Sulaimaan Ravat – Common Errors in Salaah – Upholding the Postures

Sulaimaan Ravat
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One common error in Salah, which we will discuss every day

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is the aspect of not upholding the posture of coma and jelsa. These are two independent postures when you come up from rakura, which is a posture. And before you go into such detail, which is a posture, there is a posture in between where your whole body comes to a standstill in the upright position, and that is known as coma. And it's a mandatory posture. Now many of us we make this mistake because of our hastiness, we are coming up from Roku and in the same movement, we start moving down towards such as you coming up, you start moving down. In reality, you've missed out an entire posture, which is why Egypt and you have invalidated your Salah. Then between the two sets,

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thus there is another compulsory posture, which is called the jelsa. When you come up from the one such that you must remain in the seating position for the minimum duration that it would take to say one Subhanallah now we make the same mistake here again, as we coming up from one such that in the same movement, we start going down towards the next sister, even you have an old and you still coming up from your sister, and the Imam has already started going down to next you complete your posture, then you meet the Imam in the next sister. So oma and jelsa are two mandatory postures in Salah. When you come up from ruku, your entire body must come to a standstill in the upright

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position for the minimum duration that it will take to say one Subhanallah let's say one second. And between the two sets does, your body must come to a complete standstill in the sitting posture for the minimum duration of one SubhanAllah. That's the minimum. There are actually two hours that we must be reading. When we say when we come up from neuropathological 100 and caffeine until even mo Baba can free and there's even a lengthier one, and when they come up between the two setters. Then there's also a to add to be recited we need to check up these drawers recite them preferably but the minimum is your entire body. All your limbs must come through a rest for that minimum of one second

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and if it doesn't, you're compromising the validity of your meal after about a quarter of the understanding. So handling

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