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Miss Miller will handle the lowest level setting what else we just said American Washington, white, Alabama cattle, the others as he would come in here to another episode of rockier Ramadan, 2012, day three.

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Today, I'd like to start from the end.

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I'd like to start from the end. And the end is later to the night of the power.

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The Prophet it is up to them, it's been reported that he did the it calf in the first 10 days of Ramadan. And then she believed came to him and said, what you're looking for hasn't come yet. And then he did it calf in the middle 10 days of Ramadan. And then she believed came to him and says, what you're looking for hasn't come yet. And that he did that he kept in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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What I can learn from this hadith is that, in fact, the prophet was making a lot of effort from the beginning of Ramadan, searching for the night of the power session for a little

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later to cut up, there are four things that you will get off of level number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala would forgive your sense of common data to the minority seven, or for that matter, either. I mean, then they whosoever, you know,

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praise data, it'll cover witnesses and praise it the manner in which the seven fully believing a last panel with the other, and only seeking the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala all his sins shall be forgiven. That's number one. Number two, document that you shall be saved from hellfire. So your name would say this man, so and so would not enter hipfire. Number three is

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your da indelicato is Mr. Jab, your application is granted in the night of the power. And number four, is it as if you've been worshipping Allah subhanho? wa Taala for 1000 months?

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Yeah, about 84 years. And you're such that as if you're making such that for 84 years in the night of the power, if you're making if you give sadaqa in the night of the power is as if you've been given sadaqa for 84 years. So why am I saying this now in the third day of Ramadan? Well, you know, if you have an exam,

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are you going to wait until the day of the exam to study,

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if you have a party or a wedding, are you gonna wait until the day of the wedding to prepare for the wedding, you prepare well ahead of time.

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So that you can you know, succeed in that exam or to have a like an amazing wedding or whatnot. Likewise, for the night of the power, they love to cuddle. You know, we're here from the day of Ramadan from the first days of Ramadan, preparing, preparing for it, preparing Eman wise, not even wise because you need to have the proper Amen, to be able to wit not only to witness that day, but to pray a lot properly within that day. It's like a preparation that has to start from today from the beginning, from the beginning of Ramadan.

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Now, so from today,

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increase from EMF increased from your deeds.

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You You go and pray to Allah when you come back home, have a maybe another Torah car before you go to sleep.

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You give some

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follow up with some degree of Allah subhanho wa Taala with this default, you know, top up like your you know, you have a fun, I need to top it up every time keep up in up here, your your balance of all your record of good deeds,

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the types of fasting, you know, fasting of the belly, just like your stomach is fasting.

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I'm not eating food. And then you have the fasting of the physical

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organs, your physical faculties like the fasting of the eye. I'm not looking at the fasting of the year. I'm here in how the fasting of the mouth I'm not talking about how, you know the Festival of the hands. I'm not touching How about the fasting of the feet, I'm not working towards how to these are also no type of fasting. But the best type of fasting is the first thing of the heart.

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Now, also fast,

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fast you're loving Allah subhanho wa Taala enjoying this grasping? are you complaining about how long do they is?

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Are you

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it's too long, or to enjoy it. I know the hunger, as you're thinking about those people who are not, you know, cannot afford to have you know, to eat and afford to have these. The wonders of dystonia which allows them to you know, have missed you would. So

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this is the thing you know the best Apple fest is the Festival of the heart. You need to work on your heart from the beginning of Ramadan.

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What can this be and if you are truthful one last panel data we can see

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from today on your Ask lots of love making it amongst those that

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Witness the night of the power and making it amongst those whereby that there shall be saved from the from the punishment of head fire in you know from today on from the first days of Ramadan online making amongst those that we witness later to cut off I want to witness for the credit for Allah I promised now I want to do is I want to do more head summit inshallah with that, just Just let me just help you to witness that. Just make me amongst those who will stand up on the back of the power while I'm making the MCC reach out Lucky's unfruitful until to what my aim is just give me a chance and I will show you how to reach what I like if you are

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have lost.

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And you're looking at the door those who have witnessed the makeup, the power and not only that, we're living amongst those that would stand up and frame the night of the power the negative whereby all your sins should be forgiven.

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So would say I from today on I'm going to make so much effort, inshallah with the habit to be amongst those that will reach a level of even a public

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if you actually put in

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your life

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if your child from a last encounter with the handle will ask you if you are sincere, Allah can have a valid answer. Yeah. That's

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so from today. From now on. This is a ritual to work hard to prepare yourself a man wise to be able to stand and amongst those who can shut a level of witness whenever maybe Allah will give you a sign that will tell you today is the night of the power. Is it on it might have been 27 but we'll talk about it and Sharma guide on what it is not necessarily the night of the 27 but you may get a sign that tells you today is the night

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because he worked hard because he worked hard and you deserved it. So Allah Subhana Allah bada you know how to maybe a fini, maybe a dream maybe something that will get you up to date with the night.

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But by

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each word that you say each step which this will help that will that will be equivalent to making this be how to create a for

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now lesson, how to mix us among those that will practice and convey

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after tomorrow for another episode of Ramadan. I say so much