Common Errors in Salaah – Keep the Feet on the Ground in Sajdah

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In terms of errors, that we are often committing in our salon yesterday, we discussed a very important thing and that is your our needs to be covered in Salah from the navel to and including the knees, meaning till below the knees. That's the compulsory part. But beyond that you must dress appropriately for the mistake. And if any part of the hour is exposed for the duration of three sub panels, and it's a quarter of the portion of the body, then it will nullify the setup in the movies have written that sometimes very often we see people wear tight pants or the tight shirt, and the upper part of the buttocks becomes exposed when they go in such that if that remains for the

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duration of three super analysts, then your salary is nullified. Also we discussed yesterday when you buy material, we must be careful, don't buy a light current material that's so transparent, that people can actually see the color of your skin through the material. Because then if they can see the color of your skin in our area, it would mean that your aura is not covered, and it would compromise your Salah. The era that we sometimes make that I want to discuss today is that when we go into such that we don't keep our feet on the ground, our tools are not touching the ground. Now this idea of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam which I won't discuss now because there's quite a bit of

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detail. But there are different points of your body that need to be touching the ground when you're in such that your forehead, your nose, your palms, your knees, and it is mandatory for your feet also to be touching the ground for your toes to be on the ground. And sometimes we develop this habit where our toes are hanging in the air while we touch them and again if that happens for a duration of three panelists three seconds, it would nullify the Salah because it is necessary for those points to be touching the ground when you inserted the and one of those points is your two so let's be very careful about that it should not be that we in such that our our toes above the ground

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they should be touching the ground the toes of both feet. Male after about a go delegate enters the understanding. So Hannah law he'll be handy. So Hannah, good luck.