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Tafseer of Juz Amma – Introduction
Ramadhan (2017/1438) Lecture Series by Sheikh Muhammad West, Imam of Al-Awwal Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of maximizing every moment in a given day to attain their goals and share their plans online. They also talk about the history and meaning of the title "The row of the sky," which is meant to explain and explain the title of the book. The importance of understanding the Quran and avoiding confusion is emphasized, along with the use of "angry with" and "SFC" in various aspects of religion. The title of the offense book is M ninth, and the title of the book of La ilaha is M ninth. They also discuss the title of the book of the time before Jesus and the title of the book of the time before Jesus.
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I will demonstrate on regimes Miller Nan Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he will remain our beloved brothers and sisters them a phenomenal aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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appraisement will last panel data was supposed to us here hamdulillah this Ramadan 2017 and hamdulillah you've made it we've made it to our alarm abetik nasty Raja for Shabbat noble listener Ramadan we asked Allah bless us neuralgia and Shabana and galantis to reach Ramadan. hamdulillah for us, Allah has accepted that would be a year and this is the game is tomorrow when a brother spoke to me off the jungle and he says you know, you always hear people the man will always say look at the people that are not with us from last year and he's dead and possibly a week or two ago. They see only hits you when you realize that people expect to get to Ramadan you take for granted I will get

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me and Swan Allah we don't get the some people do not get the so we're very fortunate to be here. And just a reminder, though, encouragement, that this one Allah this Ramadan is between you and your agenda are just these 30 days, these 30 days and 30 nights. If you maximize every moment in these 30 days, 30 nights, doesn't matter what sins you have, they're gone. It doesn't matter what little you've done before. Number one, we can guarantee you agenda and every moment insha Allah Every moment is between you and yourself to attain your agenda. So we ask Allah to bless us. We starting now Ramadan hamdulillah clean slate, it's only been a few hours of Ramadan, you spend 20 hours in

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taraweeh you've only got you started off on a good foot. Let's keep it that way. And again just everything else the TV's social media the frames they will be there after Ramadan but this Ramadan you don't know if you're going to get it once again one Ramadan is all you need to intergender I mean, so we affirm our Nia, only I suggested we're going to fast tomorrow. Our Nia is yeah Allah, they this be the best Ramadan that we've experienced, that we read into insha Allah make all the dollars that we need to make. Your dollars are not rejected when you're fasting. So every single problem you have in your life, ask for it now in this Ramadan, your kids, your family, your own

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self, they are low if I am in sha Allah, that this will be the best Ramadan and all the feed and Baraka, we're not going to lose I mean, our theme this year insha Allah is the Tafseer of juice ama. And just as a beginning portion, that we won't be able to cover all of this ama we will basically cover half of this ama, and these, these famous surahs the so the sutras the short chapters of the Quran, which we commonly recite all of us in our scholars, we recite those short chapters. So we will be going through the tough scene each night a different surah so that next time you stay in a new reciting now play Michael dosa and have fun with the castle wall after you understand the

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meaning of the surah. And you understand the purpose of it. And why we do this is because

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the month of Ramadan one of the objectives is to connect to the Quran. Allah says scheffau Ramadan is very easy, let's even put the Ramadan as great as it is as powerful as it is. And as mighty as it is. What makes it great and powerful and mighty, is that the Quran was revealed in this month. And therefore one of the objectives of Ramadan is for us to reconnect with the Quran. So each and every one of us, whatever you can do, even if it's reciting harcombe, a bit reciting a little bit more even reciting one sage, if it's just the Tafseer that you learn with us in sha Allah, but you have a better relationship with the Quran and hamdulillah that's the objective of Ramadan that Allah has

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sent a yes and guidances and signs. And for us this oma is our Quran. And through connecting through the Quran will find played and Baraka and goodness in our life and the Astra. So we ask Allah to grant the subtlety to do justice. We call them short surahs. But in fact, they are mighty and powerful. Now initially, I thought we'll do the whole just online I put on a lot, just the Tafseer of now play and it will take me like a week. So I thought, let's just do the back in. So in sha Allah, this will be our objective this this coming Ramadan. So before I begin, I want to do a bit of an introduction to have seen. So we are going to do the science of Tafseer of some of the chapters

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of the Quran. And what is the obscene? So when we say tafsir? What are we talking about? Deaf seed in the Arabic language if you open the dictionary, and you find the word google translate the word Deaf seed plus or you explain to uncover the hidden meanings. So Allah reveal these ideas to us. Allah is having a conversation with you and me and the his meaning in these in this area. It is for us to understand. And of course when we speak about succeed, we're talking about explaining and understanding the meaning of the Quran, the meaning of the ayah What does it mean?

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mean when Allah says ladymum to be Allah, Allah Don't be Don't make us be of those who you are angry with. Who are these people that are less angry with what a Bali or those who have gone astray? Who are the ones who have gone astray? What is the meaning of these Ayah Mashallah, these are the kind of questions we look to answer

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types of subsea. So, if I were to give you a chapter of the Quran, and I asked you what is the meaning of this word and that word way would we look for the answer? Who is based to explain and to spoil information because it's a new science to many of us that have seen explain explaining and understanding the Quran as levels level one tafsir the highest form of SFC is where the Quran explains itself and I don't know we're gonna start our quiz inshallah on Monday but I hope we have some spot prizes I know the book athletes are out

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I don't know if we need to give one Give me an example in the Quran with a Quranic step see of itself.

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An example of deceit of Quran by Quran so when Allah gives an ayah and then he explains the meaning of the ayah

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an example

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Okay, so how so the uncle system called Universal motor every person shall face the day the ways that FC

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I have the Quran

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No, no, no. So you're asking Okay, let me give the answer. For example, Allah says what Salah was bought by the sky and I thought he was gonna dropcam aquatic and what will make you understand what is a thought? So listen to tell you what aquatic is an agent with the store of might have extreme brightness. So a party is a store with extreme brightness, who told us the Quran told us

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later to call the Rama Rama to cut the light what is led to follow?

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Allah explained Quran with Quran. So this is the highest level of Tafseer that this is which Allah explains with other Ayah when we have perceived by Hadees, meaning the Prophet sallahu wa sallam gave us the Tafseer and in fact if you open every book of Hadith, Buhari Muslim, you will find chapters of Tafseer not very big, very short. So going to be so Sam did not explain word for word the entire Quran. But sometimes a companion would ask the arrows will also send them What does this mean? What does that mean? And then VESA would add and give an explanation. Anyone has an example of where the Prophet gave seed of the Quran from a lawyer send them

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the seed of the Quran by the Hadees.

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No one. For example, the Quran says that for the people, they will get gender well magazine, you will get in general everything and more. What can be more in general? What can be better in general? In general, you get everything. What's the moseyed? What's the extra and the profits will explain to the extra is seeing a more that's even better in general. So he explains the ayah Allah says you will get general machine so the process will explain to them as he is, is the extra then of course we have seen of Sahaba and the scholars. Now obviously this is in priority. That's number one. If the Quran unexplained itself is no reason for further discussion, if the prophets of Salaam gives us

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FC, that's the Tafseer if the Sahaba gift of seal, do we say they are like any other means that it must be mainly CIT FC, and OSHA or not Monahan gives us I've seen, well, each one has its own opinions. Why is the opinion of the Sahaba above that of normal scholars?

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Why do we think that the harbor,

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right, so by the prophecies that Allah says about them, Raji alanya, as he says, that Allah says, Allah, Allah, that Allah is pleased with the meaning of their guidance? I don't know if she, if so, and so and so and so he's on the right page, but Allah Sahaba rhodiola on him. That's a very good answer. Also, the Quran was not given in one book form, it came down in stages, and in many times to the Sahaba. So this companion did something, something good or something bad, and Allah says is down. So how do we ask the question whereas alumina can aluna second and third, they asked him a question. Allah responds with a yes. So if the man says, You know, I understand this is you know how

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I understand it, because I asked the question, Allah sent an ayah to respond, obviously, you're going to take this next step See, secondly, or Thirdly, the Quran was revealed in the language. You know, the Quran was revealed in the language. And I give an example, if you if, if, for example, a book is written in Durban, and the word learning is indeed, it has a very special meaning in Durban and Johannesburg is not the normal. So we now have 1000 1500 years later.

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We are reading without the perfect understanding of the Arabic language, the Sahaba obviously understood it because it was way language. So the opinion of Sahaba is very great. And of the greatest companions with the use of C is the young even at birth from the Alon.

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Then of course, we have seen of scholars and we ask, many great scholars have given them seat but ask Can we give Tafseer? Is the chest of their seats? So open? Yes, no 1500 years have gone by, and every litre of the Quran has been made up of all the Sahaba all the greatest scholars, the Imams of the Messiah, if they've given up since 1500 years by now the Quran has been looked through back and front up and down, every single ayah has been inspected. Is there still room for you and me to make us live? Or do we say this chapter is now closed? Hello, you can't remove? bring something new? What do you think?

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Is the Quran exclusive to certain people? No. But it is open to every one of them. And each and every one of you the blessing that Allah has given you, it's for you. You can read the Quran and find meaning that some scholars haven't even understood or some scholars haven't come across, also, but I say as a side note, if you want to bring a deaf seed, we listen to your opinion, but it must follow certain rules. Number one, it just makes sense in the Arabic language, you can read an ayah and say, Well, for me this word means it means to sister who said that word doesn't appear in the Quran, right? You can say it means to sister, that's to apply to the Arabic language. Also, it must

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make sense to the circumstances. So we think in today's pile what we see after the Manchester, what do we see happening in different parts of the world people it's easy to take an ayah but you must understand the context. Allah reveals an ayah fight them like they fighting you in the middle of a battle. You can't take that idea and apply it to children in the school. Right? So understand the context of the Quran. And it must be consistent. You cannot say in this ayah Allah says we are less brutal, but then we seek to allow had Allah says he's one you cannot say that I believe in eternity because Allah says we know we have to be consistent. So some rules and have and very importantly,

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and I'm giving you this It sounds very technical now to become like most things inshallah, tomorrow when we go into the deceit, we try to use literal meanings of the Quran, don't look the in and get lost and forget the Quran. Allah revealed his Quran to be a little too that you don't have to have a PhD to read the Quran. It's very simple, easy Arabic that all of us can understand. So Allah says this in the Quran, it is he Allah who has seen down to you the book in it or verses must come out precise. They are clear in the Quran, you are very clear, precise verses they are the home of the book. They are the foundation they are the majority of the Quran is clear or the majority and others

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are Muta shabbiha, others are ambiguous unspecified not so clear. So as for those whose hearts there is some disease they have Aziz a deviation, they will follow that in which there is ambiguity, CQ, the school and seeking and interpretation which suits them. So Allah says it's easy to open the Quran and take the ayah which are not clear and choose an interpretation which pleases you rather, this is not the way we make that scene. We look at what is clear in the Quran. And as for the unclear if we try to explain it in a way that makes sense.

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Moving on to

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themes of the Quran, so how many chapters are the in the Quran?

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And in 14 now all of us studied English I hope in school, and you would have done a seat work with a Shakespeare or what's the theme of Shakespeare?

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Shakespeare is all about what you say about love, whatever it might be, what is the Quran all about?

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It's about Hana life anonymously asked you that tell me in five in a in a minute. What is the Quran all about? How do you explain it? What is the theme of the Quran so you need it we have to have the Quran if we don't really know what to put on is all about the Quran is 114 chapters 86 are mucky and 20 acre money okay for a price or price. What is mucky and what is modern?

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Makkah and Medina Yes, but what is what do we wait so we think the Quran 286 sutras or matki and 26 of Madani. What do we mean by that?

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That's the answer. So not reveal the mosque as revealed in Medina. 86 chapters of the Quran were revealed before hegira and 2628 chapters of the Quran will reveal of the nature of even if they revealed in musca but they will often ijarah they still maddening. For example, on Hajj Allah revealed a yom as multi lacantina come today. So back to the religion. This was in Makkah, but it was also the hero so

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This is maddening and why it's important is because the themes of these two types of chapters are different. McKee chapters before his era are given to a disobedient people. Allah speaking to Qureshi not believing, and Allah is so when you speak to it if we were a if I was talking to a group of non Muslims here, I wouldn't be speaking about how to perform salah and force I'll be speaking about what who is Allah? About Jana Jana about the pm about the angels about Mohammed Salah sanlam belief you can imagine. So the monkey chapters speak about Eman speak about belief. They are short, they're sharp, they are quick. These are the muskan chapters. The Medina chapters are the long Surah

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Surah Baqarah surah Allah monster aneesa these are now Allah is giving guidance to a Muslim community. Yeah, Allah, how do I get married? What do I do about inheritance? What do I do about divorce? How do I structure my society? These are the modern chapters. What do you think? Just Mr. McKee now just a nice way in the Quran beginning of the in the end. So lucky. Madani? We said before he's off Asia, where do we expect this ama to be revealed? Before he said our feature?

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Before hamdulillah. So don't get confused and say, obviously, we we would expect Surah Baqarah was revealed first in musca. Know, the Quran, the sequence of the sutras are not based on how they were revealed. In fact, most of the chapters in sort of induce ama are Maki, which means so now really, I'm introducing the theme to you expect to find in these chapters. Not much. Not much laws, but it's going to speak about our beliefs and our theology. The big questions about Allah freewill, Destiny, Jana was going to speak about those things, it's going to be sharp, the rhyme is going to be sharp, it's going to be quick, it's going to make you think and reflect, it's powerful. It's not very long

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and detailed, very short chapters, these are the chapters of this ama. So inshallah, we will begin these, these chapters, and we see the overall theme of the Quran number one to the Quran. So heed La ilaha illa Allah, that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, if you would like to do some reading, so you'd like to start following and reading Tafseer in some of the great stuff, seed works that they are visible, there are many meanings of seeds are of the grace of seeds. Those are not the pictures of the means of the scholars. I think we use that same pictures for different people every year when we speak about the armchair theory. The next picture comes up when we speak

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about our izmi Salatin in the same pictures come over. So those are not the scholars.

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So just some history with have seen. We said the Sahaba would give the scene but none of those who have borrowed the book of Tafseer, the first real big book of SFC from party happiness was compiled by the grace of CS for poverty is basically the father of the fear, the fear of poverty, it's not in English, unfortunately. But this is the most the biggest book of Tafseer. And the oldest book, they knew we had to have seen our Razi Tafseer proved to be just by his name, where do you think it comes from? Cordoba, Spain, so this scholar Ross sfcs, is one of the reason one of the most important books of gypsies. And actually, he's a Spanish scholar, but he's greatest. So each series is better

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than the others in some dimension. He's the series amazing in terms of the Arabic language grammar, is the master when it comes to Arabic, a Spanish scholar, you see doesn't belong to any group of people, you can have a lot of serial therapy.

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We hope we shall learn No, no problem, we should have these things, right. The zero by the way. And then of course, the last two important to have seen even casier many of you must have heard of it. It's perhaps the most famous Tafseer 700 year scholar in the seventh eighth century, meaning basically between us in the prophets are seldom even a cathedral came. And he wrote sfcs

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lovely story in Congo. He father died when he was five years old. He was raised was by scholars by his older brother was a scholar. This was great man, he would guess he wrote basically books on almost every field. And he wrote what is regarded as the most famous Tafseer it's not, I'm not saying it's the best, but it's the Tafseer which is combined, it's concise, it's authentic, it's accurate. It's wonderfully put forward, and it is translated in the English language. So you can get it online. They've seen even guessed it, or even you could purchase it. And then the last Deaf scene, which is also pop, also becoming of the most famous they've seen, they've seen geralyn was a

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Coachella line. gala in Egypt. Two generals, right. So this gelato Dinelli, mahali geologica, cu t. So basically, gelato The mahali was a scholar he began writing xfc he passed away when he student gelada Xena su UT, who also his father died.

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He was four years old. And the students of his father was a professor raise geronemus to UT. When he was 18 years a professor in Cairo, he completed the subsidiary's teacher. So it's the Tafseer of two generals. And what makes this stuff seem very nice is that it is translated. And it's of the shortest of the major Tafseer books of them. So you can also have access to that. So we'll be drawing from these books of Tafseer. And of course, even in modern days, scholars like magnetic and capital law, scholars that we have today are bringing new angles like science and Tafseer. It's new to our time, so we shall be learning more and new things. So tomorrow we'll begin with which surah

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will begin with the most controversial I

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know, this will direct manner. We'll begin with our Binda in Chicago. rajim Bismillah R. Rahman r Rahim, the most controversial is tomorrow. Insha Allah, Allah, a lot of Satan and Mohammed

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen