Nude African Tribe do the Unthinkable

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You are about to witness a prophecy of Islam come true right before your eyes. So we've been driving for about six hours. We caught a flight in the morning for an hour. Hello, we are finally here, where the village of the Himba people, they are an indigenous people who seclude themselves from the outside world is a place where they go and worship through the ancestors, when they're sick, when they need rains, when they need or the other blessing.

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They do go there. The men only covered the lower parts of their body and the women didn't cover their bodies, either a stuff or a lot of dirt. How dare you guys give Islam to naked people? Let me remind you, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, people used to do tawaf around the Kaaba, completely naked. Did the Messenger of Allah stop? Or did he continue giving down? These people deserve to learn about Allah, and we believe God is only one God, we all come from different places in the world, our faith, Islam unites us all. We shared the beautiful and simple message of Islam, our belief in one God the Creator, and how simple it was the tribes Chief, he told them. If

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you believe and understand what our guests are saying, and find it to be the truth, then feel free to accept it. Allahu Akbar, the chief had done the job for us. They got up and testified to what we had explained to them.

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Allah the Himba tribe live in cone shaped homes made from mud trees and cattle down the village was literally as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described this matter of Islam will reach whether night and day have reached and it will not leave a house of mud or a house of except Allah will bring it into this Deen the guys if you can see this modern ahead is because we just did our salon in front of them as panel for some of these people. It was the first surgery that they did to this tribe in the middle of nowhere spa Look how level Islam to them guided them to the straight path. And now they've made their first stars as well.

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