Common Errors in Salaah – Inconveniencing Others

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All right, coming on to the aspect of common errors in Salam. Yesterday we were discussing about being considerate and how many times without realizing we tend to be inconsiderate in the name of salah and many nobody really does this intentionally nobody does this intention I need some things without realization or it's sometimes without understanding you see in Islam for carhart's understanding of Deen is more important for God is more important than hyper that itself that's why nobody said Allah honey was sent him said Fatih when was it a shadow? Hanuman alphabet, then one person who has understanding is more severe upon the devil than April than 1000 worshipers? Because

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sometimes, a worshiper who's not, who's not who doesn't have depth in his understanding, the devil can use his worship to mislead him. And it is in that spirit that we are discussing so yesterday I gave the example it's sometimes called normalization Islam is not so much of a problem because Allah has blessed us with a big spacious mystery but in many other mysteries, you see people who sit in the front, they prolong the students at the time of Juma when it's time for this talk to speak for for the for the talk to commence, and then they say what Salah is more important, that's not the point. The point is there is a particular program, or after Isha, there's a program and now the

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whole congregation is coming forward, and you'll find 100 G's prolonging incidents, and everybody has to wait for him to finish. You know, once it was very amusing incident, and nica was about to take place in one visit. And one person stood up just in front of the desk where the new guy is about to take place and he started too long records of Salah it wasn't even last time it was before and he was started to long records of salah and he didn't want to punch in the whole congregation had to wait. So we must not cause the cliff to anyone else not continuing with that same discussion. Some of the other things that we do sometimes which are inconsiderate. Remember, it's not about

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what's permissible and not permissible. It's also about etiquette and decadent. Sometimes some people have this habit of reading a bit loudly in this. So you standing next to somebody else and

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so you're causing inconvenience to that person, you are showing exuberance and you are showing enthusiasm in your own a bother. But in the process, you are being inconsiderate to someone else you are causing inconvenience to someone else. Also, you know, a dino kulu who Adam, Dean is all about etiquette Dean is all about respect. In many industries, we see that some people have this habit, for whatever reason, maybe they don't want to listen to a program that take place immediately after Madrid, for example, a two or three minute program or this announcement taking place. Fine. Nobody says it's compulsory, but at the same time, it's not haram to listen to those programs. And some

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people consistently will stand up just as the program is commencing or is the the short announcement is condensing and walk straight out and weave their way through the people who are still performing salah and weave their way through those who are still misspoke. That is contrary to etiquette that in some ways is actually a sign of disrespect. Whilst on it's no doubt it's not compulsory to sit and listen but at the same time it's not haram to sit and listen and to weave your way and to come from the front right to the back. It's almost as if showcasing the fact now that I don't want to listen to this. I don't want to be part of this. This is contrary to the spirit of etiquette in Dean

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Dean kulu Hi Adam. Many many more examples that we can give but I you know time does not allow and we want to move on to other topics. But just remember this it rather you shorten your Salah you lessen your optional a bother but don't cause inconvenience to others and don't cause you know a kind of unnecessary controversy the speculation by the way you conduct yourself in the house of Allah Baraka with Allah or in the name of carrying out a bother me a lack of adequate Allah grant us the understanding. So kind of like the mechanical of mobile communication