Musleh Khan – Du’a for Palestine

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting blessings from the past and pray for their brothers and sisters inipped. They also ask for support and blessings for their families. The host of a radio show emphasizes the importance of respecting people's emotions during difficult times and offers opportunities for joining a movement. The message also includes a mention of Hope and her daughter.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shadowfell Mb you will mursaleen Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu orally. Why? Early he was Herbie he he Marian one Mr. noobie some netteller illa Yama Deen Ummah varied. My brothers and sisters, all of our wonderful guests joining in this evening or whatever time zone you're in a Silla Marley Kumar rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. And thank you all for joining us in this short but critical and important time that we have together to pray and offer a special focus to do for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. As I'm sure many of you know, the troubles and the hardships and the pain that our brothers and sisters

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are going through at this very moment as we speak, is truly heartbreaking and heart wrenching, to say the least in the blessing grounds of ministerial obser.

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And in the month of Ramadan, our brothers and our sisters, their dignity, their honor, their self respect, stripped away from them, especially in times where you think that the oma is at least living in peace, and sitting together, enjoying their authority and reaping the blessings of this month. Unfortunately, you know, the situation they're in Palestine is what it is. And this is the least that we can do. And I hope you all agree with me, this is the least we can do. Let's just anything that you're doing at home right now,

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I'm going to ask you for the next seven to 10 minutes to do your very best to eliminate all distractions around you. All the distractions around you. I've got my phone here, and I've put it on silent and I'm going to put it away

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everything that's around you, if you need to just put the kids in another room, send them somewhere, let them watch some TV, whatever you need to do, and just concentrate. These are the blessing nights of the last 10 nights. Allah subhanaw taala knows best if we are in later to lucado and let's take full advantage of the blessed time that we have. Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. So let's begin join me in sha Allah huhtala

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen od Rahman Al Rahim murder Chioma Deen the yuck and our Buddha he can a stallion dyno set autonomous stopping sir oppa Latina and naantali him later in Moldova already him want to bore Nene a lot more suddenly Allah Mohammed while early Mohammed Kim also later that Ibrahim, what are the early Ibrahima innaka homido Majeed, Allah McPhee Lennar for interlaw for all Rahim Allah, Masha, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah whom in Naka foo and Kareem on to hibbeler for for foreign law whom in cafo and carry on to HIPAA law for for for an era Z's, yo, yo, yo, man we are Rahim. Allah him, in nearness, Luca houda. What to call well arpha. For will Lina

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Allahumma. O Allah.

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We seek your blessings, your mercy, we pray to you and we make dua to you. These blessing nights over these last 10 nights of Shaolin Mubarak mobarak Oh Allah we gather here today at this evening at this time on this platform only for you you're up. We are here.

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Only for you. You are alliances will Hakeem You are the one that is all powerful and all wise. You understand the situation of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Oh Allah, you are the master and the controller of all affairs. You are the one that taught us nothing happens unless you say couldn't fail. Khun B and it is all Allah, our brothers, our sisters, our companions, in this blessing oma are going through pain upon pain, struggle upon struggle, Oh Allah.

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In this blessed time, we ask you for your strength. We ask you to bless them with your mercy. We ask you to bless them with strength, with patience, with resilience as they get through these difficult times. Oh Allah,

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their self respect their dignity, their honor have been stripped away, Oh Allah, give them give them strength, or Allah raise them in honor raised them upon a status an honor that is pleasing to you. And Oh Allah. We gathered here today, to ask you and to plead to you to protect the blesseth ground of Mr. lochsa. To bless and protect these blessings grounds. Or Allah protect the people and the inhabitants and the citizens of this blessed place. Oh Allah for our brothers, who constantly stand up. And they confront pain and difficulty, who are constantly tested in ways that we could not imagine your ob. We ask you to bless them and honor them with strength, with patience, and for all

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the hardships, all the difficulties that they go through your job. We ask you to in turn, bless them with an endless amount of throw up and has entered and increase their scales of good deeds. Yeah, it'll be you know, our weaknesses. And you know our strengths. You know the position that we are in, and you know, your job, that as much as our hearts wish to be there to support our brothers and sisters and those who innocently suffer day after day. men women and children you know that we wish to help and Oh Allah we ask you to accept this door Allah Taco Bell has a door Allah whom Taco Bell has a door Allah whom Taco Bell has a door Oh Allah we ask you to accept from us this door and allow

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this door to be a means towards ease and peace for our brothers and sisters Allahumma Ostler Helena Dean and alethea Horace Smith to Marina Austin Helena dunya latifi hamara Shula was slick learner hero tener latifi her ma Duna

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what your ideal hiatus a year the 10 learner Li cool the higher what your ideal moto Rohatyn Lennar min Cooley shell Allah home in Nana Anis Luca be a smart equal listener will suffer tickle earlier Allah we ask you with your blessing names and your blessing attributes Oh Allah yar Aziz we have a photo, the all powerful and the most forgiven Allahumma fildena Allah forgive us, Oh Allah, Allah, Humber Hamner, have mercy upon all of us, oh, Allah, forgive us, have mercy upon us. An O Allah accept us. We plead to you to bless us all with a blessed life in this world. And a Houston holla team, any blessing ending? Or Allah in this blessing and beautiful month of Sharon mobarak we as

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your servants, we continue to plea to you and we beg you and we plead to you and we worship you we are up. We did this because this was your command. This is your expectation upon us or Allah allow us to be of servants who have fulfilled these expectations in a manner that is pleasing to you. Or Allah era for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and across the globe. Aloha Munsell when Anna she quickly McCann Yara, Bella alameen

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Allah Munsell one and frequently McCann Yoruba law. I mean, Allah Munsell one and Effie Philistine, Allah who may assume mahamudra whom Allah give strength and aid to our innocent brothers and sisters in Palestine Allah bless them and ease their pain and their suffering. Yeah Rob being in this blessed month of shadowing mobarak we ask you to bless our eyes with nor our ears with nor Allah above us with nor below us with nor or Allah bless in front of us with Nord and behind us with nor Allah shower us with nor or Allah shower us with nor allow everything that we have done and when we have put forth in this blessed month of shout all Ramadan to be a puja to Lana wala puja tonight,

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Lina to be something that would uplift us that would strengthen us and make us better people. And Oh Allah don't allow anything that we have said or done to be hooked up to an island you need to be against us in this world, or on the day of judgment to be allow us to be resurrected with our brothers and sisters, across this oma and especially during these difficult times with our brothers and sisters in Philistine, O Allah allow us to be amongst them. Allow us to be reunited with them in your agenda to Ferdowsi Allah, O Allah, you asked us and you told us through the messenger sallallahu already he was sending them that when we ask for your agenda, ask for agenda to further

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dosing Allah. Oh Allah, we are Your servants. And we are asking for agenda to unfilter dose of Allah Allah bless us with Jenna to further dose of Allah. O Allah, all of our brothers and sisters who are listening here who have joined us here today. Yeah, it'll be you know, their needs. You know, their pains, you know, their struggles, you know, what they need, what they play what they beg from you. Yeah, it'll be if it is good for them, bless them and increase them alone. I mean, Oh Allah, all of your servants we gather here today. And we want your mercy and we want your forgiveness for until food or Rahim, you are most forgiving you are most Merciful of Allah. All of us. We are here

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pleading to you out of baby, shower your mercy on us, shower your mercy upon our brothers and sisters and Philistine and Oh Allah paws the pain caused the pain and the suffering, to be something that will increase them in their scales of good deeds. Oh Allah bring peace to the land, to the lands of Philistine and bring peace to the lands of this oma and where our brothers and sisters and your servants reside or Allah, wherever they may be. aina man can bless them with your protection with your mercy, with your forgiveness. Yeah, it'll be our mothers and our fathers, our children's our children, our sons and daughters, our friends and our family who have passed away. Oh Allah. You

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know that everyone who has gathered on this platform has lost someone that is dear to them, or many that is dear to them. Oh Allah reunite them with their loved ones in your agenda to filter dose of errata if there is someone here who has lost a parent or both, Oh Allah, give them a reunion a blessing and happy reunion with their parents in Jenna club mean with their children with their family with their friends, reunite them and gather them in genital fitter doses. Love him or mean or Allah. And finally we ask you and we plea to you in these blessing nights allow us to see an experience and reap the blessings in the reward of Laila to puddle and all low we ask you last

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Allah modifier and the other Allah modifier Anil Weber, a low modifier Anil Weber. Oh Allah we ask you to lift this pandemic from us. Allow us to reunite in your message ID or Allah allow us and give us the blessing opportunity to once again embrace each other and to embrace each other's company with a renewed sense of appreciation. Love

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And gratitude, especially for you yelled up until rz is when Hakeem or enter either coalition and Kadir you are in charge of all things. And nothing happens except by your permission yell, don't be in these blessing Knights lift from us this pandemic, allow us to go back to our lives but in a manner that is pleasing to you, for us, and for all those who have passed away due to the pandemic yodel baby, shower your mercy on them, shower, your mercy on the families, and all those who are left behind. And Oh Allah, all of our brothers and sisters in Palestine who have lost their lives. Or look, count them from amongst the Shahada and allow them to be reunited with their families in

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general till further dosen Allah, allow them to rejoice and allow them to see their family and their friends once again, so that they feel the happiness and reassurance that they were okay that their lives were not taken in vain, that their suffering was not done in vain. But it was all at the end of the day, an increase in their scales of righteousness, and it caused them to be amongst the inhabitants of alpha Rasul Allah Allah.

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Along the Taco Bell has a dua Allahumma Taka Bella Hertha to Allah takapa to Allah. Allah whom in the nearness local Jenna omokoroa la Ely Herman colon Armen, when are also becoming a noun Mr. Todd Robert la him and Colin Armin

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are Benner Tina dounia Hasina or Phil. Phil roti Hasina Joaquin urban now lahoma inonotus local Hooda what to call will offer for well I

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want us to carry out a smoker either during an OBE or tonina Yara disease we have a lot of learner for until for furel Rahim Allah Miranda for enter or her ma ra he mean Allah mooroopna button to higher Razia pin

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sapan Auto biller is the tianma you'll see foun wassalam on Island mursaleen Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen I mean, I mean, yeah, a little bit I mean,

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I hope and I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts rice.

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I pray that Allah accepts it from us and brothers and sisters, thank you all for joining us. Thank you all for taking the time and praying for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. And for all of our brothers and sisters across the globe. This is the month of mercy. So let's continue to extend whatever mercy that we have in our hearts in our lives and convene today to do what we can to support and help the innocent in whatever capacity and male law has. So Joel accept that from us. We have just a couple of days left perhaps for Ramadan, let's take full advantage of it. May Allah azza wa jal Bless you all and from my heart to all of you. I can't wait to see you one day and embrace

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you. And remember this time that we came together and we prayed for each other, which is akmola, who you know, may Allah azza wa jal Bless you all until we meet again with Sylmar alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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