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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of Islam, including the return of the Spanish, French, and the merger of the US and UK. The shia's claim to know everything before it happens and their legends are discussed, including the "has" meaning "has" in the title of the book and the "has" meaning "has." The "has" meaning "has" in the title of the book, and the "has" meaning "has" in the title of the book.
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam about appellant abena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters Welcome to our webinar on the history of the Muslims belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala His names and attributes, my brothers, my sisters in Islam, the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa tada and the belief in the isthmus effect of Allah subhanho wa Taala is one of the most important pillars of our belief. And you know the heat with Allah subhana wa tada when Allah subhana wa tada obligated that we believe in him, he obligated that not only do we believe that He exists and that he is the

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owner, the creator, the nourisher, the Sustainer the cherisher which is our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala His Lordship and also that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only deity worthy of worship which is a second part of our the Hadith Allah subhanho wa Taala. But he also ordained that we believe in the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala as he has described himself in the Quran, and upon the tongue of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So we find that the Quran talks a lot about lesser panelo dog.

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In fact, the vast majority of the verses in the ad, if they were to be categorized according to themes and topics, then we would find 1000s, if not more than 1000 verses simply regarding Allah subhanho wa Taala His attributes, his beautiful names, his beautiful attributes and his actions. In fact, the scholars mentioned that the greatest number of verses in the Quran is simply regarding the attributes of Allah subhana wa Taala. On top of that, we find that the greatest surah in the Quran is Surah Flatts and we find that this is something which Allah subhanaw taala has spoken about, and the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has mentioned that it is it is equivalent to a third of the court.

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So no, that's what it is less is an exemple is isn't is a is an exemplification of the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala has named attributes, is one of the most important focus of the focus is of the opinion of the Sinatra soul as a seller. On top of that, for example, we find the greatest version, which is Atul cracy is all about the names and attributes are less of hands on with that. So wherever we look, all the evidence is pointing to the fact that this is the most important knowledge that we are all meant to understand and be aware of. And but Allah, it is so important that none of the Sahaba as has been, it has been authentically reported that none of the Sahaba ever

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deferred, ever deferred in a single matter. And I'll say that again, none of the Sahaba ever differ in a single matter regarding the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. These days, well, you know, the Sahaba they differ in many matters of, so we know that they differ in matters of for example, whether

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whether the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, for example, started fasting lost his job or not. And we know for example, the Sahaba differ whether the prophets I send them every year naked standing or not. We know that the Sahaba differed on matters of, of the love and on nikka for example, marriage and divorce. We know that this habit sometimes differed in matters of business and trade. So in these matters, they did different they were the best of mankind. And they differ based upon the HD heard and what Allah subhanho wa Taala had opened up to them from their from understanding of the sun. However, what was amazing is that they never ever differed in a single matter regarding the

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names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. throughout the centuries, people have tried to find differences, monster Sahaba in the topic of last names, attributes, and there has never ever existed, any difference at all. The question is, did the Sahaba ever differ in our data from what we spoke about before

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But did this have a different opinion? The answer is yes the different in small, small issues in a paper, like for example, this I have a different whether a person is punished in the grave physically in his body, or are they punished in the soul? For example, the Sahaba different weather as soon as I sent him when he went to see Allah subhanho wa Taala in Islamic Mirage, did the solar system actually see Allah subhanho wa Taala as light or did he see a light that was blocking the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala, meaning a mini Allah subhana wa Elysee jack, and there is a well known difference amongst the Sahaba in this matter. However, this has to do with with the secondary

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matters of appeasement, they're not to do with the principle itself, which is that Allah subhanho wa Taala can be seen, there not to do with this with this with the central matter itself, which is that people are punished in grades, they all agree that people are punishing rates are simply different, whether that was a punishment on their body or on their soul or on both of them. So you see, the point is that the Sahaba, in these matters are either the sap when it comes to a attribute or a name of Allah azza wa jal, then even in the subordinate matters, it has never ever been reported to the

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right, even in the subordinate matters, you know, much less the the primary matters in the in the names, names, attributes Allah, but even the subordinate matters they have never ever did. However, the omo Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, unfortunately, differed greatly regarding the names attributes, Allah subhana wa,

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they differ greatly. And what I wanted to do in this webinar was to show you the history of the deviance of the oma regarding data so that it becomes clear to you the importance of this knowledge and and the need for us to all fortify ourselves a 45, or Eman, having strong in this knowledge, because by law, the amount or deviances, in this matter is tremendous, tremendous. And the best way to learn about it from my own experience that I have understood, is to learn about it chronologically and in history. So let's look at what actually happened to either throughout the centuries, and that would give us a brief understanding, a brief understanding, and a brief synopsis

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of exactly what was the state of appeal at that particular era, that particular time, which will inshallah give us an insight into how the appeal of the believer, and how the appeal of a Muslim should be fortified against all blemishes and all innovations. So we know that, that the defense is straying away from the truth and from the real appeal did not happen in one go. Yeah, it didn't happen in one day, people were believing in the last names and attributes. And then suddenly, the next day, they wake up, and they suddenly don't believe anymore. No, it didn't happen like that. It all happened gradually over time, and over very distances, and over very places, and especially as

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new tribes and as new nations and new countries, joined the Muslim Ummah with the expansion of the oma over time. And so this is a, this is a chronicle of the APA. And then I'm going to talk to you about insha Allah in this webinar, I'm only going to talk to you about until the fourth century, of the of the Hydra. And of course, everything after that simply followed on from that fourth century people followed on from the major mud hubs that arose in that time, after the fourth century, people followed up. So in Java, in my explanation, I will only in the Chronicles, I will only go up to the fourth century, which will tell you about the the the the most recent sets that that actually

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present, which, which we actually have until now. So what actually happened in the fourth century has has not persisted until the 14th century. However, that time. So that is since the beginning of

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our revelation until now. It has changed. And and and this is, this is a brief synopsis of the Chronicle as it happened. So let's take the beginning of Revelation, which is from 00, or minus 10, minus 10, of hater all the way to the year 37, after Hitler. And why do I say 37 after Hydra? Well, because the year 37 was about the time in the middle part of the, of the kingship of the rulership of European law. So from minus 10, which is the beginning of Revelation, all the way up to begin after his you know what happened while the revelation was still being sent out, right? Of course, the beginning. This is was resources was still there, revelation was still being sent down in the

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language of the people understood in the Arabic language. So the Sahaba understood it and they accepted it and they acted upon it. And this is critical to realize, yes, they did understand. And you see, initially that's how the foot rollers so then the armor of the lango, collinwood, et cetera, these people they

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Rasulullah says, so they must have understood it and then they fought it and then they understood it and then they accepted it. So it's not right to say the Sahaba did not understand the attributes Allah subhanaw taala. It is not right to say that this habit did not understand the verses, when they were masters of the Arabic language where they lived the Arabic language when they lived with the baggier. They understood the Arabic language and they spoke it without problem. And without without hindrances, and the Arabic language and the Quran was being revealed in the language, it would be preposterous to assume that the Quran was being revealed. And this, however, did not

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understand it would be preposterous to assume that the Quran has been revealed. And this habit did not understand what what is the what allows Schmidt what Allah subhanaw taala rose up about the throne, what that word is the woman. And we propose to us to assume that Allah subhanaw taala, for example, says seven times in

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a rush man, I don't know how she stowa the rock man are the Most Merciful rows of above the Throne. And the Sahaba read that verse simply did not understand what it meant. Do we propose this? Because we see that the Sahaba First they fought Rasulullah sesamum with their blood and the tears and with their with their wealth and their lives, then they fell in love with Islam and the lovely solar system and the defendant or solar system, with the blood and the tears, and with their life and their and their wealth and their and the children. Right? It did that. It is preposterous to assume that people would do that without understanding the meaning of what was being given to them. Why am

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I Why am I dwelling on this point so much. The reason why I'm dwelling on this point so much is that we find that the later sets that actually came up regarding the deviances and upheaval, when when the latest sets actually came up, they persisted on saying that the Sahaba did not understand they simply used to read the data without understanding, they used to say that we are more knowledgeable, they used to say that the way of the seller were pious predecessors is is a slip is more safe, while I keep 30 catalana. However, the way of the of the of the later generations, our number is more knowledgeable is better is is more knowledgeable and more wise. So they used to say that the way of

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the seller is safer, what was it safer, just read the person not understand it's safe, it's safe, you don't have to say anything about it. It's safe to say, What are you hoping, and the way of the later generations and by that they mean themselves is wiser and more knowledgeable? Why they say wiser, more knowledgeable because they're saying that they understand, and they understand what they really intended. Whereas the Sahaba really didn't understand proposers, isn't it? And I think an average human being who would have an iota of sense and logic would understand the Sahaba would be far more knowledgeable about what and anyone else. But simply because they lived it. They understood

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the meaning. They looked at this Atlas, Allah says Allah was the words were coming out of his lips, they wrote it down the burden into their hearts. They asked for services of what it meant. They saw how this whole system reacted when a verse was revealed. They understood the circumstances and the context in which it was revealed. Whereas us, we simply read it without context. So the whole point is they were far more placed better place than us to understand. So the truth is the ricotta Salah Assalamu alaikum, wa watari 30 is not that at all. So what I'm saying is that the The truth is, the way of the seller is safer and is wiser, and is more knowledgeable, rather than what people say

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these days, which is that 30 of the seller is not wiser, is simply safer, but not wiser knowledge. Okay, all right. So therefore, the Sahaba as we know, they understood the poor and because they saw it at the end was being revealed, and will hamdulillah no one not even a single so however different and this is why Allah says it landmark day he says the companions differ in a number of matters of jurisprudential rulings, and they are the best of the believers and the most complete of Eman of the oma. However, it has never been reported that they ever differ in a single issue regarding a last names, attributes and actions level. So, here is a report of each map of the Sahaba upon the names

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attributes of Allah without doing any, any replication of them without rejecting them without without drawing any inferences from them without asking why about them without without rejecting some and accepting others No, nothing like that without accepting the name and rejecting the meaning no, no, nothing like that. The Sahaba they all accepted it and not a single person ever default. And if it was, that they had different it would have been revealed it would have been reported. Look, have we not been reported? Has it not been reported that they differed regarding an x y Zed matter? In fact, of course it has. So therefore, it would also have been reported that they differ in a

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matter of last names, attributes, and the very fact that it has not been reported is a proof that they never, ever before this

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However, there were only two incidences in which this habit ever where there was a possibility of the Sahaba ever different in a major issue in Akita. However, both of them were were quelled, okay. Both of them were promptly quelled. And these two issues, and these are the two single issues between between the beginning of revelation all the way to the year 737. After Hendra, there were only two incidents that we know of that has ever been reported. What are those two incidents? The first incident is a report from America in Alaska where the prophets or settlement came out of his head, when he saw that two men from the companions of the solar system were debating about other and

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one of them was referring to a verse, another one to another verse, And so one of them will say, this verse, and the other one was refuting that verse with another verse. So at that point, the prophecy students face turned red with anger. And he said, Is this what I have told you to do? to pick one verse of the book of Allah with another verse of the book of Allah, rather do what I've already to do and leave that which I forbidding you from. And this is an authentic narration recorded in the books of so we find over here my friends, that this that that two companions for the companions are sources and then we're debating about other and Allah and the Prophet system told

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them to refrain, and told them to desist. And what we know is that they never ever returned back to the back to it. They never ever debate it. They never never, never, ever argued about it ever again. In fact, what has been reported is that they actually openly, openly publicly refuted the other ear when the party actually emerged in the oma. They openly refuted the Kataria and they condemned them and they actually are dissociated themselves from them. So we find there for the Sahaba never ever returned back to any disagreement regarding the second incident was an incident during the time of amarapura. Remember when we said beginning revelation 237 we're including in the 37 we including the

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end of of Rasulullah sallallahu time on this earth, and then we're including Abu Bakr Stein and Mr. Rotella agnew's time, Abu Bakr, radi Allahu Stein Amaro de la or the loved one whose time model give us time, and some part of our whose time the first year of audio to love on whose time so that's why we have two years seven

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so it has been reported that a man from the tribal bonobo named at the man's name was severe. This man by the name of Serbia, he came to Medina and he had books with him and then he came to the people and he started asking them about the Buddha Shabbat from the poor. And so he is to ask them about those verses in the Quran, which are metaphorical or which are which are a bit more a bit unclear, perhaps. And so at that point, needs to ask people about it, and it caused a bit of commotion. So what happened? Well, what happened was, I'm about to ask for Seville to be brought to him, and that he prepared for him lashes from de de pumps. And then when subete came, he grabbed

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him, he kept on hitting him on the head until blood came out of his head. And then until Seville said enough enough for me. Indeed I am now clear about the matter which was confusing me.

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So so I'm about to it his own way Masha, Allah, Allah, He kept on hitting command because sometimes you know what this such as the sins of mankind such as the diseases of human beings, some diseases, we can simply debate them away some diseases, you can just present an argument and will go away. And yet other diseases sometimes you need to scrape it away. And that scraping may cause tension and heat and may cause some some pay. And of course, Amato, the alertness way was to was to completely stop it in one go, and hamdulillah Look how effective it was. So this man never ever returned to debating and arguing about the verses and which may remove the shabby. So what's an example of what

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the Shabbat verses for example with a sharpie or, or unclear personal code Alice Alice Lambie. So this man, for example, some people will come to people and say what is a leaflet they need? And so people will be scratching their heads. And so somebody would say, oh, Alicia mean means XYZ. Oh, and then what someone else know it could mean XYZ. Or perhaps it means that so you see, he was extrapolating on something which we don't know about. Allah mentioned and Islam mean, he mentioned sod. He mentioned Kraft Heinz. You mentioned how I mean, so many of these verses, and there is no clear understanding of exactly what he really what Allah subhanho wa Taala intended. So at the end

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of the day, do we accept it? Of course we do. Is it from the ad, of course, is do we talk about? If you don't know the meaning answer's no, what's the use of talking about something we really clearly do not understand the meaning of, at the end of the day, this is part of faith to actually accept certain things that we cannot understand. And that is that is the test that Allah has placed upon the believers.

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So, so this error continued until the end of 37, after Hitler, were Oliver the old guard who now is the halifa. Now let's come to the next era.

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Next Next time period and that is from 37 after his EULA, all the way to 100 after. So, in the time of 100 after he what happens that what happens then? This was the time, which is which is basically from the middle of the reign of algebra to law of his caliber until about approximately 63 years after that right until the year 100 after

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and this was the time in which alone stand the door had cracked and what do we mean by the door because Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has said that Rama Rama who is the door and the door will crack and and of course, what he meant by that is Amaro de la who is the door that would prevent the fitna for this oma and the door will crack meaning out of the old man who would die and pass away and the fitna would now come into the oma and would never ever be closed again. So in the middle of the

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book, and in the timer, a little deal lower angle for main deviant groups arose in this time.

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four main people arose in this time.

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So four main groups arose in the time of us from the middle of the time, or algebra, of algebra to language until 100, who are the first Who are these these forming groups, the first word, the average. So the first of the coverage, and the coverage were a group that hated the idea of the other group, and they want to kill him, right? So they were originally with a little demon, and then they left early, and they hated it. So that so they were known as a cottage, then came the Shia, who were the Xiang Xiang were a group who professed profound love in lieu of yoga, who they saw that the hawala do a good study. So they loved the alley, and they went to an extremely loving little deal.

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No, no, and they wanted to help him. The third group that arose at that time was Cordelia. And they arose in the same order that I mentioned first in the hallway, they can the Shia, then after that came the Korea and Korea Who are these groups was this was this group, the CADRE It was a group that said that there is no there is no predestination and that everything is up to up to you know, everyone's will. I'm, I'm attending this talk, because I am totally, it's my will to attend this talk and to give this talk, and there is no nothing regarding it that has been pre or predestined, or pre organized by Allah subhana wa Abadi. And then can, the last group that came in this era was

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the merger, and who had the merger, the merger were a group who believe in email without actions, the belief in email without actions. So the average were the first the deviant sex to arrive. They came in the year 37, after Hitler,

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bam, center down in the middle during the during the reign of algebra, the Obama and his khilafah. They differ with Ali. And they stated that by that the reason why the difference was that when a little dealer who was about to have his forces were about to fight the forces of Mario dealer, at that point earlier, earlier, more ideological decided not to fight and to actually have have a arbitration between the arbitration so that they could defuse the tension defuse argument. So what actually happened was that it was about to agree to the arbitration and so the average were a group of the army of European who they said, No, we disagree. We can't argue you can't do that you cannot

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use men in a manner in which only the book of Allah should be used to judge. They said that and they refer to a verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, woman can be madonsela long formula economic capital, and he who does not rule by that which Allah has revealed, that indeed, he is a disbeliever. So here the Hawa it said that here you have not ruled by the book of Allah, here your your ruling, by the by the by the ruling of men, while using the ruling of men, when you should be using the ruling of Allah. Fair enough. But what did he say? And he said, No, you're mistaken. We are using the book of Allah azza wa jal, because these arbitrators have been commanded to use

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nothing but with the Quran. And they have been commanded to do that which they wish to put answers and to leave that wish to put answers to lead to Indeed, it is not really referring our affairs to the to the judgment of mankind and to the to the judgment of mere mortals. But rather, we are telling these mere mortals to judge by the book of Allah itself. So here we go. We are actually using the book of Allah, we actually haven't left the book well at all.

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What would be tantamount to leaving the book of Allah is if we just got arbitrators that were, for example, non Muslims that did not use the book of Allah as a reference guide and as a way of reconciling the hearts. So here, this is what Ali said, however, the hawara has never ever accepted that they kept on insisting that it rhodiola with the simple fact that he actually involved

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arbitrators in order to defuse the tension between him. And while we have the logo that will prevent a battle and war, that this was sufficient enough, according to them to be tantamount to disbelief. So the coverage were a group that they said that Olli has committed disbelief. And so they justified that statement using their voices. And they did not accept any argument for value of the value rather than to get their misguidance forward. So what did they say they continued on and on and on. They said, Look, when he has now used men in order to judge between, between themselves, he has disbelief. So therefore anyone who also does a similar scene, which is also a major thing, because I

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needed a major scene, and that's when he left his lab. So they extrapolated upon that, and they said, therefore, anyone who does a major sin, that he is also therefore outside of Islam. So according to the coverage, anyone who drinks alcohol is a cancer. According to coverage. Anyone who commits Zina is a Catholic, and you want to kill someone is a Catherine any Muslim, who, who doesn't listen to his parents is a Catholic, any Muslim, who,

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who, for example, doesn't keep a beard is an F. And the Muslim woman who doesn't wear the hijab is a Catholic according to the coverage, all these people are Kufa. All these people are who is a bear amongst us, except that may fall into some haram once in a while, and according to the coverage, anyone who therefore does these major sins are all Kufa. And on top of that, some of them went to the extreme and they even said no, even a small sin, wherever even as a small sin as a disbeliever. So they even make the field anyone who does even a small sin if you look at a woman a second time,

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by by your desire, and that is haram. And we know it's quite some minor sin. And this is then seen, but the however is to be something which is which is outside that is outside the fold of Islam. So here we find what that is, is that the average went to extremes. And for some of them even used to make their women pray during their hate during the menstruation. Why did they do that? They did that because they were so afraid that if the women were actually not menstruating, but actually defective leading, they didn't want to have the women come out of Islam. They used to be extremely pious people, they'll be extremely pious, praying all the time fasting all the time giving Zakat all the

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time. But then can you see how the extremism and it took them to deviances. So this is the coverage and this is what they used to believe. And they used to then they used to then consider the wealth and the blood of Muslims to be permissible to be split to be split to be spelt. So the coverage was a group that went ahead and killed Muslims that they cut open the womb of pregnant Muslim women, and they killed Muslim men. They butchered Muslim scholars, and they spread havoc on this earth. So these are the coverage the first group that ever disagreed in our favor. The second group or the Shia, they were a group of they were a group of companions of the Prophet system. Initially, that

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that used to believe that that that Allah rhodiola, who was more worthy than Othman have the language to be to be the believer. Fair enough, when when we are with our dealer who died, he did not choose anyone like Abu Bakar chose Amara delana, for example, Paul passed away. But I'm already on basically said, you guys choose between between you all. And so that's how they decided to choose between, between between us man and algebra. Some of them chose us, and some of them chose alley. So those of us that used to prefer alley overs man, they did not, they did not used to continue their preference after algebra one who and was man had been after alley had given by a tooth man, after

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after us men had been given by a two by a meaning the oath of allegiance to then everyone including a little while ago was an agreement, the man was the policeman.

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However, there arose a group after it. So the Sahaba initially, who preferred it were not the Shia. They were known as the shells of Abdullah meaning by that they prefer it over others, but they were they were not the true Shia, the true Shia that exists now, they came a little bit later. So they came approximately in the year 38 after inch or 39 after the trip. So 38 after he dies when the Shia came right after the coverage, and it was set up by a by a man by the name of up to let the seven so pull up. The server was a Jewish man from Yemen, who accepted Islam in order to destroy Islam, right. He didn't accept Islam in order to really accept Islam he accepted Islam in order to destroy

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it. So up to Lebanon, Saba was a man who, who claim that you know the old man who was the was the one that Rasulullah system really wanted to, to be after him. There are two of the several went on and claimed that he that that alley was was true.

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A prophet of God until towards the end of his life, let the Sabbath even claim that it will be alive who is Allah, He even claimed that it is God. I will do will of course, a little demon who had had a pool of the Saba killed, and he had been burned. And when Abdullah Saba was being burned, he said, this is a further proof or alley that your God because only God punishes by burning. And so at that point, you know Abu Hamza, even until his death, he was upon upon misguidance and deviance. And so the followers of the lightsaber became the Shia that we know today. They're the ones who went to extremes in the last rally, until they even went to extremes in hating on the other Sahaba anyone

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else that came before it. So they hated Abu Bakr Omar, they hated

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the hatred.

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For tomorrow, I'm sorry, they hated eyeshadow, they love out the mother of our mother of the believers. And they hated some most of the Sahaba. But they didn't hate some of the other ones

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that had passed away beforehand. So apart from a few Sahaba, approximately approximately between four to seven of them, everyone else, all the others habit is to consider them to be disbelievers. And these were the were the Shia who considered the Imams to be like gods, and they gave the attributes of gods to the Imams. And these are the Shia that we know of today. They differ and they broke into more than 74 different sects themselves. Some of the sex are very secretive. Others were the assassins the hash genome. The others were the imaginary the 12 embalmers that make up the majority of the people in Iran. Others were like the Allawi, for example, that are in large numbers

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in Syria, and in places like like Turkey, others were like the atomia that used to rule over Egypt for 800 years. The other hand is etc. They're all groups of the Shia

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that arose from the from the, from the main devil, by the name of the lead the seller.

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All right. And of course, what has been authentically reported is that the, what has been authentically

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stated is that the Shia have fabricated over 100,000 Hadith about the greatness and the excellence of a leader of your life 100,000 they have fabricated, as obtaining

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reports and shall shall be reports more than 100,000 added that were that were fabricated by by the sheer and about 300,000 in total that they fabricated.

00:32:44--> 00:33:24

Some of them doubt the excellence of alley others about the evil of Abu Bakar among others about the evil of the others to have a others about how the Quran was revealed to the wrong man, it should have been revealed to ally. In fact, we came to the solar system by mistake how the propeller is actually the wrong port. And it's not this port and that we actually have here today the actual port and is another port and etc, etc. so much fabrication so much deviance so much out of it. I mean, you're really one is really surprised when you read the religion of the Shia, whether they really are. How could they ever claim they were from the religion of Islam? Okay, then came the religion

00:33:24--> 00:34:06

that then came the set called Audrey, and they came approximately about the 50, about the about the era or approximately about 50 after his route 5150 5251 after Hitler. So throughout the ages, we know that sinners have always used the excuse of others to justify evil, isn't it? We know that that for example, whenever someone has seen these to say look, I would not have seen them Allah had not already said that I would do it. And we know that in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala also talks about the mushrikeen. That is to say that what OSHA Allahumma Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, they used to say that and if Allah had intended, we would never have committed chicken, nor would we, nor our

00:34:06--> 00:34:22

forefathers. So they all used to give excuses of their father in order to justify their sins. And so throughout the ages, they've always done that. In fact, the Kataria were a group that also that that went to the extreme state that that that they frankly disbelief in

00:34:23--> 00:35:00

the first of the of the country or the first person to ever state that the disbelief in Qatar was a man by the name of marble, marble, or Giovanni, and marble Giovanni. He arose as he is, he became prominent, or his views became prominent in Iraq, around the era of the year 5251, after it was reported that he had taken his deviance from from a man by the name of so son, who was a Christian man who had accepted Islam and then went back to Christianity and this was in Iraq. And this is something which allows ru Mullah had reported

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

So my father

00:35:02--> 00:35:43

had learned his deviates without each other and that there is no other. This statement he learned from from Sawsan who was a Christian and then reverted back to Christianity there, but then took this deviance and he taught it to his student by the name of Leland. And then the villain spread this to the rest of the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So the other ear belief that radon spread was that he used to say that first of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala has no preceding knowledge. So before an event happens, Allah does not know about the first thing that he said, which is our to Billa impossible. We know that Allah subhanho wa Taala knows everything before it happens.

00:35:43--> 00:36:14

And this is the ability of the Creator to know everything. In fact, time is a creation of Allah. So therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala knows things before it ever happens. In fact, he knew he knows everything, so much so that he has created the pen and he told the pen to write, and the pen asked what shall I write, so Allah told the pen write everything that will be until the day of judgment. So we know in the low head, my fault, everything that will happen until the Day of Judgment until the movement of, of the, of the leaf leaves in the air,

00:36:15--> 00:36:53

until the movement of the leaves in the air, every single thing has been has been written that has been written down. So the Muslim belief in other has four pillars. The first pillar is Allah subhanho wa Taala knows all things before they happen and has always known even before that ever even existed. So Allah even knows impossible, how it would be if it were possible. And so, therefore, why should not know the possible how it would be when it is possible. So Allah subhanho wa Taala definitely knows every single things first pillar of the Muslim belief and the second pillar is it Allah told the pen to write it down and it is written down in the local mfu. The third

00:36:53--> 00:37:32

pillar regarding other of the Muslim belief is that is that when something is destined to happen, Allah desires for it to happen at that point. And then the fourth belief of color is an Aladdin creates that thing, Allah creates that thing or brings into existence, or Allah creates our action. So before I'm about to say Alhamdulillah, that my next word being Alhamdulillah, it is already written 50,000 years ago that I would say on this particular time, and the in this particular tag in this particular time, the 10th of November, on this particular day, I will sell Hungary lab, at this point, as it has already been written, and Allah had already told that picture, write it down. And

00:37:32--> 00:38:01

just before I actually say, Alhamdulillah, Allah wills for me to say Alhamdulillah and then lo and behold, Allah creates the words on my tongue as well. That is, along with the fact that I'm also having Free Will as well. Within within a limited context, I'm also having freewill to also say Alhamdulillah so I can choose to sell hamdulillah or I can choose not to say it, but I chose to sell hamdulillah. So Allah at that point, also decrease it and it becomes comes into creation, right? These are the four pillars of the

00:38:02--> 00:38:04

Mahabharata God.

00:38:05--> 00:38:40

Marburg, Germany, and his students the land what they said was, no, Allah doesn't have the first pillar the first pillar is the negation or less knowledge right so the negated Allah has knowledge, when the negated the first pillar that the negated the second one as well, isn't it because if I didn't have knowledge, how could you have told the pen to write down so he, so they negated the second pillar as well. The third pillar, which is that when something has to happen, Allah, Allah decreases they also negated that and then, the last pillar they also negated because they said that the slave is the one who originates the actions. The slave is the one that does the action not Allah

00:38:40--> 00:39:04

subhanho wa Taala. So in effect, the Kataria that negated all the four pillars, the initial pottery that negated all the four pillars of color. Now he will have to ration molar reports and put them in first and foremost, to be that all that this group has completely been wiped out, right? This early Kataria that negated all the four pillars of other have completely been wiped out. And the only group that actually

00:39:05--> 00:39:41

continues at this time is the Group of the Year. That only that believes that Allah has pre knowledge that believes that allows a doubt that believes that the third pillar which is Allah, when something has to happen, Allah will decree it, but the disbelief in the last pillar of God. And the last rule of other is where we say that unless required to decrease it to happen and creates it is the last pillar. And so the rehab, the new pottery or the recent cardia not the early ones, early ones were extremely deviant, but the newer pottery or the only disbelief in the fourth pillar.

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

Now this however, of course all went against them, and they and they completely refuted them and the Sahaba used to consider the Kataria to be outside of the slab. The early Kataria, the original Kataria. They still consider them to be outside of the slab because they add they

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

had said that Allah subhana wa Taala

00:40:03--> 00:40:44

doesn't know even though Allah says no Quran, what can Allah be cliche in Allah. Allah is aware and knowledgeable about all things. The last set that came about in this in this era was the Moto G. And this group was called by this name because they used to withhold a menial job actions from being considered part of the first person who was actually considered to be the mortgagee. I was a scholar by the name of Allah hasn't been Mohammed Al Hanafi Rahim Allah, he was not a true mortgagee because he did only enjoy regarding the matter of this habit that differed and argued with each other and debated and fought against each other such as the party of added the party of Mario de Lago, but as

00:40:44--> 00:41:25

far as the man was concerned, he wasn't a true party. On the other hand, the first true Moto G i was was a student of my brother Giovanni and his name was realized, right, as we just took, Leila was the man who took the knowledge of other beings that there is no other from Villa from above, and then spread it. So he that was the first one who not only deviated regarding other the second one who deviated regarding other his chair was the first one. But he was the first one who actually came up with the belief of the Moto G. We actually said that actions are not part of Eman, and he carried this forward and of course from relearn Ilan died in the year 105. And from him, his student,

00:41:25--> 00:42:10

gentlemen, Stefan took it forward and carried on this statement until it became very well known gentlemen, someone who is now the leader of the Japanese, who's mentioned is coming up in a little while. Right, we now come to the era of 100 to 150, after Hitler. Now in this stage of the evolution of the Islamic creed, this was heralded by not the rise of different sets. But like we said previously, there were four major sects without anyone being very prominent without any single personality being prominent. But in the year 100 to 150. After hijra, well, four major personalities from the deviant innovators became prominent, and they were four major people, four major

00:42:10--> 00:42:52

individuals that were the leaders of innovation. Who are they, the first one was a man by the name of Watson was NASA was a man who died in the year 131. After he left, he was a man who was born in Medina and he was a student of hustle and bustle de la Mola was a great scholar, but then it has universally turned him away, because of his deviance. And he was the one who is the, who is the founder of the SEC, known as the Marcus ILA, and this is the man by the name of wassalam naptha. The second person that in this era between 100 to 150 of Asia was a man by the name of jack and jack vinden. Ham was born for a son and he died in the mush at any lifted the machine, he will first want

00:42:52--> 00:43:05

to claim the Quran was created, and the first one to actually disagree about the attributes or not. So the first real disagreement and debate regarding the attributes Allah started with this man jack,

00:43:06--> 00:43:51

who died in the year 124, after he was killed with an Amir of Kufa by the name of Harlequin Abdullah Al kusari. And he was killed on the day of evil. And Khalid and Khalid Abdullah, this this man, Allah have mercy on him, he gave the football of either of her, which is coming up as we know, in a few days, he gave the football and he said, You are your nurse? Oh, my Oh, people go and do the sacrifices for Indian reduction, which have been good. Indeed, I am going to sacrifice Jacqueline today. For indeed he has claimed that the Quran is not created, and Allah did not speak. And Allah did not take Ibrahim as a colleague as a friend. And so what did he do? He went down from his member

00:43:52--> 00:44:33

and he took his sword and he said a lot of work, but it's not a job independent from the people. Right? So this was this was Khalid bin Abdullah kusari, who was a member of Kufa who killed jack and killed him the first person to ever claim the Quran was created and that and that Allah subhanho wa Taala attributes are cannot be established by law so legit, because if we establish them for Allah that we are going to make him recreate. Okay. The fourth person that came in this the third person that came in this time, was a man by the name of Jehan been Safar who was a student of jagland did have Javelin Stefan died only four years after his share in the 128 after hijra, he was born in

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

summer camp and he was a leader of the deviant sector became known as a jeconiah. Now the jameelah was a group that by Allah There is not a single deviant sect that has survived till today except that has been touched by this man and but the ideas of this man, gentlemen so far was the head of the group called the Kashmir was a leader of devious of deviance, and he came up with so many different issues. It is unbelievable. The next man

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

It actually came up was more powerful than Sulayman. The fourth one in this era of the of the four major superstars of innovation.

00:45:08--> 00:45:46

This man, the last person was, was by the name of MacArthur and Solomon. He died in the year 150 after he died, and he was a well known professor of the poor and however he is to delve into anthropomorphism. anthropomorphism is where we resemble Allah subhanho wa Taala to creation. So when you say Allah Subhana, Allah is when we say that Allah has had is like our hand out of the lab. So this is anthropomorphism. This is this. This is anthropomorphism. This is what wakatobi Sulayman did. And so he was rejected by the PI's predecessors and sellers and, and he died upon this innovation. So what sort of NAFTA he came up with the first, the first one who was a student of

00:45:46--> 00:45:55

syllabus, Lee, who was turned away, but biohazard, he had two types of innovation. The first thing he said, was that anyone who doesn't mind a major sin,

00:45:56--> 00:46:39

He is in a position between being a believer and a disbeliever. Right, he is either is neither a believer nor is he a disbeliever. But he is unzila, pediments entertain, this is why Martin sila is is a person who has a right the one who has, Allah has gone away from from the gathering. And so they were they were they were a group that used to believe that believers that anyone who committed a major sin was neither a believer nor a disbeliever, but in a position between the two positions in this life, so you can't call them a Catholic. You can't call them a not not a capital, what can you call him? Only Allah knows and only only was the doctor knows what, what we call it. However, he did

00:46:39--> 00:47:15

say that in the Hereafter, such a person would be in the fire forever. The second thing that the second innovation that was the doctor came with is that he considered one of the two groups of the companions are a solar system that fought each other during the fitna. During the time I live up to that group, to be untrustworthy, but it did not state which of the two groups it was. So therefore, according to Watson about all the competitors or services were untrustworthy. According to US law, all the competitors were untrustworthy. And as a result, he blemish that trustworthiness did not accept the witness or any of them, which is basically why they have destroyed the complete sun. And

00:47:15--> 00:47:56

this is why of course, the martela where there were people who are against the sun out of Sula, sallAllahu wasallam, because wasaga was a man who have had these beliefs, jabbed in their hand, the second personality, the Caymans era, as you know, he was the one who rejected the attributes Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. And this is why Allah says in his fatawa he said the first person that it has been rated from that he said this statement in Islam, meaning that Allah is not above his throne in reality, that the meaning of sdwa means is Stoller and similar examples of that was Jonathan good. This was taken from him by gentleman Safar, who spread it and proclaimed it and the official

00:47:56--> 00:48:37

position of Jamia is this attributed to journalists upon his sort of Javelin didn't have originally said it. Right. So we've come to gentlemen so far who was this man? jammed is a fun was the student of Jacksonville, who took on the innovation of Javelin did him in he took those that innovation in Firstly, in negating the attributes of Allah and secondly, in saying the Quran is created. He also came up with a few more innovations, what did he say? He also said that mankind is completely that mankind and the actions of mankind is completely preordained in fpd and action and compelled by others, and that mankind has no element of freewill. So he went completely against the opposite of

00:48:37--> 00:48:50

the of the other ear, in saying that there is totally other whereas the other ear so there is no other gentleman so far when the exact opposite and said no, there's completely other and we are forced to do everything.

00:48:51--> 00:49:28

The fourth, the fourth thing that he said the innovation he came up with, was that he said that he man is simply to know that if you know that means that's it, you have imagined, so because jabril knows Allah so therefore he has a man because Rasulullah knows Allah, he has a man. But the problem with this is that we know the shaitan knows Allah we know the shape that spoke to him like the Quran, we can hear the shaitaan speaking to Allah the Quran, we have a debate where the shaitan says unassailable men who have conducted a military committee or Allah better than other barely you quoted me from fire up created him from clay. So we know the shaitan knows a man's hope to Allah and

00:49:28--> 00:49:59

so therefore, according to jam it's a fun Chetan is also has full Eman. So according to Jonathan Safar around also as fully man because brown truly knew Allah in his heart, even though on his tongue, he did not agree. And also according to German support the People of the Book Jews and Christians also not Allah. And as a result, they're also believers, not just believers. But their level of Eman is like the level of evangelists all of a sudden, and you believe what a deviance what a deviance Can you imagine that the deviance disband has no bounds

00:50:00--> 00:50:28

has no limits. The next thing that this man said was the agenda agenda will eventually extinguish, and according to him, external actions and existence is impossible. Eternal action and eternal existence is impossible. And so as a result, according to him gender Johanna will eventually extinguish, of course, the Islamic belief is that this will never ever extinguish, you will continue forever, because Allah has said that while Idina philia but Allah says, and there will dwell there in forever.

00:50:29--> 00:51:07

The second, the sixth, and the last innovation that this man brought out, was that he said that the knowledge of Allah is recent and not in the past. And that is not possible for Allah to know something before it happens. So it's basically like the statement of the other year when the negated the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Glory be to Allah subhanho wa Taala from that which is attributed to him. The last of the of the four major juggernauts of innovation that came up in this time was makkasan Sulayman. And as I said, he was an anthropomorphic, who resembled Allah who resemble Allah subhanho wa Taala to his, to his creation. And so he was someone who said that what

00:51:07--> 00:51:32

Allah has created us, in the best of images that that must mean that Allah looks like us that his hand must be like our hand His face was like our face out we learn all of this is deviance and this is going to extremes. And this is the anthropomorphism McCarter this was a man and he was known as the bishop, Bishop eHarmony. A group that that resembles a lot with creation.