Mirza Yawar Baig – Living Islam #45

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of practicing Islam is discussed, including the need for practice and understanding the meaning behind it. The importance of praying for the mother and father is emphasized, as well as the importance of avoiding harm and maintaining integrity of life. The importance of following Sun priority and praying for Islam is also emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of giving charity and rewarding oneself, as well as monitoring one's behavior and finding one's own worth. The segment also touches on animal characteristics and the importance of caring about one's behavior.
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filarmonica Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam O Allah

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Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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This leven Kaziranga sera from abajo mighty sisters.

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With respect to our lesson on living Islam 100 light is the purpose of all of our lessons that we do here. There's only one purpose and that is to practice Islam.

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This is not theory, it's not my idea to within courts educate you by giving you more information, by, you know narrating for your hobbies or reciting some core and for you or something, no, that's not the purpose.

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But you can do all of that yourself and better. The purpose is only one which is to enable us to live our lives in a way which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. If all our teaching and learning results in one good change in our lives, then believe me it is it is something that would have been worthwhile. And if a May Allah protect us from that, if it does not result in that, if, after all our teaching and learning, our lives remain the same, meaning same in a negative way. If that is where it is, then it would have been a waste of time. We ask Allah subhanaw taala not to hold us accountable for this and to enable us to use our time effectively and positively in a way that

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pleases His Majesty and grace.

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I want to talk about today the importance of Zod the importance of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala in the different ways. One of them of course is the hijab as we have mentioned, and as I keep saying all the time, it is incumbent on us, let us try to make the hedges farther in our lives in China.

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That is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Because that is the that's the Salah, which Allah subhanaw taala praised in the Quran, which rasulillah salam praised him many, many times in their hobbies, which was the dominant sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu himself, and the son of all the MBL even Salam and the son of the Sahaba, and all the sudden facade of him. It is not a single scholar that I know, who did not pray or does not pray.

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This is a

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hallmark of scholarship, the first and foremost thing that a person does or should do if he or she is serious about learning Islam is to break the habit, there is no learning without redoing Allah, there is no learning without

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being conscious of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives, and the best way to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our lives is to pray the Hydra.

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Similarly, fasting, this is another very important and much neglected thing, of course, and I'm very loving faster than and we passed on, you know, the important days meaning the first nine days of the ledger, we've asked, we've asked on the ninth and 10th of Mahatma Hallam, we find we fast on these important days. But generally fasting like rasa Salaam is too fast, every Monday and Thursday, or similar things. Of course, the best way is to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salim. So if you've asked him on Monday and Thursday, then the best thing to do is for us also to try to do that, to the best of our ability, but all of these. And then of course, very, very importantly, to give charity

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to give extra charity, I'm not talking about the gods I got as far as I got to the distinguishing factor. It's a pillar of Islam, the one who leaves the guard or does not pay as a guard has committed at the least a very major sin, and at the most the person has, could have exerted himself out of Islam, because of the way he did it or, you know, he refused to pay it. So therefore, the

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I'm not talking about that I'm talking about voluntary charity, I'm talking about soccer. I'm talking about doing good deeds, good things, not because it is for not because somebody is, you know, looking over my shoulder, but doing it because this is the best possible thing to do, that I can do. And ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who do that, with pleasure, not with pain, not not not as a

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punishment or an imposition on ourselves. Now, the importance of this observe cannot be overemphasized. And today it seems to be something which is lacking, which is hugely absent, including in our,

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in our institutions of learning. And if you just see this new take a

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take a poll of how many boys and girls to go to mother's house, and who are you know, full time students there who are probably bored as we're living there. Just take a poll

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All about how many of the print 100 regularly operate. I mean, forget about regularly, how many prints at all?

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I have seen not one but many instances have.

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I been the mother is big mother. And I, I don't think there'll be a single instance, where I

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went to the mother. And I was there for Serato fudger. And I as a matter of fact, I make it a sort of

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habit of mine, after so often forget to turn around to notice how many students are making up the formula, right to signing and making a difference. I've never ever seen a mother sir, where there wasn't at least a full SFX and Mashallah many of the mothers have made big massages, which means that the full staff is a lot of people. So the full staff of people standing up to make up the second record of the fourth Salah, which means that these boys who came to this module to pray, they were not even there for the debate at the harima of the futsal. Even in the fall, they missed one record to the making of the record. So what hope that they prayed. I mean, even the sooner of

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fourth, they didn't pray, they will presumably prayed after the fourth. But the time to pray the sooner is before the fourth not after the I mean after the fourth is there is an exception, because two missed us enough set up that for certain facilities is, you know, not permissible,

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said the value of the tour occurred of soon before the Serato facility before the first alpha. He didn't even say too soon after he offered he said before choosing not before Serato fudger the value of that is more than all that this earth contains.

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So the point I'm making is so the even though some of those boys didn't pray, so what hope that they would have prayed to you. Now, I'm saying this shouldn't be something which is so important. I'm not talking about you know, enforcing it by beating anybody I'm just saying this is something that must form part of the teaching curriculum. It's something that the Saudis or the teachers must emphasize must insist on, and they must exemplify and it says the students will do what they see the teachers doing. So the question is, if you if it is to do that, and in the case of the mother is I mean obviously tahajjud is a private Salah it is between you and Allah subhanaw taala so you put it in

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your home in your in your room, but for the sake of teaching maybe it's even a good practice in mother is for us to for Assad is for teachers to go and and pray the hygiene in the masjid right go before father go an hour before father

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pray the hijos sit and read Quran until the time for the other no further and then you pray two rakaat of Sunnah, then you wait for the fourth. So this is a very good practice inshallah. Because it sets the tone and it's it helps the students, it gives them an example for them to follow.

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Now the importance of Zoho This is indicated in this after this inshallah, we'll look at a couple of them in this session of ours, of,

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of leaving Islam.

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As I keep saying all the time, the purpose of Islam is to live Islam, there is no other purpose. Islam came to live by Islam came as a religion of reform, it came as something to change our lives. And therefore it is extremely important for us to see it in that context and to live it in that way. And this beautiful heavy sensei Bukhari

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O'Hara delana narrator narrated that Rosaura Sallam said that there is a compulsory sadaqa to be given for every joint of the human body as a sign of gratitude, Allah subhanaw taala every day the sun rises.

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And then he proceeded to say what is this other guy he said to judge justly between two people judge justly not not favor your friend of your your your relative to be adjust and fair judge between two people in South Africa to help a man concerning his riding animals so you help him by

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by enabling him to mount if the animal is unruly, you hold the animal, you load the animal and in our case today, we don't have riding animals. So this would apply to our riding vehicles is also regarded as sadaqa saying a good word just being polite to somebody saying Salaam to somebody appreciating somebody's contribution to life.

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This is South Africa. Every step taken on one's way to offer the fourth Salah in the masjid is also South Africa. every step you take to go to the masjid for Salatin for for whichever Salah This is South Africa.

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And to remove a harmful thing from the path is also solid. So when you're going for a walk you're walking around you're seeing the nail in the in the road is by puncture somebody scar, there's some stone there is a rock that is that a thorns, whatever. Anything which is potentially harmful to remove that from the path is also so the hammer brothers sisters, remember, these are examples. So let's assume give us examples to give us examples of his time. And but obviously the basic principle is that which we need to understand in all of this. And the basic principle here is one of first principles that have gratitude and thankfulness, primarily, of course, to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Because he is the one who's most, who's most worthy of and to whom the maximum gratitude is owed, to whom all gratitude is owed. Because everything we have, is thanks to his blessing, everything we have is his creation. And so, therefore, we are most grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala Jalla Jalla.

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So, that's the first principle to learn second one is the importance of justice. So, here we are saying judge justly between two people, but justice in every farm in Sharla ism is also in the meaning of this. So, whatever applies to me and you as justice, to do that justice to ensure that that justice is done, this would be sadhaka to help somebody concerning their riding animal load the animal, help the person to mount dismount, this is the example given, but apply that to any way of helping somebody else, whether it is with respect to a riding animal or otherwise, if it is, you know, in this case, you could interpret as I mentioned, obviously, obvious interpretation

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of helping somebody with their vehicle loading, unloading, and so forth,

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repairing whatnot, but, in addition to that, inshallah, this also applies to any kind of help that you can give to somebody who is in need of help. So, this is the third principle

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and of course, the every step taken taken to go to the masjid, for Salah, this would be Saba. So, also every step taken towards the establishment of the masjid running the masjid, everything that has to do with the masjid, all of this comes, inshallah, in that process, because, when you are going to pray, this is from the establishment of Salah, from the comedy cellar. So, also is everything that leads to the actual establishment of Salah, which includes Of course, the establishment, the building of the mercy of the maintaining of the masjid, and so on and so forth. So, all of that is also sadaqa. And finally, and most importantly, to remove a harmful thing from

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the path from the way is also sadaqa. And this is in

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Korean Muslims, I heard his motto family. So, therefore removing anything happening here the principle basically is, is to ensure that by my action,

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I am not harming myself. And by my action, I'm not causing any harm the potential of harm to happen to anybody else. As I mentioned before also in some other context, this principle of not harming anybody and not doing anything which can cause harm to others, this is a

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fundamental principle in Islam. This is the fundamental

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reason why for example, in today, in COVID times

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you know, it is so important for Muslims and surely to ensure that they do not do anything which can cause or become the means of harm father. So therefore, today we have a situation where depending on the on the need of the hour, depending on

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where you are living and so on so forth. People had to take decisions to even close down massage temporarily, because of the potential for harm of potential for spreading this Corona

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to other people. And so also the importance for Muslims to especially for Muslims to wear masks, in public places, inside buildings, when you are in a congregation to maintain

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In distance from from people,

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you know, wash your hands, all of these things are very important as far as as I said, these are religious obligations as far as we are concerned and as far as Muslims are concerned, it's not just a matter to be done with because of you know, health issues and so on. But this is for us it would be also a religious obligation because we are doing it to please Allah subhanaw taala and to uphold the basic fundamental principle in Islam of

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ensuring that all life is preserved that life is not endangered by our actions. And all of these things

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as I mentioned do are all actions of other the actions of South Africa and therefore they reinforce the point of Zod which is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala strongly with dedication, my brothers sisters, and in another heavy is narrated

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by Abdullah ma amor in the US of the LA Anima. He said that he told me the most beloved prayer to Allah subhanho wa Taala is that of Tao le Salaam, and the most beloved fasts of Allah subhanaw taala are those of dowload alayhis salam.

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So let me repeat that. Also Salam said to Abdullah in our hymnal as Villanova, who reported to us he said that was Elijah Sallam said to me, the most beloved prayer to Allah in the sight of Allah is the prayer is the Salah of Tao de la sala, and the most beloved fasts

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in the sight of Allah to Allah are the fasts. That would, Elise

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now, I'm delighted, nevertheless, as Ilan was

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to clarify, he said, what is it that was special about his fasting? And what was it that was special about his Salah? What is it that Allah subhanaw taala, liked and white.

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And I sort of said to him, that thou la Salam used to sleep for half of the night. And then he prayed for one third of the night, and he slept again for its sixth part, and he would then get up for the morning for the TSA. And then he said he used to fast on alternate days, to throughout the year, he would fast on alternate days and this is how these in Sahih Bukhari

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there is another narration to this which is

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which is as follows.

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Again, the same narrator of Abdullah bin amarin, alas, or the Allahu Allah and Omar who said, that Rasul Allah,

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inherited from Ahmed have not

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been aos that he heard Abdullah in amarin Allah so this is a this is a narrator and a sub narrator who said that he heard him saying, the most beloved of fasting to allies, the fasting of the world, peace be upon him, Allah alayhi salam, he used to fast one day and not the next. And the most beloved prayer

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala is the prayer of doubt. He used to sleep half the night and spend one third of the night in prayer and sleep for one sixth of it. And this isn't so nice. I saw the same buddies basically, with slightly different wording in say Bukhari and sunan. And say, my brothers sisters I.

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I want to emphasize here the purpose here is, of course, if one follows

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the son of in a B, in this case, the sooner of Tao the Li Salaam, and that sooner also you are following it, because it is recommended to follow by none other than Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam I'm reading for you the beautiful

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Sunnah of the elderly Salaam as recommended by Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore it is something which is which is so important if we can try to follow that. And he's saying here two things, and both of them relate to so hot to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Jalla delallo. One is fasting, which is without delay Salaam used to do every alternate day and the second one is

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praying in the night. And with with reference with the hedges, brothers, sisters, what can be a better thing to do than to follow

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The sunnah of one of the great prophets of Allah

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Alayhi Salam

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and that also because that is recommended to us by the greatest of them and that is Mohammed Salah lahari

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so this is something for us to

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really reflect on and keep in mind now

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the fight about the fasting about the prayer in the night, we have this beautiful hadith

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of water or the Lancome in say Buhari, where he said that also lies in a solemn said, Our rub terracotta Allah descends every night to the nearest Heaven, when the last third of the night remains saying, Is there anyone to invoke me, so invoke me so that I may respond to that invocation? Is that anyone who needs something to make dua to me so that I can answer his door? Is that anyone to ask me, so that I may grant him his request? Is that anyone seeking my forgiveness? so that I may forgive him? Martin? This is so beautiful. Allah subhanho wa Taala himself is asking, Is there any man who wants my forgiveness? Is there anyone who needs anything from me? Is there anyone who wants

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to make a door to me? And let him do that so that I can give him let him ask forgiveness so I can forgive him? Let him let him? Seek whatever he likes from me, let him ask me. And I want him to ask me because I want to give him my brothers sisters. Now what excuse do we have?

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If we ignore this, imagine this is such a great and huge Namur for us, Allah subhanaw taala descends to the first Heaven, you know, in a way that suits His Majesty and grace. And please understand the thing about here is not how does Allah descend on the to the first heaven? And if Allah descends to the first Heaven, then who is on the earth? It's not a question of asking all of these questions, the question is, to,

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to understand

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this in the context in which it is meant, which is that Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us a beautiful religion, for us to benefit from it.

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And the benefit of the religion is for us to practice what the best of the people practiced. And there is no one who is superior in terms of best for the people. There is no one who is superior to people than the NBA la mussalam. And in the MBR, a mussalam. We have now the question of sola sola Sallam himself, recommending to us a practice of one of the greatest of the ambia. Who was thou alayhis salam brothers, sisters, really we have to ask ourselves, we have all the answers. We know everything. Now how about doing it? How about doing it because again, knowing is useless if it is not supported by action, and we will be questioned about what we did not about what we knew we could

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know anything. But if we are not practicing it, then it does not help us. doesn't help us. I wish I had a camera to show you what I'm seeing. There are two cormorants sitting on two poles are drying their wings. So the two of them sitting like this with their wings held you know held apart like this, and sitting like that, that ship. And just now there's an osprey which flew straight across here with a fish in here in its claws. And the fish was still struggling and poor fish I feel sorry for it, but these are one of the one of the greatest most efficient, Fisher birds imagine tabarka Lozano, kallikrein

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Tara's kurata fills up, he creates and this is all the so that we recognize the signs. He creates these creatures birds, which are creatures of the air, they fly, you know me flying is about an alien for us, as swimming is

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a boat are fraught with danger. We were neither created to fly nor to swim but Allah subhanaw taala taught us to do both. But here are these birds. They are creatures of the air but their food is in the water

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and inside the water. So this governs that die for that food. They find those fish they literally fish they are the swimming in the water underwater. And Ospreys Allah give them eyesight swallow, you can't believe me that bird is high up in the air.

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You know, and then it it sees a fish with underwater and then when it dives it corrects for the refraction error.

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By which, if you are looking at something which is in the water, you see it at the angle of reflection of the light, so that it is not where you actually are seeing it. It's it's a, it's inside a different place. But it is aspirator. If for example, if that Osprey didn't correct for refraction of light, then it will dive and it will not catch the fish because the fish is somewhere else. But it it does it it corrects for refraction of light. And so when it dives it is actually able to catch the fish. I mean, it's such a fabulous thing. And that's an amazing, a sign of the Holy Spirit and creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala jela, Geraldo, that I can't possibly stop

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marveling, I'm looking at a fishing boat that is going past

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there are people on this water

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all the time, sometimes you can see in that in that space, behind me of the water, you can see the boat when it comes there. This is

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the reason I'm saying all of this is because you know when we stand in Salah, think about this and say this is my Allah, this is my Arab, who created food, who created such a means of sustenance, who created you know, all the all that his creatures need? Allah subhanaw taala created it for them, he created those things for them he gave you gave those things to them, he gave them means of accessing those things.

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You know, nothing is left wanting. There's no creature which Allah created for which he didn't create sustenance and food. And this creature now has been created and doesn't know what to do with itself, nor there's no such thing that was randomly created the creatures, he created the food for them system as for them, and also provided them and the reason why we need to think about all this and reflect on it is because we are also creatures of Allah subhanaw taala we are also creatures,

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you know, and I remember many years ago, this thing suddenly hit me the last two years of sudo

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sudo to Bukhara, which we read trauma and also the ad before that. We're almost there is a Lila Murphy sumati muffled now, whatever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. Now we would have read this and I'm sure you've read this is a million times I read it a million times. But one day it suddenly struck me the meaning of this and the meaning when I'm saying meaning I don't mean the translation the you know the English word for the Arabic dilla Hema lilla it is for Allah Illallah it is for Allah Allah belongs, it belongs to Allah Sparta, Murphy, Samadhi, Omar, Philip, whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth belongs to Allah.

00:27:52 --> 00:27:53

It suddenly struck me

00:27:54 --> 00:27:55

that I am one of them.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:01

So, here it is Allah subhanaw taala was saying, You belong to me, You are mine.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:04

I didn't say this, Allah.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:24

Allah, Allah saying this to me, and Allah saying this to you. Allah saying Lila Hema, Swati Mara. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth, belongs to me, belongs to Allah belongs to me. And who is one of them? You was one of them me. Now, what does that do to

00:28:26 --> 00:28:40

this knowledge, this realization? What does it do to you? I'll tell you what it did to me. First of all, it made me enormously happy. I mean, absolutely, I was totally and thoroughly flawed and delighted.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:48

And hugely, hugely, hugely honored that my Rob geladeira who said that I belong to my allies telling me you are my

00:28:49 --> 00:28:52

second thing is did was that Alhamdulillah

00:28:54 --> 00:28:57

at least for that incident, he took away all the fear from my heart.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:02

Because if I belong to Allah, then who do I need to worry about?

00:29:03 --> 00:29:16

Who do I need to who do I need to fear? Who do I need to ask? As a matter of fact, it would be an insert for me to ask anyone else for my needs. When I belong to law.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:22

whose job is it to fulfill the needs of

00:29:24 --> 00:29:29

those that belong to them? Right? Very simple thing to understand your car, whose job is it to wash?

00:29:31 --> 00:29:44

It's not my job. It's not somebody else's job. If it is your car, then you wash your car. You get it washed, you get you pay somebody else to wash it, whatever, but it's your responsibility. whose job is it to paint your house?

00:29:46 --> 00:29:48

whose job is it to clean your glasses?

00:29:50 --> 00:29:52

whose job is it to wash your shirt?

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

You got the one I'm saying? Whatever it belongs to you automatically

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brings with it a concomitant responsibility to look after it.

00:30:06 --> 00:30:13

And you do it. And if you don't do it, then they have the point the criticism is on you.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:26

If your car looks like it came out of a garbage dump that somebody is going to, people are going to say what kind of a person is this? I mean, you know, this person drives a car like this, to me is a sign of excellence, you know, when I, when I'm assessing

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people in interviews, and so on and so forth. For me, it's a sign of excellence, to see how that person has taken care of himself, physically, I'm not looking at fashion. And not i'm not saying is that, you know, are they wearing an

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Armani suit? Or are they are they, you know, color coordinated, I'm talking about cleanliness, I'm talking about clothes, which are iron, I'm talking about an overall feeling and sense of being looked after having looked after themselves, not somebody who's

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who's just sort of, you know, very lackadaisical, very haphazard about themselves, maybe they are, you know, hugely talented, very well educated and so on, but, if the person comes to me looking like something that dog brought in, I will not hire them as simple as that, if a person gives me a an application letter, which is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, and I will not hire them, because it shows me this person is not even careful about their own application letter, which is really their face, it is their signature, then I was this person will work for me and be careful about my things.

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These are all signs for for for us. Now. Why am I bringing all of this into the Battle of Zoho, this is not a this is not a distraction, this is not a digression. Because this is what shows us and demonstrates for us our seriousness about our relationship with Allah.

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If I say that I am serious about building a connection with murghab Jalla Jalla who and I'm not praying I had to then it means I'm not serious.

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If I'm not fasting, I'm not serious. If I'm not giving extra in,

00:32:18 --> 00:32:21

inside the heart in charity, then I'm not serious.

00:32:22 --> 00:32:28

No matter what I say to myself, all of these are signs of seriousness and that is why we must

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be serious about them. Right? Very, very important for us not to treat these things without without

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treat these things without care.

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So focus on our

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on our new products. And in this case, we are looking at three of them. One is

00:32:54 --> 00:33:05

a salad in the night which is dehydrated. The other one is voluntary fasting and the third one is voluntary charity, which is Santa Clara de nada sacandaga This is fun.

00:33:07 --> 00:33:57

And then also once we do this, very important for us also to focus on the quality of this. So when we are doing these, let us focus on the quality of the Salah, on the quality of the fasting, and you might say what is the quality of Salah? Well, its quality of Salah is crucial. It is concentration in Salah its concentration and dedication to our Salah. What is the level of that can I be aware of that when I stand this when I go to stand on the masala? Am I aware of where I am and what I'm doing? That I am standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala Jalla Jalla Lu because of the sola sola Salim said when the slave makes to dude on the earth is actually making such the before the throne

00:33:57 --> 00:34:20

the arch of Allah the pseudo Salah salon called Salah miraggio moment he called it the mirage of the Muslim the moment so therefore when we go into Salah we go with that understanding we go with that and we monitor our Salah to say is does does my selfie like that? It does it feel as if I'm having a mirage

00:34:21 --> 00:34:47

with a large monitor does it feel like that or does it feel you know, like anything else, like any time pass then as far as fasting is concerned the quality of fasting would also have to be to a great extent in the secrecy of it not mentioning it to anybody not telling anybody about it. somebody finds out accidentally that's okay but not making it public. Because this is the essential nature of the fast

00:34:48 --> 00:34:51

said so Lee or Anna GB.

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

Allah Subhana Allah does it a song really well Anna GB. Allah said this fast is fine.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

mean and I will.

00:35:02 --> 00:35:45

So therefore, to first of all have this awareness that you are doing a special about the official, a special form of worship with Allah specifically said, I will reward it, Allah didn't specify the amount of the reward Allah said, I will reward obviously you can imagine, if Allah saying I will rewarded, that obviously, that thing is something which has huge, huge, huge reward in keeping with the grace and majesty of one another. So with fasting, and then with charity, also, with extra charity, again, we are reminded of another Hadith where a pseudo Salaam said, told us to give charity and he said, Allah likes that the most, to give charity in a way where the right hand, the

00:35:45 --> 00:36:28

left hand does not know what the right handed so you're giving charity with the right hand. But the left hand is not aware of what the right hand has given, which means to give this in, again in secret, you know, not to have your name emblazoned on a big banner or not to have some movie made about your great charity, or something, you know, build images and the images is, you know, images of so and so and your name, avoid all of this stuff, Allah knows who did it. Allah knows the intention, keep the intention poor, pure, and ensure that Allah subhanaw taala liked what you did, inshallah, we ask Allah to approve and approve that and to reward you in keeping with his majesty

00:36:28 --> 00:37:03

and grace. It is not impermissible, it is not haram to announce what you did. If it is done as a matter of therapy, as a matter of encouraging others to do something good. But Billy Mira, my preference for all of these things is, let somebody else do that. Make sure it's something for encouragement, let somebody else do it. You're not the only guy to encourage people. You do it quietly for yourself. You do it quietly by yourself. You do it in a way where nobody knows except Allah Subhana Allah and Allah smart Allah is sufficient for you realize a vision for me. You are doing it for the pleasure of Allah do it for the pleasure of Allah. Don't let anybody else come in

00:37:03 --> 00:37:06

between and steal from your

00:37:07 --> 00:37:58

steal from you, that pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that nobody has come between you and Allah subhanaw taala my brothers sisters. Yeah, I want to say one more Hadith here, because it relates to that where as soon as a solemn said that there is he said there's nothing more detrimental to a person's Deen and to his Amal to his actions, than the love of fame and the love of money. He said these two things, money and fame, the love of money and the love fame. He said these two are like two wolves, which have been let loose in a pen full of sheep. They will they will destroy all the sheep to report the throat, they will destroy all the sheep. He said they're as bad as that, which

00:37:58 --> 00:38:31

is the level of money and the level of fame. I remind myself when you do the work of Allah subhanaw taala for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala let Allah be the one to reward you. This is what may come from various sources give that aside, but you don't go chasing it. You don't go running up behind it. You don't sit and negotiate about it. Somebody invites you to do something good. Just do it. Do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala don't tell them how much will you pay me and stuff? Let Allah subhanaw taala pay you. Like if the if without your asking, you know you're working for our organization, they're giving us a salary without you asking that's a different issue. ideally

00:38:31 --> 00:38:40

speaking, take nothing, take nothing, don't take anything. Make sure that you are you are working only and only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:47

So very important for us, let us focus on Zoho did let us focus on

00:38:48 --> 00:38:59

on Nevada let us focus on pleasing Allah subhanaw taala let us focus on being being persistent and being steadfast in all of this. Not just doing it one day and then leaving it

00:39:00 --> 00:39:47

make sure that you do later the final how these two close sources are um came once home and I said the delana was dead. And we there was another woman. An older woman says I just introduced this older woman and she said Yasuda she she prays all night and he said she fasts all day. And as soon as a restaurant did not look pleased with that. He didn't look pleased with the statement says I asked him like you look displeased what happened. He says it is better for telling a friend. It is better for us to do something less than that. A smaller deed, but to do it consistently meaning that if you are going to be fasting all day and praying all night, how long will you do it? How many how

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

many days will you do this? It is much better for you to do something which is maybe small, but it's consistent. That if you started once you don't give you don't stop it. You don't give it up for the rest of

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

Real life I think this is the issue of consistency that we need to

00:40:04 --> 00:40:25

remind ourselves and we and we need to keep in mind as well as Raja to be pleased with you and our to displace. ask Allah subhanaw taala to make things easy for you, so that you can live your lives in a way which is pleasing to His Majesty and grace was Allah Allah will get involved he was a real man may be able to get away, but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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