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Islam Is The Tool For The Unity Of Mankind by Imam Siraj Wahhaj

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Salam Alaikum Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al Hamdulillah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen nahi Dawa nasty inwardness. takfiri

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la mano de la me shooting fusina Mr. Molina de la for lamudi Lala from Angela for la de la la shadow La ilaha illallah wa Taala should ecola or shadow Anna Mohammedan upto the solo annaba. Brothers and sisters tonight, before I speak to you, I think it's important for me to make the

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subject supplication to allow

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for us

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tonight, usually whenever I speak to an audience,

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even if there's one non Muslim, I like to begin with a

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that is founded in the Quran

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robina latach natella Dena cafaro

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Oh Allah do not make us

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a trial.

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For those who do not believe.

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Even in speaking to Muslims,

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we become a test and a trial for each other. I came tonight at the invitation of the form of social studies, I hope

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that in the next few moments,

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you would allow me to share with you a topic that I have taken the liberty to expand.

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I don't want to talk about the unity of mankind. I rather talk about Islam as the tool for unity of mankind.

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And what are the Muslims prepared to do? Every one likes to make claims about their religion, their group, the organization?

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reven Taylor mentioned that both Islam and Christianity are proselytizing religions. That's true. We believe that our religion is correct. And therefore Muslims go out and inviting people to Islam and Christians go out inviting people to Christianity.

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And the people in their various religion believe that their religion is correct. That's why they're Christians and Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists.

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But our Prophet Mohammed de la salat wa salam said, balakian, Albanian, Allah mu d, but the burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim.

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And therefore, if you claim that Islam is right, if you claim that Judaism is right, if you claim that Christianity is right, that Hinduism, right that Buddhism is right, then you have to prove it because anybody can say it. So tonight for a few moments, I like to raise the issue

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and propose the thesis that Islam is the tool for unity in answers. How can you say such thing because Islam seems to divide families and divide people.

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I myself, used to be a Christian.

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And now I'm a Muslim.

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How then, can you say that Islam is a tool for unity when they take from the Christians and take from the Jews and take from the Hindus and take from the Buddhists and take from the agnostics and take from people who have no religion at all? How then can you say Islam as a tool for unity? I'll say exactly that with no hesitation at all. And tell you why in a few moments.

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I believe that there are some Muslims who don't even understand the beauty of the unifying aspect of Islam.

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I was in Toronto. And the young Muslim spoke in front of me and he said in his speech that Islam the the latest religion, and when I got up, I said, Brother, I thank you for your wonderful speech. But I'd like to make a small correction Islam is not the latest religion.

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Islam is the oldest religion

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goes step further. Islam is the only religion

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but you said that Islam unites mankind. How can you say it's the only religion? Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said my example.

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And the example of the prophets that came before me

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is the example of a man who built a building.

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And the building was perfectly built.

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And people go around the building say how wonderful the building is how beautiful it is, except there is a small brick missing in the corner.

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He said, I am that brick

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And I am hotman navy and I am the seal of the prophets.

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Notice this messenger doesn't come salaallah Sallam bringing a new religion.

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Islam is not something new that came into existence. 1400 years ago.

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slum was here when the first Prophet Adam was here, that was his religion. Islam is a tool of unity of mankind.

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But some Muslims misunderstand. Most non Muslims understand Islam as a unifier of mankind.

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We do not believe that every person will become a Muslim. We know they won't.

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But that's okay.

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My job my responsibility as a Muslim is to invite people to Islam in a very intelligent way. Although ILA Sabina hikma my

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billet II

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to the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

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It's our job responsibilities, some people will come, others will not.

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But to me, as I understand Islam,

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if a Christian and a Jew

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understood the impact of Quran and Islam

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literally they would jump for joy

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if you understand

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but we don't believe that every Christian is going to become Muslim every Jew gonna become Muslim, therefore, then what does Islam teach? If the person doesn't convert or revert to your religion still we have a relationship between especially our Hillel keytab especially people of the book, especially Christians and Jews. And I would like to talk about two aspects. One theoretically, and then one practically and then we have finished in the allotted time, inshallah. So, the prophet Alayhi salat wa salam didn't come up with something new.

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He came to continue to complete the building that was already started a Yama note to the convener from this day about perfected for you, your religion.

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I was at UCLA.

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In Los Angeles, I gave a test to the Muslims.

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And then I went to University of Toronto, gave them the same test, went to Miami and gave the same test went to New York City in Australia and gave the same test. I'm going to give you the test. Now. Can I give you a test? Okay.

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I want to see how smart you are.

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They told me the Muslims in England are very smart.

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It remains to be seen.

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I'm going to ask a couple of questions. If you think you know the answer, just raise your hand. And what I'm telling you, you have to trust me if I make any mistake? And the answer is all of them can be found in Bukhari Hadees, volume number four, under the chapter NBR the prophets question number one,

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Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said

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that every human being

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that's born is touched by shaytaan.

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The devil, every human being that is born at birth is touched by shake tongue, the devil except two. If you think you know the answer, raise your hand who the two people raise your hand. 1234567 only seven people, eight people, nine people 10 people think they know 11 people think they know the ends.

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One is not sure.

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We try this brother the answer.

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Who agrees with him? He said he signed his mother Jesus and his mother Mary who agrees? who disagrees? Isa, Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Isa May Allah bless you. And hamdulillah you got 50 The answer is HRA salat wa salam g Jesus and his mother Mary cannot call out of Sulu la de sola la Southern question number one. Question number two, every human being that dies. And that's all of us. coolness and

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heavy soceity taste to death.

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And when we are resurrected,

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all of us will be resurrected naked. Am I right? Right along naked and uncircumcised?

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And how we should hurt that yellow Sula. You mean to tell me men and women gonna be naked on camera? He said yes. But did the naked trust me brother You won't be looking at women those days. Because the fear so heavy. This is the bad judgment. You're not worrying.

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But somehow somebody looked question number two, who will be the first person that is dressed on the day of judgment? If you think you know the answer, raise your hand 1-234-567-8910 11 my brother back there Yes brother.

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Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam how many say prophet even him? Right and exact Exactly. The first one to get dressed on the Day of Judgment, His Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam, very good, you're doing so good so far. Question number three, according to the Messenger of Allah Alayhi salat wa salam, everything living will lose consciousness.

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Who will be the first

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to come into consciousness? If you think you know the answer, raise your hand. One person two people. Three, four. Yes, ma'am. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam very good, but not right.

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Who will be the first one to come into consciousness? Yes, brother. Prophet musar la salat wa salam, right.

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Now, you want to challenge me? Good. Don't do it. Now.

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After my talk, we get to Buhari Hadees. And we look it up exactly as the Prophet said something less than one more and then we finish who had the most beloved Salat prayer to Allah if you think you know the answer, raise your hand. 12341 sister got a hand on the mouth?

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Yes, brother.

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Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam, right?

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A Hubble Sala Illallah, though Hubble Sala Illallah that would the best, fast to Allah, Prophet now, and on and on and on and on? Why did I say that? And what does that have to do with the unity of mankind? And what does it have to do with the role of the Muslims in bringing about that unity? I want to do this in the next few moments. If Allah subhana wa blesses me to do it, when you studied the Prophet Mohammed de la salat wa salam, what he did, he always referred back to the profits that came before him.

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Always refer back to the profits that came before him and always spoke about the good that they did.

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And as a fundamental article of faith, Muslims must believe in rasuluh

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and coo

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coo Toby buruli. Allows books and its profits all of them. Now, let me tell you something interesting. Brothers and sisters of x this audience what is the most popular name in the world? You would say? Mohammed there's no doubt about that. Can you believe I know somebody named Abu Mohammed Mohammed bin Mohammed, love that name Muhammad. You know, all over the world, the most popular name the name Muhammad easily everywhere, millions and millions of people. He's in an interesting that Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. Loved and revered and respected by Christians. How many,

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especially white European

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Christians? Do you know with the name Jesus Think about it.

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Now watch this.

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How many Muslims

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know Muslims with the name? Jesus, if you know a Muslim with the name Jesus, raise your hand.

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If you know two Muslims, at least with the name Jesus, raise your hand. If you know free, I can't go further than that.

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A PSA is a popular name among Muslims.

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Think about that?

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How many you know Muslim what the name Solomon Sulaiman.

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Abraham, Abraham. Look at this. These people take on the names not only a Muhammad, but they take on the names of prophets that came before them. He is years and years ago Why Islam is a unifier of mankind. No prophet ever, ever said that there's no prophet after me. None of them except one was their prophet after prophet nor How do you know it? was their prophet? After Prophet Ibrahim? How do you know it? Was there a prophet after Prophet Moses? was their prophet after Prophet Jesus? And my Christian friends? If you say no, how do you know it?

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He says that I'm the last one and there will be none after me. every prophet spoke about one coming after him in law, except one Prophet Mohammed Salah Solomon says, letting it be your body, there is no prophet as to me. Look

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where it's gone. Moo Sally cow me he.

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And when Moses said to his people with color

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ILA in me Rasulullah he, la ku. And when Jesus said all children of Israel I am a messenger of Allah to you. Now look to the Quran cool. Oh Mohammed cool say, Yeah, you're in Nero, sudo La La ku gemi I,

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so mankind I am a prophet of Allah, messenger of Allah to all of you.

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So Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him come not just as a prophet to the Arabs 1400 years ago.

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But he comes as a prophet to the people of UK in 1998 in Japan and China, and America and Germany and all over the world, he is the last profit

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and no other profit claimed to be the last except for him. Number on the sisters, in my conclusion.

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How many of you Muslims

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believe that Jesus peace and blessings be upon them,

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cured those with leprosy? If you believe that raise your hand, good. I'm going to conduct an experiment.

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How many Muslims believe that Jesus peace and blessings be upon him? cure those born blind, raise your hand? Once you look around the audience, just keep following me. Now watch. How many Muslims in the audience believe that Jesus raised the dead by last permission? Raise your hand. Look around. Now watch this.

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How many Muslims believe that Jesus

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turn water into wine? Raise your hand?

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How many Muslims believe it raise your hand? Okay, one. Anyone else?

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Let me tell you why Muslim didn't raise the hand. Because this book is called no Sunday.

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It what it does? Thanks vitola.

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it verifies

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all the profits and description that came before it.

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Notice when I asked about raising the dead and asked about the blindness in the leprosy, all the Muslims raise their hand Why? Because in for an look or an did not say Jesus didn't do it. But because it didn't speak on it.

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We don't speak on it. Islam is a unifying religion.

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Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him said this and I tried to follow it. He said that to surgical Allah keytab will lead to caribou do not verify what the people the books say and don't call them a liar. rather say we believe in Allah and what was revealed to us and what was revealed to you and what was revealed to Ibrahim and all the prophets.

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So some things we acquired about that which Allah was quiet about himself in the corner.

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Now brothers and sisters, in my conclusion, I say this to you, the more I study Islam, the more I see that Christians and Jews really should thank Allah

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for his last messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You know why?

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Because if he did, if they did, I believe it

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that we will be united in ways mankind would be united in ways that we've never seen before.

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How many of you sitting in the audience like myself have reverted to Islam after being in another religion? Raise your hand?

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Good, how many used to be Christian raise your hand I got some good news for you. You know sometimes my Muslim brothers and sisters you know, born in Islam, kind of you know, brag y'all

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are born Muslim. You know, sometimes I envy you. You know, I mean, you know, all your life reading quote, and and studying Islam and, and being all of that wisdom as a man, they're so great so fortunate. I envy you all you brothers and sisters born in Islam, you know me. I you know, I dragged into Islam after being beaten up in the dunya

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Yeah, I was beaten up in the dunya and things were too loud when I found Islam it made me a different person. But runs this is used to be Christian like me.

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Double reward

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Prophet said whoever believes in their prophet and believer in the alikat app and then become Muslim, Allah give them a double reward.

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It's a unifying religion. But then the beautiful thing about it, even if the Christians and Jews don't become Muslim, do we have a special relationship? And I want to close with this brothers and sisters, please be careful. You be

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an example like our Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam was an example.

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We must be tolerant of people in their different religious views. I have no problem listening to a Christian and a Jew and a Buddhist and Hindu about their religion, and then to discuss it with them. Personally, I rather do it in private because sometimes in the public, ego comes. But I think that we should be open enough to not be afraid to let people express their view. We believe in our religious so strongly, I'm not afraid of somebody going to convince me otherwise. So let them speak and argue with them in ways that are best, I understand. argue with them in ways that are best. I quote an idea from the Quran, that the super Latina, the only men to Nila, for your super law,

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Do not insult the gods that they worshipped besides Allah, therefore they insult Allah with ignorance. So even though they don't have the right understanding, as you're not you, don't beat them. Don't insult them and don't insult the gods that they worship. You're not trying to win the argument. You're trying to talk and and share with them something what Allah has given us. And then the last thing, Allah, in his infinite wisdom, yet gives the Muslim man permission to marry the chase woman of the people to book

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Islam is a unifying religion. I've just given you just a taste today. Bella Swan wants to bless you and I want to thank all of you who came so brothers and sisters in law Forgive me again for anything mistakes that I've made today and, and I think all of you for coming to South Dakota