Common Errors in Salaah – Garment Below the Ankles

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Now in terms of the Messiah ill pertaining to Salah that we have been discussing yesterday we mentioned that it is mcru it is inappropriate to perform Salah without headgear without the tropius we would say

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more so when you are in congregation when you are in public when you're in the masjid and even if you performing Salah on your own at home, it is inappropriate. It's not correct to perform Salah without the topi without the headgear.

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You know, normally sometimes if you don't have then there the back, there's always a few spare ones. I remember in the old days, they used to take the handkerchief and make a topi out of it. They don't do it anymore, or I see much of it but it showed that there was a degree of respect people understood that I'm standing before law I must stand with the appropriate headgear. For today I want to discuss another issue which unfortunately, I suppose perhaps also because of negligence has become very common, and that is lowering of the upper garments below their ankles. This is something which is reprehensible for a Muslim at any time. Whether you in the masjid or out of the masjid,

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whether you insula tortosa, your upper garments, meaning your kurata your trouser, or if you're not when you're cuter than your trouser, it must be above the ankles. A little higher up is better, but the minimum is it must be above the ankles and it becomes more reprehensible if it's below the ankles whilst the person is in the masjid and the person is in Salah. And many of us have become negligent in this regard and we need to be careful. Sometimes we have the Islamic garb one we have a nice Kuta Mashallah we have a turban we apply Suma we apply later we come to the masjid with the kurata is a bit too long, or the trousers are a bit too long. Sometimes also it it slips down, you

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know, especially if you've got a few extra dunlops around your waist. The trouser may not sit as flush, but we should be cognizant of it every now and then we should we should raise it. So let's keep that in mind inshallah, not only for the month of Ramadan, but let's always check our upper garments, the kurta and the trouser. No sometimes you buy a brand new spanking new shining duffer. You feel a bit hard to tribute, you know, but let's let's do it for the pleasure for laughter Baraka with Allah, that during Ramadan, during Salah in the masjid, our upper garments should be above the ankles and then we take it beyond that because it's a requirement for Muslims at all times that the

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upper garments must be above the ankles. Very quickly brothers three quick announcements. inshallah. After the Terai Salah will have a short liquor program about 515 minutes or so. Secondly, tomorrow, inshallah at two o'clock at the Impaler Christian school, there's going to be a community meeting with regards to crime in the area. I know Sunday afternoons and Ramadan is an ideal opportunity for some overdue siesta or for maybe the wife also is putting pressure for some eat shopping. But really it's it's a it's something that affects all of us that we all need to play our part. So tomorrow afternoon, two o'clock at the Impaler school year behind us. And lastly Alhamdulillah Allah has

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blessed us you know the last few days have been speaking about all of those inconsiderate actions they don't take place to such a large extent in rural Islam because Allah has given us such broad facilities. But these facilities also don't run on loving fresh air. Sometimes people have this misconception that oh you know, because noodle Islam has got flats and they've got holes, they got enough money. Trust me there isn't enough money. There isn't the obviously we think a lot that we have these facilities but you have to look at it relevant and relative to the size of the organization and to the expenses of the organization. We want to underflow on all the time. We want

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the heating and the lighting facilities on all the time. We want adequate lighting in the parking and we want everything but now and then we need to also put into our pockets a little bit and contributes to the banking details or they take note make a regular EFT starting from Ramadan, and also the collections take place over the weekends as well contribute generously inshallah shukrans