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Part 3 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman.

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Muhammad

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine

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allow Medina,

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Why not bottle a bottle of water? Mr. Nava, alumna and founder

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of regional Missoula Matthew huami. Welcome NaVi northern farm, Wanda Marlena Alvin. Rubbish roughly sorry westerley Emery. Laughter Melissa any of my bad. All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala and peace be upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, have testified that there's no god except the law is the father Mohammed is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, once again, you are the guests of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the house of Allah Almighty. And Allah azzawajal gives the best of hospitality to guests. And the best of hospitality is the paradox that Allah azza wa jal had promised His servants

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with a series that inshallah we're continuing on every Thursday, covering the 40 hadith of amendment now we will once again a moment no way is one of those great scholars in Islam, who came in the late eighth century of the Islam.

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an Imam in no way from his he had, he had gained 40 Hadith that he thought from his opinion, that's thought the Hadith are considered to be the major Hadith in Islam.

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And hamdulillah. Tonight should be our third night into the series. And of course, this is also for Monday nights in which we're covering this and after the last footsteps of a human being, the gender of the soul of the gender, the gender of the soul, and inshallah we continue with our topic tonight. In the 40 hadith of Imam in Novi. We covered the first Hadith, we should enter the third Hadith the third Hadith tonight is what amendment Noah had put in this book, in which he says, and Avi Abdullah, Abdullah he

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binominal hottovy radi Allahu Anima call symmetrel Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, cool bruneian Islam Allah hums, Shahada, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Rasulullah Thomas Allah, wa ATIA is aka Mahajan. vite was Samir Ramadan

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and Avi Abdullah rough man of the law abnormal.

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Our beloved Norma is one of those great companions, who is also considered to be one of the scholars of the companions. He was a teenager and became a Muslim and was a teenager, and he was a teenager the Easter's have so much Egon love into looking into the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam, and always trying to gain knowledge of Islam.

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Of course, he became Muslim after the Islam of his father Omar

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and Omar nahata, is a great companion from the 10 mobile sharing of the agenda in which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had given the good news and the glad tidings in which they enter the paradise.

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Bob had three children, and one of them is Abdullah, Norma.

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And there's a lot of companions by the name of Abdullah. And those were the young companions, in which later on the scholars named Bella Bella and Avada is the plural word for Abdullah. The plural word problem and there was Abdullah Omar, Abdullah Abdullah

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mustard, and Abdullah him not best. There were three or four Abdullah the young Abdullah in which they were named Abdullah Abdullah

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radi Allahu taala and oma Jermaine, and they gained a bit of knowledge, and that's for Abdullah were one of the most companions who gained a lot of Hadith. No one of them as companions, who gathered a lot of the Hadith. The most companion that gathered the Hadith is Abu hooray la la de lo, Thailand. Oh, and then I saw the Allahu taala Anna, and then Abdullah, Abdullah Ahmad, and the rest of the companions and the rest of the companions, those companions their time, most of the time was into the knowledge and seeking knowledge. Other companions, you might say about the way around the prophecy

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selling more than does companions, but also occupied, whether they were occupied in the Islamic government occupied in jihad or occupied into other things.

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He says I heard from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that Islam is built and established.

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Islam is built and established on five pillars. Islam is built on establishing false. And this is one of the most common Hadith that people learn from young age. He says, number one is statistic for that there's no god except Allah. Muhammad is prophet and messenger. Of course, he did not become a Muslim until you make that justification. You cannot you do not become a Muslim and you're not considered to be a Muslim, until you make that justification. Once someone makes that justification to us as Muslims, we treat him as Muslim, even if he hides the coup for even if he hides the hypocrisy in his heart. Once he says he's a Muslim, once he says his Muslim will treat him as a

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Muslim, in the Hereafter, if he can seal the cover. If he can seal the hypocrisy, then Allah azza wa jal will deal with him that way in the hereafter. But as Muslims, we deal with people from the outside, we deal with people from the outside. So if someone says I am a Muslim, he is treated to be a Muslim, deep inside, he believes someone beside the lies or there is a lot deep inside. He hates Islam deep inside this this, that's not to me and you. This is the Allies origin, we treat these people as Muslims, when they say that are Muslims and we get from them. We cannot justify we cannot justify and say that he became a Muslim for this reason he became a Muslim for that reason,

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especially these days how we have a lot of people who get married to Muslim woman, they become Muslims. And a lot of people say he's not a Muslim because he married him because he wanted to become a Muslim. Well, brother, that's not up to me to judge. It's up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. As long as this man says I'm a Muslim and shadow Allah, Allah, Mohammed Allah, so Allah, then to me, he is a Muslim, and we treat him as a Muslim. We cannot justify any justification, unless they are a man that shows beside them. And that's why one of the companions in one of the battlefields was chasing behind an unbeliever to kill him. So the non believer turned around and said, I shadow

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and this companion killed him. So later on when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam found out he said, You killed him after he said the Shahada. He said the following so obvious that he did it, and he said it just for the sake of running away from this. So nobody saw Selim said did did you kill him after he said the Shahada? So I said a prophet Allah was obviously he did that just to run away from death? The assassin photon told him Did you do that? After he said the Shahada, the Japanese art and see it? So one in Islam? What Islam as from us is from the outside. No number 11 her will La Jolla to Allah Sarah, we look

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from the outside, we treat people from the outside what shows us from the outside we deal with them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala deals from what the heart inside them. So the Shahada is something that you testify by the time by saying a shadow Allah Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and whoever says though, is considered to be a Muslim. Why time is allotted to perform the prayer which is something that we'll all know and the prophet SAW some described as the Pillars of Islam, what it is to pay the Zakat and to perform has Osama Ramadan, Osama Ramadan, the some other narrations that came in which the Prophet Muhammad wa salam had mentioned the different order he said statistic for there's

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no God but Allah and Mohammed is a messenger to perform the prayer to prefer the first Ramadan to pay zakat than to perform has service awesome sometimes he does change the order of it when is asked according maybe to any circumstance, but it's always been that the Shahada number one and salon number two always been the Shahada number one, and the salon number two.

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No one is hiding as we said, we're not gonna get so in deep, this hadith. This we spoke about even last week when jabril came and asked the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about Islam and then we saw someone replied back. Now the question is, the question is, if someone testifies, there's no God but Allah, and Muhammad is Prophet and Messenger bot does not pray for example, or does not pay zakat does not perform serum is it considered to be a Muslim? Is it considered to be from among the billion Muslims or is considered to be from the NA is considered to be from the non believers? Now that question is a common question and a common argument among the scholars,

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especially the Salah with is a hadith say that there's what's between us and the non believers is Salah, whoever lives the Salah is a non believer. What's between the Muslim and the non Muslim is Solano, whoever lives it becomes a non Muslim. So this is the argument among the scholars is someone that leaves a law considered to be a non Muslim or is a Muslim if it says that law law

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amatola it's agreed upon. It is agreed upon the scholars, the anyone that denies the Salah anyone that denies the Salah, he is careful. So if someone says or doesn't believe in such thing called Salah, I don't believe in the Salah. I don't believe in praying. I don't believe in the action of praying. This person is considered to be a careful, there is no argument of that. But the argument is someone that believes in the Salah, but does not pray, is he considered to be a Muslim or not? Will I call him the majority of them or that him and the majority of scholars say if someone believes in the Salah, and the Salah is an obligation, but he does not pray or perform that Salah

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for the sake of laziness, or for the sake is too busy and so on. This person is considered to be a Muslim, but I asked him if he is considered to be a Muslim, but I asked him a faster the other mother have the other scholars like Mohammed bin Hanbal Rahim Allah Allah, in which he says if someone does not perform the Salah, even if it believes in the Salah is considered to be a Kaffir. They consider them to be a cafard why because of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which he says that what's between us and the non believers is the Salah. Whoever lives it is a Kevin. Now what's the argument of the other scholars in which we said before the

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majority of scholars and that includes Imam Abu hanifa Imam Malik Imam, Shafi and a lot more other scholars in which they say those who leave the Salah because of laziness and they believe in the Salah are considered to be Muslims by the disobedient once again or say it's agreed upon the anyone that does not believe in the Salah. Even if it says eyeshadow, Allah, Allah, Allah even if he prays himself, but he says I don't believe in such Salah is considered to be carefully considered to be a non Muslim. He's the argument of someone that believes in the Salah and believes in the obligation of the Salah, but does not perform this alone. We said that the majority of scholars say he is a

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Muslim, but a disobedient Muslim and we said that is a group of scholars also respectable scholars The site is non Muslim. Why? Because of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad wa Salaam which is very clear he says that allowed him to live by in an hour by now masala Formentera Kava Kava. Now what's between us and the non believers is the salah and whoever leaves the Salah is big becomes a non believer or becomes a careful now the argument is not always when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith that any person that does this action is a capital means that careful, okay, they prefer that and there be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says suburban Muslim

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Farooq wakita Luca for this is a hadith narrated by Mr. Bahari. He says that in the beast Allah Allah Allah wa Salaam says in the Hadith that abusing a Muslim, abusing a Muslim is physic what's physical one, as we know there's something called unbeliever Muslim, a Muslim or Samira. We know there's something called Kaffir and when someone's called a hypocrite, I care for someone that is a non believer from the inside non believer from the outside. He does not believe in Islam and it tells you I don't believe in Islam, and whenever it is worse than I care for inside him he does not believe in Islam. He does not believe in Allah has got more hatred than Islam than anyone else. But

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from the outside it says I'm a Muslim, and I love Islam Allah support the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam there's someone called a first. A first one is someone who believes in Islam believes in Allah disobeys Allah Zoltan, so for example, he drinks one and he says I'm not wanting to drink and one is haram. But my god for me, for example, he Gamble's my I just can't, I'm addicted to it. For example, He doesn't pray, I love to pray, but I've got no time. For example, He doesn't pay zakat on afterpay masaka, but I'm too selfish. So they're not his obligation but the dental they call them in Sharia phazzer first is someone who is a Muslim but disobeys Allah azzawajal. A moment

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is someone a Muslim, but doesn't disobey Allah xojo or does not do the major sins or does not expose himself in doing major sins. Now, in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith scible Muslim forsook swearing at a Muslim or abusing a Muslim is fisik wakita Okafor waka Tanaka from fighting against a Muslim like I want to fight against a Muslim one on one for example. My neighbor is a Muslim and ally I clicked one day I wanted to bash him on a best team and we saw some kitaoka for fighting him his crew for the scholars agree upon that if you fight to the Muslim doesn't mean you're a careful

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doesn't mean you're careful. And the companions are legally allowed to land on while we fought against each other Did anyone all of the scholars came later later on to say no one of them could fall on the contrary never saw Salaam and then we saw some spoke about those who say Muslims prefer so it's very clear in this hadith although NaVi Sallam said fighting against the Muslim is good for but doesn't mean good for the actual good for you leaving Islam. So this hadith is a is a

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is an example of the term of the prophet SAW someone who just go for it doesn't mean always go for. It means the action of perform. It means like the actions of confirm. And that's where that's where the scholars who say that whoever does not pray and believes in the prayer is not considered to be a Kaffir. Although there's a hadith that says that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that what's between us and the non believers is the salon whoever lives it is a kerferd that's where the proof say, okay, the prophet SAW said that Kevin, but doesn't mean I care for Kevin. It's like the kuffar the scholars the scholars that say that leaving the salon is not confirmed. They say

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the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah means from that the Hadith is like a careful not a full uncover, he is like a careful other scholars like Mr. Mohammed bin Hanbal as we said, took the Hadith literally, he is a careful now, what's the other evidence of the other scholars there's a hadith that's been narrated

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or think by malayalam, Marathi a lot I know in which it says the contents of Hadith and Nevis Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, that Allah azza wa jal had attained on his service to pray five times during the day, whoever performs those prayers and brings it right, Allah azzawajal will make them enter the paradise alone, admit them to the paradox, and then listen to the second Hadith and I want you to open your mind to the Hadith. The second part of the Hadith and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and whoever

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does not perform this false praise, or does not fulfill their rights, does not perform this false praise, or does not fulfill the right a lot of xojo will either punish him or either forgive him or make him into the paradise. Now the question that the scholars say, if this person that does not pray, and he neglects his prayer was a Kaffir then how would ALLAH forgive him make him into the paradores and this hadith says here, that Allah azza wa jal either punish him or either forgive him or make him into the paradise. That's the other evidence and proof of the scholars that say that a person who does not pray is not a careful, but at the end of the day, okay, at the end of the day,

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okay, even the scholars who say that someone who does not pray is considered to be a is if someone who believes in the prayer and does not pray is considered to be a Muslim by RCW. There is a penalty, as we know that is a penalty and that's what we call had, the penalty for someone stealing is to chop their hand penalty for someone committing adultery is stoning to death, someone committing fornication 100 lashes, someone committing such a sin, Allah azza wa jal has put penalties. Also for someone that does not pray, there is a penalty, the penalty of someone that does not pray, and this is also and this also what the scholars and the this the saying of the scholars

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who say, that person who does not pray and believes in the prayer is considered to be a Muslim, but I asked him, I asked a disability Muslim, his penalty is to be brought forward in front of the Muslim judge wives the tub, Shani is the tab, he'll be asked to make dough but Allah and start praying, if he does not pray within three days, or maybe the judge could even give him more time, 10 days one week, whatever. If he does not pray within the limit of the Justice pool, then the judge has the right to execute him. And he gets killed. He gets killed, he gets hanged, he gets killed in any way. Then the judge finds right and then he gets washed, preyed on and buried within the

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Now the scholars that say that someone who does not pray

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and believes in the praise considered to be a full on cover, that means he's a method that means he is a method and what I am altered, I am altered is someone that upstate Islam, someone the Upstate Islam, I am altered is someone that upsets Islam, okay, I move that is not for example, a Christian and he doesn't believe Islam, and will third is anyone that was a Muslim on the left Islam. That also applies on someone who's born a Muslim, and then one day left Islam, and that also applies on someone who was a non Muslim. Then he became a Muslim, even if it was for five minutes. Then he left Islam. They call that mortared. Read the one in Islam. If someone becomes a martyred, then there is

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I had the habit of the mortar the penalty on the mortar that he gets the Toba, he gets to he gets the chance to make Toba and the dad doesn't have to give him that. And it's an option for the judge to give that malted, the Upstate of Islam, he gives them it's an option for him. When I say it's an option for the judge. That means the judge could go straight into the penalty. So that means that the judge gives him has the option to give that mortar three days. It doesn't listen, you have three days to repent to Allah and become a Muslim owes the sword or else and you get your head chopped off or you get hanged or you get a death.

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And as I said that's three days is an optional thing from the judge.

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He could go straightaway into the penalty. Okay, the scholars who say that those who are not pray, even if the limit believer in the prayer, I consider it to be confirmed, they consider them as Martha Dean, and the applaud on them the head of mustard, and one of my boys, well, he's not a Muslim. That means he does not get washed by Muslims know that he gets preyed on by Muslims know that he gets buried among the Muslims. So leaving the prayer is a major thing. My brothers and sisters, living the prayers are major sins. But as I said, majority of the scholars say that whoever does not pray for the sake of not praying just because of laziness, and they believe in the prayer

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that I consider to be Muslims, but sought disability and for suck. And they had and the penalty is to get Toba within three days or four days. And if they do not make that Toba within three days or four days, then the head applies on them then the head applies on them. No one is Salah is so important. And he realized that all the actions and all the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala was coming from Allah to three jabrill to haematological salaam except the salon. The salon was given from Allah azza wa jal straight to Mohammed Salah lives in them. The Salah was given from illustrator Mohammed, Allah Xhosa took the problem homosassa them from Mecca to Jerusalem to the

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seventh heaven to give him that great, that great gift and the great, the great gift and the great bounty of the salon. So the Salah has it's right on the spotlight is something great in Islam, and yes, wanting and wanting the Salah is something that we should always take care of because the Salah is our pillars, it's the Pillars of Islam, if this not Pillars of Islam, that is not Islam, and that's why Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the Hereafter, the first thing that I have the servant of Allah will be Christian, but Allah subhanaw taala is the Salah. If you select gas, correct, the rest of the actions go correct, if the Salah danga correct, and the rest of the actions

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get incorrect. Now there's a question maybe someone asked him, maybe we clarify that. Okay, why is the penalty in Islam on a martyred is either HUD ROI is the penalty on a mahtab is execution. Okay? The reason? Okay, let's let's let's, let's divide categorize the HUD, we said the penalty one is a set punishment from Allah azzawajal on site on a crime that's being committed. It's a set punishment, a set punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala on a crime being committed, and this punishment that this punishment is from Allah subhanaw taala and it's gonna be implemented by those who Allah as though that gives them authority on Earth.

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There are some crimes, one, crimes are committed to human beings. It's the right of that human being to forgive.

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And there are some crimes are committed,

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committed Bolla that committed this some crimes are committed, and it's the rise of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also the rights of Allah xojo on that crime is a crime that's being committed by a nation. For example, someone killed my brother, someone killed my brother, Allah azza wa jal had gave me the authority. And Allah subhanaw taala had gave me the power to say, I want the killer that killed my brother to be killed the way he killed my brother. Or I could say I forgive him, and I want ransom or I want blood money in return or goods. I don't want anything. Why? Because it's my right. It's my words Allah Zod had given this Mirage, and because it's morons, awkward, even forgive

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that guy and say, Listen, I don't want no punishment to take place on him. So Allah azzawajal had given this right and authority to the family of the person that's being killed. Now, someone accused me of adultery, and that's what we call the if someone accuses someone of adultery, someone accuses someone of adultery. Okay, someone accused me of committing an illegal sex and that's how long adultery or fornication I have the right to tell the judge, I want the head to apply on him, which is 80 lashes because this person accused me of such a crime that I didn't do. And this is our This is a embarrassment for me in the community. And I could say listen, Judge, this guy just said it out

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of nowhere, forgive him.

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Die. Someone, okay? Someone committed adultery. Someone committed fornication.

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Someone committed adultery, someone's committed fornication. Okay, we know that the penalty of fornication we know the penalty of fornication, and what's fornication? Okay, there's two types of illegal sex. One illegal sex is someone that commits the illegal sex and they've never been married before. They call that illegal sex fornication.

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And there's the other type of illegal sex that someone committed illegal sex and that are married or have been married before. Even if they divorced. They call that adultery.

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In Islam, the penalty of fornication of the penalty of adultery is different. The penalty of fornication for someone who had committed an illegal sex, and had never been married before, is 100 lashes and could get further than that, which the judge could even say, I wanted to go for one year out of the country.

00:25:20--> 00:25:33

And the judge could even punish him a bit more than that. If it's someone who had committed an illegal sex, and he's been married, and he's married, or has ever been married before, even he's divorced, it's called adultery. And that's zawada Matson.

00:25:34--> 00:26:09

His penalty is turning to death. Why? Because Islam balanced and looked someone who had tasted maybe that's maybe that crime before is different than someone who hasn't. So that person who had been married before he's penalty if he does or has a legal sex with someone, he's the he's penalties, stoning to death. He's stoning to death. If someone does that. Can anyone say listen, we forgive him for the penalty? No, even if the halifa says he can't. Why? Because this penalty is for Allah.

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This penalty is for Allah. And Allah zoologists Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive the penalty alone forgive the sins, but Allah subhanaw taala would not forgive or take away the penalty from anyone. Why? Because any crime in a crime, the spreads, that spreads corruption in the community is the penalty for Allah.

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It's a penalty that Allah wants to apply for any crime, the spreads corruption in a community that goes back to Allah azza wa jal, Allah wants this penalty to be applied. When Allah forgives him, not that Allah subhana wa Taala xojo the most forgiving, but no one could withdraw that penalty. As I said, if someone kills my brother, I could withdraw that penalty. I'll say Listen, don't kill him, just let him go. But if someone commits fornication, for example, the Oliver himself can even withdraw that penalty. Why? Because it's a penalty that allows it's the rights of Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, all this talk is because I want to clear to you the, the red one is the rights of Allah

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azza wa jal, the reader is the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if someone appstate Islam, and leaves Islam after he became a Muslim, Allah wants the penalty to apply on him. And that for him to come back to Islam or either to be killed. Why? Because when he causes corruption in the community, that causes corruption in the community. Okay, how does that take place? Let's say it,

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especially back then, Allah, it's a bit of mixture, but doesn't change anything. Why back then when there was an Islamic State, Islam is a very tolerating religion. And Islam is the most expect accepting religion in Islam if we have Christians or Jews who live among us, okay, we asked them to pay the jizya. Someone will say why should I pay tax money? By the way, you know how much the tax money that's required by Islam is one dinar in our Nandan our $5. So if we have an Islamic state that we have Christians or Jews within pages here, and what and return Mr. Christian or Mr. Jew, will you be under our protection, and you have your rights to practice your religion however you

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want, but when it comes to illegal things in Islam, you can't expose that you could hide that you want to drink wine, we're not going to tell you that required by prequantum you wanna for example, it's permissible for you to do few things, then Islam for us, okay, but do expose on the street. We're not gonna lie. That's how the Islamic country works. And usually Islamic country, and Islamic gets the Christian Jews most of the time to live together and that's the nature, Christian and Jews might live together, okay. They could have they could practice their religion, they could practice their worship, they could have the temples, they could have the synagogues, they could have the

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churches, but nothing he doesn't abuse Islam, he doesn't abuse Muslims. He doesn't say anything bad about Islam, and he did not show you corruption you want to drink you want to do whatever do in the hidden in your house, no one's gonna ask you outside the house, we're gonna come to you and penalize you like everyone else. Now back then, you've got the Muslims who live around themselves and the stomach countries much more strict over them. And if someone drinks will in the hiline really inexpensive gonna take him and penalize him. Someone for example does something haram the government's gonna but it's not gonna do that to a Christian because he does not have the rights. He

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is not a Muslim and the rights of Islam does not apply on him. The rights of a Vimeo applies on him a Vimeo is a non Muslim under the Islamic countries protection that's what we call a Vimeo and Vimeo is a non Muslim under the Islamic protection and that's after Pankaj is here. Once again, if someone tells you what do I have to pay tax for will make Texas only $5 and it's nothing much and some kind of a bad armor. tamanho topstar needs to give him money. He gave him money. He didn't take him to give him money. So Islam is very tolerating

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Religion very accepting religion Subhana Allah I was only reading about Salahuddin a UB when the non when the Crusaders went into Jerusalem. They made a massacre of Muslims for the blood was reaching to the knees. When Salahuddin Abel took over, he did not even do anything to return to them on the Christians. He gave him the rights to worship the Lord however they want and didn't do anything in return. People were amazed and Islam and Islam is accepting but there's also there's laws that we should not get to

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now now when it when you've got a Muslim country at Cornell, I know just branching out and want to get to the root they're okay with the red one, you've got the Muslims, you've got the Islamic State in the Islamic State you bet the majority of Muslims living here and you've got the minority of non Muslims living there now because there's an Islamic State and Islamic rulings applied on the Muslim state. So the Muslims are very restricted from the boys and they can drink they can do for example how long some maple some people want to gamble some people want to do that. So Islamic State is so strict on them it doesn't let them do that. So what does someone say man stuff this guy become a

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Christian and do whatever I want

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for the sake of the desires and for the sake of them wanting to do what they want to do for example gambling drinking, maybe committing adultery maybe in a mixing with the opposite sex maybe going into mixing environment so on for the sake of that because he's living under an Islamic state that's enforcing the Islamic rulings over them and they're not giving them the freedom to do such an excellent so what did I say man Obama deserves and because I can't get the desert this Christian can in a hidden way like an alga become a Christian. And so what happens once 2345 people and just corruption starts to spread among people. That's why I read the one is a corruption and it's a

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corruption a disease that spreads among people like a cancer and that's why someone upstanding Islam is someone

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someone upstanding Islam has the penalty that Allah azza wa jal was applied on him wants to applaud him and that's the only shala in this had in the in the future inshallah.

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In the future in the end for the Hadith mmm No, we, we should discuss more about the reader. Now. What I saw is the cow hunted by to some Ramadan, realize all these actions at one a physical actions Allah azza wa jal asks us one of those physical actions of Salah, the other one is a husband but also financial, financial financial worship, that we take out from our money and give for the sake of Allah azza wa jal in one of these are Pillars of Islam, something that Islam had put, and every Muslim, young, old and knowledgeable, knowledgeable Muslim that lived among Muslims and Muslim that did not live among Muslim knows those principles. If anyone didn't know is one of those principles,

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he is considered to be out of Islam. He is considered to be out of Islam. That's one denying one of those principles saying I don't believe in I don't believe for example, there's something called zakat. I don't believe in fasting, this takes him out of Islam. Why? Because this is something that's agreed upon Muslims that all Muslims now that's what we call Shyamalan but not all Rahman and Islam or Sham Illuminati Rodin something that it's a necessity knowledge and necessity knowledge that every Muslim young out knowledgeable not knowledgeable scholar not scholars should have knowledge not should have knowledge lives among Muslims as a live among Muslims knows as pillars.

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Anyone that deny one of those pillars will take him out of Islam and it's a very, very dangerous one. My last thought was a Roger for listening. subhanak Olam, handig Masha Allah Allah Allah brocato like what is our common law Hayden