Sulaimaan Ravat – Common Errors in Salaah – Takbeer Tahreema – Part 2

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of performing Salah with full sleeves to avoid mistakes, and explains the three key points for achieving proper grading. They also provide instructions on how to properly raise the hand for the patient's temperature and recommend the proper technique for achieving the desired effect.
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In terms of the common errors in Salah that we are discussing yesterday we spoke and we said that we must perform Salah with full sleeves, full sleeves to perform Salah with short sleeves is inappropriate and it's not the correct gap, whether you're performing Salaam congregation in the masjid or even if you are performing surgery individually. Today I want to explain how we ought to make the query the amygdala properly, normally is because of negligence. If we look at the majority of us, which we just do this, we do this is just a kind of lifting up of the hands and tying of the hands. But the proper way of doing it, there's three or four key points that you need to keep in

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mind when it comes to the graded premium. Firstly, your thumbs of both hands need to be in line with the yellows, right. So either it must be just touching the yellow or it must be parallel to the yellow. That's the first thing, your thumb on both hands must be parallel or just under the yellow just touching or near to touching. That's the first thing. The second thing is your palms must be straight facing the table. Some of us we make like this, our palms are facing inwards, or upwards. Or we don't even bring our hands up much we just bring it up so far like this.

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In terms of the heights, your thumbs must be parallel to the bottom of your ears, you halos in terms of the palms, they must be straight and facing the tip law. And in terms of your fingertips, they must be facing straight and upwards. So you hold your hands up straight and in line with your earlobes. And that is how you make the hand indication of the tech made of the hammer. And when is it the critical thermostat now that we say Allahu Akbar, in complete, then we lift up our hands, you lift up your hands to the ear lobes then you say Allahu Akbar, and simultaneously you start moving your hands downwards, and then you tie it how you tie it, we'll discuss in the coming days, so

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thumbs in line with the ear lobes parallel to it or even touching slightly. Palms straight facing Kapler and fingers straight upwards. That's the correct way of lifting the hands during the tech marathon remind me a lot about a katana grant is the understanding somehow

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