of our times, as well. Even if they don't embrace Islam, at times of political strife, what happens? There are many non Muslims who join our cause, not because they're Muslim, but because our cause is a just cause. It's a cause where we're not asking for anything other than our rights to practice Islam. Look at Mohammed bin Addy. Look at Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet system, he

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didn't embrace Islam. Most of them did not embrace Islam, the Battle of button as well. When the Prophet says that I'm sorry, huzzah, on the red camel going back and forth. And EarthEcho was saying, oh, Quraysh Have you lost your mind, you're going to kill people because they worship one God, calm down, go back to Makkah. And the prophets, Islam said, if they listen to the man on the red camel, they have wisdom in them. That's the man who has wisdom, meaning rutabaga, these people, they did not embrace Islam. But the circumstances made them stand up and demonstrate who amongst even the non Muslims had good character and good o'clock. And look at what is happening to us here

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in this land. How many famous people, celebrities, journalists, politicians have come out publicly defending us, criticizing the people who are more powerful than them? How many?

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So at these times of crisis, we see who our true allies are. And that is a wisdom and a hikma that we have to grasp and take advantage of, as well we see the opposite. Just like we see our true allies. At times of crisis, we also see what our true enemies and the worst enemies or whom

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the ones who are from within our own ranks. opportunists who want to sell themselves and their families and their community who want to betray the very religion that they were brought up in, who want to go against everything that Islam stands for, simply because a few crumbs were thrown at them from that house up in Washington, simply because some power was given some access was given. And they become the worst of the worse as the prophets have said, I'm said in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim, these are Shayateen in human form, they speak your language, and they dress like you this admittance of a Muslim, but their hearts are not with Allah and His messenger, the sellout traitors, who are

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willing to discard their own community to claim that the majority of mosques are hotbeds of radicalization. And they know that that is not the case because they grew up in the mosques, their fathers might have been the founders of those mosques. But because some money is thrown Hollis they become the people always interviewed on Fox always invited to the if not always this and that. And I'm not saying everybody who goes is bad, but we know who they are amongst them. We know who they are by their track records that I do for whom busy mouth

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and these are the people. We need to know who they are for future reference, because we never knew they're lurking in our midst. We never knew these were the people to turn

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encodes the traders. And in the Battle of offered, Allah mentions in the Quran of the biggest wisdoms

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is that Allah separated the Hadith from the tape? Allah separated the Munna, fic. From the movement Allah wanted to show to the muslims or muslims, Abdullah bin obey of eminent saloon and his gang. You need to know the real character? How would we have known the real character unless there was the Battle of word? How do we have known that this is how evil they are? Unless and until we saw with our own eyes, that when the Muslims most needed them, they turn their backs and literally walked away? How would we have known that?

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The battle buys up? The battle Corolla, the last second treachery in the middle of the night. How would the Muslims have known even though when it happened, it was traumatic when it happened. Allah says in the Quran, your hearts reach your throats? Well over to the global manager, you began having bizarre thoughts when it comes to legal Mortmain on the believers were tested was Uzu. They were shaken to the core. But the Muslims needed to know the Buddle Corrado, their loyalties did not lie with the Muslims, even if they had signed treaties, even if that No. So you see a times of crisis, we see the true character of men, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative. We see the

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hair and the sharp, and that is important. It's important. You know, as the saying goes, that Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know. We need to know these Shayateen few solid insights are processing them say who they are amongst us. And this is of the greatest positives that will come in the in the years ahead of us, as well, brothers and sisters of the positives that we need to look forward to. And it is of the wisdoms why these trials take place is that political crises bring about in us an enthusiasm for activism, a sense of identity. We need to show our Islam, you know, at times and we've all heard stories like this, that there are people you don't think them to be very

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pious, very righteous, but something happened. Somebody says something about Allah and His messenger and something negative happens. And all of a sudden this person whom you had dismissed, you shouldn't have but you have dismissed Oh, this guy has no Eman. This guy doesn't pray this guy drinks. All of a sudden, when depressurizes this person whom you thought had no Eman turns out he has more human than you when it comes to fighting against Islamophobes. That level of spirit of activism. We need a struggle. And we're going to face the struggle in the coming years coming ahead. Each one of us has a role to play as we see in the history of Maccha, early maca, some people

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financially they freed the slaves, others are giving Dawa others amongst the nobility, teaching and preaching others going to the everybody has a role to play. And we need that sense of of, of spirit and community. And yes, a struggle, which means a political crisis. So that we come together and have a strategy, long term thinking what are we going to do? Once again 911 was a wake up call for many of us. And now this is round two. This is part two. Now once again, we need to think strategize. We now hear especially and let me be frank here, especially those who have come from other countries, and those who have become American citizens. They have to realize this is now our

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land. You see before these feet and trial, there was still this sense of okay, one foot here, one foot there. Psychologically, your heart was always back home.

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But now that all of this fitna is happening, you realize I am going back. This is my land and the land of my children, and I have to fight legitimately for it. Well, that's a blessing Wallahi it's a blessing in disguise. To understand that, yes, in order to gain anything, there must be sacrifice, there must be struggle, nothing is gained just by sitting on your behind and doing nothing. So Allah azza wa jal is putting on opportunity, a wall, literally a wall, no pun intended, and maybe the pun is intended, Allah is putting a wall doesn't matter if that wall is built or not. It doesn't matter what the President and whatever. We have our task laid laid out for us, because we take orders from

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a higher authority and we will not be intimidated. We will not be coward, we will turn to our Lord, have faith in our religion, and we shall and shall allow you to either be the victor is as Allah has promised us, and of the wisdoms as well brothers and sisters, is that it is at times like these were true leadership is formed and proven and demonstrated. While Allah He no leader in human history became a true leader, a genuine leader, a respected leader without sacrifice and struggle at times of difficulty. This is the reality not just of the prophets, not just of Musa and easterner prophets of Salaam, but even

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People who have no religion or other religions, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, how did they become leaders? You have to have a struggle. And in that struggle true leadership has demonstrated and we need leaders to lead the ummah. In order to become leaders they must undergo these struggles. If no Kareem Ibrahim Rahim Allah Allah says, true leadership in the religion is only gained through patience and sacrifice ssible and sacrifice you can't become a leader without putting in the time showing and demonstrating the true character. And that true character comes at a cost and at a sacrifice. The point brothers and sisters we can go on and on but the time is limited.

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The point is very clear. And it was mentioned to our Prophet system in the Quran. And it was told to us through him, as Allah says in the Quran, who will learn you'll see burner eat, cutter below who Lenna who are Maulana while Allah He fell yet our Collinwood meno announced to the world, nothing is going to happen to us, except what Allah has decreed for us. This is our attitude, not just for the next four years for as long as Allah gives us life. This will be our rally call. No matter what decree is passed, no matter what law is established, no matter what discrimination takes place, nothing happens to us, except if a law has wielded no one has power except Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And you know what, if Allah has power, who am I to learn? He is my protector. He will protect me. No matter what situation I'm in, he will provide the way out while Allah He ciliata were killing me known and in Allah let the believers truly put their trust BarakAllahu Li, l name whenever I knew where y'all can be male or female it would take Hakeem automatise Marone was thoughtful about polyamory. Welcome. What is intimacy? mucoid MFSL Fudo in the Hall of a food or Rahim?

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hamdulillah Hilsa hadn't had the summit alidium Yet what a mule at Wallonia colo California, I had what I do some practical advice brothers and sisters for myself and for all of us some practical advice. Number one, going back to my first point, at these times of difficulty, each and every one of us needs to examine our relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. Who am I? Who Lana? Do you really believe ALLAH is your Mola? Do you really act in that manner? Is that your philosophy of life? Who am Oh Nana? Will Allah protect you? That is a question you need to ask yourself. Do you have that you're keen that what caused that Eman and Allah? And if the answer to that is yes, then

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move on to number two. Never compromise your religious values. Never compromise what you believe to be the truth. Fear none, except the Lord of men. Be not intimidated by any except the one who shall cause you to die. That shall be your main source of comfort and bravery. Number three, do not shy away from being a Muslim in public. Now is not the time to be a coward. We need strength in our numbers. Yes, Allah will help us but of the ways Allah will help us is if we are visible about our Islamic identity. Everybody who knows you in your workplace should know that you are a Muslim. Now's not the time to hide. There was never a time but especially now, be visible about your Islamic

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faith. Do not mince your words about your criticism in a positive manner. Don't be vulgar, don't be but do not mince your words about your rights as a citizen as a human, the dignity that this country is supposed to guarantee you by his constitution. Be sure that if you are quiet and I am quiet and everybody is quiet, then we have failed in the most basic manner to stand up against against this injustice. Number four. Strength in numbers also means you need to establish ties with the community.

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Come to the masjid more frequently. It helps Wallahi it helps speak to any of the brothers and sisters who come regularly for a budget and Aisha for the other Salawat you know it's depressing Wallahi it's depressing. We know this. You go to work you hear what you hear. When you come to the masjid, your Eman soars you get a recharge your battery goes back all of a sudden you know the iPhone charger. This is it right here. You come in your Eman soars in the heavens and you go out feeling good about yourself. You can face another day with some negativity, some hostility. We need each other in this land where we are a minority less than 1% Don't cut off from your Muslim

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As ancestors, come to the masjid, any Masjid regularly and have your presence there, because you need that Eman boost, you need the comfort of being amongst people. And number five, know your rights brothers and sisters know your rights. This is not another country. I don't want to mention the names here. But what Allah had the fact of the matter is, the American Constitution truly does give many more rights than many other constitutions in the world, especially in Muslim countries. Let's be honest here. And we thank Allah for that. And we should appreciate that. But you know, if you allow somebody to trample your rights, don't blame anybody but yourself. Know your rights, know

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what is legal know what is illegal. That requires knowledge. If you don't have it, go to the lawyers go to the people. There are many advocacy groups, there's care, there's a Mac, there's other groups here. There are also groups that are not even related to Muslims, but they're helping us out the ACLU, know these organizations, and they need our financial support. They need our support in attending and knowing our rights. We have a lot of allies in this country. But if you're just going to disappear when somebody tramples over your foot, you're going to ignore it, you're going to let them trample over one foot, they're going to trample over the second one. Know your rights and stand

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up and fight and come together. And insha Allah Who Tada with all of this. And again, I go back to the first point, relationship with Allah is the most important but after that relationship with the OMA strengthen numbers, knowing your rights, we have a long journey ahead of us brothers and sisters, but in the end of the day, this is why we're here. This is why we are here to face these battles together with the help of ALLAH to overcome each and every difficulty that comes our way. And if we are successful in this world, Alhamdulillah and if not, in our efforts, we have succeeded in the eyes of Allah. And I conclude with one of my favorite verses in the Quran. And I always go

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back to this verse when I'm feeling down when things are happening. Allah subhana wa Tada tells our prophets Allah Allahu Allah who was sending him what are called the NA, Mo and ldquo. So the rockery Maya Quran, we know ya rasool Allah, that your heart feels pain because of what they're saying what they're doing. We know it's difficult. Allah is consoling our source of Allah who has said and we know it's difficult. We're not gonna deny them. Or so the recommended Hold on. We know each other suit Allah. What advice did Allah give our Prophet system for seven big behind the Arabic our CO Minister Jean, why Buddha Rebecca had to

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increase your tests beer, increase your Sajida and continue to worship Allah until death comes to that is our goal. That is our goal. Jana is not in this world. This isn't Jana. Jana is in the next world. You want to get there. It's gonna be difficult, you're gonna have some obstacles, but continue your worship of Allah. Be firm, do unto people as you will like they do unto you. And insha Allah Who Tada when death comes, even if you didn't see the political glory, even if you didn't see the Promised Land, even if you didn't get to the end of of what you want it in this world, your struggle, your striving, your attempt to do so that will get you the promised land of the Ark era.

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And that is really all that we want. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the Eman and the suburb, the taqwa and the claws and the Tofik. To to for quote and to have the strength to continue not just the next four years, but to the end of our lives. Allahumma inni died for aminu Allahu Allah today and then if you had an Jambi them and in love Africa. What are Hamid Illa for Raja wala Dana and Lakota Well, I'm a real on Elijah feta whether I see Ron Elijah sorta Allama Fila Anna will is one in a Latina said Hakuna Bill Eman. What are the winners Hilah Lila Dina Armand Rob Robina. In Nicaragua Rahim Allah Marisa islam al Muslimeen Allah Amen Aradhana Islam and misdemeanor be su infringed

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Reloop enough say watch out at middle feet at the bat he call you yeah as he is able to Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Eminem better be him enough. See within the Malacca the Kudo, see with a letter become a U haul. engineer who were into for cosmopolitan aneema In no law home but it could tell us Soluna other Nebby Yeah, you heard in Amman or Solu Allah He was selling with us Nima Allahumma Salli was selling them robotic were abducted us who they call Muhammad in while early was a big marine about Allah and Allah to Allah yeah moto will deal with so anyway that will cost about 100 fascia I will Monica Do you already do Camilla Allah come to the Quran? Oh the Quran Allah had

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Alia come wash Kuru. What electrolytes Akbar. Well famous sada