Shady Alsuleiman – Treatment Towards an Orphan the Weak the Poor and the Humble Person

Shady Alsuleiman
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The Sharia he wants to teach us as a tourist many things, just because Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with a particular strength whether it is a financial strength or a physical strength or authoritative strength, it does not give you the right to have to have pride over someone. And at the same time it doesn't give you the right for you to put

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a lot of handle to Allah tells the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wafaa Jana Hakuna Matata Baraka meaning Oh Mohammed lower your wins, lower your wings to the believers who have followed you. What does that mean lower lower wing means that you lower yourself, humble yourself towards those who follow you whether they are rich or poor with a strong or weak whether the unhealthy with other dogs with authority on authority, whether they are those with the big tribes they belong to a big tribe or a small tribe. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands with the Aloma wings to everyone and lowering your wings in Arabic even though sometimes in English it is an idiom that

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some of them might use but in Arabic, okay, lower your wings means that you humble yourself. Your humble use of waffle Jana haka, lower your wing means lower, lower your wing means Humble yourself towards someone. So when Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, according to the Prophet Mohammed Salim, what's the general meaning of Mohammed lava you wings to the believers that means that Humble yourself to the believers. When Allah subhana wa tada he says in the Quran, he came about you as a son or daughter, where you are Allah subhanaw taala he says a lower your wings to your parents. Lower your wings.

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Allah Yahweh Allah, Dania Sana and then Allah subhanaw taala he says and ask Allah xojo Allah commands you that you lower your wings to them, lower wings to your parents means Humble yourself to your parents. So lower your wings wings, how humbly softer themselves recommends a problem homosassa lamb that he lowers his wings, which means Humble yourself to the believers in a believer, and we'll see now how the problem homosassa lamb elaborated on this point and focused on this point, when it comes to lowering yourself which means humbling yourself to anyone these days, these days, especially if I'm not a religious person or someone who has some spiritual element in their life and

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in our my winks to someone that I fee but if someone who is lower than me, have forced them to lower themselves to me, so panelo A prime. I like to always like to always be at the top of people. It's an idea that a lot of handled Allah created in us. It's something that's embedded in us that we're always locked to be higher than everyone else we like to be the people with authority. It's a nature in us and really, the informed people really lower themselves are humbled themselves naturally.

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Allah subhanaw taala also says to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was burned up Sokka mala dinero Nora bombilla deltaville ashy, you read una vida wa tada inaka on whom to re to Zenith higher to dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala is commanding the problem homosassa Messiah into the profile a salatu wa salam O Muhammad in Juba and have patience, enjoy and have patience with those people are surrounding you. And then Allah azza wa jal continues to say those people are remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala during the day and night, and do not turn your face or your eyes away from them. Today to Zenith and higher to dunya. They are trying to acquire and achieve something of this

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dunya What's this verse referring to? My brothers and sisters, the nature of the prophets and the messengers, the nature of the very beginning followers of the prophets and messengers in general, are always the poor and the needy. And that's why when I was a fan, when I was a fan, met with Caesar, when he met with Caesar, or her reckless, scissor or reckless at that time, when he met with him, he reckless asked him about the Prophet Mohammed Salim after receiving

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correspondence or after receiving a correspondence or receiving a letter from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam say as opposed to Fianna about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam one of the questions they asked about Sophia, we are the followers of Mohammed. So I was a fan at that time, he said, the majority of the vast majority of the followers of Muhammad SAW some of the poor, the needy, the slaves, and the ex slaves and the weak ones, and the ones that don't come from prominent tribes. So he reckless later on, what did he say? He said, when he answered me that neither he is a prophet, because the majority of the prophets, their main and predominant followers are usually the

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weak, the poor, the needy, and those are ex slaves. Why is it that caliber of people or that category of people usually respond to the call of the prophets and messengers, because especially back then, when oppression was a noble thing, oppression was considered to be an awful thing, according to some of those states are some of those people where the rich has the power over the poor, the one that comes from a big tribe has an influence over someone that comes from a smaller tribe, the one that comes from this race has an influence over someone that comes from a different race. So you find that the poor, the needy, the weak and those who come from smaller tribes, they

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correspond, they, they reflect upon, that correspond and relate to the call of the prophets and messengers, because the call of the prophets and messengers is enhancing them in life is making them better people. And that's why you'll find that the majority of the prophets and the messengers, the very beginning, people who followed them in the early stages of the Dharma, and they call are always of those who are poor, and needy, and those who are slaves and ex slaves and those who are weak and those who don't have prominence in society. So that's why even with the Prophet, Mohammed Salah, it was those who awake those who put those who needed those who was slaves, though those who were

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slaves, those who are non Arabs, those who did not come from prominent tribes, were the very beginning followers of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So what happened here? What happened to you, and that's what Allah subhanaw taala revealed this verse, the prominent people, amongst the people of Piraeus,

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the chiefs of the people of Croatia, those who were chiefs and leaders and those who come from prominent tribes, and those who are known to be the chiefs of the Arab, and those are meant to be the change of the people of kurush. What happened is, they objected to the Tao of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. By saying to Mohammed, you want us who we are the chiefs of the Arabs, and we are the chiefs of the people of Christ. You want us to be sitting in the same gathering as there's poor people and there's needy people under slaves and ex slaves, Locke believed and so hype and like sumaiya, like I might have been, yes and and his family and so on. So Allah Subhana Allah

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revealed to the Prophet Muhammad wa salam, O Muhammad, you have patience over those people that are around the the surrounding, you must have patience ever those people around you, those people are surrounding you, because they are the ones who are remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala, during the day and night, the other ones who are fearing of Isaiah, the other ones who are sincerely following you, even though you are being put under a lot of pressure, by the shapes of the people of Quraysh that are refusing to be in the same gathering in the same meeting points as does poor and weak and needy Will you must also give these people their right and give them the attention they deserve. And

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the famous verse, that Allah Subhana Allah revealed an entire surah and then after I pass over to Allah, and Joe and ama, when when Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah is referring to Mohammed Salim Hamas is the one that found he's the one that failed it was Mohammed Salah befriends him. Why did the prophet SAW Selim fail is when Abdullah Abdullah Al Maktoum, who was a blind man, not only a blind man, he was a weak man not only was a weak man, he was a poor man, not only those also a poor man. He comes from a non prominent tribe in the basal illallah wa sallam in one of his dour in one of his dour journeys are one of these Davos sessions with the people of courage. While

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he sallallahu wasallam is talking to some of the chiefs of the people of courage and innovation of audio salami managed to attract their attention. While in the midst Azam was engaging with him, and he felt some hope that these people are listening to him and they are paying attention to him. During that moment, while the professor is engaging with him, Abdullah Al Maktoum came to the profile a saucer not knowing the circumstances of the prophet SAW Selim was in there the prophet SAW Selim is occupied and he's talking to the chiefs of the people of Croatia. So Abdullah Al Maktoum because of his nature as a blind man, they don't know the process of sitting down. Speaking to the

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people of courage and the truth of course, if he saw what the professor Salah was doing 100% this companion would have abstained away or kept away

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From interrupting the profile a salatu salam so Abdullah ignore Maktoum while he was walking in the streets of Mecca he heard the voice of the prophet SAW Santa say came closer to the gathering of the La salaatu wa Salaam and then he said to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and he was heavily engaged with the people and the chiefs of Pradesh. He says to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam eliminate remember Allah, Allah teach me what Allah subhanaw taala told him. So what did the prophet SAW Selim do?

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In every salon and Selim ignored him.

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And then again, he said, O Messenger of Allah teachable Allah subhanaw taala toy Sena Viva La Selim ignored him because he was not because he wanted to ignore him or look down at him or despise him he doesn't want to give him the time of the day. It's because in Ibiza was in a circumstance that he was occupied in engaging with the chiefs of the people of Christ say and then in Ibiza Salah friend, and then the results are ignored him so what did Allah subhanaw taala reveal?

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When Mohammed friend and Mohammed ignored, Mohammed ignored the blind man that came to him and Rama, Allah subhana wa tada admonished his beloved prophet and messenger Muhammad wa sallam in the Quran, and made them verses to be resorted to the Day of Judgment, where Allah subhanaw taala is admonishing the prophet of a salatu salam was saying, When the man when Mohammed Salah, Salah failed, when the blind man came to him, asking him for questions. And then the Prophet alayhi salaatu, wa salam, ala we saw some, of course, a lot to him, and he's awesome. He's a human being, and he's the most perfect human being, but he doesn't know everything about everything. He knows

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everything about Islam, but obviously, as a human being, there are some mistakes that he makes not sins, prophets and messengers that make them commit or make any sense, but I make mistakes. And that was an innocent mistake. That was made by the prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. So Allah continues to mention the karate carry, when those who do not want to pay attention to him. He gives them all the attention they want, and those who really want to follow him, he ignores them. Who is Allah subhanaw taala referring to Allah is referring to Muhammad, what does he say? And this is a point for you. He says, By Allah, if the Quranic name was made by Mohammed and written by Mohammed, one of the first

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verses that Mohammed removed is that because how could someone be writing a book, and he I am an author of a book and I'm writing about me and I'm writing about what I'm calling for. And then in the book, I'm telling myself, it doesn't happen.

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So one of the proofs and evidence that we have the Quran is the book of Allah is that Allah subhanaw taala admonished the Prophet Muhammad, Allah Karim and the verses and they continue to be verses to be resorted to the devil gentlemen, one of those verses that he mentions, and she says, one of the verses that if really Mohammed had written in this book, he would have removed before anything else without a cola in a bottle. I mean, who believe me

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Muhammad was the makeup of Africa, anything on our behalf will destroy him. Subhana Allah, I'm writing a book, and then I'll say in the book, and if I do anything, I will destroy myself.

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It doesn't make sense. That's why the chronic Kareem is one of the books chronically is the book of Allah subhanaw taala. The Quran Allah Kareem is the Sacred Book from Allah azza wa jal revealed to Mohammed Salah Salem. So here in this verse is sort of the gap Allah Subhana. Allah commands Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to humble himself and continue embracing and continue socializing and intermingling with those who are weak and poor, those who are in need and those who don't come from prominent tribes. And Allah Subhana Allah says in the verse that I resorted in salata Maghreb, for amellia team of Allah Takara masala Latin Allah subhanaw taala he says, and about the often do not

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reproach the orphan or admonish the orphan or tell the orphan off. Know that you reject or you you abusively

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or forcefully or in an aggressive way you aggressively reject the one that's begging Allah subhanaw taala says the orphan look after him. This is an orphan he doesn't have a father. And what defines an orphan By the way, and often in the Sharia is any boy or girl that lost a father mother lost a father before the age of puberty? So after the age of puberty that are no longer orphans few times few brothers introduced me you know this brother here Mashallah. This brother His name is Mohammed is about 50 years old is an orphan shown often at the 15th of the month he

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is on his deathbed, often,

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or someone who's 25 years old. He's an orphan. No, no, no, we only call someone an orphan before the age of 50 once they reach the age of 18

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believe that a 1415 is old English, they are no longer considered to be as orphans. Okay, and an orphan is someone that lost their father, not their mother? Yes, the one that lost their mother in one way or another, they are often in a different way. But why does the Sherry I sympathize a lot more with the one that lost the father than the one that lost their mother. Because when you lose your mother, you lose emotions. But when you lose your father, you lose your provision in your life, and you lose your security. You lose a lot more even though emotion is very important. But you lose a lot more when he doesn't have a father because he lives your provision. You lose your income, you

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lose your security, instability. But if you have, if you have your father, everything's there except emotions. That's why the cellular refers to it.

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As ality so Allah subhanaw taala. He says, Do not aggressively, do not aggressively reject the beggar. Sometimes, you know, you get someone that begs, especially when you get to the Muslim countries. We just came. We were at hazard we just came up we came from Saudi and there's a lot of beggars even though this is Pamela the number had reduced a lot. But sometimes someone comes in bags, and some people because they've got the money to throw the money in the face, or the tail of gravity, or don't ask or get lost, or loss of health. And he says Well, I must say the phenomenon that aggressively reject them, you don't have to give them if you don't want to give them give, but

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then aggressively reject them. Okay? Just say Look, I don't have anything to eat either. But just because they are begging doesn't mean to take advantage of them. You find some people to start taking advantage of it. They make mockery of them, they start pushing them around. They start making fun of them. That's how long Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa tada also says, further leikam Okay, all right Allah.

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For Delica skin again, Allah subhanaw taala speaks in this verse, about the one that rejects the religion and the loss of health. Allah also mentions one of the descriptions and the qualities of those who reject the religion of those who are aggressively, aggressively reject the orphan or aggressively reject the beggar in this Hadith, which is the first Hadith in this chapter, and southern Casa de la la new con, una MonaVie Salalah alayhi wa sallam said that an offer for color must recon Allenby Salalah alayhi wa sallam otra de la la history owner Elena, welcome to Anna.

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voila gentlemen who died. Danny Lester Sammy Hema wakaf enough sudo su de la sala Masha Allah, for her De

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Anza Allah, Allah Wa, I talked to the lady named Robin.

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So here's

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the lowdown on who he says about himself, I was the sixth person to embrace Islam. And he says at one stage, Islam was only six people. And he was the sixth person that embraced Islam. So he was from the early comers to Islam. He says that I was with the Prophet Mohammed Salah who seeks our companions. And he says, and even names those companions, and he says, me, Abdullah, Assad to other men from who they belong to other men that I don't want to mention them. Now, the live enormous old, he was an Arab, but he came from a non prominent tribe. And that plays a big deal amongst the Arabs back then, even these days, but not as bad as much as much as he used to be. Or as much as he used

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to play back then, when you come from a prominent tribe, you're someone like I've got traveling, I've got a back end, that's what they call another name. Another synonym name. For a tribe, according to the Arabs is back, who's your back look is your tribe. It used to be very tribal. And if you don't have a tribe behind you, you're open here and you are prone to be attacked, you're prone to be taken advantage of you are prone to be fought against. you're prone to be those who take or take advantage of you or like someone that people can prey on.

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So I'm delighted, enormous old. He comes from an Arab tribe, but not from the problem that Eritrea,

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Saudi Arabia because he comes from a prominent tribe, but not a very, very prominent tribe. Milan, was an ex slave. He was an Indian and two other men from two other tribes. Here they came to him the people of Croatia sadhana because he says, well as six with the proper Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the chiefs of the people of Christ came to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam and they said, Oh, Mohammed, don't allow these people to sit down with us. And then you give them more Coronavirus. So they wanted to reject them because they had that tribal thought. They had that tribal aspect in their minds. So Allah subhana wa tada revealed to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and never ever reject those who remember Allah subhanaw taala during the day and night, seeking His pleasure

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Never ever reject those who want to please Allah azza wa jal. So if someone wants to please Allah subhanaw taala never looked down at him. And sometimes even we do that amongst Muslims, we just came from his. And we Australians, because we come from a first world country, and we have a lot of money a wolf and $1 he, like 100 bucks is so easy to get while other people don't live 10 years before they get that $100 in their pocket. Sometimes you could see people having that pride and then look down at other cultures, where even Arabs looking down on non Arabs or someone who has reached looking down or someone who's poor or someone who's big looking down or someone who's small. This

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happens and it's embedded in us, but we need to, we need to restrain them, we need to control them. It shouldn't control us and that's what makes me a moment is that I control those aspects of my life. I don't allow those aspects to control me. So Allah Subhana Allah commands a prophet Mohammed Salah Allah Allah wa salam, O Muhammad, don't you ever ever reject those who want the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, even if the uphole even if they are weak, even if they come from nonprofit, prominent tribes for the sake of pleasing those who achieved for the sake of pleasing the leaders have courage for the sake of pleasing some of those prominent people from the people of punish.

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And one of the reasons that some of the leaders and the chiefs of Christ refuse to follow the Prophet Mohammed Salim is this, does Muhammad want us to be on the same level as those who are put on a Muhammad wants to deal with us we have achieved Of course you are the chiefs of the Arabs. That's how they used to look at themselves. And yes, the way the Chiefs of Police and because they were the custodians that were the custodians of Mecca, because they were the custodians of Mecca with the chiefs of the Arabs. Those who are the custodians of Mecca, the chiefs of Arabs say they used to say we are the chiefs of Christ, we are the chiefs of Arabs, Mohammed wants to put us on the

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same level as Abdullah.

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Mohammed wants to put us on the same level as bilello.

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Mohammed wants to put us on the same level as everyone else. We're not gonna follow this religion. It was ego. It was pride. It was pride and ego that made these people reject the core of the problem Mohammed sallallahu wasallam

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so Allah subhana wa tada mentions to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam that you ever ever reject those who want the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal in this next Hadith, okay. In which

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lb hubiera

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law the law says another sufian at Salomon was sohaib Herbalife in offering

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the lowdown under a taco Luna had a shame. They had Alicia.

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Alicia who was eating fat and obese salatu salam ala Rebecca la la,

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la la doctora. back further vocal

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up to Coca Cola, Allah Allah Subhana Allah have beautiful is the quality of the Sahaba de la lado here, the Sahaba the Atlanta Atlanta, he says, and his name is Rodney allowed to Atlanta, he says that wall segments are hyperbola These are three companions sellman. So Hi, I'm Bill and those three companions before Islam, they were a lower class. They were a lower caste of people in the society of the Arabs. And we don't have casting. We don't have anything that casts people who is this and the individuals who said leave it it is rotten. It's under my feet to the Day of Judgment. We don't have cast. We don't have casting. We don't have casting levels. We don't have a casting system. In

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our deed. We don't have a casting system. You're a Muslim. That's what makes you better than everyone else. But the herbs I had a casting system. So I now sell man. So I am behind the three companions, three non Arabs. salmaan is a Persian Bilal is a senior. So hive is Roman. Those three companions before Islam before Islam, there were nobodies amongst the Arabs that will look down. There were people who didn't even have any respect. But when they became Muslims, what did they say about Selma, they were fighting the Sahaba. The Arabs were fighting over who Solomon belongs to San Luis also said he's from my tribe. And nobody saw Salaam connected him to him and connect them to

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Eastern. Below the Allahu taala. No is another companion that the Sahaba is to say he is our master. And who's that that's the letter of the law to Allah after he was a slave that people will not even give him the time of the day.

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So hype is the one that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said by Allah he had succeeded in his trade by Allah succinic ministry. So maybe some lava lamp

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Each one of those companions are laid on each one of those companions were considered to be a prominent Sahaba that we named our children out of their names. We now have our children after their names must be learned, and so happens because of our love to these people. But before it's done, these people were a lower caste in society. And then they became the prominent people in Islam.

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What happened is Abu sufian he was one of the chiefs and on stage he was the ultimate chief of the people of courage. He went past to hype summit and Milan. So what did they say to him? They said to him, Allah subhanaw taala hasn't published yet, or the enemy of Allah. So I go back and looked at him and he said, How could you and they speak to one of the chiefs of the people of Christ like that? So Abu Bakar went he felt a bit guilty. And he felt bad about what he did or he said to the Sahaba What did the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salim seeking his advice on this matter? So what is the process of safety? They don't look at the Abubakar is one of the closest people to him, and he comes

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from a very prominent tribe. And Abu sufian also is the chief of the people of Croatia and they should have not spoken to him that way. in Ibiza told him no. Go back to your brothers. Go back to this village as a senior and then go back to the Sandman, the Persian they go back to this so hype the Roman, those people that no one would even look at him I give him the time of the day, get back to them and apologize from them because if you upset them, you're upset Allah subhanaw taala

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if you upset them in this, please Allah azzawajal savarkar went to them. And he said, Oh my brothers that are upset. Anyway. So they said, Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon your brother and Philippi Subhana Allah send me Salalah alayhi wa sallam, even though he grew up in a tribal atmosphere, in a tribal environment, in a environment that was all that disgusting system and who comes from this drop, and he comes from that tribe and their connection and so on, in the results of did not hesitate to say that even though Abu Sufyan is the chief of the people of Christ. But at the end of the day, you brothers in Islam a lot more important than him.

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Allah Subhana Allah commands us that we love our wings, we humble ourselves to the poor and the needy, and even to someone who is not renowned or someone who is not prominent in the community. And usually prominence comes because of warmth, or because of authority or because of fame or because of knowledge. But you've got people who are not prominent, that are non non prominent people are just humble people. You need to lower yourself to this person and humble yourself to Him. Just because this person could be from a different culture or from different race or from different country or this person is poor. Or this person is not someone that's known to be strong or tough. It doesn't

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mean you could put an average.

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In our slang words, it doesn't mean you could put an average It doesn't mean that you could take advantage of them. And that's why you see that in the character of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never ever saw a lot to celebrate pride over anyone. And that moment of the Prophet Mohammed Salah did not give the attention that Abdullah Al Maktoum this blind companion deserves Allah subhanaw taala admonished him severely in the Quran, Allah Karim and made them verses to be resorted to the Day of Judgment. It's not like that Allah subhanaw taala kept alive Zoda kept it hidden. It's not like Allah subhanaw taala did talk about it. Allah subhanaw taala made that a verse

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in The Karate Kid even resorted to the Day of Judgment for us to know the high status of the Prophet Mohammed Salim the authenticity of the Quran and also always to humble yourself to those who are non prominent in your in your eyes.

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In this next Hadith the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says Anna wacap lulea TV, Phil jannetty Hakka Shara, Mr. Bertie Wooster, Raja Noma in NaVi Salalah alayhi wa sallam he says, me and the caretaker of the orphan are together like this in the Jenna and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took his middle finger and forefinger or index finger. Now, VESA made a lot of these and summarizes them together and maybe saw some split between the two fingers. Me and the caretaker of the oven are missing the heat after in the agenda. So Pamela, why? Because you are taking care of someone who is disadvantaged? Yes, the orphan is disadvantaged. He's disadvantage in not having a

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father or father figure in his life he's disadvantaged that doesn't have that security is disadvantage that doesn't have that protection, the disadvantage that doesn't have some of the results. And because you are looking after someone who's disadvantaged, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make you from amongst others who will enter the paradise with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in another Hadith.

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He says after Allah resurrects me, Oh see a woman hanging on the doors of the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the gates of the paradise and other nations on the throne of Allah azza wa jal, these know those to the throne. It was the dose of the paradox hanging on the throne of Allah or hanging on the dose of the agenda and who she she is the one that looked after the orphans.

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She is the one that looked at

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To the orphans, send Avi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says may I'm the one that looks after the team the one that takes care of the team will be together in the afternoon we saw Salah maida with his hands. Here in the bass Allah Allah Allah wa sallam also says licl mosquito levita rockdoor tomato Tom rotten water look metal will look metal in them and Miskin la Topher, he says la salatu wa sallam the miskeen the Neary Okay, we've got fucking miskeen for Paris Paul Neary is miskeen. And the difference between a pyramid scheme scheme is a bit of a higher class than the poor guy and the scholars define it in this way. They say a poor person is the one that needs $100 a week and only

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has five for 10. The miskeen is the one that needs $100 a week and is about 50. So I'm askin is someone that has a bit of more warmth than the pocket in a piece of aluminium. He says, the trim scheme the tree nursery is not the one that if we give him a date, or you give them food or you give him a bit of food or give him something and he just walks away, the trim scheme is the one that prevents himself from begging. Begging is not a good quality.

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Begging is not a good quality. The upper hand is more beloved soldiers with the lower hand and even though they need Allah Subhana Allah praises Allah praises the Sahaba of the law to Allah Adam in which he says that some of you think that are worth it because they never open their hands and big and asking for anything you think about these people are doing Assad.

00:31:34 --> 00:31:45

These people are so struggling in their life, but you think that are so poor that are so comfortable. Why because they never big, begging is not a good quality, even the highest rate of beggars in the world in the Muslim world.

00:31:47 --> 00:32:18

But begging is not a good quality. Begging is not a good quality and the trim skin as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in this Hadith, the trim his skin is not the one that goes on. Ask people for money, the one that has to approve and whatever. If it means having the pride of asking people, you need to have that pride. Not pride. Other people that pride they don't ask people. You prevent yourself from asking people even though you're in need, Allah subhanaw taala praise those people know chronically.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:29

Here, the next Hadith and the Bissau salami says man Allah Jerry attiny hotter Hata Blanca Jaya, Yama, Yama, Tiana wahaca

00:32:30 --> 00:33:03

innovation licenses in this hadith no one that takes care of their daughters. So you've got two daughters in this hadith he says two daughters in another Hadith in Ephesus and starts off with three daughters, anyone that has three daughters, and he takes care of him, Allah will give him the agenda. So once the happy says O Messenger of Allah, what about if someone has two daughters, he takes care of them until they reach the age of maturity, that's the condition. He take care of them, your upbringing them, you bring them up, you raise them, you feed them, you educate them, until they reach the age of maturity and then they get married. And Nevis awesome says you look after three of

00:33:03 --> 00:33:40

your daughters, he take care of him, your upbringing them, you raise them, and you give them their right until the age of material I'll give you It gives you the gender. Then one of those habits says What about if someone has to in every sense of self, even if it's got two daughters? In another hand, if another company says what am I if someone has wandora in the results of says even if it's got $1 loss of health are given the gym. Why? Because a girl she's not disadvantaged, but she can be taken advantage of a woman she can be taken advantage of. Because I don't wanna say she's weak, but she's more vulnerable than I am. And in some areas, men these days are vulnerable in other areas and

00:33:40 --> 00:34:17

woman alixe me thin, but she can't be taken advantage of she can be vulnerable some areas, and because of her modesty and shyness, people can take advantage of it. That's why the father is like a protection to Hey, Guardian is like a prediction. So if someone has three daughters, he takes care of them. And he feeds them and educates them and gives them the rights until they reach the age of maturity This person will enter the gym. What about you? A lot of hard argument agenda What about what Eliza was given the gender, some hannula and they say they say women are oppressed in Islam, Allah hamdulillah Cena v salatu salam in this hadith. He says if someone has three daughters, it

00:34:17 --> 00:34:55

looks after him until the age of maturity allow given the gender to interpret the gender one ends up in the gender. Why girls have a voice because girls can be taken advantage of the vulnerable that mothers don't shine. And that's why it goes back to the same topic and chapter that we're speaking about. Here there's another howdy Thea the it says de la la la, la la, la, la la la, la la la la la vida for RJ Tahoma ja Casa Mata for Casa Mata Bana, Bana Natalia Amina Toma karma Taraji P. salasar. Marlena

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

Magnolia Manhattan Burnett Misha and fasten ala Hinako Citroen

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

Minister Nana condolences Ramadan. I says a lot, Alana,

00:35:07 --> 00:35:12

that once a woman a mother came to my place, a mother came to my place.

00:35:14 --> 00:35:32

And she had two daughters, she knocked on my door, asking and begging and asking for food. So I go for the only thing I had is one day, so hammer, the house of the promises of the entire household. And it has one date. And I will open the fridge and will lie we are so confused where to start from.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:45

We are confused where to start from the house of the promises that have had only one day to either grab that date. And so Pamela she sacrificed that and gave it to that mother. So what did the humble mother do? She

00:35:46 --> 00:35:51

is she divided the data into two pieces and gave one to her daughter.

00:35:53 --> 00:36:01

She was amazed to see look at the sacrifice that the mother is sacrificing for the sake of a daughter's love. She split it into two halves one to

00:36:02 --> 00:36:41

one of her daughters, although she didn't make from it. So when the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sam came back, she mentioned that to the profiler is Salatu. Salam, salam, he says anyone that Allah subhanaw taala tests him and he is the word patania testing with gills lock this poor week often, and they look after him. Allah subhanaw taala give them the gender. Look what Allah subhanaw taala gave them in return. And this is a mother during the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah with two daughters, she doesn't have food to eat, she came to someone and a house that doesn't even have food on the table. So the profile is awesome. And they had only one day had only one that he sacrificed

00:36:41 --> 00:36:44

the only day that she had maybe that was a dinner for the bottom

00:36:45 --> 00:36:59

half of the profit half. But they sacrificed for this lady for this woman and her often. And her often children are often daughters, she split up between the two daughters. So Allah subhanaw taala gave with agenda and return quani

00:37:00 --> 00:37:07

Allah subhanaw taala commanders that we humble associate, everyone, I'll leave you with a final story of the law turned on.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:15

During the time of the lowdown on one of his servants, they used to look after the affairs of he was a young man

00:37:16 --> 00:37:16


00:37:17 --> 00:37:55

had discussed them in him. One of his color is that every night who walk around and check up on people and see the rest of the people the floor of his nation, he's people in his community. So once I'm on top of the low tide on the wall, he was checking up on the rest of the people in his community. He heard a mother who heard a mother with her children. So there was a mother and she had children and those children were orphans. And he heard those children crying. Why are they crying? Now because the father is not mine in PlayStation, or because I'm not going to get the recent game or because I'm not going to get the recent book or because I'm not going to get the masses of food.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:08

Now we're crying out of hunger. Now which one of our kids ever cries out of hunger which one of your children has ever cried out of hunger? crying crying, I'm hungry, I'm hungry. These days they cry because you feed them too much.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:27

That cry because you feed them too much. SubhanAllah during the time of the Prophet la salsa them, people cry out of anger. And bla bla bla bla bla No, who was the strongest man, the strongest leader and ruler standing on the face of this earth at that time?

00:38:28 --> 00:38:58

Not the amount that I know is going around checking up on his flock checking up on his people. He sees a mother with her often children that their father passed away crying out of hunger. Subhan Allah, what does the mother do? The mother just occupied the kids. She says they are going to cook food for you. So she gets the pot. She turns off and leaves on the fire. She puts she puts rocks inside the pot. And she starts making that noise until until the kids fell asleep.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:16

So Pamela, She tricked them. Yes, She tricked them. The way to trick them is that she got a pot. She put rocks in that pot. And she started making stuff that she's cooking. She turned off the fire. And she said she made use of cooking. And the kids were wearing crying, crying crying until they gave up and slipped

00:39:17 --> 00:39:21

up from fires watching everything. And he was amazed to see something like that happening.

00:39:22 --> 00:39:59

So I went up to the mother and asked her I said to her What did you see and what were the kids crying? She said she said she doesn't know what about the way she has no idea who this man is. She knows Omar. She knows who is Omar Omar is but she doesn't know that this man is standing in front of her and this man that's asking us armor. So she said that my kids and our opposite father passed away and they are so hungry. They are crying out of hunger that I just wanted to treat them that I'm cooking until they fall asleep. And then she says my Allah Subhana Allah Allah make Omar accountable for putting us in a position of this and he's listening to

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

Oman, Oman is standing and is the halifa is the leader, leader of the scenario, the one that she's addressing is

00:40:09 --> 00:40:11

so she said, I'm gonna stand before

00:40:12 --> 00:40:22

make Omar responsible for this moment. So this really should come out of La Pablo de la la. He moved his heart. So with his servant, now went and

00:40:24 --> 00:41:05

allowed himself. He went to bite melon Muslim in the treasury of the Muslims. And he carried a bag a sack of wheat, and he carried on his back, and then his own servant will say to him, amen, let me carry it. So I'm gonna have Bobby's esteem, if I'm gonna give you this to carry, then he's going to carry my sensor from a liner here after. And Amato himself went, and he himself got the port, and he saw the food for the kids. And then he waited. And then the servant system or Mr. Okay handler, you got some food, you cook the forum and effect them. So let's go. He says well lie. I am not going to move from here until I see them smile, the weather were crying.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:09

Low. Look at the quality of the leaders.

00:41:10 --> 00:41:26

Look at the quality of the leaders back then he says, Well, I'm not going to move away from him, until I see these kids smiling and laughing the way I saw them crying. And so Hanalei stayed there even ever, not just watching the kids smiling and laughing and eating, and he's the one that

00:41:27 --> 00:41:38

so he was the one that carried the food. He's the one that carried it. He's the one that delivered. He's the one that and he's the one that just sat there while just to say this kids smiling, and they're having a nice laugh. So Pamela,

00:41:39 --> 00:42:13

this is the quality which one of the leaders these days does that the rich just gets richer, and the poor just gets poorer. The rich, get richer, because the leaders all they care about is the rich, faithful, those who is going to support the election campaign, this is going to step but the poor, don't care about him. On the contrary, maybe they want them to become more poor. My attention is only given to those who are rich, my attention is given to those who have influenced me given to those who are famous. What about the rich? What about the poor? Excuse me, what about those who are poor, what does what about those who are in need, but Subhana Allah, he found the inner character of

00:42:13 --> 00:42:25

the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, and the Sahaba on the low talana. This is what we learn from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and Sahaba so this is the Hadith of

00:42:26 --> 00:42:28

the woman that came to your eyes out of the lockdown.

00:42:29 --> 00:42:35

And here the follow Hadith the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he says, Hello to Serrano, terracotta, Allah.

00:42:37 --> 00:43:05

Allah subhanaw taala gives you victory because of your weak and because of those who are because of those who are awake and those who are in need. Maybe because of someone who is weak, maybe because someone who is in need maybe because of someone that we seem as non prominent person, maybe because of him Allah subhanaw taala gives you victory, maybe because of him or lots of how to listen to him. Maybe because of him, Allah subhanaw taala will change things never undermined someone. So during the term Musa alayhis salam,

00:43:06 --> 00:43:22

it was a term of drought. So people were suffering of drought. So Musa alayhis salam asked Allah subhanaw taala to send the rain down. So lots of mountain a city, I'm not going to send the rent down. So Moses said, Well, I said because I'm honest with people there's someone who's disobeying me

00:43:23 --> 00:43:59

and there's another neurosurgeon says that he gathered them together the people and he wanted to ask a lot soldier friend and asked the last part of Rona and Aaron came down. So Mousavi Salam asked Allah Allah Allah for Allah interest and write down on us. Why is that so lots of how to hold him because there is one person amongst you is disobey me. So Mousavi Salam stood in front of his people. And he said to them, Allah subhanaw taala will not send them the right until one person amongst us or because of one person amongst us is disappointing, because of one person is disobey Allah azzawajal Allah subhanaw taala made the rest of the community may be experienced or suffer

00:43:59 --> 00:44:37

because of neuron of drought. So Moses stood in front of his people, he said Allah subhanaw taala will not send the rain down because of someone amongst us disobeyed Allah. Now, I don't want to say Imagine you have that person standing in front of masala is an app and there are 1000s of people around you. if not hundreds of 1000s of people are suffering because of jail now, right? Like you feel guilty like because of me, right? It wasn't paying the price. So what happened to this person? he repented to Allah then and it felt a lot because of me, everyone else is going to pay the price. So I refer to Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah Zoda sent down the Rhine somos la Salam later on ask

00:44:38 --> 00:44:59

Allah, what did you send them during when before you did not even send them the right so Allah subhanaw taala told Musa because of him. I did not send them the rain and because of him or send them during so Harlan, never, never despise or look down on someone. either. No, maybe because of this person alone. make a change.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:15

Maybe because of this weak, weak person that raised his hands, except his dog, maybe because of this weak woman and had to somehow give you victory maybe because of this poor person or loss of power except so ask a loss of power to make us from monsters we listen and hear and act upon

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