Abdullah Oduro – Nightly Reminder 11-10-2023

Abdullah Oduro
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Osteen. And last month Allah protect them. Last month Allah placed in their hearts, firmness and faith. For me that is the most important thing. And I want to firstly say that it is important that we as Muslims here when we witnessed this and we see this on the news, that we know that there is a lot of propaganda that is behind it, that there is a lot of false news. And within the news, there is an angle that whoever the news channel or agency is they're coming with their own angle. So when you're hearing a lot of questioning with people such as mashallah, you know, the ambassador to Palestine in the UK has said of prime is a great example, and representing the Muslims in Palestine

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and standing up for the rights that have been violated. When they asked him the question, they asked many interviewers, other interviewers a question, what is your what is your stance? Or do you condemn? What is happening with Hamas and what they're doing? Firstly, we don't accept that question. Because they're acting like it just started yesterday. So answering the question, okay, we may condemn an act of violence that is of oppressed people. But no, as they say, there's no justice, no peace. This they didn't just wake up wanting to do this. This is from yours, over 50 years of oppression are our brothers and sisters in losses in Palestine. And we know this goes way beyond

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that. So it's a lot that a lot of what we have to do is that revisionist history to remind them that this didn't just happen yesterday.

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Secondly, it's important for us to remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that this is a part of his sunnah. And this takes place with all of his creation. And when saying this is a part of his sunnah it is not belittling the experience of our brothers and sisters of the women and children that are literally going through so much pain now. They're being surrounded, electricity is cut off, water is cut off, there's no source of food. So you're literally trying to starve them out. But this is not the first time that it has happened. So it's important for us to know that this is from the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa taala. This happens with his creation. But that does not mean as Muslims that we are quietest, and that we don't do anything. Which leads to

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our third point, do what you can and this capacity, initially from even before this event, we should be making dua for our brothers and sisters. And so at least we can do. Secondly, you can contribute with your money to organizations that are trying to get in and to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza. And then thirdly, what you can do is to get online, offline, and to inform people about what is going on. And people that might have the wrong the wrong perception about what is going on in Gaza was going on between the Palestinians and and the Jews in that area to inform them constructively. At least we can send leaks of reliable news agencies on what's really going on in

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the ground, or the false news that is taking place and that this didn't just happen yesterday. So brothers and sisters Subhanallah it's important for us to stay connected with what is going on because this is a holy site. Firstly, it is books that should be protected. The masjid and of course should be protected. It is a holy site from the three beautiful massages, the three holy masajid Masjidul haram, Masjid Haram haram main and Mecca Medina and Masjid Al Aqsa, which is in Philistine. So brothers and sisters, the least that we can do is within our prayers within our St. Jude every moment that we think about, we call on Allah subhanaw taala, to protect them, to honor them, and to

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remember that those that pass away, and it is not belittling what is happening. But it is a reassurance for us, that those that pass away in this path, they are Shuhada that they are martyrs and we should not when hearing that, discard that. It's not something that should be taken lightly, that those that aren't met that died in this form of oppression. And Charlotte they are martyrs that they're marching means that they die in this path of Allah, believing in Allah subhanaw taala in his oneness, that they will go to genuine and that's something that we should not take lightly. So we're happy for them but we're sad as human beings and we make dua for them, mostly importantly, that they

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die upon the man that if Allah decides to take them, he takes them upon faith in Him.

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So may last month Allah make us of those that are patient with this is predestination and we lost $1 maker so those that although we're patient We're not sitting in we're not doing anything about it. Maybe last month I'll make a suppose that consists consistently call on him and secret and an open and nobody that HCA was so Allah was going to be in the Muhammad want to add he was a visionary and also brothers and sisters are Imam Jul the man the man made as a Koran school, his father passed away

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in the law he were in LA he Roger your own, really we are for Allah and to Allah will return. His father has been sick since COVID in and out of the hospital, and Allah decided to take him. Allah took him. The janazah will be tomorrow at Masjid in Irving after salata, Lhasa, which will be 515

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Am I highly implore you to go to the masjid by five o'clock or even a little more than that? And they will bury him mashallah in the bouquet in the in the cemetery here in Capella and sha Allah Tala don't forget tomorrow, October 12. At the Islamic Center of Irving the janazah will be for Sheikh July the right man's father who has passed away and that is the man here as well. He leaves us a lot here and he has a crush on school with his wife. Please attend inshallah and show him your condolences. Radical rafiqul was salam alaikum parameterize

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