Common Errors in Salaah – Ruku, Place the Hands on the Knees

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Moving on now to our discussion pertaining to the aspects of Salah where we generally make mistakes and edit. Yesterday we were talking about how to properly do the record. So a quick recap of what we discussed yesterday. Firstly, we said, when you're going to record your neck, your neck and your back must be level, your neck and your back must be leveled. Secondly, you must not lower your your chin so much that he starts touching the chest, when you Riku nomas to pick up your chin so much that your neck now goes above the level of your waist, your neck must be level with your back and your chin must also be in line with your waist. And also yesterday we mentioned that in Roku, and in

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every other event in the standing posture, and so are your fitness restraints, not at five to one, neither attend to two, but say they must be facing the problem. Now Continuing from there, the scholars right that you place your hands on your knees in ruko. But you must not close your hands. You must not do this. Don't place your hands on your knees in a closed way. Keep it in a natural way, with a gap between the fingers. That's how you placed your hands on your knees in room. Then in Roku, the wrists and the arms should remain stretched straight. They should not be bent, nor should they be curved. nor should they say. So when you insert when you're in when you're in the ruku

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posture, your arms and your wrists must be stretched straight, not bent, not curved and not sagging. And then you must remain in the posture of ruku to the extent that you can comfortably say so cannot be allowed him three times they extend that you can say so cannot be allowed them comfortably three times. And lastly when you are in ruku you must look at your feet. When you stand in your look at the spot where you're going to make sense that where your head is going to touch but when you're in Roku, you must look at your feet and in Roku. The weight of the body must be equally balanced on both feet not that one foot is somewhat up and the other foot is taking the pressure. So for today,

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the hands and the wrists totally stretched straight, not sagging, not curving and not bending the three Subhanallah duration so cannot allow the brother whilst you iron Roku and also keep your fingers open. When you put them on your knees. They mustn't be closed and look at your feet whilst you iron ruku may a lot of Article teledentistry understandings of helmet