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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his blessed path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah him I mean, the brothers and sisters, when you look at the proceedings of the Day of Judgment, you don't see in your Lord a Lord who wants to humiliate the believers or humiliate

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the righteous, or humiliate those who are striving even if they fell short multiple times, especially when they weren't proud of their shortcomings. You see, a Lord who does not mock people for their sins on the Day of Judgment. You see a lord that due to his mercy, not because of anything that we earned, puts a barrier between the one he his questioning on the day of judgment and those that are observing when someone sins in private and sought to overcome those sins and use to seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you see a Lord who says, that I protected you from the humiliation of that sin in this life. And I am shielding you from its consequences today. When

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you see the people enter into paradise you see a Lord who is so generous, that he continues to give and to give and to give to those who enter into paradise not because of their own karma, not because of their own deeds, but always because Allah subhanaw taala embraces them in his mercy may Allah subhanaw taala embrace us all in his mercy. Allahumma Amin, a Lord who continues to elevate and elevate and elevate even some of those who seem to be the most undeserving to the point that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions he Romani article regenda, the last person to enter paradise the last person to get out of the hellfire and to enter into paradise and when he sees the

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kindness of Allah subhanaw taala towards him, how Allah subhanaw taala keeps giving him and giving him and giving him he says to him, and I'm paraphrasing because it's not the core Hadith of the hook, but he says a test as a human need will untolerable al Amin, are you making fun of me? Oh Allah, Are you mocking me? Or in somebody who is a test cuddle Mini? Are you making fun of me and You are the Lord of the Worlds by giving me all of these things and promising me all of these things despite being the last person to enter into Jannah. And you're giving me all of this. And Allah subhanaw taala affirms that I do not make fun of my believing servants. I am not mocking you. But I

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do as I please I do as I wish. So you see a rob a Lord, who is generous, a lord that is merciful, a lord that gives an bestows not a lord that humiliates His righteous and striving servants who all will have their share of shortcomings on the Day of Judgment.

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Now, why do I start off with this? Because Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he will mock some people on the Day of Judgment, that some people will be humiliated in the hereafter that some people will find that the behavior that they put forth is met with far worst consequences on the day of judgment. And in these last 100 days or so, many of the concepts that used to only instill fear in the believers have actually started to give the believers some comfort. The idea of punishment and divine retribution and hellfire actually gives comfort to the believers, when they see tyrants, like those who are oppressing our brothers and sisters in the Gaza act so invincible so immune to

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everything, when they see the mockery, when they see the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the verses of the Quran being used to intimidate and to taunt the people of Quran. Imagine the arrogance of the Israeli occupation forces when they drop. You know, these these pamphlets on the people with verses of the Quran taunting them, when they announced through the microphones, taunting them with the verses of the Quran, when they blow up the massages of Allah subhanaw taala laughing like maniacs when it actually invades even their pop culture when there is laughter and so Korea, a sense of mockery, that sense that gives off the sentiment of invincibility. No one can do anything to us.

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No one can do anything to us. When soldiers make tic tock videos of themselves after blowing up little children. That shows you not just how depraved that army is, but it also shows

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cause you to what extent they have been intoxicated by the illusion of their power. And I want to actually take this back to what it suggests in the Quran in the home yaki doing a Qaeda were a key do Qaeda while Makarova Macker Allah Allah Hi Ron marketing, Allah's parents I mentioned the plan and Allah plants, they plot and Allah plots. But Allah subhanaw taala also mentions that they will one day be mocked by their own mockery in the very first manifestation of that, well, what do I do? Maru? How lira? Can you imagine on the Day of Judgment when the videos are replayed in front of them, and they're standing in front of an eyeball Alameen standing in front of the Lord of the

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worlds and they're being questioned, as those videos play in front of them, as their own words are used against them, and how low and pathetic they will feel if they don't repent to Allah subhanaw taala when those things are put in front of them live and they can't lie about them or escape the consequences. That in and of itself is a great humiliation.

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But Allah subhanaw taala also responds to the unique elements of mockery. You see, nothing hurts us more

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than the emotional pain of mockery, even on top of the physical pain and Shavon will try to use the mockery itself and the grief that it evokes within the believers, to get them to stop believing in Allah subhanaw taala or stop depending on Allah subhanaw taala what is the shape on seek through this, that you lose hope and that you lose a connection. And so he amplifies that mockery gives the language to it, and increases the volume of it so that you no longer feel encouraged to make your app so that you no longer feel encouraged towards Allah subhanaw taala in the midst of those moments, it is to break you psychologically and mentally.

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And Allah subhanaw taala mentions this in regards to the people of Makkah. In Alladhina Angela rom waka luminal V in New York, hang on. You remember the criminals walking around the believers laughing at them? Well either mob rule be him yet as long as goon and when they walked by them. They winked at each other. Like hey, look at these guys. Let's let's throw some shots at them completely unaccountable to anyone in this world. Let's throw some garbage on them today. What how are you going to humiliate the Muslims today? Are we going to spit at them today? What new insults will we come up with what new method of torture? Let's go pluck one of them and take them to the torture

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And then what did they do when they come home? Subhanallah where most people come home after an honest living happy about what they earned. What either Oh, Carla boo ina Lee. O'Connor boo faqih he, they go back to their families, they go back to each other and they laugh about how they exploited and took advantage of the believers. Look what I did to this person today, the equivalent of showing the Tick Tock videos the equivalent of celebrating and dancing amongst themselves. And talking about how invincible they are. What either Oh whom God who in

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in love on noon, when they used to see them they would say look at these people not talking to them. They've all gone astray. Look how misguided they are. One or see to it him halfling you were not sent as their keepers. And what does Allah subhanaw taala say? fairly young woman, Medina monomial Kufa real HackerOne

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so today, those who believe will laugh at those who mock them from the disbelievers today, they will look down at them and laugh at them and mark them Hallel icky unworn, and they will be in high places upon these elevated structures, looking at them, laughing at them, mocking them the way that they were once mocked. And what's the end of suited morphine? Hello, Sue weabl Kusarigama kanwariya fellow where they repaid for what they used to do to where the disbelievers repaid for what they used to do to you. This is a question that Allah will ask to them Are you satisfied now that Allah subhanaw taala did not forget you that those moments of mockery have come back to them that you have

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the last laugh? Are you satisfied now? Oh old woman of Gaza Oh child of Gaza that walk through that humiliation? Are you satisfied? Look at them now. Look at these people. Now. Are you satisfied? Oh believers when you watch them, mark your brothers and sisters and mark you by extension. Are you satisfied now?

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As Allah subhanaw taala

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has shown you His promise in regards to them. You see, here are the things if you go through the verses of the Quran

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Allah subhanaw taala doesn't try to incentivize us towards the gentleman by saying one day you get to mock people and their intimate mentioned because that's not the quality of the believer that the believer likes to mock people. The believer doesn't actually like to mock people. Allah subhanaw taala discourages the spiritual diseases from us. We don't have in us the intention to humiliate and that's why the Muslims were able to be restrained does it no claim Rahim Allah mentions when they were put in a position of power with the same people who mutilated and mocked and, and did all of those things to them. They were naturally restrained by their Taqwa. They didn't have a desire to

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respond in like manner to mutilate people physically, to taunt and to humiliate them after they were put in a position of power. So it's not something that you find lace throughout the Quran and the verses of Jana that look forward to the day that you can mock in tongues. It was a comfort to the believers in their lowest moments. One day, Allah subhanaw taala will show you an example in those people. And you will see it and Allah will ask you the end of certain morphine as if an ambassador Allah and Omar says is a question that Allah will ask you healthy we will prefer Rama can we have I don't?

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Have I not taken your complaints into consideration? Did it come back to them or not? One element is them facing their consequence. The other element is Allah compensating you for your pain. And there are different dimensions of that. It's not just our brothers and sisters and versa. But it's the most obvious manifestation of a people that MOQ and that taunt and the people that have to face the brutality of that while facing starvation while facing slaughter. That's just the most obvious manifestation. But even as believers when you see people mocking you, for your Imam, from the disbelievers and from the hypocrites, Allah subhanaw taala puts you at ease now here's the thing

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that they're in about mentioned. Allah subhanaw taala says to us in certain Bukhara

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about the hypocrites in particular what either local Latina amo Amana when they see the believers they say we believe what either Hello either che out Nene him when they go back and they congregate amongst their doubles see there's always this element to consider you know contrasting worlds what you then call abou either early him what either hello in our shelter Nene him there is the mockery and then there's the going back to one another and saying hey, did you like what I did there? Did you see what I did there? Right the pumping up each other's chests and the group intoxication with the illusion of power what either Hello er che Ltd him when they go back to their devil devils are

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low in American International Mr. Hassan, they go back to their levels. They say we are really with you. We were just making fun of them. We were just mocking them. We are with you. We were just mocking them. How many people in this day and age when it comes to our brothers and sisters and Philistine issue statements from the pulpits of states or from the pulpits of media and say we are with our brothers and sisters in Philistine? We're with the people of Gaza, while behind the scenes at the political and social level or whatever it is, or actually fueling the genocide and making sure that it continues. Well you Deena Amano Carlo in America in a manner when they see the

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believers they say we believe what you found out your child Tanium Carlo in America in Ghana Mr. Hassan, what does Allah say? Allah who has Tassie will be him. While your Mukdahan feito Yanni him Yama, Han, Allah mocks them. And Allah increases them in their blindness increases them in their deviation, until the moment that Allah subhanaw taala will face them with it. Now again, it's not from the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala it's not from the names of Allah subhanaw taala that suggests mockery or making fun of us the self mentioned, it is what the scholars of Tafseer dimension, unemotional killer, tells me to the recovery Bismil them that Allah subhanaw taala

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responds to the crime in the same way that they put it forward, you mock you will be marked, you forget you will be forgotten. You deceive you will be deceived, you will face the consequences of your actions. And when Allah subhanaw taala spares you it's just for a moment, and that's a comfort to the believers as well. Now when it comes to the hypocrites on the Day of Judgment, the hypocrites who backstab the Muslims from within, who hurt the believers from within, and then go back to their people and say we're really with you. On the Day of Judgment. What does Allah subhanaw taala say to us, certain Hadith, Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentions that the believers go forth

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and they have their nose they have their light.

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And then the Manasa teen will call out to them the hypocrites will call out to them right in what moments boring but

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Boehner home be sued in the hubbub downplaying the whole field. Wha wha wha Hiroko Miniclip La Ilaha. You know doing a home alumna Cohen Mera Kaam is Pamela. The hypocrites will call out as the believers are going forward with their lights. And they will say, alumna, Kumarakom. Were we with you? Weren't we with you? So first they were looking around and they saw who had the light, and they situated themselves amongst the Muslims the same way that hypocrites do in this life as well. But then Allah subhana wa starts to separate them and they get left behind.

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And as the wall comes down,

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they call out and look at the words that they use. Lm naquin Mera Kaam, weren't we with you?

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What Allah Azza just say they used to say in this world, they used to go back to their saline and say, in America, we're really with you. And so the same words are being used even that they will call out and say lm nakulan American, weren't we with you? And so the mockery is when they think that they're going to still make it to the gates of paradise, but instead they find themselves driven to hellfire May Allah's concept protect us alone, I mean,

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these are not verses that are given to us.

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So that we can become cruel and heartless and seek moments of cruelty and harshness.

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These are given to us, to remind us, when I cannot book in a car,

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your Lord has not forgotten. Your Lord will not forget. Your Lord sees everything that you see. And your Lord has more power over the situation than you have and more power than anyone perceives in the moments. Your Lord sees. Your Lord is in control. And every single word that is said of mockery and every single moments that people feel invincible that oppressors feel invincible, will lead to a moment of humiliation on the Day of Judgment. How do we bring this back to ourselves? Dear brothers and sisters? First and foremost, as with everything else, we look to make sure that we don't have any elements of that oppression ourselves. Yeah, you Alladhina amanu la Yes, Hong Kong morning, Tom.

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Oh, you who believe Let not one group of you mock and other people. Let not one group of you mock and other people I saw and your corner will hiraman home, one on a settlement ESA and NASA and you couldn't fit them in one, because they might be better than you or a group of women mock another group of women because they might be better than them. This is not from your personality. This is not from your traits. As a believer, you should hate it for yourself. As for the hypocrites, as for those who live lives of mockery and think that they reach a position of invincibility. Sofia Allah hoomin home, the same thing that we mentioned, Allah subhanaw taala will mock them with their own

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mockery on the Day of Judgment.

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But don't mock a group of believers don't mock a group of people don't put people down. And Allah Azza diagnosis the spiritual disease because you think you're better than them. That's why you're doing that. You see, when the oppressors oppressed the Ummah, it's because they think they are better than us, and they think they have escaped the consequences of oppressing us. When we mock one another. It is because we think that we are better than the person that we're mocking. And we think we've escaped the consequences of that mockery. And yes, that includes social media, by the way, that includes your whatsapp when you pass things around and make fun of people and mock people and

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put them down. Careful. Careful, just as you laughed in the privacy of your home looking at your phone at someone else. Allah subhanaw taala What do you do, ma'am? You know how they don't. That's an action. Allah plays that video, roll the tape, plays it in front of you on the Day of Judgment, you are laughing at your brother, your sister in the privacy of your home and forwarding something and looking down upon them and mocking them. Don't just think about the IDF. Think about yourself.

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Don't mock people.

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Don't talk people because it could come back to haunt you on the Day of Judgment. So the first thing is that we make sure we don't have any elements of that. May Allah protect us from being oppressors ourselves or of the mockers ourselves,

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then the other elements. The yesterday has to do with our Commonwealth meaning that Allah brings comfort to the heart of the believers. When you see them, mark our brothers and sisters this way, know that their end is near and that their eternal end will be worse.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that the believer does not face any anxiety or hardship not even the prick of a thorn, except that Allah azza wa jal will compensate them accordingly. If they are patients, every single one of those brothers and sisters walking through the checkpoints going through that mockery, enduring it with patients, Allah will elevate them on the Day of Judgment and Allah subhanaw taala will compensate and compensate and compensate. Are you pleased?

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Are you pleased?

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I'll be Allah on whom will do one. May Allah make us amongst those who are pleased with him, and who will be pleased by him on the day of judgment. But remember, your Lord does not forget. May Allah subhanaw taala not allow us to forget ourselves, nor allow us to be deterred or discouraged by those who have forgotten themselves and harmed our brothers and sisters. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from oppression, both being oppressors and being amongst the oppressed. May Allah azza wa jal Give victory to our brothers and sisters in Philistine and all over the world. Allama Amin Akula we had a stark reality will accompany Saturday Muslim investor fellow in our household.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Why not only he was so happy woman why Allah? Allah MacWilliam what Nina when it's when Muslim you know when a Muslim adds a minimal amount in like a semi or in Korean was he without a llama filled and our Hamner wire for ANA Allah to

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Allah subhana wa Nanfu Sinhala Elantra to learn how to handle an akuna minal ha serene La Mina CAFO when Kurimoto hibel alpha for ANA Allah Muhammad Ali Dena Robert Hamme Houma kumara buena suhara Robina Hubbardton Hammond as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan what Jana Linwood Sakina Imam along with sort of one and most of our fina famous advocate or the woman of Arabia, Allah Montsouris one and masala I've seen a few Reza Allah on select one and masala Athena frequently McCann, Allah whom are naked be either you can either Deen Allah Allah Allah Killarney Mina with Lolly meanwhile footage and I was one of them and being him certainly mean about Allah Allah hit

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Morgan it will x&y ito protocol Yun Hara and in fact it wouldn't wouldn't carry well daddy your ego Camilla Allah come to the Quran fifth Corolla has got a commercial rover and an Erina is it luck on one of the crolla he Akbar Allahu Yamamoto scenario and what kind of Salah