Common Errors in Salaah – Takbeer Tahreema

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In terms of common errors whilst performing Salah, yesterday we spoke about leaving the feet dangling in the air whilst doing that is incorrect, the tools must be touching the ground. In reality, the toes must be bent facing the direction of the fibula. And if you leave it all the tools above the ground for longer than three sub panels, then you invalidate the sum. Today I want to talk about the importance of the tech period the harima you see the tech be at the harima is what actually enters you into Salah your Salah does not commence unless you say that agree with the harima and which one of us even if you reading between the Imam, you still have to say that that

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period of time it was safe in such a way where you can at least hear yourself Allahu Akbar, the lifting of the hands and tying it that sooner. But the saying of the tequila hurry ma'am that is mandatory. And many times people make this mistake if they come in late and the Imam is in ruku not in their haste. They come into the surf and they go straight into ruku forgetting in the process to do the tech we're at the harima your Salah hasn't even commenced there's no solavei because you've gone straight into a posture but you haven't commenced your Salah you ever open, officially open Salam and the query is not mandatory. It's obligatory, we are lost about a quota grant us the

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understanding of how to lie will become these mechanical