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The Prophet Alay tensy believe in the holy grail and holy spirit, and the holy spirit is crucial in reducing behavior and causing negative consequences. The French culture includes the holy month of AD, fasting, praying for the holy spirit, and staying up late to avoid trouble. The importance of praying and staying up late is discussed, as well as the need to prepare for the pandemic by following the schedule. The study on missed holy months is also mentioned, and the importance of learning to follow the schedule is emphasized.

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How many people witness Jesus given sight to the blind? How many? Allah haga not many.

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But 1,600,000,000 Muslims believe it

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because it's in Korea.

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How many of you believe that Jesus by laws permission, raised the dead, raise your hand.

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Though we didn't see it, we believe it because Allah put it in the Quran, in all of the miracles that Jesus has done in every prophet, every miracle that they did. We believe it because it is in the Quran.

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And he said, The lady salat wa salam, that people, prophets were given miracles and by which people believed in him, but I was given revelation I was given a core and we have the living miracle.

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was a master teacher. I'm going to tell you something happened 1400 years ago, make a few statements and didn't we finish? Good. Good so far.

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And it's even Malik said that the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam was surrounded by his Sahaba one day.

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And he said, soon there's going to come a man reginal man,

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a man from gender.

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And as soon as he said that,

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amen. Roger moon walked in, with his sandals in his left hand and his beard dripping from ablution.

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And the next day, the prophet Alayhi salat wa salam said the same thing. Soon they will pair.

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Amen from Allah, Jana,

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and the same man into the masjid, with his sandals in his hand and his beard dripping with water from evolution.

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And the third day, the prophet said the same thing. And the same man came in with the same condition.

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And the Prophet got up and left.

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Why he said,

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What was he doing? The profit that he said that was the lamp knows nothing about an Acura except what Allah reveals to him.

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And so whatever he knows, Allah revealed it to him.

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One of the companions got up, I know his name. I don't want to mention his name right now.

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One of the companions, he got up, and he followed that man

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and said to him, I've had some issues with my father. Can I stay with you for three days? And the man said, Yes. I know who the Sahaba is. I don't want to mention his name yet.

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So he goes, and he follows a man he goes to his house. And this hammer is watching this man carefully.

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And he noticed at night, he didn't get up *ing late.

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He said he'd notice for three days that the only thing he could say is that when he turned over, he praise Allah. And He only said that which is good.

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After three days, he said to him, he said, You know what? I didn't have no issue with my father. I just wanted to stay with you for three days because the Prophet alayhi wasallam said this about you that you will be the person, a person from Jen. And I wanted to know what was it? What what why did the Prophet say that?

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And the man said, that said, what you say.

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And so the Sahabi started to walk away the man said, Wait a minute, this one thing.

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He said I don't have anything in my heart against any Muslim.

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And the Sahaba said That must be it.

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Who was this

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Abdullah even asked

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why is that significant? I tell you why will significant

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amen came to the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam in he said he wanted to learn about Islam and the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam Salam said, some Salawat five prayers every day.

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And the man said, hallelujah, God

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is there anything more than these five prayers

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No no no no except what is extra?

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And then the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam he said

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siyam shako Ramadan

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fast in the month of Ramadan tala hallelujah Guru is anything more than the first Ramadan caller

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except what is extra?

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And then the Prophet he mentioned as a cat

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caller hallelujah glad to have caller left.

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No, no no no Excel, what is extra

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in a few days will be called upon to fast in the month of Ramadan.

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4% of the people France practice Roman Catholic

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What about Muslims?

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How many of us Muslims actually practice Islam? How many times you ask a Muslim? Are you Muslim? They say yes, I'm Muslim. Do you fast? No. Do you make Salah? No, but I'm still Muslim, I believe Really?

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You know what is remarkable? When the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam when Sora

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met Raj and he was given the commandment 50 friends today

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if you ever thought about that

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50 prayers a day. And when Allah gave him the commandment, listen to what he said for you to be Delica Hakuna Matata Allah Musa

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and I returned with that until I met Moses.

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He said What did your Lord command he said he commanded me to make 50 prayers a day. Moses in Arabic have

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to tickle danika

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your alma can't do that. Let's stop for a moment.

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Let's stop for a moment and see if our Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam is Abdullah

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50 prayers a day. I'm asking you. You know anything about mathematics? I need your help.

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If you make 50 prayers a day how often you have to make another prayer.

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Very good. Every 28 minutes

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say go to the masjid and you make Salaam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Let me go home, and you walk a few blocks of time to go back to the masjid again.

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Are you kidding me?

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50 prayers a day and the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam. He didn't even hesitate yet the Muslims who won't even make one prayer to Allah subhana wa thrugh. How dare you

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to insert

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have only created the jinn and the humans, Allah said to worship me. And yet the Muslim how many of them don't even pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they go back and forth. Mohammed talisa, he goes back and forth until his five prayers left

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and moves us as follows either obika in omega t quadratic,

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go back

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an actual law to reduce it because your own man would not be able to do it.

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was Moses right?

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Let's see.

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One year, somewhere in America, I was asked to lead eat salad

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was like nine o'clock in the morning. And we bout to have the salad.

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I was sitting down and the organizers were speaking to the people, the people were to my back.

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And the organizer said brothers and sisters, Imam Suraj Maharaj is about to lead the eat salad.

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But it's important. Some of you this morning maybe you didn't make a salad to fudger.

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So it's important that you make a lot of fudger before the April. So those of you didn't pray some not to fudge it stand up now and praise Allah to fungi. Now I wasn't going to look to see how many people didn't pray.

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Until I heard ruffling in movement, a lot of movement in the Curiosity got the best of me and I turned around to look to see how many people will stand up who didn't make

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salad to fudge.

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And to my amazement, maybe 60% of the people stood up and they didn't make a lot to function. What if that was done every day?

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If you didn't make draw, pray yet standard, make door prayer. If you didn't make Asana prayer, stand up none and make acid if you didn't make mock up, stand up now to make money. How many people that don't even pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala they let things go on and on and on. And they don't even pray.

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But the Sahaba

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who follow this man to his house?

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Pamela even alas.

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Are you kidding me?

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The Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam muntu. Abdullah, alas, asked and said Are you the one who say I will fast every day?

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And he said yes. to Professor don't do that.

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He said past maybe three days a month. He said I can do better than that.

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So now he's negotiating with the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam, the promise that Okay, finally, do the fast that that would what is the faster that you fast one day you break the fast and next day, every other day? He said I can do better than that. He said there is no fast better than that.

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And Abdullah, even, even as he do clear, tiamo Lane Yes, the entire night. He stand and tie and night. And the Prophet said don't do that. He said you you pray and you sleep you pray and you sleep.

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We do sing it.

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And then the Prophet acts on the question how often you read the Quran, you ask yourself how often you read the Quran, how much how often we read the Quran, he says I read the entire Quran every day.

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What the entire course, the entire plan every day in the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam said don't do that. And finally he said, okay, read the Quran every seven days.

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Brothers and sisters in my conclusion.

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We are called upon to do something simple.

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Fast in the month of Ramadan.

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It is a commandment of Allah.

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None more than that.

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I want to leave you with this thought.

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I have something in my pocket.

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I want to read to you.

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Two things.

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Maybe one thing

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maybe nothing.

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Okay, I just read one.

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This information that I have for you scares me.

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It scares me.

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At least

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have been closed in Britain since 1960 10,000 churches

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another 4000 churches are set to be closed by 2020. According to the Christian research,

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if you study Catholic schools in the United States

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years ago, they had 5.2 million children in the United States calling the Catholic school now down to 1.9.

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Catholic schools all over closed churches closing messages building up.

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The thing that concerns me is the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said you will follow those who came before you step by step an inch by inch so that if they crawl in the hole of a lizard, you would follow right behind them Guna your rasulillah and Massara What are you hold one nesara. Do you mean the Christians and the Jews is that familiar? Who else? So the concern that I have is that

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Muslims would fall into the same steps as those who came before and forget their religion right now. The law, we build the masjid all over the place schools all over the place. Good.

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But at the same time we lose in some of our youth.

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Every Masjid every Islamic organization has two doors.

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It has a front door by which a person becomes Muslim Alhamdulillah I came to that front door, Hamza Yusuf came to that front door, he mams he came to the front door, so a web came to that front door, Abdullah Hakim, quick after hacking, Jackson, Bill Phillips, all of us became to that front door, and by laws grace, we became Muslim.

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And many people come into the front door. But on the other hand, we have a backdoor by which people are leaving the fold of Islam. So we find some of our children leaving the fold of Islam, our daughters leaving the fold of Islam. So it's the job of the Imams to open wide that front door and close that back door.

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That's our job.

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And we got to be careful, because we live in some very serious times, I leave this last thing, and then I really finished the job

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something happened 1400 years ago that I thought was quite a lesson for us in the time of the Prophet that he said that

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he sent an expedition out and appointed the N Saud and say you in charge of these people and for the people to obey Him.

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And so they went out. This Muslim leader got angry at the people. And that's them that the Prophet said obey me. They said yes, he said, I ordered you to get firewood and they got the firewood. He said, I order you to set it on fire and they set it on fire. And then he said, I order you to go into the fire.

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He's mad at him. The Prophet said obey Him. He ordered the go to the fire. And they hesitated and as they hesitated the fight went out.

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And the word went back to the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam. Let me tell you what the prophet said. Three narrations one Muslim IDF

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Lao Dhaka aloha mahalo ju minha in the metadata filma

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had you gone in that fire? You would not have come out

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because obedience is only toward that, which was right. Bukhari Hadith.

00:17:44--> 00:17:48

Nada, Fallujah, Hakka your multi Yama

00:17:50--> 00:17:52

you would not have come out until Yokohama

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the third one lautoka Lu Han, Zhu min habitat in the metatarsal ma roof. had you gone in that fire? You would never have come out because obedience is only taught that which is right.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the Muslim owner.

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Always obedience to Allah and His Messenger I ask Allah the Almighty the blessings to have a wonderful Ramadan we should prepare right now and and get ready. So there are lots upon the water I can accept our Deen and maybe insha Allah. Maybe we will enter the gate of Elgin through the gate of our ryanne or the gate of cm Allah subhanaw taala bless you

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as salaam alaikum