How Can we Start Educating Ourself in Deen?

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The customer is asking how to educate themselves in the world and the agent explains that the best book for guidance is the Glorious Quran, which is a book that provides guidance and a warning to suffering. The book is a combination of a goddess Quran and a low-class book, and it is a warfare book for those in distress.
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Salaam Alaikum My name is Sagar e6. And my question is, how can we start educating ourselves in the deen? So we may educate others in the oma and what is the basic we should know

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the question that how should we educate ourselves so that way What should we know basically, but natural knowledge is such a thing that it's a big ocean. But the best book for guidance

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is a goddess Quran out asked, you should have the lowest Quran. That's the best. This is the best book of guidance. It is a proclamation to humanity. It is the most positive book in the world. It is a fountain of mercy and wisdom. It is a warning to the headless. It's a guide to the earring. It's an assurance to those in doubt. It's a solace to the suffering and hope to those in despair. The best book that anyone can read for guidance is the Glorious Quran.