[Ep. 06] Inexcusable Disagreements – Managing Our Disagreements

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of accepting certain positions and disagreements in Islam, as it is necessary to avoid conflict and harm. They also mention that certain positions, such as those related to sex, are considered " excusable" and that they cannot be considered as excusable. The speaker suggests that while there may be some rules, it is important to be mindful of the rules and try to avoid conflict.
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Salam Alaikum Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back to managing our disagreements. Okay, we're building on where we left off. We said in the last episode that there are certain disagreements that we must accept all the positions not as true because they're conflicting, they're clashing views, but accept them all as valid, because we cannot be certain in this category of opinions in this category of conflictual, you know, interpretations, we cannot be certain which one is right my position or the alternative position. Therefore, I am obligated to excuse these are excusable positions by necessity obligated, we want to talk about the counterpart to that now, which

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is the positions that we are asserting are wrong, and therefore, we are obligated to disregard them these are inexcusable disagreements or inexcusable opinions or positions or interpretations of Islam. And so, what are these? These are you know what conflict with agreed upon understandings in Islam so, for instance, Allah is one alone without any partners case closed, no one can come and say one can mean three and three can be one. Depends on how you look at it. No, that's not an option. We're very sorry. You know, when I when Allah Subhana Allah Allah told us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the finality of the prophets, the seal of the messengers, that cannot just mean

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possibly the best of them, but there might be more Prophets and Messengers after him not up for discussion. This is a disregarded view. You know, there are certain not just beliefs but practices and values like Salah is mandatory to be prayed in a very specific way that all Muslims know standing bowing prostrating at certain times. There's five of them, though his forte our guys know that it was three. These sorts of things are indisputable about Islam, they call them axiomatically Islamic or the OD they're necessary you know, if you dismiss them you dismiss Islam because they're inseparable from Islam. And so someone comes as no Salah linguistically means connection and so so

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long as I'm connected to God in my own way, I got a spiritual you know, moment in my day then I've fulfilled the Quranic you know, invite to Salah, no, that cannot be the interpretation of Ramadan, you know, is the month of fasting and fasting is from dawn to dusk. And it must happen in Ramadan, not in Raja Bucha. Well, not up for discussion, right? But you know, extramarital relations, getting intoxicated, cruelty to parents murder, these are prohibited, case closed, no one can come about and say what the times no Islam came to rescue us from relative truth came to rescue us from liquid culture came to spare us from the confusion and the pain and the trial of error with humanity that

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comes with, you know, arbitrary decisions, social conditioning, clouded judgment, all that, you know, that is when when someone, you know, violates this principle of where is your precedent, that's how you really determine whether it's excusable and excusable because of the miracles of Islam is that it's traceable. It was born in the daylight. The best generation, you know, was the sahaba. They all understood Islam, at least the core of Islam in a certain light. Therefore, the Ummah could not have ever been in the dark until you showed up, or whoever's, you know, New Age opinion, you're fond of showed up, the old mill was never in the dark. So you're looking for

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precedent to basically when someone violates this rule of requiring precedent, they come out with this view that is contrary to everything has been said prior. That's when you say wait a minute, was ALLAH truthful or not? When he said the Sahaba was the best understood was the best generation was their understanding, collectively flood? No one of them had that opinion.

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Look, was ALLAH truthful or not? When he said that this book is a clear book like that has to have a definition right? There has to be a certain degree of the understandings of Islam that are crystal clear. Was Allah truthful or not? When he said he completed this religion and perfected it was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam truthful or not, when he said talk to kumara de la, I left you on a crystal clear message, you know, lie as Ivana ILAHA. Like nobody deviates from it, except someone that is destroyed. So is there a definition for deviation or not? Or is it all just, you know, we're all taking different roads up the same mountain. So those are the inexcusable positions

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that with all due respect, we cannot entertain this because there's no precedent and the dean needs to be traceable to its sacred sources that ALLAH blessed us with preserving for us subhanho wa Taala

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