Sarah Sultan – Attaching to Allah #07 How can I help my child with my dua

Sarah Sultan
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I heard from young age that you know

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our parents are going to be asked about how they raised us you know we're going to be questioned about our actions and

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I never want to be the reason why they don't you know, pass on to you know Jana or something because something that I did you know goes back and pause on

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what Ben Hubbard learned as far as you know, with the reality you know, poor writer Aryan what John Tokina Imana have been our John mostly mainly like LM in theory. Yeah, Tina mettam was limited and luck. We're adding M and C Kana were to Ballina in to wobble Raheem.

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So it's not just that Ibrahim Islam was gifted with progeny, but it's when he makes that drought that's actually really profound. Allah azza wa jal mentions that he makes this drought as he is walking away from the fire and distance from his father and his people. For them Merritt has at home on a I will do what I've been doing the law once he left them and what they worship besides Allah subhanaw taala what happened Allah who is halfway awkward, we gifted him with not just as hot but yaku years years later, it wasn't going to come yet. But not just to son Isaac but Jacob as well as happening yaku it was at that moment that he says that I'll be heavily Masada Hain Oh my Lord grant

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me from the righteous. Now this is a really interesting point with Ibrahim money set up right the timeline so you got this long period where he doesn't experience

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having that progeny then he has smite it Saddam and then he has to give up his my son and then 13 years later is hack and then he lives long enough to where he gets to see children grandchildren and dies surrounded by many and he made that your Obinna habla naman as well as you know, the reality now Kurata I even grant us from our spouses and our offspring, the coolness of our eyes, what makes them the coolness of your eyes, their element mentioned. For the believer, when you see them increase in righteousness, then they become the coolness of your eyes. The it's not just you know, the parent that becomes obsessive about, you know, seeing their kids, get straight A's get through

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med school, coolness of their eyes, you know, a certain wedding or whatever it may be. But, you know, the moment that you see your progeny worshiping Allah subhanaw taala, praying, reading Quran having a moment of reflection and realization for themselves. And what you start to notice is that with the prophets, this is a much more expensive meaning. Ibrahim I Islam is I will MBA, he's the father of the prophets, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that I am to you like a father, where I live and I teach you. So my relationship to you as my Alma is like a father, I teach you. And subhanAllah that last proud moment of a father was when he seen his online prayer, right?

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The prophets lie some moves his curtain and like I'm going to die now. And as Ibrahim said, not taboo, don't remember it. What are you people going to worship after me? What are you and they affirm Allah, and then the children of his hack, Jacob, Allah, and then Jacob talking to his kids, we're gonna worship one God, and the prophets, I send them that proud father moment, right? Where he pulls that curtain to the side and my own Muslim prayer Hamdulillah, like, my children are good. There's something to be taken from this about legacy imprints. And I want to take from that and sha Allah to add, obviously, the, you know, the notion of praying for children rights as children, not

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just children, but rights as children and progeny, but also this idea of, you know, actually leaving behind an imprint in someone's life, that increases in righteousness because of something that you infusing and that becoming a sadaqa jariya that goes on after you and some of the scholars say subhanallah look at how you shall have the Allah Allah or mother.

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You shall the Allahu Ana, our mother, right? Technically, biologically, she was childless. But she has all of these children that quote her in the Hadith that come close to the Prophet slicin

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through her, right and that imprints that you leave behind that legacy that you want to leave behind. What does the phrase coolness of my eyes? What cools your eyes? What do you think about you know, in those last moments of May Allah subhanaw taala grant us good lives and writes us on things. What do you think about when you think about the coolness of your eyes?

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I think there's a science behind the type of tears that you have, like, there's a warmth, when you're really upset, there is a coolness when you're happy. And I think that there is, you know, there's an interesting, it's an interesting play on on the effect of our tears,

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as well as you know, just like, emotion in general. Normally, when your body is hot, it's there's a, there's some kind of anger or frustration, but when it's when it's cool, there's common sort of serenity. So I mean, for me, that's, I find the coolness of the eyes means peace. And that's what I would grasp out of that.

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Beautiful and you know, how to love the coolness of the eyes. The prophets lie Selim said that his ultimate Cora terrain, his ultimate coolness of his eyes was in Salah. Like prayer. As much as I love my family, and things of this world, sweet sense the way that people like sweet scents and perfume and whatever it may be just, he said, My Kurata ain't like my the coolness of my eyes and my salah is in prayer. Like that's where my true joy and comfort comes from, but undoubtedly, also less ice. I'm looking at alila the low tide and one faulty model the low on Zaid? Well, the law I mean, that's the coolness of his eyes and Hasson when Hussein right, you know, may Allah be pleased with

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them. Like that's the coolness of his eyes, right? Looking at them like, wow, what? What beauty here when he picks up it has some of the allowance on it. I know he's on the member, giving hold the button, picks up and has some of the low on who, you know, has some tripping over his garment to get to him. His cute little kids, right and he pulls them up and he says this son of mine is a youth. He's a leader one day Allah is gonna bring together two massive parties amongst the Muslims, two massive groups amongst the Muslims that are fighting, Allah will bring them together through this, the seed of mine, right? It's interesting Subhanallah these visions that Allah gave to them, you

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know, I'm gonna hop off with the law Tada. And

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he saw a dream of all metal bin Abdulaziz or hemolyzed grandson who had never lived to see. But he wakes up smiling. He says, Who is this? Man? How that Fetterman Nestle? Who's this young man for my offspring that's going to fill the earth with justice after it's been filled with injustice, like who's going to carry this legacy? And carry it? Well, so? So how long have you realized that the connotation of coolness of their eyes is really about that which is pleasing to the sight of Allah subhanaw taala and leaving things on this earth? That please the sight of Allah subhanaw taala Right. Like, that's what you constantly see here. And, you know, whether it's children or also, I'll

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try something for me that, like I always get emotional about, and that I love about Islam is that stress on family, and legacy and to think that, you know, the decisions that you make, can, you know, can affect the ones that come after you. And, you know, I don't have children yet. Inshallah, you know, may Allah grant us that blessing one day, but you know, just making just thinking about, you know, who this future children child could become.

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That may be my dua for them, or my dua for their children, and, you know, whoever they marry, you know, can, you know, affect them in a positive way and to think that, you know, maybe I would never

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live long enough to see who that grandchild is, or you know, the great grandchild grandchild, but to think that

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the devices that we make, can, you know, ultimately affect

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how they become and from, you know, from the story of mediums, mother, that the die that she made for them was, you know, I'm gonna give my child you know, to you for service for their life. And reflecting on that as a child, you know, with parents SIDS. I heard from young age that you know,

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our parents are going to be asked about how they raised us, you know, we're going to be questioned about our actions and

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I never want to be the reason why they don't you know, pass on to you know, Jana or something because something that I did, you know, goes back and pause on them.

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Elon makes you the source of the coolness of the eyes and Oberon smile, it's a different perspective. I want to be the coolness of my parents eyes. You know,

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this idea that we're the answer to a drop.

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You know, it could be a parents prayer or grandparents prayer that we talked about earlier that Allah moulds your entire life in accordance with that person's prayer, the drought of that righteous Mom, how many people do we find in history?

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The drought of the mom, right? And you want to please them and get that drought from them and have those righteous jars and spell. It's not just, it's not even just connected to the immediate succession here. Right? While he might have made your

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webapp fee him wants to let me know like somewhere in my offspring, oh, Allah, send this, send this person who's going to teach them the book in its wisdom. Send this person for an offspring. The Prophet Muhammad SAW I said, I'm from his offspring 1000s of years later, right? He's the answer. The prophets lie. Some said Anna Dawa to me a boy, Tony introduced himself. I'm the daughter of my father Abraham. That's his introduction to the world. How do you how do you introduce yourself? Who are you an adult with to be a boy? I'm the daughter of my father blame Iceland. That's his first way to introduce himself civilized.

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I mean, it's beautiful. It's profound. Someone wants shook me SubhanAllah. They were sharing? You know? And it was recently and I can't remember who said this first, but it shook me. So, you know, here in this land in North America, what persecuted enslaved Muslim may do for Malcolm X?

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For a lots of like, Who Who was he the answer to you know, was there a woman at the bottom of a ship that was or someone that was being tortured and oppressed, and their religion taken away from them with everything else that said, Oh, Allah, you know, plant the seeds of this Deen. And this place where it's being taken away from us because there's a disconnect, right? Between those that were brought in chains long years before this revival of Islam. Right, which, which comes through multiple people, not just Nakum? Certainly, but like, Who's that? Was he an answer to you? No. And Allah knows, only Allah knows, but it's a powerful thought, right? It could have just been some some

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person, you know, that was just Subhanallah in the midst of that torture, trying to hide the Quran and still practice the religion. They said, Oh, Allah, you know, revive it here. And we get that that glorious history. So it's, that's the coolness of the eyes. Yeah. Subhanallah the coolness of the eyes, right. And

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people that have passed, they get the, they get the news of those that are still here. You know, subhanAllah you never know what your drag could plants you're in and of itself could plant in terms of righteousness and succession on this earth?

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Imagine a boy he might sound when he saw his Mercedes sedan, and he's about to sacrifice him. And he says, Yeah, I want to find my mother or my father, do as you've been commanded.

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You'll find me to be from the patient. Like, what a moment of emotion, right? Like, look how righteous this boy is. And I'm being commanded to take him to sacrifice him. So how long like he's giving the answer of Salaam, right?

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Islam, peace and submission to his father. And he has to take on Allah blesses him, to where he's not taken. But that's, I can't imagine what was in the heart of our father while he might Islam and those moments, right, like, Wow, what a what a beautiful boy, this is, you know, that he responds this way. And Allah subhanaw taala. He spares him in those moments, I want to add one more layer to this, which is, especially for those parents that have lost children.

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Because that's, that's the most painful, arguably the most painful trial that person can go through, right and actually losing their child.

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And subhanAllah I think it's important to remind them, that there is no greater coolness to your eyes, then when you see your child on the Day of Judgment, extending their hand ready to take you into the gates of Jannah.

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So just because they're not the coolness of your eyes in this life does not mean that they're not the coolness of your eyes in the next life. I think it's important to know there was a very powerful mother who had lost her daughter to cancer and Allah have mercy on her Grantham. So that's firmness as parents and she says, you know, you have these dreams and she she died of a very specific type of cancer, stomach cancer. So you know, people have these dreams of raising their kids to graduate and walk across the stage and walk them down the aisle. But Allah blessed me to have a Shaheed martyr. For my children, she has to keep reminding herself of that. So Subhanallah the coolness of our eyes

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can come in multiple forms. But the point of it at the end of the day is what is pleasing to the sight of Allah becomes pleasing to my eye as well. And that was the station that our Father Ibrahim mycetoma, Chief, if anyone else has I don't want to close it because it's a powerful song.

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Can I ask a question?

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So we're talking about children and, you know, having children.

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I think about

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the mothers, and, you know, just parents are the couples in general that have trouble conceiving or infertility is not talked about a lot, a lot of times people just expect you to have a child, you know, that you're able to do that. And, you know, thinking that, you know, you know, your child one day could reach like you said, you know, reach out for your hand

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on the day of judgment, and you know, for people that are not able to, you know, conceive what is what do you what would you say to them, what I would say to them, somehow losses of the four perfect women, that the Prophet slice I mentioned,

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Khadija, Fatima, sia and Maria, everyone has a path back to Allah subhanaw taala in that regard, and its list at the end of the day, and just like when poverty is inflicted on a person, it's not a form of deprivation, it's a it's a pathway to Allah subhanaw taala there's the NEA, there's the intention, and then there's also the impact the effect and all that is brought out of that, that a person leaves behind it shall have the law and being the primary example of that right.

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And so legacy is not restricted to lineage. Motherhood is obviously praised. in Assam it's has a high position, but it's not the only pathway to Allah subhanaw taala that doesn't mean you diminish the rank of motherhood that means that you increase the rank of the believer no matter what their circumstances that they have this way back to the last Balaton no matter what. So, Sister SATA, having hope is one thing. But sometimes we only have hope. How do we actually take our hopes to the next level, especially as it pertains to our children.

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And we always die is actually a very active way of, of showing, you know, our hope in our in our children. But we can even take that diet into an actionable level. And I think as parents, one of the most beautiful things that we can do is to pray for our children. But I think we also need to question what do we bring to the table for them? So a lot of times we make thought for our children to be the coolness of our eyes to be a source of comfort for us. And I mean for all of us, insha Allah, but also asking ourselves, what am I doing to be a source of comfort and coolness to my child, as well, and to my parents, as well, in order to model that for my children? I know, my dad,

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May, Allah stands out to protect him, the way that he dealt with his mom made me want to deal with him in that way, mashallah that he was so good to his mother and prioritizing her, that modeling made me want to do that for him as well. And, and I think that that's something so beautiful. And then in my own life with my kids thinking, you know, I want them to be a comfort to me, but am I a comfort to them? Can I work on being more of a source of comfort to them. And one of the things that we find in in research and just in the field of psychology, is that a lot of times our connection with Allah subhana data emulates our connection with our parents. And so when we can try to develop

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this sense of comfort and security and tranquility, in our relationship with our children, that inshallah is going to help them to develop that stability and comfort in their relationship with Allah s Pattana. And one of the things that we see in the example of Ismail on a sedan is when his father, Ibraheem Alehissalaam, comes to him and says, you know, I had this dream, that, you know, I have to sacrifice you. and Ismail responds in such an incredible way, where he says, well, Inshallah, you're going to find me from amongst the patient. Right, go ahead. And that, to me is so profound number one, because it shows the trust between Ismail and Ibrahim their relationship. But

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the other thing is, it shows the separate relationship is mine has with Allah Subhana Allah. And that's something I think so important for us as parents is don't allow ourselves to be intermediaries between our children, Allah, allow them to have a separate relationship with with ALLAH SubhanA data. And that's something that can be very powerful and allowing them to have that sense of comfort and serenity and allow them allow our hopes to now become something even more for them and show them if you're benefiting from this content. And please make sure to click subscribe and make sure that you turn on your notifications.

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