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Death – Powerful Reminder

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Siraj Wahhaj

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commandment of the Lord and accompany the Messenger of Allah

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when the messengers son Ibrahim was dying.

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And so when the prophet SAW his son Abraham

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is less less breath

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tears started coming down the eyes of the Prophet

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and Abdul Rahman even outset. And you,

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in the Prophet said is Rama

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in the Prophet said,

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the eyes may shed tears

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and the heart may make us sad, but we never say except what pleases our Lord Allah

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how are you going to deal with the death

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of your loved one

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the Prophet peace and blessings be a part of gives us the perspective

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yet call me

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three things follow the dead

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Lou his family

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well Malou his wealth

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family who

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for your nanny

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to goes back

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or you call

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in one state

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the family they go back

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you're there in the grave

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and when they bury input the dirt

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they go

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the wealth

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in the only thing in that grave is

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from good and the bad.

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See, we have two things.

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Number one, you're gonna die.

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Number two, we don't know when we want to die.

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The famous Hadith 40 Hadith relayed by Abdullah Abdullah Omar Abdullah Abdullah

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he said the Prophet took me by the shoulder and said couldn't fit do Nick and Akaka rebola.

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d in the world as a stranger or traveler, his famous hobbies

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and Abdullah even Omar used to say that I'm safe

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and when you reach the evening

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don't expect to reach the morning.

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And when you reach the morning, don't expect to reach God.

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Let me tell you this every day you live

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step closer to the grave.

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Go happen.

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Question before us this morning as I as I leave

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what are we going to send before

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alerts and current let's move in there and to Muslim don't die. Don't die to not die. Except as Muslim. Don't die in the practice that in the middle of

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your D shall be judged by your last deeds. Don't tell me that you've got in the race and you run it and you hit everybody. Don't tell me until you come to the finish line

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Allahumma ly

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the prophecy there is no life except the life of the hereafter. What is this life god oh god get it caught up with this. What? What can they offer you?

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He is my your faith

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in what he's going to

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oh man