Common Errors in Salaah – Hastening through Postures

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Speaker 1 discusses common errors in their statement, including stealing from their Salah and the need for everyone to come to rest. They also mention the importance of performing certain posture, such as being upside down, and the need for everyone to come to a stop. They express confusion and uncertainty about the ultimate ultimate solution.

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In terms of our common errors for Salah very quickly today I want to focus on that aspect whenever he said Allahu Allah He was seldom said to the effect, that the worst of thieves is that person who steals from his Salah. And how do you steal from your Salah is when you hastin through the postures, what he describes it like the picking of a rooster. And if you ever look at a rooster eating the seeds, the head is just moving up and down like this. There's no there's no stopping. There's no contentment, there's no what you call it, pause, nothing, it's just like the head picking of a rooster. And one day Sahabi came and he performed salein haste and I told him energy for suddenly

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for in the column to suddenly go back, come back, repeat yourself, because this is not how you perform Salah in every posture, your entire body must come to rest. In every posture, your entire body must come to a stop this up down keys the crown back to down back to town kind of Salah because of our haste and because we need to be elsewhere because we have other priorities. Maybe the Salah, maybe the SA will be discharged technically, but it's totally against the spirit of the Salah. milotic with Allah grant us the understanding. So I don't know